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Introducing DtoidPhoenix!

From the ashes, we rise up... I mean, hello everybody! I mentioned in a recent DtoidLosAngeles blog that I don't live in Los Angeles any more. I live in Phoenix! Hence, DtoidPhoenix. I don't know why it took me moving to this beautif...


Destructoid Europe now with moaaar Facebook

Alright it's finally happened, next to our blog, we've set up a Facebook page to make it easier for us all to get together and connect :-) so without further ado : Click here! So join up and try to join us at the EuroNARP in a few week...


August NARP in Austin - Schedule of events!

Hey y'all! Here's a few more details about the upcoming TX NARP to help you make your plans : Friday, Aug. 20th -- 8:00 to ????? Gathering @ Sean Carey's place for those coming into town early (or already here!) on Friday night. D...


EuroNARP3: DtoidEurope vs. TheWorld! -TRAILER!-

In 1 month's time, the 3rd anniversary of the most legendary NARP this side of the ocean will happen. The same weekend, we'll be celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Teh Lair ( the greatest NARP-location of all time ). As you know from t...



Honestly, our clothes will be off well before we get to the park With the 2010 DTOID MIDWEST CEDAR POINT NARP coming up in 30 odd days, I figured it would be time for some additional details. I'll go ahead and start with the updated lis...


DtoidTO NARP Correction

Sorry, in the blog post for the next DtoidTO NARP I mistakenly mentioned the date as Sunday, July 30. It is in-fact Sunday, August 1st Whoops. . . [Original post, with updated Date, below] Dtoiders in Eastern Canada ASSEMBLE! The East...


DtoidAustralia: July is Anti-Boredom month!

Greetings to all my winter wombats! So apparently July is Anti-Boredom Month(seriously!) but with the lack of Independence Day and Canada Day we need to give ourselves some amazingly awesome events to keep us from getting bored. For furthe...


July NARP events!

Hey guys! July is here! For most people that means a whole month of relaxing at home or going on summer vacations. For us at DtoidSF, that means time to plan some epic NARPs! Finally recovered from the epicness of Wedgecon, we have the ...


DtoidLosAngeles's July Events

Greetings Southern California residents! I'm trying to watch Burn Notice right now so I'm going to keep the intro paragraph short. Look at what's going on this month! July 6th, 2010 Raging Waters Trip/Chick-Fil-A Omnoms Who: Anybody wh...


Dtoid LosAngeles's June Events

Herro, DtoidLosAngeles denizens and other people who are writhing in jealousy while reading this blog! I'm not sure if you're aware, but during June, there is a little thing called the Electronic Entertainment Expo. I guess it's kind of...


DtoidAustralia: June's winter warm ups!

Hello again my little baby stealing dingoes! June has hit us with her cold hard slap in the face and if you�re like me you�ve been knocked out with the flu and winter blues. Well I have the best medicine for such a thing! NARPS! For furth...


Dtoid UK meet up reminder - MCM Expo

Just a quick reminder that Dtoid UK will be attending the MCM Expo this weekend on Saturday 29th May. The plan has yet to be finalised but we plan to arriving at around 10am and staying until...um.... whenever and then we shall go hit the...


Lost Planet 2 Sleepover recap!

Hey guys! As you know, recently Dtoid and Capcom have been like bff's and having sleepovers together! This past weekend was host to a 7pm - 7am Lost Planet 2 gaming marathon that was so epic, I just had to share some photos here with the ...


May NARP edition: Wedgecon 2k10

Hey DtoidSF! Its the month of May, and that means we have to start planning our monthly get-together! Luckily, we have an AMAZING event happening this month, and this blog should be coming out in MORE than enough time to make sure you get...


DtoidLosAngeles's May events

Herro DtoidRosAngeres! Just putting up a helpful little post about the goings-on for the month of May. Let's get started. Assuming the April showers are done, Kyle and Donna are having people over this coming Saturday, May 8th, down in...


BaltiNARP (Friday night)

That's the first thing I saw when I approached the neighborhood. People who came so far: JTIceFire, Nanashi, Tino, Cataract, Topher, The Lovely Adam Dork and his Lovely Ladyfriend From what I can remember: - Procyon's place is really f...


Bobblehead at NARP? Yeah, we got that!

Just a quick heads up to anyone that is attending this weekend's DC/MD/VA NARP, Mr. Destructoid Bobbleheads (usually only available here) will be available for purchase on Saturday. Bring your monies and get you one! This is a last minut...


Dtoid Penn April update!

Thank you for visiting Dtoid Penn, where the groundhogs don�t ask questions and neither do we. Here�s what we�re up to! - Dtoid Baltimore/DC's having a house party NARP on April 23-25. The mid-Atlantic set throws down about once every six...


DtoidUK update

DtoidUK is gearing up to get sexy this weekend as we are celebrating Mikeys birthday (the comic book guy) and his wonderful girlfriend Stella, aka Kawaiiaya, is also joining us in England! This weekend sees 15+ members of Dtoid UK and Dto...


April in Australia: Destructoid Style

Hello again my little Easter Bilbys, Now that April is here it's time to give you an idea of the different Dtoid events happening in and around our sunburnt country. For further information and updates on the following events please join t...



Jetter Mars

What character(s) would you like to have seen in Smash added as assist trophies? I think Bub & Bob wouldve been good Hanging out at the bottom of the screen and shooting bubbles up at your competition a la Puzzle What would your pick do?


Far Cry: Halo? I lament the perpetual homogenization of this art medium into open world base clearing reskins, but if this is fun then Ill take this W and call it a 6-year wait


Heyyy havent posted in a min just wanted to say hope everyone is doing Im a nice little raise, but more importantly a lot of genuine compliments from my I was very humbled but glad to see hard work Say hey back xoxo jenni

Mike Sounders

Hell ya IBO and Ultraman

Silver the 3rd

So dune 2021 more or less requires you to be familiar with the book, but you can really see how blade runner 2049 led into this Cool stuff, great cinematography questionable everything


Watched the documentary about the Dune movie that almost It was quite a trip seeing how he pulled together all these people, most impressively Dali and Orson Take a shot Everytime someone says they have never read the


I always like a good redemption Heard Deaths Gambit was pretty shit when it first came out some years This Afterlife version is pretty damn good! I got about 4 hours in and Im hooked! Give it a look if youre up for a Metsoulsvania!


Happy Monday! Have a great week!


where my dtoid back4blood peeps out? and when are we playing? add me yall

Whispering Willow

Finished the OG Dune They wanted a sci-fi blockbuster, but seemed to focus more on this prophecy and the lore and than the characters and Even at over two hours it moves so fast and people just feel abridged in a fanfic


The OLED switch is the perfect marriage of the base switch and the OG Hades has never looked so Metroid is The Darkest Dungeon is more than just a Im very Far more than I expected to


Neoturbo’s post got me thinking of obscure tv shows that you This is one of What are yours?


Debating on whether to sell my hacked Vita or could get some good money for it, but then I dont wanna buy another one But I also dont use it too

Mike Sounders

Get to wake up to a new Super Robot Wars 30 trailer tomorrow, and the series included in DLC 2/3/4 were Everything is coming up

Czar Kazem



Back 4 Blood melee build is in full And you have to go full blown degenerate to do Meth Head and Mean Drunk are the two main cards in the Its fun as hell, and effective on I dunno about Nightmare


Hey #Capcom Is there a way to play PS1 era Resident Evil Games on Steam why not?




Today has been a rough Shes been in decline this past month, and now tonight my cat Mariah just passed away in my arms, at the ripe old age of 19 years


Ok but where’s the My Friend Peppa Pig review?


I would unironically play the shit out of a D20 style Wu-Tang Like just dive straight into the deep end of the kung fu culture they built their early work around and let me form a 3-man team w/ different members of the group lol


Oof, my PC just up and died, and no longer Im going to do some troubleshooting, but I have a feeling the motherboard is


I thought I would give the Ghost of Tsushima DLC a I forgot how beautiful the game is, and how the combat


I dont know if I like the first Silent Hill movie or Kinda cool how they recreate some elements from the games, but Im just not feelin


Anyone else remember THIS show??

Virtua Kazama

We havent had a proper VF5US session in a Plus, NEC is almost here! Time for the 34th session of Virtua Fighter Takeover!


What is your most recent big gaming accomplishment? The “Hell yeah! I conquered that fucker!” Mine would be Castlevania: Bloodline’s for Man! that game took me a lot of tries before I beat


Current Status:



Matt I Guess

My biggest complaint about PC gaming, even though its a very First World Problem kinda thing, is that I am incredibly bad at money management and games go on such deep sales so often that Ill probably never play 75% of the games I


okay, Dune was

Boxed Swine

They should make a third-person horror game about a writer who sits on the couch all day and gets high called Alan


Looking into memory loss as part of a project and noticed there is two video games that deal with Never heard of them before sounds like a intresting topic for a Games are Ether One and Before I Seems Dtoid gave Ether One a 9/10


Dammit Dolores! Stop with all the spooky shit!


Getting all my finances together this Sunday to make myself a budget and get ready to repay my college Hopefully I am strong enough to keep and maintain that


Nabbed on a decent sale (65% Looks fun, great art Big

Mike Sounders

Aaannnnddd that’s Pale Rider To whomever at Bandai allowed a kit that relied on this many stickers… I hate

Whispering Willow

Reworking my FFXIV Were going to the moon soon, so I worked on something a little more


I was on my way to the store to pick up some items for dinner, and Sublimes Ebin came on, and I remembered how much I love the bass in it, especially during the Do you have any songs in mind that have some sweet bass in them?


I must be getting better with my home improvement Ive only had to visit Lowes Everyday for the past three


Tearing up after beating a game is a heartfelt experience I always Thanks, Metroid Dread for being a good son of Fusion and Samus Loved


Theres a tiktok video from a propmaster about the recent death on the film set of Super Ill put a link in the


I’m still amped up from the Braves game last Best experience I’ve ever had at a It felt like a college football Bring on the Astros! Now time to mainline The Show all day

CJ Andriessen

FYI: Destructoid will be undergoing some maintenance this morning and the site may be inaccessible for an hour or so today while we Resist the temptation to read or visit other video game Looks like were all Go Seahawks!


Got a new video finished! Im starting a new journey, one thatll take me through all the Paper Mario I really want to talk about the bad ones, but I may as well go through the good ones One last bump for the weekend crowd!


Oh snap, remastered


Had a great time watching Dune! It finished in an awkward spot though so I hope we dont have to wait toooo long for a part


Attempting to paint fire, magic Who ever heard of magic fire that isnt green? Anyway I like how the Brimstone horror came out but not sure about my flamer