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Dtoid UK: My Curse & My Cure

It would appear that I have somewhat of a curse hanging over my head when it comes to Destructoid meet ups. For PAX 09, I bailed on the last day due to falling terribly ill, I still feel I made the right call but I still wonder what it wou...


What's up in October DtoidNE?

Hola my fellow Dtoid community! We just wanted to keep you up to date with what's up this month. S.C.E.N.E Where: Gulu-Gulu Cafe in Salem, MA When: October 1st at 9pm Gulu-Gulu is having an event called S.C.E.N.E hosted by DJ Radio Scot...


Anamanaguchi-Philly-NARP Recap Belated Edition

SO Yeah, Dtoid Penn is Alive, if a bit busy and behind in things. But Hey Better Late than Never right? So let's get this recap rollling since that's why you're here anyway. I apologize in Advance for crappy pictures since we all lacked a s...


September NARP events

Hey SF! Have you recovered from PAX yet? I haven't, but that doesnt mean I can stop planning the events for this month. There are two things that you definitely want to check out! Read about them below! -------------------------------...


Anamanaguchi-NARP in Philly this Friday, 9/10!

Dtoid Penn's back, baby! After a dormant season, we're getting back to planting the Destructoid flag all over the Keystone state- and it starts this Friday! The super-powered chip-rock band Anamanaguchi is coming to town after a smokin' sum...


PAX: My experience

Well, I'm seeing lots of these PAX recap blogs go up, and figured I might as well share my PAX experiences as well. Before I begin, I just have to say that if I forget to mention you its not that I dont love you! There was just SO MUCH WIN...


PAX memories and pictures from Dexter345

PAX Prime 2010 has come and gone, far too quickly, as usual. Everybody has slightly different memories of the extravaganza; indulge me for a moment to hear about mine. I got in on Thursday evening, and called up Wedge, because I was sta...


Funspot NARP 2010 Recap!

What an amazing weekend. The Funspot NARP has come to a close and it was extremely sad to see everyone leave. I think I was having some serious withdrawals Monday morning. I couldn't think straight and was walking around just sighing the wh...


SF Worldwide NARP Recap

Hey guys! Its been about a week since the worldwide NARP was held, and yes, its taken that long to recover. So many good times were had that night that we wanted to share some stories and pics with the greater Dtoid community! South van A...



After months of planning and excitement, the 2010 DTOID MIDWEST CEDAR POINT NARP came together and exploded in a supernova of pure awesome and sexy. We had games, booze and most importantly, fucking sexy Dtoiders. Friday started at ab...


The Hermit's Guide to Partying

As you may know, this weekend was the Worldwide NARP. People went around and NARP'd with other people, who in turn NARP'd while NARPing their big, juicy NARP-NARPs. It was a very large NARPogy of NARPic proportions. NARP. On and off for ...


Roll Call: Oh, SNAP! Texas NARP is this weekend!

EVENTS : 1. Gathering at Sean's from 8-wheneves on Friday night 2. Trip to the Alamo Drafthouse for food/drink and Scott Pilgrim early Saturday afternoon (will put up details once Alamo's site updates with weekend times) 3. Goldeneye/Mar...


Reminder: Funspot NARP

Where: Beginning: 579 Endicott Street North Laconia, NH Ending: Lynn, MA (request address upon pm or email) When: This Saturday August 21st. 1pm at Funspot, Nightish at my house. Why: Because. Just a reminder. The Funspot NARP is this we...


Wii event/giveaway this weekend

Howdy, DtoidPhoenicians, Got a short little reminder here that Nintendo is doing some promotional events all along the west coast, and they have thought to include Phoenix in that. Check out the flyer above, or if it's too small to read ...


Dtoid New England Incoming Funspot/NARP!

Where: Beginning: 579 Endicott Street North Laconia, NH Ending: Lynn, MA (request address upon pm or email) When: Noonish at Funspot, Nightish at my house. August 21st-22nd Why: Because. Hey there! So, there's a place called Funspot: Amer...


Dtoid Australia: August is NARP Month!

Hello again my little rock wallabies! August is actually Golf Month, but after some thought I decided I really don�t care about golf and so (sadly for some) there will be no trip to the greens. Instead it�s NARP Month! For further informat...


August NARP Reminder + Tournament Prize Details

The time for Texas NARPing is nearly upon us! Come join us in stockpiling automatic weapons and digging fortified trenches in anticipation of our seccession from the United States of America! It's all going down the weekend of Aug. 20-2...


August NARPs

Hey DtoidSF! July was an amazing month for NARPs! We had an awesome time at Distant Worlds and also had an epic party at SlapYourMammy's as mentioned in our recap! Well, its another month and time to plan out whats going on for this month...



Sorry everyone, but I've just arrived at the groove bar to find out the guy in charge of the event isn't going to be here to run it. I'm really disappointed and I want to apologize to all the Dtoiders who were planning on coming out today...



The Actual Charlton Heston

Ol’ Heston plays & enjoys video games (it’s true!), but it’s been a while since his frugal (some say miserly) ass has bought Battle Brothers on Any thoughts on it? Kisses? Bonerjams? Is that you, Pop-pop? Stay away from my berry preserv

Inquisitive Raven

(Steam when?)

Inquisitive Raven

A fusion between A Short Hike and Windwaker? SOLD!!


This came from ectoplasmosis, dtoids sister site from back in the Its old but still relevant some of the suspects have changed so watch out!


Star Trek Bridge Crew but instead of a space game it’s a mecha game and you have to work together in a team to operate the


I hope Rhino can learn to love himself

Chris Moyse

I havent been in a physical fight on over a decade, but Ive been a splinter away from 3 in 2 months, the last one being just now, and all 3 involving strangers being random Fuses are so short right Its all so


So, I came across one of the most cursed/cringe images Ive seen in a Early cursedmas in the Have a blessed day!

Chris Moyse

September always has more bdays than I can keep up with, but Happy Birthday to Derpunkel and Cygnus, Thanks for being here and I hope you have awesomesauce years ahead!


Happy Birthday


Number 7, Have a great day all!


I was in the mood so enjoy the guacamole zaku :P not the biggest fan of seed (dont think anyone is) but I like some of the


The new RAM for my PC was supposed to arrive last Saturday, but its Tuesday and its still not I cant start editing my latest YouTube video until it arrives, so this is somewhat frustrating considering I was really on a roll with this new

Cygnus Rush 961

Been on this planet for 31 years now, hope to be around for 31+ years in the


You know you’re high when you come out of the bathroom and start listing every meal in the past few days because you don’t remember eating corn


I finally subbed to Viz/Shonen Jump and started reading Boruto and pretty good! I love the world of Naruto so its fun, but so far the story is just Also why TF is manga so expensive, even with an app--you still have to buy certain volumes


Wake (2021) - Potential first song for the next album Im working on CHIPS Fun I plan on having a lot of fun with this

Dangus Taargus

Sekiro Journal: Final It is

CaimDark Reloaded

Its very fortunate that criminals in medieval times compensate for the lack of modern technology like dna/cameras/fingerprints by helpfully detailing their crimes in letters they leave on the floor or tables so I can always prove


I am way too emotionally invested in the cast of Huniepop

Punished Nietzsche

The gacha gods have smiled upon me, on the last day of her banner! Now im broke, but i finally have an Archon on my


lol fml I need to be told Im a good boy tonight plz


Recommend me an anime that is genuinely emotionally (I just watched Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunnygirl Senpai and I need more)


In non-election news, Evangelion low-key I was expecting better from its great More details in

Matt I Guess

Is there anything you legally have to do when a company sends you more than you ordered online? I bought a $10 item and they send me an addition two shirts, or $60 of stuff in total and I can’t contact with Will I get in legal trouble? What do I d

Ricky Namara

Dont you just love Mondays?


Seems Lets specifically make it the first controller you ever used, regardless of 1 for Dad had an atari and hed let me


Should be an interesting election night tonight -- wonder how the rest of the world will react when it learns its been annexed to Québec come tomorrow


Hmm, thats a new


Really liking Days Gone at this juncture! Terrified of my computer going into thermal shutdown whenever I run it, but I like Sharing some of my Photo Mode nonsense in the (BUMP: Even more now!)


100% worth it

Virtua Kazama

Retro Revolution is back! Tonight, we play a couple of Kusoge fighting games of my choice, starting with the most obscure one of them all: Best of Best!


Mick McGinty, the man behind so much iconic 90s video game art, has passed away


Three Identical Strangers is a really really really good Like, probably better than Black Would recommend going in


No Google, I dont want to know why the Joel McHale show was I want to know why it was made in the first Its obvious why it was The reason is right there in the title!


Join me on the beautiful, state-of-the-art SS Ishimura tonight @ 7:30PM ET! Well eat a nice dinner, kiss some babies, jump around in zero itll be a perfectly pleasant time!


Happy 25th anniversary to Persona! The offshoot to my favorite franchise of games that eventually spawned my most favorite game of all time, Persona 4: Blessed be Naoto, who is best


Its voting day for my fellow Canadians SO GO VOTE YOU DINGUSES!!! Just finished voting, havent yet? GO DO IT!!!


I cant access youtube or gmail but every other website I visit is A Wassupwidat?

Yrahcaz But Snowy

Oh boy, Ive gotten 2 emails today from a Russian address promising free bitcoins! Ill be rich as soon as I click the link!


Walmart has preauthorized my special edition of Metroid I can still barely believe its

Raster Scanline

Work this week was super I was bag checking the entrance of the Comic Got to see all the cool costumes and people were super Only one person brought a real gun and he was cool about it when I told him he couldnt bring it


Current status:eating Is bliss

Jetter Mars

I just got the Its


Folks are talking about Returnal being infuriatingly hard but here I am 30+ runs into Hades and I still cant progress past the third area, let alone consistently beat the second Im only now starting to slowly grasp how to make a proper


Breaking news: a physical version of Kena is coming in November bundled with the soundtrack for


Good morning! Pic unrelated


Tasty pork and beans bake