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nearly four hours in queue and all I got was this lousy error message


I was fortunate enough to rewarch Sweeney Todd recently and the tone is so strange and Like the characters, it shifts between unnatural whimsy and Highly recommend, with the caveat it is very Tim Burton in


Happy birthday Vesalius and Hope you both have a great season and get lots of


Oh, and Im still doing Now Im fighting the Phantom Cloak boss with 15 missiles and no charge beam, because thats a lot of fun (not fun)

Cygnus Rush 961

Disqus is acting a little weird I keep clicking on the close option but it keeps pulling me to the Anyone else having the same issue?


Never heard of the ainme before but watched a ainme called Monster lately and 9 episodes in and its very entertaining if a bit too slow just at the English dub is kinda eh nice to watch a more down to earth serious


Happy birthday to MeanderBot and Vesalius, you guys are the real

Spiders For Sale

You climb down from the insectโ€™s body to begin searching the room for a Taking another good look at the chaos, you expect it to take a while and let out a Then you begin digging through the piles of books and trash like a


Gonna fire up Infinites MP later today for the first time to sort of benchmark the Need to feel really confident before buying any AAA release at Image


Seen at




Game pitch: a Ghost Trick like game but with JoJo


This is genuinely one of the weirdest promotions Ive ever seen and Im here for Guess Im getting Thai on Thursday


Im on Where are you?


What comes after Butterfly 3000? Butterfly 3001 of course! 16/21 tracks, remixed coming next Apparently theyre still on track for three albums this year These guys have to take a break at some point


Endwalkers story Thats one thatll be haunting my thoughts for a long

Spiders For Sale

To you right, a small river flows away from the tower and as you stretch your head a little bit out of the window you can spot the ridges of low, green You look down and see the towers entrance door, reminding you of the


Happy birthday to MeanderBot and Vesalius!


The post office is a revolving door for me this Been there more times than work this month based on present shipping, stuff thats selling, and secret


Damn work travel is hitting right when Halo comes Looking at my calendar, looks like I really wont be able to dig in until early Guess this month is gonna be all SMTV for me!


Its crazy how Christmas is so widely loved and yet theres so few games set during the holidays, like Shenmue 1, Yakuza 1/2/5, Parasite Eve, Dead Rising 4, those are the only ones I can think

Spiders For Sale

In order to reach the window, you have to climb on the giant millipedeโ€™s body and thankfully it does not Outside, below the waning moon whose acquaintance you had previously already made, wide fields and forests stretch as far as the eye can


I really hope we get some info on Fallen Order 2 this December, playing Guardians reminded me of Fallen Order as they are both tightly build single player experiences with fun gameplay and just enough replay I need more Souls lightsaber fencing!


Blessedmas 6: Rise of the Dawn of the Planet of the Blessed


How does one extract a tooth brush bristle out of your gums


Unpacking is a top-tier multi-player game in the same way Until Dawn Great indirect If youve got an SO or just a good friend to play it with, Id recommend The main theme slaps,


Happy belated birthday to fantastic community members Vesalius and This place is a rich tapestry of personalities and you two Thank you both for being here and sharing your words and thoughts and talents with

Whispering Willow

I just had this very upset


The Cowboy Bebop Netflix series and the new Resident Evil movie are of the rankest smelling Atrocious in every way The Hawkeye series on the other hand is great!


Since people are talking Halo, heres a link to a blog I wrote a couple years It was about how 343 fundamentally didnt understand the Master Im so curious if theyve learned since


Current Status:


If youre jumping on the Halo bandwagon (and have fun if you are!) Im popping the latest thread from the 343 CM in the comments Jesus, Halo Infinite is a cluster fuck at the

Chris Moyse

Happy belated birthday to fantastic community members Vesalius and Meanderbot! Hope it was an amazing weekend and that the year ahead is an amazing one for you Thanks for stickin around!


Happy belated birthday to two of the most rad people in the community, Vesalius and Meanderbot! Hope your day was grand! Fun fact: you share a birthday with Large Marge of PeeWees Big Adventure fame!


Not sure if #morningcovers is a thing or not, but ehh, might as


โžŠโž’ ๐Ÿ…“๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…จ๐Ÿ…ข ๐Ÿ…›๐Ÿ…”๐Ÿ…•๐Ÿ…ฃ


Have a great day! #Blessedmas


Good morning guys! Todays #morningcovers is a great excuse to post some wonderful Mega Drive music!


Well, Double post but happy belated bday to Vesalius also! Sorry I missed it bud! Hope it was a good


A big, belated happy birthday to Meanderbot! An amazing artist who has given so much to this community, and a damn fine person to boot! Hope it was a good one buddy! Thank you for all youve done and do! (This hangs on my wall


Metroid dread progress update: I believe I have all the upgrades so Im going back to get all the collectables before the final Just got a really tough one in Burenia that Im proud of


I made it to lvl 87 in The plot is getting sooo thick Jaw has dropped many So

Raster Scanline

This is easily the best long form Ocarina of Time review Ive Helps that its hilarious and reminds me of the old Plinket Star Wars


Relevant to our


No Way Home and Across the Spider-Verse are going to be sick!

Anonymous 20

My Black Friday haul finally arrived! Not too bad if I may say so, and its nice to see some sub $30 Switch Also picked up Katana Zero on a sale as Plenty to play, nowhere near enough Lol

Anonymous 20

Finished my Platinum run of Guardians of the Galaxy, and my sub 4-hour Hard run of Metroid Two excellent titles that rank among my favorites this year, that honestly took me by Both were a ton of


on twatter credit yi_ya_yi_ya_yo_


Making Christmas?