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Playing Steins;Gate Its really Current Status:

CaimDark Reloaded

Anyone here has used an Xbox controller on PC with the USB adapter and sound from the controller headphone? I just got an adapter to get better input response and audio from the controller when my gf is sleeping,


Looks like a good time for Sony to show off PSVR2, their own subscription cloud offering, enhanced BC for PS1-4 on PS5 Anything besides more PS4s *Sony Announces MS GamePass on PS4* Touche Sony,


What are your favourite early access games? They can be games in early access now or not any Also what is a early access game you really liked but seems to have just got abandoned/turned into abandonedware

Mike Sounders

I hate this, I hate this so much

Whispering Willow

Playing Horizon Pretty sure PS4 Pro Performance Mode is for faces in cutscenes and not much

Anthony Marzano

Its been half a day and Im still laughing at

Spiders For Sale

Something about the music seems strange to you: it can only be Myszshu and Yenot making it, yet you can distinctly hear many more than two different You walk to the back of the wagon and open the door to


Dodged a bullet with the PS1Digital and Seems new updates are gonna need a board revision, which mean rebuying and Glad I didnt get one, so thank you Universe you saved me loads of


My wife surprised me with 2 new tshirts They are now my favorite tshirts that Im going to wear until theyre Other pic in


Gaspard Ulliel (37) aka Midnight Man in the upcoming Moon Knight series has




Guys Im in tears I just applied for what would be my dream job but I feel like Ive been sabotaged by the people who were supposed to be helping me get employment Im screaming internally HELP


Whats the oldest DToid memes you remember?


Good morning!


We seriously need to retire the So its better than A link between Worlds? Please! I beg you! And while we are at it: I can see John Cena and so can you!

Lord Spencer

Check out my list of the Top 10 Games I Played in 2021 here in I would love to hear your thoughts about the ones you recognize from the list, or questions about the ones you


I will happily be waiting to unlock bill gates as a playable character in the next doom Will be awesome to finally play as a modern day

Jetter Mars

On top of Beavis and Butthead, it looks like King Of The Hill is coming back too with the cast 15 years older, I tell ya hwat!


Its here! Its finally here! The Yu-Gi-Oh game equivalent to Magic Arena, Hearthstone, Ive been dreaming of this game for years, and could not be more excited! I mean, its Konami and YGO pricing Im sure, but YGO has never felt better


Got my 3rd dose today! Dont feel much faster


Listing out the companies bought by Microsoft in the last five years, including the latest acquisition, is insane; whenever someone tries to compare it to Sony purchasing Bluepoint/Insomniac, I feel like they dont have a leg to stand

Chris Moyse

Glad you had an amazing birthday Panda, sorry for the belated message but its great to see the outpouring of Thanks for being you, and for inspiring to post this awesome video every Have a good one x

Robo Panda Z

Thank you to everyone for the birthday It means a lot to me that so many would say something, even as I continue to post so little (It can be hard for me to frame my Alphadeus created this wonderful song which Ive had on


Trying (hard) to think of a positive effect of yesterdays news and stretching all I can think of is maybe PS will be focus on single player stuff and while not the moneymaker they wanted it will lead to more interesting Probably not sigh


Found a mini gunpla kit for I wasnt expecting so much My Necron Overlord and Griffin mech are in


Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces (Project ACES/Access Games/Namco Bandai, 2008) is a movie Arcade flight sim using reverse Wiimote+Nunchuk I didnt play this very #WiiWednesdays


Me realizing Microsoft could revive the underrated game


Microsoft owns id and will soon own Heretic 3, here we come baby!


I had to Spoiler or So, no I’m almost mad at myself for enjoying it so It was so stupid! I loved it for all of the reasons a horror fan I went in COMPLETELY blind! Thanks to those who recommended but we’re caref


God Im a That defective PSU Ive been dealing with? The connector on the mobo side was barely plugged




Xbox Series S could be a viable purchase for a future man in a better position




Fuck you, Xbox Back Compat Fuck you very

Inquisitive Raven

Looks like the post office is giving out free tests to You wont get them immediately but it cant BUMP!:


In what can only be seen as neat, Icer Addis released the source code for This is the code that he used to emulate Super Punch Out on I probably cant link to it, but its on Thoughts?

Spiders For Sale

Her dance has the audience As the rhythm of the music rises, she appears as if dancing and leaping between the borders of two worlds; bringing back with her will-o’-the-wisps from beyond to join her, guided by the swirls of her flowing dress

Ricky Namara

Raise your hand if this is *raises hand*


Going L I V E right N O W with Monster Hunter Rise! Come witness the best 7/10 Insect Glaive user youve ever seen!


#arbitrarymetaltuesday is my favorite Tuesday! Heard this thanks to a poster here, for the first time, and its one of the thrashiest jams Ive had ever grace my


This Robot That is a Panda wants the RoboPanda to fill the Fill With Until it bursts… with Happy Birthday!

Ricky Namara

Technically youre correct, which is the best kind of


Spaceloaf called for a #arbitrarymetaltuesday so I offer this fun little hybrid


Turns out MS payed ABK that $70b with NFTs of

Anthony Marzano

Panda birthday deploy!


So, I decided to finish the solder job and now the SP had brightness Will post pictures in the comments on the different levels of

Matt I Guess

After spending a good amount of time with my new VR headset, I definitely see the I don’t buy into the whole “future of gaming” thing theyre peddling, but as a complimentary thing its a ton of The cross-buying is great, too!


Happy bday Panda!!!