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Diablo 3 Quest Honors Fallen Blizzard Artist

Prepare for incoming feels guys. When patch 2.3.0 was released on August 25, 2015 it introduced the Ruins of Sescheron and the powerful artifact hidden within, Kanai’s Cube. What nobody knew at the time was that this was all l...




Whats your favourite JRPG of the last decade? Between DQ11, Ni No Kuni 2, Final Fantasy 14, Bravely But for me there can be only


Loading up Breath of the Wild for the first time in a while and realizing from my saves that I hadnt touched the game since the month it Crazy how hard I fell off a game that was such an important Didnt beat it, either!


Just our condemning a black man for a HOAX and defending the confederate


Kinda bums me out that Ive still never played a rail shooter better than Starfox


Finally beat Great There are now two blogs out there for One is my review where I put on my what if I worked at DToid hat, and the other one is just me gushing about the stupid stuff in it that I Doin a bump

Dr Mel

Its true!


Finished TLOU and Left Behind DLC over the weekend, and started on Very early in the game still, maybe like an hour or two, but I gotta say it gave me an attachment towards the characters I didnt know I had playing the first Nearly


I made

Voltaic Owl

RIP Charlie We lost him on the same day as Ennio Morricone, no


Current status:


Carrying on from yesterday: Best Adventure game of this last generation? Think Im gonna go with Night in the


Awww shit its a banger

Rad Party God

I convinced my buddy to get Hes completely new to the Souls-like genre and so far were having a ton of fun with It could use a bit more polish, but the boss fights are definitely a highlight for us, those are actually pretty darn

Yue chan

The last 2 appointments for this baby they have had to draw This shit is


Any games releasing in July that youre looking forward to?


Just watched the latest RPCS3 update and Im reminded how incredible this work All done by amateurs building functional PS3 emulation w/ crowd Imagine what Sony could have done w/ their resources and knowledge of the


Hey Im unaware of whether or not this has been shared here yet, but Im going to do it Prins, being an excellent person started a recipe swap on the Ill link it in the


What are some games your looling foward to getting and trying in the future that are already out? Wether it be from backlog price or other

Chris Moyse

The first of the Destructoid Forum AMA threads is now live! So please take time out to stop by and ask our beloved Occams anything and Yall know you have that Q buggin Time to let it out! Link in


Divinity Original Sin 2 is something Im only two hours into and yet it feels as smart and well written as Disco Hopefully it just continues to get even


I had smoked swordfish on black bread with a little garlic butter and raw white onion for


I do enjoy having a forums Im pretty old school by nature, but I started my internet days as a forum goer over at So many great


Current Status:


Watched Kikis Delivery Service last If you feel down on life atm I can really recommend you do the I also love that witches are just a thing in this world and its no 10/10


Hope you all had a great weekend! Been going down a JRPG rabbit hole and loving What JRPGs would you like to see ported to modern consoles/PC? FF Tactics, Xenogears, Vagrant Story, and everything from Working Designs for


RIP Morricone

Anthony Marzano

Good morning Chris

Pixie The Fairy

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel kinda reminds me of Metroid Prime 2: Echos, if only in that the environment of the game is radically different from other Not a bad thing, but enemies are more slippery and that makes me prefer shotguns and lasers

Funkotrons Finest

Been playing Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom on Art direction is great, provides a bit more of a challenge than I expected, but never to It has some old school design elements as well that get in the way, but Overall I really like


I just want to whenever Im feeling down, whenever shit kind of sucks, whenever Im bout to lose my goddamn I can come here and Ive never felt this kind of love from a community and it means so much to

Voltaic Owl

Only a few missions in and Spider-Man is great so Everyone talks about how great the web-swinging is, but no one warned me that this would be the most fun I’ve ever had with spectroscopy!

Mike Sounders

Ill take 20


Unlike the last one of these, I know why I made this: to make the world


OC thingey, I had no direction with this lol, just threw a bunch of random ideas


Ive started getting deep into the option items in Gundam Breaker 3 and I cannot overstate how customizable this game Its


I decided to give Doom Eternal a try because of the Steam I’m glad I did, I was a little nervous when I saw someone say it was Souls like, but I’ve really been enjoying It’s hard to compare it to Doom 2016 because they feel like different


I dont think I will ever understand the division surrounding Last of Us


I deleted Wargroove from my I wasted all afternoon on one level I couldnt beat, I forgot about dinner, and I wasnt even having any It was like chipping away at a


TLoU 2 a mechanically and aesthetically impressive A shockingly poignant depiction of the ongoing trauma of grief, sadly hindered by clumsy attempts to manipulate the player and subvert Latest AAA victim of its own More to follow


This achieves a decade Back then I could only dream on playing Come 2020, I finally I am now decided to buy an used VITA for P4 Golden on the go, other exclusives, ports and especially:

Funkotrons Finest

Apparently a brain destroying amoeba has been found in That makes a lot of sense


Going to show my girlfriend Fargo from the very Cant wait to experience this fantastic show all over again, with Season 2 being my


Jesus fucking Christ I need something happy to play after beating


Assassins creed Valhalla gameplay has A half hour of And hey its gone as soona s I post it! Either way its out there Im sure, and people will talk about what they


At times, it feels like the best thing to do is lay down in bed and stare at the white (Video


for fucks sake where is Shadow the Hedgehog for Switch

Sweaty Dungus

perfect day to take edibles and play scrolling


Just finished Fuck that is one depressing game! Will have to do a write up about it once I’ve had time to 😩


So Im curious about different What is your game of the decade for the Horror genre? Personally for me:


Anyone else getting copious amounts of spam from the Trump campaign? I feel like its only been since hes started slipping in the So hes probably having his team create bots to think up as many email addresses to send these to as they