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Demoman Plush Toy

Yesterday was my first month anniversary of my wedding. And for that my wife (D3s1r3) had been working a special project: TF2's Demoman plush toy yeah i had been helping a little with grenades, trade mark smiley face under the jacket, jack...


Are gamers the new hippie generation? Maybe.....

I was watching a show earlier about the counter-culture phenomenom and saw many similarities between gamers and hippies and some that are pretty far apart as well. Lets dissect! Reasons why: #1: Age. Hippies were mainly younger but also...


Does the Wii have RROD-type issues of its own?

Roughly a month ago, my Wii started acting very odd. While popping in Resident Evil 4 for the first time in ages I was greeted with flickering green pixels bouning across my screen. It wasn't too widespread, just isolated to a single ares...


Godzilla vs Day of the Tentacle

So....i used to go to Otakon every year. Used to spend a lot of time watching all kinds of animes....until I learned that every anime is exactly the same as every other anime. Now i just do hard drugs! Anyway, back in '04 I went to o...


Dtoid comment of the week! 3/23-3/27

An underrated part of the Dtoid community is the wealth of hilarious comments users post. This is my way of highlighting those and giving back to the community. These are comments I find clever, witty, funny, pithy and various other synonym...


Power Trip #3: Guitar Hero

For this weeks Power Trip, I explore Guitar Hero in spirit of Guitar Hero: Metallicas release this week. The first installment in the Guitar Hero series introduced the most powerful mind controlling technique in gaming since Psycho Man...


Indie Selections: Platformer Edition

Back again with a heaping helping of indie gaming goodness! This time the indie selections will be narrowed down to the platformer genre. Enjoy! 1. King King is a retro-stylized platformer with the cutest damn graphics you've ever seen....


Next next next next gen consoles

I've been thinking allot about the upcoming consoles. Not the ones right after these current ones, but the ones after that, and the ones after that. Graphics can get better, that's a given. But what happens when shit's exactly like real l...


A Portal into a New Point of View

Portal may have changed the gaming world for several obvious reasons, but theres a little one that is seldom talked about. Portal may be the Christopher Columbus of the Second Person shooter. While this is a little stretch lets think abo...


Previously, on...

If youre anything like me you not only love playing games, but you also like completing them. After plugging hours of sleepless nights into an RPG or action game, its incredibly satisfying to bask in the soft glow of your television as ...


My week in gaming 03/15/09 - 03/21/09

Welcome back to My week in gaming. It's been a fairly uneventful week that's found me going back games I hadn't played in sometime so let's get to it. This week has found me playing quite a bit of Retro Game Challenge. I have come to t...


Fanboy Weekly

A while back I made mention had some stuff in the works with Game Observer and today sees the launch of the fruits of my labor so here is a celebratory post and shameless plug for my new weekly feature: Fanboy Weekly. It can be found he...


Skin Deep: Serious Sam 2

Skin Deep is a description of a game based entirely on its cover art. No actual information about the game is used to create it, just going by the cover and coming up with an idea of what the game might be about. Serious Sam 2 Some ga...


the low-down on me...

long time reader, first time poster. been playing RPGs since back in the day. my fav game is xenogears. or castlevania: sotn. currently playing little big planet and killzone 2. looking forward to final fantasy xiii when it finally does com...


I love it when a plan comes together

Its early evening around my house and the sounds of Battle Rifles and Final Fantasy fight music fill the air. We are a gamer family, I grew up a child of games, in the early 80s. During my 4th or 5th grade sing, we each had to pick somet...


3 Best Missing Street Fighter 4 Characters

Just like many others in the world, my current addiction resides with Street Fighter 4 (and Rock Band, but that thing is like crack cocaine). Despite the fact I get my ass handed to me online at times, I have a terrific times doing the loca...


The good story about death thats video-game related.

With so much negative press on both sides of gaming and things related i was personaly moved almost in this story by the way it stays positve and talks about that touchy subject of death and games. this a copy pasta of it. """"Deaths of ...


5 Great Game Soundtracks to Fuel your Workout

I have absolutely no misgivings about my status as a total tubby-boy. A generous build runs in my family, and it is something that I will never be able to totally escape. Curse you genetics! That being said, I try to do something for myse...




Im not even 100% what #Cursedmas is, but this NSFW shindig seems like my kind of (In the comments)

Kevin Mersereau

I’ve got Funimation digital codes for the complete series of both Shimoneta and Samurai Champloo if anyone wants I’ve read the Funimation app is kinda terrible, but both of these shows are Drop a comment if you’re interested!


Okay how come nobody told me that Beyond Good & Evil was low key a Pokemon Snap spiritual successor?!?




#cursedmas nsfw


Current Status:


Fixed an issue of jumping cursors when using a stylus on the touch screen of my laptop by taping tin foil on the back of the Computers are


Cabaret Club Crack

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Anyone remember Tenchi Muyo? I drew a Ryoko! I sketched her entirely with my new tablet in Clip Studio Its amazing being able to move my sketch over if I drew it too far to one More to come soon! BUMP!


Apparently dGecko made another game-pop music Hooray!

Destructoids Very Own Ein

I check at the walmart website and nothing show up but when I search an inventory checker this shows exhausted of the PS5


People that dont know the difference between entomology and etymology bug me more than I can put into

Dan Roemer



As someone who never bothered with this segment of holy schnikes, this fucking


Am old so am excited about new


Think my new years resolution will be to work on my dream game some I got the game maker thing from the humble bundle last time, wonder if its still decent to work with or if I should search out another

The InFamous TMF

Black Oh you mean TOY DAY!


I have earned the ability to dab in Sackboy: A Big Current status:


Day three! Give it up for day three of Thanksgiving dinner!

sp testure

Chrono Trigger+ done and Great hack, definitely recommend Next Earthbound Was gonna play FF4 Ultima (its finally finished Rabite!) But the call of Ness is 269th


Low budget #cursedmas


Bonus #Cursedmas


Pretty nice


After the craziness of Thanksgiving, took a little time to make some pizza dough and chocolate chip Felt good to do a little baking


Onto Heavensward Woot \o/




You could have told me this came out in the 90s and I wouldve believed Great interpretation of a 90s This duo is one to watch out #musictoid | Chloe x Halle — Sending My Love




Youll never beat me! I AM A GOD/WITCH/LORD *swings a basic ass sword and casts some lightning* What??? How could this be?? AHHHHHH-- - Every WoW villain ever


Im starting #Cursedmas off with something a little darker and more NSFW, so itll be in the


Friends and I managed to pull together to get another friend a Switchmas may not be cursed, but Im happy we were able to get one considering this year and the timeframe we had to get He gets it next


To quote Adam Savage, Well theres your


A few months ago while I was still fighting through my exams, I posted this blurb about I have a question in the Spoilers


⚔ NEW UI and Items added to facilitate new 🔨 Forge 🔥 Firefeatures (finally) - REPAIR, SALVAGE, IMPROVE, and coming soon: LORE (affixing fetishes to gear):




#Cursedmas (SFW)

Anthony Marzano



New Square announcement! This games asthetic always looked so damn weird back in the day, but this seems like an improvement without throwing the style away Pretty cool!


Good morning! Remember to #Cursedmas appropriately!


Yesterday my Universitys legal journal contacted me to give my expert opinion on the market power of Big Tech companies and the competition/privacy concerns this So apparently Im an expert If that aint #Cursed, I dont know what

Dangus Taargus

#Cursedmas Very

Boxed Swine

Because Star Wars is hot again, Disney would like to announce its own line of chewing tobacco: It comes in eight kid-friendly flavors and is available for purchase at truck stops Chewbaccie: Swallow, dont spit!

Jetter Mars







Some SFW


So the little nephew discovered the word chungus, presumably from a Minecraft God help Then he was saying, WOW, LOOK AT ALL THESE BIG CHUNGUSES and I fought myself real hard not to say, Well its chungi


Remember David Firth of Salad Finger / Fat Pie fame? Well, he has a new series going and this new one is peak #cursedmas (and definitely NSFW)


#Cursedmas @Occams I believe this caters to your specific