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I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it....

I'm about to lose my life savings to Nintendo and I think I like it... I like it... I don't think any of us can argue that the Wii delivered on everything we hoped it would. It certainly wasn't the golden revolutionary child Nintendo was h...


My thoughts on this glorious day

Gotta say that this is going to be one of my favorite E3 conferences of all time. I don't even consider the cringe-worthy demonstration of Skyward Sword as a downer, because (as I predicted, by the way) on the hands-on reports, even the N...


Dawn of Heroes (DS) preview

Dawn of Heroes for the Nintendo DS is a fantasy strategy/tactical RPG being developed by Wicked Studios based in Montreal and published by Majesco. This preview is based on video and screenshots on the official site and developer interviews...


Mo' 5th Gen Pok�mon, Less Problems (Hopefully)

Serebii has some CoroCoro Scans up showing off new Pok�mon Black and White info and Pok�mon as well. Let's See a few shall we. Gear - Wait that's his Japanese Name...really? Well that at least translates easily. Its 2/3 of a Gearmon. Ma...


New FE3 Remake details.

Nintendo has added some new details on the upcoming DS title Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu.  It's a remake of Book II in FE: Monshou no Nazo, or FE3.  The translated name of this new DS title is Fire E...


Pokemon KOs real life [another listblog whoo?]

Alright, some art in the blogs lately. Let's see what I can do to balance that out. This is something that's been rattling around in my head for a while. Every time I turn on my DS, I'm filled with envy for that little sprites roaming arou...


Why I Love Etrian Odyssey's Music

A lot of people can justify their affection towards something with an answer of intangibles. "It's just good," or "I just do." These answers are great all on their own, but I've always been one for argumentation, so I always shoot for a way...


Photo Dojo for the DSi shop will be FREE!

I was chatting with my Nintendo rep the other day an he mentioned that Photo Fighter X (Photo Dojo in JP) will drop on May 10th. Cool. That's tomorrow. It's also going to be FREE for a limited time, which is fantastic! Make sure you a...


The one thing Pokemon Black/White needs ...

So, earlier tonight, I was reading this interesting article at The Kartel about possible changes that would make the upcoming Pokemon Black/White more ineresting. It's not a bad read and there's some good suggestions in there, but there's...


Pokewalking with Wilbo

The future is here people, get it while its hot! also, I am a legend Thanks to my friend Raymond who made the video.


Lemonade Issue SORTED! Vote Wilbo for Mayor

As seen in my previous post it was overall better to buy Lemonade rather than Super Potions but It was Faster to buy Super Potions. BUT BEHOLD! There is a store in MT Moon for those of you who can get to the Kanto Region and he sells Lemona...


On why Nintendo need not (yet) be afraid of Apple

I've been seeing a lot of Apple fans rabidly proclaiming the iPhone the ultimate mobile gaming machine and the death-knell for Nintendo's and Sony's portable platforms. However, as lifelong gamer and the owner of 3 generations of Nintendo's...


Vote Wilbo Mayor of Pokemon

The problem being Lemonade is slower to buy but look at the proof and vote for Wilbo I shall fix this Pokeconomy and save us all! as PokeMayor!


Pirates and Poop and Pancakes, Oh Yes!

"Get in there! Get in! Yeah! YEAH! Time for breakfast." If you don't know what the hell just happened (and I don't blame you), then you're missing out on everything that has ever existed. Ever. That is a microgame from the DSi game WarioW...


Ooooh, you're my best friend [Short, happy blog]

So, jumping into this little saga, today I decided to pop down to the closest mall between classes on a whim. And on a bus. I wasn't going for any reason in particular, though the thought of giving the rabbit-flavoured chocolate clogging ...


Drill Dozer Mini-Comic Scans! [Contribution]

Oh hello. Well you see, I am a huge fan of Game Freak's works, especially their original action games like Pulseman, and their underdog: Drill Dozer. So the purpose of this entry is simply because the other day I was looking for scans of ...


Pokemon is an infectious game. Its like a puppy, no matter how you may try otherwise, if you're into traditional RPGs, its going to endear itself to you and you're going to love it. Hell, I'm 32 and I just can't say no to it. Back when Po...




Hail the Dew/Doritos


Nintendo getting ready to announce that all sequels are Whos Excited?!?!


These are some great videos that prove British people can be gut busting


Finally got round to watching


Heads up: you can skip the Namco thing


Kinda thinking that Nintendos only announcement for E3 is that they will be actually fixing their firmware


FATAL REVIWE: Hotline Miami hotline oh BOY! what can I say about hotline Miami that hasnt already been Its a great game with gameplay that, If played Feels very give it a


Gamer nation it is time to RISE UP!!!


I know we all want that rush of new games we’re so excited for but my biggest joy comes from commenting with Let’s take a moment to recognize that even when E3 isn’t what we hope for, it’s still a pleasure to be with everyone and


When I get a This will be the first game I play on


Considering how Earth was shut down last year, Im not too surprised that big companies dont have much to show at this years Elden Ring looks great, and a few indie things Im curious to see what Nintendo has lined


In non-E3 related news, I fixed my friends Now to fix the one I


The Barbie I got for my daughter’s birthday just showed She’s a modern woman just trying to make her way like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl with Faith, Fire, and


Rushing over from work to catch up on Capcoms showcase at E3 to witness this? What, four games? I wasnt expecting anything at all but holy, some trailers would have Lets see how Nintendo fares


Is the final fantasy origin trial fixed yet?


Honey, must


Semag oediv


Going to make a mad bet and say a new 2D (well Metroid game made by the guys who made the last one (which I didnt like) will be


This E3 I thought Oh Capcom on the 14th I sure hope they have something Dead rising knew in the bakc of my mind it would be somthing to do with RE 8 Boy Can Dream


One day i I like video game like so i statred up OBS and Hope you enjoy!

Electric Reaper

Yocci meowing and purring like a cat is just too cute and wholesome!

Punished Nietzsche

E3 Peaked with Elden Ring, and that wasnt even an E3 game!


Elden Ring guys!


Honestly, this E3 has been an indie triumph and mostly a major publisher The real action has been in the small games space, and theres just a glut of amazing small I cant even keep


I like Capcom


I recently found out that Kena was made by the same dudes behind that beautiful Majoras Mask fan cinematic on Explains a lot; the more I hear and see of this game I continue to be


Video games


I hate hyperbole, but good lord this is the worst E3 in recent memory for There has been absolutely nothing that has me salivating to I expect nothing from Nintendo tomorrow, and will still probably be


I made it to affiliate and have everythings et up for my first real boy Naturally its time for more Dead by Daylight! Join if you want at


Most missed the news but apparently in Monster Hunter Stories 2 the main I guess you would call villian is your main character imported from Monster Hunter Rise if you have a save in that Not the biggest thing but really cool little idea from

Mike Sounders

I feel like Im one of the few people that listened to capcom when they said ‘hey we’re bringing just these four games’


One day I will live in a dimension where Legends 3


Okay, I know theres been a lot of negativity lately, and its been rubbing some folks the wrong I get But seriously, WTF was that? Why did Capcom do a big showcase if they had nothing new to show off? I just dont get


I swear that lady on the Capcom stream was an


I have come to the conclusion that unless it is Iwata, no E3 presentation should have a


This years E3 has been like watching The Game Awards stretched across five


There has been a distinct lack of PC port announcements or info for the games that truly need it, like MH Rise and FF7, this Real sad Cmon Capcom, just a few more minutes left your presentation to pull it out


hehe this woman is funny


Finally put out my blog on Hitman 2, the funniest and most confident game in the World of Assassination

Steel Squirrel

Who is this lady and why, Capcom? Just show the videos


Its 5pm on the East Coast, and Ive just finished my extensive write up on Sonic the Just gotta throw some images together and schedule the You might want to set some time for this one Its a VERY long read, but pretty


Theres something special about how honest Tiny Tim And that he endorsed certain products so much, like preferring Ajax much better than And Jergens body

Jetter Mars

I got the email! I need to get my Class A license through the DMV within 15 days among other Its gonna be tough but Im ready to take up the mantle!


Mmm, 2D character action


Limited Run presentation was the best one so Hysterically funny,


guys hear the news about Batman?


0h the River City Girls 2 annoucment is real thats I hope the soundtrack is just as good this have much issues with the first so I am fine with more of the same but maybe a longerish