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My preview of the 3DS

Last month, I had the opportunity to go and play on a 3DS, at their event being held in Manchester (UK). I was lucky enough to get a ticket, as I had previously been to Eurogamer last year. I was so excited when I got my e-ticket sent, but ...


Pokemon: An Influential Series

Go ahead! Say that Pokemon is a fad, that it's for little kiddies, that I'm too old for it, that it was never good, but I'm 14 and I love it! It's been the biggest influence on me as a gamer. I wouldn't be a gamer if Pokemon didn't exist. ...


3DS Release Date for US Announced

3DS Release Date for US Announced January 19th, 2011 Nintendo has announced that the 3DS will be available in the United States March 27th, 2011. It will be available for $249.99. With a five hour battery life and a three hour recharge ...


A Nintendo 3DS Preview Event

23:14 February 5th – Facebook James Pickard: ‘’Oops, I just pre-ordered one.’’ 4 Hours earlier... Tucked away down a side-street in Brick Lane; a small group gathered. We were waiting outside a graffiti-riddled warehouse on a dark and ...


Is Nintendo Really Ready To launch?

As I put down my preorder today at Gamestop, I mused out loud... is Nintendo really ready to launch this damn thing? This is not a sentiment that came about overnight. It's come from many sources and definitely not being denied by Nintend...


Pokemon 4th Gen Send Off Tournament Extravaganza!

So as we are all aware of, Pokemon's making a leap into the future soon adding 156 new ones and changing the game up the most in a long time. And as with all generation jumps, we have to leave other games behind. Diamond, Pearl, and Pl...


Review: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

The Nintendo DS is easily the go-to console this generation when it comes to RPGs. As a developer, you'd be hard-pressed to have your title stand out in a library already rife with role-playing goodness. There are exceptions however, and Ca...


3DS videos for everyone!

Short one: 2 videos, Kid Icarus Gamplay from ninty World 2011 and DOA Dimensions 5 min trailer... ENJOY!... PD: also... BLAZBLUE CONTINIUM SHIFT 2 CONFIRMED FOR 3DS!


Kingdom Hearts 3DS

I am Juritza A Mendez: I love the good things that exist in this land. I like going to the beach, I have great friends on this earth, God is very nice to me since before I was born and God had chosen me, enlarge things God sake. good but...


With Whom Doth The World End? It Endeth With Thee

Two years ago we moved out of a house we were renting and into a house we bought with our own money dollars. For the most part, I considered this moving up in the world, save for one thing: we managed accidentally to put our DS Lite into a ...


Back to my Roots

I started playing Final Fantasy VI Advance and Chrono Trigger again. Thank God for the DS and the nostalgia cash-ins that it promotes Those of you shouting 'rehash bullshit' can go eat a dick and gloat over Halo. And yes, I play Call of ...


Mama will fix it! More Pixel Art

My entry into the Craftster Cooking Mama pixel art challenge. If I win I could get some cool Cooking Mama games. Voting starts tomorrow - I hope I do well. The contest is pretty cool - check it out here


Etrian Odyssey 3 boss music You

So yeah, Etrian Odyssey 3 is out, and with it comes the glorious caress of Yuzo Koshiro's music on our ears. Dance with the Stratum guardians to this melody:


This week: Pokemon: Heart Gold

It's Monday, September 27th and after about 55 hours, I have completed the Johto half of Pokemon: Heart Gold. For those unfamiliar with the series, Johto is basically the continent housing the first half of the game. I can hones...


Pokémon Black: First Thoughts

Well my Pokemon Black recently arrived and I opened the packaging like a starving psychopath that just found a chocolate bar. I'm not going to spoil too much for anyone so I'm just going to give you what I think of the game so far. Keep in ...



Slowpoke (ヤドン, Yadon), is known as a Dopey Pokémon. The name Slowpoke is an insult for someone who acts or moves slowly. Slowpoke's Japanese name, Yadon, has the word don in it which means slow or stupid. This mammal...




A post here reminded me of a cartoon I grew up with so I wasted an hour watching openings from my #cartoontoid

sp testure

Acquired Persona 5 Strikers yesterday and put 4 hours into it Can confirm that it is They put some serious love and care into this, and it freaking Those sweet sweet


I am a man of


Im posting this as a public service Not because Im thirtsin for a pretty well done cosplay by luxlocosplay


Seemed to have nailed my Switch Pro prediction on the display size increase and 4K output mode, but not the resolution? Surprised theyre only going w/ A 1080 panel could let you run docked mode in handheld using a more efficient Tegra chip


Hey remember Storm Hawks? I remember Storm


Lets face it, Gamorrean Guard are literally just orcs and thats why I love

Mike Sounders

Pretty accurate

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

In good fighting game-related news:

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Guilty Gear Strive has been delayed to June Hopefully thisll give them time to completely re-do the lobbies! Id be fine with the classic 3D chibis running around


Beat soundtracks in the series, for


The noise keeps getting I would LOVE to play a simple game like Links Awakening without framerate Or Age of Calamity w/out the grass 2 inches ahead of me popping in every moment at Love my Switch, but its a struggle at


After and before pic of my gaming Now I can actually see my consoles! Before pic in the


Chicken eggrolls & Guinness Extra Stout = Best Change my mind


There better be some fucking -- Watching a movie version of TLOU2 with my mom and its going about as well as youd expect!

Ricky Namara

Care for a bit of Persona 5 fun? If you have one, what is your Palace and what is your Treasure?


Well, fun day of letting the team know were all at risk of Same day one gets told his mother has breast cancer and a week after anothers husband is diagnosed with Motor neurone 2021, fuck me

Cygnus Rush 961

Having a bit of a rough time right Details in the


If they ever make another Hitman game I hope they go back to regular targets and stop with this shadow cabal puppet master


Why did PS3 games have that clear bit at the top?!


PSA: for anyone interested, ScourgeBringer is coming to PS4 and PS Vita on April


For the first time in my gaming history, Im not looking forward to the next new thing from I just want updated / more powerful Switches like Apple does iPads and fully backwards Its already a damn near perfect product


Ace Combat music in a nutshell:


My sister put this in our group chat and it gave me a good


Behold! My first and absolutely amatuer attempt at sculpting Story in


I was told that I could get Monster Hunter Rise in It has been March for over 2 whole days, and I still dont have Monster Hunter I feel lied


Dont know if this Ryan George guy on you tube does much videos about video games but I did find this video of his just there found it pretty


This strangely is better than the original dub


Star Shaped Box (2021) - Final song for Conundrum and Bass 2, which has been Released 10 Free to Will also pop up on Digital streaming services :) Take care


I ordered one of those retroid

Whispering Willow

I dont really like Yuffie The DLC I wanted for FFVIIR was an awkward, young adult Sephiroth going to Wall Market and the folks there taking him under their wings to to mold him into the unflappable dom daddy he became for


Been on a Siouxsie kick only to realize later that I was wearing the Such a great Budgies drumming is


Current Status:


Guys, I need help making a Do I wait for a potential FF7 remake PC release complete will PC trapping, Epic Games Store or not, or do I suck it up and just spend the $10 for PS+ and play it there? I dunno how long my constitution will last D:


I had asked yall about music earlier and yall were so very very Thank you for chiming in! 🤗👍


Perfect ominous night driving I wouldn’t be surprised if Disasterpeace listened to this for inspiration when composing the Hyper Light Drifter


Oh shit, found out that Crunchyroll just got Shocking First Bullet


More like Jar-dinera, am I right? Tried all the combos of oil and vinegar in different jars to see which is my Day 1 the vinegar solution only is my favorite but they get 2 days at room temp to mingle


Well got a email there from my college and it was in the news At my college a good chunk of college students had a big gathering(of course spreading Covid and all) load of them got arrested and other got Thank God I am not on college campu


Wasteland 3 is still my GOTY for last year, recent awards stuff has made muse Liked Hades a lot, and Ghostrunner a lot too but Wasteland 3 is still sticking in my brain hard which tends to be Need to get around to a second

Robo Panda Z

When your urge to write manifests itself in 800-word replies regarding what Kamen Rider series to start

CaimDark Reloaded

I am 100% going to regret this tomorrow, but fuck Ill deal with adult life tomorrow, today Im solving the mystery of Hopes peak and kicking despair in the


Im with broski at the


Wizards, am I right?


Hey, I actually managed to keep myself on track for two whole months! And I was able to play a bunch of games too!


How and why?


Holy shit this


And thats how Pyra and Mythra got into