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Why JACK is how he is...

One night I did some research. More specifically, research on JACK to try to determine why he loathes Nintendo. I came across the usual ... pictures of furries, anti-Nintendo posts, emails to Bungie creator about how he dreams about him (no...




Found this Paint drawing in my local Pictures folder (labelled Goomba) that Im sure felt right at the


Have a nice day!


Got about 6 inches of snow over the past 24 hours! Its rare here in GA, so were enjoying Just hoping power stays on The winds nasty


Since itll be a while before we see the inevitable Ghost of Tsushima 2, could Sucker Punch be kind and release a inFamous: Second Son Directors Cut? Maybe package it with First Light and add some shit to do after finishing the story?


Genuinely think I might cry I had over 600 emails in my Thought I had hit the point of no return, but somehow managed to clear it out today and save everything that was of Did not believe this was possible lol


I dont post politics often, but for those interested in the pieces from the likes of John Oliver or Some More News might take to a new series from a pretty underrated YT outfit from Jesse


DoomFist commission in Insta - upinsmokeproductions and for more art and video games


Reckless Optimism (absolutfreak) (2022): The music I have written so far for this project has exceeded my This song is just magical, I If the first four songs are any indication, dis gonna be a good album :p Im happy to be doing

sp testure

If youre into 80s stuff like I I highly recommend this Entertaining and informative, hosted by Rob Lowe :)


Heres a 40 second voice acting shitpost I made in 10 minutes, this time of the Crash Bandicoot Invest in Wumpa Coin today!


TIL that Japan got a Peanuts game on SNES called Snoopy Hip Tanaka, one of the composers behind Earthbound (and a bunch of other Nintendo games), arranged all the Its great!


I think Im converted: Cyberpunk 2077 is pretty On PC for me, there are numerous bugs, none of them gamebreaking, but the overall experience


Current status: narfing with the Garthok


Finished pretty much everythin in The Forgotten City was a good game I would give it a but I got to say I was pretty dissapointed with a good amount of the game and I did expect more out of Still on Gamepass and worth a


Ive posted this before, but it is forever mood,


I give you, I rolled them to long so I had to shift them to fit under the Still very tasty, not bad for my first Highly recommend in making your

Spiders For Sale

Her long dark hair is put up with many ornamental jade needles and pins in a shape that recalls the majestic birds you saw a while ago, one of which you shudder to Her dress is of many warm colours, long and flowing and her feet are


Heres a fun little story concept I made for a Shadow the Hedgehog 2 delivered in classic Sonic Adventure 2 recap Had fun trying to imitate Kirk Thorntons take on I like the idea of bringing Maria back as an unexpected


The debug rooms getting super chaotic, but this has been a pretty good weekend for progress with the attacks bosses are going to be able to use! Ive also been playing Pokémon XD this weekend, its honestly good

Tomas Immortal

I have not disappeared! Ive just been busy!

Inquisitive Raven

have a BIG need!!!!!!!


Slow mellow pop song for the This dude has a unique look and vibe that radiates into his #musictoid | Oliver Tree - Cowboys Dont Cry

Inquisitive Raven

Its I love that channel!


Suddenly my mother wants to get tested, since my dad and I had it she just figured she had it, but doesnt seem to grasp that testing is impossible to find in my city, hell my entire county right Was gonna get tested tomorrow, but forgot its

Silver the 3rd

Idk how much of a hot take this is, but okumuras palace sucks a Im playing through p5 (hopefully finishing it this time) and the animation for the lunch break are way too long and the space puzzles are nonsensical


A couple days ago there was shooting near the high school I graduated It was students, but they had left school Could have been so much A couple kids But Im grateful it was like, Edit: NOT

Spiders For Sale

While Myszshu is tuning the instruments, Shasha is sitting on a small stool, cleaning the costumes with a You can hear her quietly mumbling some curses under her She is already dressed in what looks like a dancer’s




I finally got around to reading MHA beyond Season 5, and wow, were in for a The Class A vs B pseudo-filler was gonna tank any season it was in, but after that, this shit gets Super exciting and great moments, truly hooked! Mirko = GOAT

Inquisitive Raven

I updated my commission prices, so feel free to check a look at those! Another BUMP!


Apartment Adventures Day 11: I tested the limits of my rice Not sure if it fills me with pride or dread, but itll at the very least fill my stomach this


Time to see how Forza Horizon 5


I guess Im on act two in Tales of Arise


Oh hey Terraria on Switch final got the update now I can actualy start to think about playing it! Been waiting for the update for a while, I think the switch verison got local co-op splitscreen added in as


Idea for a Black Mirror episode: There is this technical thingamajig and all of society revolves around The main character realizes that the doodad is actually In the end society stays the same but the protagonist dies or

Spiders For Sale

The wagon has been halted on a clearing in the A small stage attached to it is already nearly fully set Yenot is currently mounting the screens to a device at the back of it that lets him switch them quickly through a winding


Huh thats why the Katana Zero DLC has been taking so Thats neat to hear when I first heard of it I figured oh it would be just like half a hour long and feel pretty throaway


Edgelord Status:

Punished Nietzsche

today is the day! Attack on Titan final season premieres today and its the first time in years im excited about an I cant believe what im saying, but Eren Yeager is now one of my favorite shonen anime


Went to a party last night only to realize I need a cleanup on my friend Whether is a thing of new year or not, I want good people around, not the On other news, started replaying Luigis Mansion I had forgotten how good that game


Is Inscryption really hard or do I just really suck at it?


Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a John Dark Souls, Revelations 13:37




Has anyone here played Tokobot? It gives me some Megaman Legends and Ape Escape vibes, so youd think itd have a bigger Then again, just about every set piece and puzzle is agonizing in a way that makes me think it was made in


Started playing Child of What a gem of a I love the combat interrupt system Star Renegades has a great interrupt system too, just wish it wasnt a roguelite


That first mission of Mass Effect 3 is a certified Music, presentation, cinematography and sound design was just Also, who the fuck is James and why does he look like a flesh coloured Shrek?


Have an enjoyable day all!