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Call of Doody: Fatigued Warfare.

I've noticed here on Destructoid as well as other places that I write about Call of Duty (and its derivatives) a lot. And I mean a lot. Which means I must love Call of Duty, and you're right. Yeah, I'm that person people hate because accord...


Cblogs of 06/20/11 and 06/21/11 + Late Funkisms!

Dag yo! I�ve been very busy and �away� from the site for a while, but catching up on a week of Dtoid is pretty much its own job! >_< In case anyone was wondering, I was in Taiwonto, Onterrible for a week for a mini-family reunion...


You asked for it!!!

A blog written by someone you never heard of or cared about , dont worry if you come back later Ill talk about favorite games in the most pretentious way possible I guarentee this to you my fellow Americans , my Bullshit will be not be unhe...


The Strategy Guide that changed my life

(It's been much too long since I posted something here: I've been busy with my studies for a while now. And it turns out that trying to study while E3 is going on is really darn difficult. Who would've thought? :P Fortunately, I'm done for ...



I would consider myself to be a strong boxer in the UFC. That's kinda why they call me the Headhunter. Sure, I don't quite have that one punch knockout power, but I will make sure people leave the ring looking a lot uglier than me. Tha...


Dragonblog Z

I believe I have decided to pass on Ocarina of Time 3D, though I did play it and it's fine. I've already played it in fact. Several times. Why would I want to play it again on a tiny (albeit third dimensionalized!) screen? If you are cu...


I made a Board Game + Contest

As this post goes live, I have spent the past 2 months buried in Sketchbook Pro, 8 hours cutting tiles, Countless many hours nervously pouring my soul into a project that will follow me to Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio this week. T...


Drew a Conclusion: You Don�t Know Jack HD

Those who find themselves drawn closer to the Saturday Night Live rendition of Celebrity Jeopardy, replete with the surly visages of Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds, than Trivial Pursuit will, odds are, have played Jellyvision�s You Don�t ...


Some thoughts on Dust 514 and Defiance

One thing that I've felt has been lacking on Dtoid has been the spotty, hard-to-find news about MMOs in general and about these games in specific. Though the news, as almost always has been the case on Dtoid, has been great, I feel like the...


Why I'm a Gamer and What Does That Mean Anyway?

So, as I promised before, I have content in the works. This is one piece of that content, and I'll try and keep it short, but not short enough to not cover at least some small, vague portion of the topic. Hold on, I'm going to grab a Coke Z...


An open letter to Gearbox regarding Duke Nukem.

Dear Gearbox, I honestly doubt you're going to see this little community blog I'm posting, but I'm going to pretend you have found it and are now reading it. The reason I'm writing this is to give my opinions on Duke Nukem Forever, and als...


Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces - Promotional Trailer

A whole lot of new information has been released today about the "Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces" album. There's a video you can watch on YouTube, which talks about how I met Sakimoto and got the project started, plus some insight into th...


Link's Awakening Review [Destructoid Review Format]

I never thought I'd see the day where I could play Ocarina of Time on the toilet. Technology has come so far. Back in my day, one played Link's Awakening, the first ever portable Zelda, on their Game Boy Color and counted oneself lucky if t...


Dead Space 2 :D

I love it! I've beaten it on normal and now i'm going through it again on survivalist for the elite suits and so i can get better so i can try for zealot. Bought it pre-owned so i didn't get the codes for multiplayer but from what i've seen...


A New Contest Approaches! (updated with more info)

A note: It's not about liking the genre at all. It's about giving something different a chance. That's all. Whether you like it or not doesn't really matter, so long as the post is well written and entertaining. So, it seems enough people ...


GUYS, GET OVER IT! Girls Game. Some Don't.

It is 2011 and I still see frequent blogs and articles of how to get that girlfriend or wife of yours into video games. Guys want to find ways to coax their girls into a passion for their hobby. Publishers try to scheme up ways to tap into ...


Shut up and take my rupees

Hello! This is going to be a post about Ocarina of Time 3D, but first, an introduction. I've lurked the site regularly for a little while now and tend to stick with the front page, commenting on news posts. I'll be going to PAX for the fir...


Portable Gaming Then....and....Now

Ok let me take you back in an era where portable gaming was taking it's first steps In my eyes atleast, that would be the original Gameboy. When I received my own rectangular brick of a gaming system from that day on I was infected with th...


Remake, Remaster, Rehash

Keza MacDonald at IGN thinks video game remakes are great. I disagree...sort of. MacDonald asserts that, �when handled correctly, remakes, remasters and re-releases are an extremely good thing, both for the industry and for us.� Accordin...


Trophies, Coins, Achievements - OH MY!

Once upon a time, great feats of gaming had no Achievements, Trophies, or Coins to rub in people's faces. What's the point, without them, right? Nintendo calls them 'Mythical Rewards', despite introducing them with the 3DS, and making it ne...


Good Does Not Mean Fun

There is something that has been bugging me recently. I have a friend (don't all laugh at once) who insists that for a game to be good it has to be fun. Now, before we get any further, we need to define these two words otherwise I'll get in...




Late to the game, but better late than Funny, I put more time into NMS on the PS4 than I did on Xbox, but using what I learned there helped Ive got like 350 billon space bucks in this Its literally the game I dreamed about as a


Final Fantasy 8 is done, and so is my quest to beat every mainline Final Fantasy


My newest Night Dude, Alphonso Dominick Dreadnought III, Certified Public Heart of Darkness, flaying, Billy Ocean, Drakkar Noir, Funions, Thomas Howell


I want a copy of The Art of Blasphemous but its sold out

Dangus Taargus

I dont know if I ever managed to do this as a kid, but Ive finally finished San Francisco Rush on N64 at Thats all keys on all 7 tracks as well as a first place circuit finish on DEATH MODE! Feels good to finally do On to Rush The


Why is it whenever I clean I lose something important and cannot find it despite my room being well, cleaned? Cant find my RetroTink 5X remote which is


The Christmas pasta has arrived Oh boy!


Its a TurboJasper day That means an open invite for Mario Kart while I drink! I dont I always Prove me I am also open to the concept of being


This was genuinely anxiety inducing (fr, tiny ribbon cables should be banned under federal law) but putting an SSD in my One X has been game changing I load back from MP games basically at the same time as my buddies with Series Xs


The full sized Lucario plush has the best promotional


Girlfriend offered to get me a Series X for Christmas and was able to get an all access order As a longtime halo fan I am beyond excited to try out infinite and try out game pass but as a working adult with a ps5, I wonder if I will have time for both

Mike Sounders



Im out and about today and the car in front of me had a Brazzers license plate Im


I really hope that Infinites MP does curated/segmented playlists soon, if not at Thats when Ill likely jump Team Slayer, SWAT, I might try it now if stuff like Oddball is less commonly-thrusted onto the player than Slayer or

Spiders For Sale

It is not; drawing a sigh of relief from However, as you push for it to open there is some resistance, requiring you to use quite a bit of Finally, you get it open far enough to slip The room you enter is in pure chaos!


I think Arceus is sorta going this route, but I dont even care about brand new I would happily explore a region with new variants of existing Pokemon, new babies, new evolutions, I think thats one of the best things theyve ever done

Mike Sounders

Last call to join secret santa! Names are being drawn tomorrow so if you want in, its now or never! EDIT: EVENING BUMP


I woke up and chose


My garfixcard is too old to play Halo Infinite, so instead I started playing Halo Finished the first games campaign for the first time in at least a Holds up beautifully, its such a well-executed

Spiders For Sale

Before proceeding upwards, you check the door on the other side of the landing and see the familiar layout with a bed at the far end and an automaton writing behind a After two more landings you reach a singular door that you hope is not


Just remembered this


Cursedmas season is upon


Just when I felt that the cold empty void I call my heart could no longer feel warmth or joy, I find out that Korone did a cover of the FE main theme recently, and now everything is going to be


ITS HAPPENING!!! Also major spoilers if you care about the story up to this




Theyre increasing the exp gain on the Halo battle pass which is cool because faster unlocks but isnt this meant to last until May? Well be done with it by Jan at this rate, does that mean well have nothing to unlock for 4 months? 🤨🤔

Whispering Willow

One DR run away from completing my relic Gunblade in Would have gotten my Dark Knight one, but it had a dozen glowing weapons and Gunbreaker doesnt have many

Spiders For Sale

For a good twenty minutes you dig through all the In the end, the only useful things you find are a small pouch for stone-storage and the least rusted knife that you apparently could hope to find in this place; for self-defence, if


Tis the


New blog? New blog! Its about my favorite games of 2021, its late enough that I feel like thats acceptable ^^ Bump 2!


As a tradition since 2011, my awards are ready to be Not longer calling them retro as the games you see in the image were released in the 2010s with the exception of Metroid Will be sharing them daily on social media and here on Dec 30th


PETA went hard with I love I straight lold at this:

Spiders For Sale

Everything resembling food in the room is long You open a tin can with a rusted knife that breaks immediately afterwards and a thick disgusting foam accompanied by an even worse stench comes bubbling out of the You throw it into a


Current Status:


Is there a way to fix the web adds constantly cycling? I really want to read comments but they have started cycling every 5-10 seconds and it pushes my phone screen back to the top of the


Wedding present to ourselves: a C1 I have been looking forward to such an upgrade for years, and now Ill finally have Took a 10 inch hit on screen size compared to my current LED but Ill get used to


So I know that the Switch is underpowered and the Steam Deck is nearly here, but playing Astral Chain in handheld mode is a real next-gen moment for An action-adventure game with that much density of detail and depth, on such a teeny, tiny



Just Aaron

Is it too soon to post New Years resolutions? Mine is to quit Got drunk last night and inhaled a 6 pack and a pound from Taco Worst part about drinking is how hungry I So, I`m going to try and go a whole year without any


Have a terrific day!

Lord Spencer

My second PS5 controller started drifting after exactly two Apparently, this is a common issue, but I dont see it discussed as much as the Joy-Cons drift (I have two healthy pairs for over a


Good morning you beautiful people! #morningcovers


Started replaying DOOM 2016, and man I still adore this damn Finding guns early is satisfying as all get out, and it just plays so


I heard a radio ad today for Black Friday deals at a Healthcare Im trying really hard to figure out how I dont live in a


Story This is the save screen to an import copy of the Japanese Wizard of Oz I was going to start a fresh playthrough but I wanted to check the save data Someone loved this game and I dont have the heart to save over that kind of


Square just re-uploaded ff14s first How far its


Daily reminder that Indiana Jones is a sadistic fuck!