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REVIEW: Kraven Manor (PC)

Steam is awash with generic first-person horror games, so I was surprised to discover a title that does something genuinely different with the formula.  More so because I stumbled across it entirely by accident, having received a game ...


Review - Five Nights at Freddy's World (PC)

Whether you're a fan of the series or not, you've likely heard of the Five Nights of Freddy games. What you may not be aware of, however, is that owe their existence to another less favourably received game.  Creator Scott Cawthon's pr...


Review: Aviary Attorney - Bird is the Word!

One of the benefits of Kickstarter is that it provides an avenue for games that would never see the light of day and which would be hastily shot down by the brandy-swilling residents of your average boardroom.  Aviary Attorney is one s...


Zetta Reviews: XBLAZE: Code Embryo (PSV)

It is a rare moment where I take issue with animu tropes. Really, really rare. If you talk to me about this kind of thing or read my blogs regularly enough, you probably know that already, but so we can be clear on this, and I admit it is l...


Through REVIEW - Breaking barriers, folks

Developer: GoshkiPublisher: GoshkiFormat: PC (browser/flash) Being yet another game that I played once and skipped over due to not understanding, Through is a minimalistic puzzle-platformer made for GameBoy Jam 4. It's a short and sweet ga...


[Review] Statues - PC. Don't Blink.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Statues is a veritable love letter to Doctor Who's 'Weeping Angels'. This indie horror borrows heavily from the show's 'Blink' episode, where the protagonists were pursued by the Weeping ...


REVIEW: Life is Strange (Eps.4-5) (PS4)

(Presented below is another guest review by my wife for Life is Strange –Episodes 4 and 5 that she originally wrote in two parts for her own blog. I’ve not actually played this game, but I’ve watched my wife play it and it seems excel...


REVIEW: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS4)

After the release of the critically acclaimed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, hopes were high and anticipation through the roof for Naughty Dog’s next and final game in the PS3 trilogy. Yet, when Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception came out it ...


REVIEW: The Last of Us: Remastered (PS4)

This month is my “Month of Uncharted” and I’ve mostly been playing through Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection; a series of remasters of the original Uncharted trilogy released on PS3 but now remade into 1080p and 60fps on PS4. Whi...


REVIEW: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS4)

When Naughty Dog released the follow-up to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune it was immediately met with critical acclaim, and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves remains in the top ten lists of “Best Games…” for that generation of consoles. Consid...


Persist REVIEW - A Trial-Filled Tale of Redemption

Developer: Adventure IslandsPublisher: Adventure IslandsFormat: PC (browser/flash), Android Persist is yet another one of the many neat flash games I didn't enjoy when I first took interest and played it, and then later grew to understand a...


REVIEW: Donkey Kong, or "Stop! Hammertime!"

Well, we are finally past the initial launch titles of the NES and have moved on to the next wave of games.  June 1986 was a great time for gamers with an NES, especially if they liked Donkey Kong, since 4 different DK titles came out....


Toukiden: Kiwami Review (PC)

Before I begin, let me state that I heavily dislike the Monster Hunter series and games like it. However, I am still willing to give them a shot. I've tried Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate, and now I've tried Toukiden: Kiwa...


NES Golf, or "par:3, score:18"

Golf for the NES!  Because God knows that there wasn't enough sports games available for the NES at launch. So let's play this and see how it goes!  Hows the game look? So, you've got a husky looking version of John Daly, it see...


Shadow of Mordor: Greasy Popcorn

I recently finally got around to playing Shadow Of Mordor on a friends computer after hearing about how well liked it was. I found it compelling, and I proceeded to burn through it pretty quickly from meh start to disappointing end. How is...


Excitebike, or "Launch Day Gold"

Welcome back!  This time around, we are gonna look at our next launch title, "Excitebike" Excitebike is motocross action!  In "selection A" mode, not only did you have to race against time, you had obstacles, ramps, mud, and your...



Electric Reaper

Of all the Hamburger Helper meals, it seems like the cheesy hashbrowns are the most difficult/likely to


Im becoming one of those awful beasts that orders everything off Amazon, further ensuring their complete dominance over all big chains and mom/pop shops by 2040!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Capcom has a Direct of sorts tomorrow morning! 6am PDT/9am EDT


I dont really have a waifu hashtag or This is just a picture of Bowsette because

Yue chan

I am finally an anime girl 😏


The Marvel movie everyone asked for is finally happening:


Im ready for some dtoid shenanigans


My wife and mother to my children looks like a stereotypical Shonen protagonist Checks


First day with my new chair, and its The arms actually adjust so they can fit under my desk so Im not having to lean forward awkwardly like the big executive chair I Good


Among Us Shitposting

Anthony Marzano

From the man who saved Star Wars from JJ


I have cats Im allergic to them and generally could care less about them but now I have


I fell out of my chair watching


Posted part III of my new series about my games of the Read it or else! In related news Ill just end up making four parts instead of five, dont want to burn myself Links in the comments (bump!)


And like that Im done with Ghost of Solid Some stuff I liked, a lot of stuff I It has characters almost as bland as those in Control which is an achievement in


Gave up on Sands of Time, too Now moved on to replaying Portal, which is just as fun as it was in The creepily polite turrets are the


New favorite anime, Jin-Ruh


Watch me ramp off a Well, both of Many Also, Galaxy Mans theme playing in the background completely sets the tone for


When you stub your toe on the way to the fridge for some chocolate


Feels like this is the year of the So many great ones this Currently playing Hades and Star


With Epic Game Stores free games, Steam sales, game pass, three competing consoles, and multiple free to play games worth playing (Dota, Warframe, Path Of Exile, Fortnite), etc, I submit now is a golden age of I only hope it gets better!

Virtua Kazama

STOP! Are you doing your tasks? Dont make me vote you Anyway, lets play Among Us!


Holy crap I forgot how time sucking No Mans Sky I think Ill stop for a few In the meantime, heres a screenshot of the planet I think colorblind people come This doesnt have a filter, the place just looks weird like that


If someone who has never played a resident evil game, were to play a resident evil game, which resident evil games is the good resident evil games

Wes Tacos

Im giving away Serious Sam 4 tomorrow, and I have Stadia Does anyone here actually have a Stadia setup? Am I going to be able to give all of my keys away?

Chris Moyse

Anxiety and Really dig the way they are triggered in heartbeat and ruin your absolute everything


Oh right, Raven posted his side of the fights but I forgot I still need to do a Karin v Sakura fight with him at a


Kotobukiya are making a plastic model of that confused bike from Death Stranding

Major Toms Coffee Cup

New osees record dropped yall, get down on this shit


I enjoy talking politics as much as I enjoy critiquing grandma’s blow job However, I just filled out my absentee ballot and put it in the mail and holy shit, that was so If you’re thinking about voting, that’s an easy way to do #FY


Not only am I going to have to wait until the 5th at the earliest for a new debit card, but of course Steam decides to put a chunk of my list on sale!! I should be fine by the time the Halloween sale Oh hey, Wes says I won MO:Astray! Thanks!


Heads up, Gamestop will be doing more preorders tomorrow, online and Doesnt say what time, but Id start checking early, if you want one! Maybe other stores will have more stock for pre-order tomorrow?


Anyone watching the new season of The Boys? The plot reminds me of the comic Irredemable and makes me giddy, pic


“Renew Infinity Train” is tending Please sign up for a free trial of HBO Max and watch it if you haven’t, or watch it again if you Each season is less than two hours long!

Whispering Willow

Theres nothing else left to take up to 70, so Summoner and Scholar it is this week!


I love it when horror games lift the veil and do something Unlocking this song was a bit annoying, but still easier than the equivalent in the Apparently, people associate this song more with PS Home than the actual

Just Aaron

With Microsoft buying Bethesda/Zenimax, what company would you like to see Sony buy or just be shocked to see them buy? Imagine Sony buying That`d be I feel like I would have no choice but to buy a Or if Sony buys


Always bittersweet when a show you love Yahello for the last time Well, at least till the inevitable


The world will never be right until we get a proper dummythicc girl in a fighting And not as a joke fighter,

Electric Reaper

Hell yeah! Ive been waiting a long time for this I hope it will be a good time and get a review from


Finally came today!


Unfortunately, not liking Space Force despite my extreme love for Carrell and Greg Daniels (The Some smiles, though mostly The only joke that really made me explicitly laugh was this


Doom Eternal coming to Game Pass? Yes please!

Jetter Mars

I just sent out my first package! Congrats to Voodoome on getting Skies Of Arcadia that all? ;))! I hope you enjoy Order Of Ecclesia is still Ninja Warriors PS4 is If you guys have any questions, let me know! :)


Another cloud gaming console brought to you by Because Im sure Stadias success warranted


If microsoft wants to buy a Japanese studio theres one Id be on board


Come join the fray! I finally got everything I need to quasi-high quality videos!


A Yakuza movie has been announced! It could go really well or really poorly considering the tone of the Hopefully its the former considering how the Sonic movie turned BTW, thanks for introducing me to the series DTOID community! Its


What the Hell is a Band Camp and why are Californians trying to use my money for it? I wanted a burger today but I guess Im going to be money-free until I get a new bank card

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Looks like Dragalia Lost is having its own anniversary Direct tonight! They tend to announce crossover events during Last time was I cant wait!