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REVIEW: Kraven Manor (PC)

Steam is awash with generic first-person horror games, so I was surprised to discover a title that does something genuinely different with the formula.  More so because I stumbled across it entirely by accident, having received a game ...


Toukiden: Kiwami Review (PC)

Before I begin, let me state that I heavily dislike the Monster Hunter series and games like it. However, I am still willing to give them a shot. I've tried Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate, and now I've tried Toukiden: Kiwa...


NES Golf, or "par:3, score:18"

Golf for the NES!  Because God knows that there wasn't enough sports games available for the NES at launch. So let's play this and see how it goes!  Hows the game look? So, you've got a husky looking version of John Daly, it see...



Double Monocles

Im genuinely sad Nintendo is ditching Miiverse on the Its one of my favorite parts of the Wii U / 3DS and always brings a smile to my I hope they keep the servers running for a long time, I love browsing through all those crazy drawings


So Salt and Sanctuary came out for vita today-going for 18 dollars-and so far I likes A bit dark to start but other than that so far its pretty


SO you can now vote for my game on So please do Or

Mike Martin

Current Status:


For those interested in checking out the Kingdom Hearts series, definitely do consider the Kingdom Hearts collection that came out on PS4 today! It has all the games except the 3DS Running at 60fps in HD instead of 30fps!


No articles for Planescape: Torment Enhanced


Disqus has been doing more practice on its photoshop Needs more Also,


Betty or Veronica? I think Its not even


Didnt like my last picture so I nuked Hate those Heres a better look at the final




Someone reminded me that those glowing 1000 degree knife videos were being spammed on Youtube not too long I hate the person who reminded


I forgot my library also loaned out This will cut down on my (I want to try a lot of games but I often stop short of actually buying In about 5 months, I should be able to play Horizon Zero Dawn for :D

Hypno Coffin

Oh boy, the ISP legislation was I guess its time to finally get a


Gilgamesh from Episode Gladiolus would fit right in with dark


I played KOF 98 on a Switch It felt like trying to play a fighting game with a frikkin Cute Leona in my pocket :3

Luca Blight

Finished the Ringed What wonderful experience the franchise has


Kingdom Hearts is so Im so happy the collection made its way onto


Im thinking of ways to fix Iron Fist, like making it a Colleen Wing Or having Danny prove his name on Episode

Bob The God Lawyer

If you need a massive grin on your face or a massive boost of


We lost Congress voted Our data will be up for sale with the highest bidder the second the document hits Trumps

Dr Mel

I know Nintendo doesnt want to touch religion with a 10 foot pole, but youd think realistically people would have formed some kind of messiah mythos around Link in the worlds of one of the Zelda games, given how infrequent he tends to


#Selfietoid as brought to you by Hypno


#arbitrarymetaltuesday ? Sure, Ill chip in:

Dr Mel

Listening to some old OCRemix tracks I downloaded back in 2005 and used to listen to a lot back Woof, its like taking a time

Chris Bradshaw

Theres a lot of Trails of the Sky that gives me a Super Mario RPG-esque It has a nice classic RPG warmth to it, I


Finally beat Sonic The Hedgehog 😀


Managed to get a Besides Zelda, Im thinking about what other games to Blaster Master? Some Neo Geo ports?


Ghost Recon Wildlands is on sale right Its 21 days This is

Electric Reaper

Even Jim Sterling took a swing at

Dangus Taargus

Youre the dream Yes You


Whys it so easy to fuck up, huh? Its not really fair, is After a few times they should have a mechanic which prevents it from happening Like a dog with 5 legs that comes down and says boy you better not fuck up so youre aware of the danger


Just had a very monster hunter-esque moment when a lady walked by me in the hallway and dropped a chunk of her This senior citizen and I couldnt stop laughing for a minute after witnessing


You know, for all the shit I give Final Fantasy XV (dont get me wrong, its good, but not perfect), I got to admit, the developers are damn dedicated to improving the game with free BUT I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM FOR PATCHING THE ARANEA


This song itches every scratch I The rest of the CD is gold, How did I never know


Any impressions of the FF xv dlc? Mostly curious how long the expansion is for when Im


They sure have taken that new Super Meat Boy game in an interesting




I beat all bosses of the Ringed City outside of the asshole bonus Jesus fuck, that was

Kaleido Ruby

Well, I guess thats one way to modify a busted

Inquisitive Ravenclaw



Sick as a Dog right Damn coworkers spreading their


Crap! I almost got caught playing Zelda in my cubicle! Tennis shoes + carpet = noiseless

Sir Shenanigans

Figured Id make this a late #selfietoid ; found in the mens room of a New York state Note the faint DRINK on the side of the Edit: I realize now its DRAKE; Im an Edit edit: WE WERE ALL WRONG ITS DRAK!


If youre not sure what you should do, do what I Ask yourself what Deres penis would do and you cant go wrong


Yup broadband privacy protections are Thanks

Hypno Coffin

Dere and Wes pride themselves on the cleanliness of their toilets, so I decided to show them up by making mine squeaky clean as

Kaleido Ruby



Always down for #arbitrarymetalmusic