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REVIEW: Kraven Manor (PC)

Steam is awash with generic first-person horror games, so I was surprised to discover a title that does something genuinely different with the formula.  More so because I stumbled across it entirely by accident, having received a game ...


Toukiden: Kiwami Review (PC)

Before I begin, let me state that I heavily dislike the Monster Hunter series and games like it. However, I am still willing to give them a shot. I've tried Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate, and now I've tried Toukiden: Kiwa...


NES Golf, or "par:3, score:18"

Golf for the NES!  Because God knows that there wasn't enough sports games available for the NES at launch. So let's play this and see how it goes!  Hows the game look? So, you've got a husky looking version of John Daly, it see...



Silver Luso

Happy chocolate mint day, to my American associates, go but some thin mints

Terry 309

Did a DOOM stream yesterday, I apologize for not informing you guys about it before the stream started but the stream is here for people who want to watch

Bobbety F

Subtitles - painstakingly hand painted by the monks of eighth century Lindisfarne - have now been applied to my GTA Im changing the name of my Lets Play to,The San Andreas

Cory Arnold

Bomberman R case and I still miss manuals


I havent found any evidence that Star Wars barbecue sauce is a real thing, but I did find


started playing Mega Man Legends 2, the probably final game in the Ah well, I loved HL2 E2 despite its cliffhanger so I may very well enjoy this a ton after MML1 and Misadventures of Tron


im watching lazytown at 6 am on a sunday and stingy became a prince and commits vehicular manslaughter within the first 5 minutes, it is certifiably lit now


A small reminder that MiiverseMonday is happening again tomorrow, which will be Sunday afternoon for some of Ill probably keep this going until the Switch comes out, after that I would like to do a tag that everyone can participate


I couldnt sleep tonight so I sketched Sombra, not totally satisfied with all of it, but I like I heard that we shouldnt art before marriage, sorry :( EDIT: SHIT SHIT SHIT, I *didnt* mean to bump this, I keep forgetting it bumps if you edit >:((


So Im out on the road and havent seen my wife for a week or Im sitting here on a Saturday night doing laundry in a hotel and polishing off a Bota Ive never done an AMA, but screw it


Cant tell if serious or trolling :p


The past couple of weeks have been all over the Between all the madness, I finally started Sleeping Dogs and finished it this I didnt bother with side quests but I overall enjoyed it! Its too bad we probably wont get another


So I guess Im a fan of that Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid anime that everyones been going on Its funny, adorable, and at times pretty I blasted through all six episodes and now I wait patiently for the next


Im watching John Wick for the first If that happened to my dog, I could see myself doing something


When you bring truck to a tank you can actually shoot down three tanks because the armor on early/pre-WWII tanks is a


So there was a stay at home job I applied for like a month ago that just got back to me saying I got the But at the same time I just got a job with Looks like Ive got two jobs Goodbye game T^T

The Dyslexic Laywer

Im playing the original Killzone for the first time, and god its pretty


Meant to do this comic when Resident Evil VII: biohazard launched, but unfortunately, I didnt really have the confidence to try While its a little bit too late, I still hope you get a kick out of it, because I thought it was pretty chuckleworthy!


I meant to finish this a lot earlier, but two things: 1) there was so much empty space that I had to fill it, and 2) I originally drew Tetsuya and Brianna in Ethan and Mias clothes, but decided it was too Check the comments for the OG draft!


Nioh plat has finally been achieved after having to wait for the Twilight


Whos your favorite Gungeoneer? I like the hunter the I love that she has a corgi as a companion and while Im not the biggest fan of the crossbow, its still viable until the third I absolutely adore her character


Out for beers for the best friends Schooners are frickin


#Factoid @SrChurros avatar (once again) is better than Keep shining you adorable


Playing Inside with headphones on and all the lights in the house off is very different than just playing What a sensory


And also found this cute beetle


I caught my favorite Pokeymen today!


Everything will be on fire March EVERYTHING!!!


@Alissa McAloon did you play Remember Me and what did you think if you did?


Cant believe Ive actually been part of a regular rpg group again, thought that ended with high 8 hours of star wars today, 5 hours of pathfinder a few weeks ago


Raiku ruins


Im super happy with my Animal Crossing town The one thing I want now is for Cherry to move in as Unfortunately, the chances of her moving in are super slim, especially if no one will >:(


Finally got some display cases for my amiibo from This doesnt include the Skylanders version of Bowser, Skylanders dont count in my


Are there any games you frequently think about apropos of nothing? Should come as no surprise, but I think about the Souls games How about it, What cant you move on from?


This is so great

Rad Party God

Just saw the Corpse Party film Pretty fucked In a good way of It never gets fully scary, far from it actually, to the point of being deliciously silly and campy, but it DOES get creepy at Pretty fun horror


Opinions, Odin Sphere Storybook Edition is available for 61 Worth it? Im leaning towards yes just for the Base game seems to be 60 dollars anyways so a dollar more for all the extra goodies sound EDIT: Bought, couldnt resist!

Hypno Coffin

Well, Ive officially watched Non Non Biyori for the 6th time, making this the anime Ive watched more than anything Whenever Im feeling like shit, or life has me down, this dumb show has the ability to make me smile every single time I watch


Trying to sell some gaming art on behalf of a friend thats not confident enough in her work to charge for Its hand painted so Im trying to figure out what this would be worth and where to put it up for


Cant remember how to get back to my regular destructoid I love my old How was that not taken?


Ahhhh apartment Paper thin walls and hearing One minute the neighbor lady is threatening to throw her husbands beer out, the next is loud, yelling On the plus side, Im taking wonderful and thorough notes to help my performance


I dont remember almsot anything from Dragon Quest Did I beat it or did I get bored and stop playing it? All I remember is the


Say what you will about DB Super and its quality/story, but the new episodes will be having Buu in the spotlight and that makes me