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Monkey Ninja Attack take TWO!

I just received a grand gift in my inbox. It was a desktop image made with me in mind, I feel so loved! Especially if you saw one of my previous Awesome T-Shirt Thursdays! It has to be seen to be cherished! Photo has been shrunk and alte...


TWOPHER Awesome Shirt Thursday!

No, NOT Topher and his Ready to ... I am talking about two for the read of one! How can you pass up a deal like that? I gots me a finale in Value Epicness and a little surprise I found upstairs. Front duh Back And the little s...


Japan: A Blog part 606.00 + 60.00 of 912

It was Tuesday morning, the morning I planned to storm the gates of Nintendo and track down Mr. Hiroji Kiyotake. My adventure was planned a few days ago by some local who may or may not have been male, some of these little people are awfull...


TF2 = Awesomeness for reasons!

Week or so ago I did a little multiplayer blog about the different types. I concluded it with Team Fortress 2 and saying how it was the "Ultimate Tactical Game." There has been some bad words about it but there is goodness just over the ben...


There's just SO MUCH, it is JOY!

How much exactly? That's really hard to say or put a finger on. I mean there is unlimited guesses that could be made to determine how much there is. But I will tell you this, there will be a lot! A lot of what? Yes, Buffalo Wings! Toda...


Multiplayer Game Types: Part 1

Games are coming out right and left. It is almost an industry standard that they have some sort of multiplayer added to them. Some people even consider the game not worth it if it has no multiplayer. Or you can look at titles like Halo 3 th...


Marvel at my Dorkness?

As gamers we all have dorkness to us and our own little kinks that put us out there, unless you are a halo fan *cough*fratboy*cough*! HAHA I kid, I kid! Not to be outdone by -D-'s epic pumpkin post, I found this yesterday and HAD to have it...


What's with Half-Life 2?

Cereal? I don't get it! What is up with this game? You turn it on like any other game and you play. You get guns and shoot people and stuff and blow other things up. Sure there is a plot and story but I really don't know what is with Hal...


VADC.MD Dtoiders?

Any out there? Rockvillian and myself were talking about and wondering how many of you live in this area? Who knows, maybe an impromptu gaming session could occur this weekend if any of you exist. If you do, show your face so that we may ha...


NARP Epicness = Fully Tired: Part 2

This past weekend a NARP occured. What is NARP? No-Apparent-Reason Party! Heck yeah! It happened Buck F1tches' (Joe Burling if you are dirty) crib, home sweet home. Cause it was sweet like that! And enough of the filler and on with the stor...


NARP Epicness = Fully Tired: Part 1

This past weekend a very rare event happened. Dtoiders from across the country (well across the eastern and mid-east part of the country) gathered under one roof, and for the most part one room, for NARP. What is NARP? No-Apparent-Reason Pa...


MAGFest Suite/Sweet!...are you in?

Well are you? You should be. Of course in order to be in, you have to be registered for MAGFest 6. It is only $35 ($40 at the door) for four days (January 3-6, 2008) of gaming madness! If you are a gamer, geek, dork, nerd, or whatever, th...


Uh oh, Dinosaurs!

Mmmmmm, this is SO good! I mean cereal, well not cereal but for serious, this is good. I mean so good I am obviously writing a blog about it. I feel that heavily on the subject. I was a little cautious at first but I think I can commit, i...




I had today off, so I wrapped up Ritual of the Night today! So now its my game of 2019 unless I end up getting and playing through Three Houses, Void Bastards, Fallen Order, etc, and liking one of them Now, do I go back to Ori or Blasphemous next?


Internets been acting up so didnt get the chance to upload this here

Cloudman Sam

Happy Birthday Panda! If youre lurking somewhere around here I want to say that I appreciate all youve done for us!


Lunch today


Panda, I legit love Thank you for the many years of tolerating me, and for all youve done here and May your days ahead be as beautiful as your Happy birthday Pic


Happy Birthday to Wes AND means I cant use that Twerking-Taco image I used past year or thisll get weird(er than it already is)


Played It was good, but it’s a better story than Kind of ironic for a studio like Ninja Looking forward to the sequel tho


I agree


KinoFabino is hilarious and you should follow


Happy birthday to everyones favorite mecha based endangered mammal who we all miss and wish to see more of: Robo Panda Z!


Happy New Year! Kept myself busy with lots of reading and writing this past holiday Which brings me to a question I’m curious to know your answers to: Do you have a favorite author? Personally, I can’t get enough of Sir Terry


My best friend at work told me today that he would never play any games older than the first console he played (the PS2) He considers himself to be a huge I may be like five years older than him but i still found this to be a ridiculous


R&B smooth vocals mixed with a hypnotic and moody Chill vibes for a chill #musictoid | Spencer Barnett - Im Fine


Happy birthday Wes and Hope you have a good one


Happy birthday Panda!


Happy Birthday Wes and Hopefully its full of things you like, deprived of things you dont, and involves a desirable amount of booze or

Anthony Marzano

Wes and Panda are shining beacons of light for this community, who I dont get to talk to that often anymore but I think of them Happy birthday to you both! For Bass sake I wont post the Chum bucket meme this


Happy birthday Wes and Panda! Youre two of my favorite folks on here, hope youre having a great one :)


Lets do click speed test I use Jitter clicking technique, but cant beat the high I use Kohi Click for Minecraft bu this got me going for 2 Share your high score, Give test here ->


Are we still doing Dtoid Draws? Wouldnt it be fun to do one where people give their interpretations of what the PS5 will look like?

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday Panda! I hope you have a lovely Have a great one!!

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently Those between bracket I am going to review when completed: - - -Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) -Fast RMX (Switch) -Nioh: DLC(PS4)


Happy birthday to Wes and Panda both! Hopefully you found something on your special days to bring you


Happy bday Panda!!!!


Welp, at 15 hours that’s my first game of the year beat with Luigi’s Mansion 3 (entirely in I’d give it a I liked it and it was charming and fun for a while, but had major filler towards the end and collectibles felt


I am loving that so much of Doom Eternals OST reminds me of Jesper Kyds early Particularly the Batman and Robin Genesis Great, great

Dennis Carden

Happy birthday Panda! I know that the image is addressed to the anime character she uses as her avatar, but dammit it’s still thematically appropriate!


Happy Birthday RoboPanda! Hope all is well! Everyone should add more dtoiders to their friends lists with Pandas amazing guide! (Link in comments)


Haven’t seen Robo Panda Z in awhile, but just in case, happy birthday! Thanks for all that you’ve done with the community here!

CJ Andriessen

Ad Astra? More like Ad Asstra!


Ive finally beaten Nuclear Throne! 104 hours in total before I was able to do I used Fish, wielding a shovel and a


Whats an album or piece of music youd love to see reimagined in video game form?


Happy birthday to the macho taco!


I highly recommend the Netflix doc The Mind of Aaron I think it went places and tackled some subjects I never expected it Crime doc and also something maybe some younger men will watch and it could help them Its crazy, just watch!


I got nothing I jist need other people to read this so they can share my pain after having read


Okay, now I want a tactical role playing game featuring only Smash characters

Wes Tacos

Thanks to everyone for the birthday Yall warm my cold, grinchy, 33-year-old My heart -- and my loins -- grew three sizes


Im finally glad to see they added Smash to Fire Its really been a long time

Czar Kazem

Its a bummer the Fire Force anime is kinda whatever because GODDAMN that first OP is incredible

Electric Reaper

So, the artist had one of their comics roasted by PewDiePie, so they drew him as a smug anime

Czar Kazem

Wes, you magnificent animal, HAPPY BRITHADY

Uncle Arena Fighter

Ys VIII has had a ton of problems in the West ever since it However, working with the publisher, hackerman Durante just released a massive technical overhaul for the Steam version - that even added co-op! And its half off this weekend!


I found this guy at my hobby store for a whopping $8 and had to get it! Gonna go right towards my Orc army, which grows more and more by the


Saw that Mindhunter Season 3 was being blasted my way in Sweet, I Whens the release And then I saw the


A very Happy Birthday to everybodys favorite This ones for you Taco


As an update to my previous post, I ended up getting The Outer Worlds! And I also found that Fist of the North Star game the Yakuza devs made for 20 bucks! And a psn gift card!


cumpleaños feliz I mean


Genius baby made pickle