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Nostalgia: So Much Better in Hindsight

Remember all those good times playing Galaga? First game of Frogger? That first playthrough of Final Fantasy 7? So do game devs, and they're going to get you to spend money on those memories. Now, the instant reaction for most people wh...


Revisiting Horror, a Resident Evil (2002) review

Today, the name “Resident Evil” can only be associated with a modern brand of derivative military shooters. This is true regarding the main entries of the series – that slowly, but consistently, shed their adventure legacy in favor of fas...


Comments of the Week VI: Comments Under Siege

I see comments of the week. Walking around like regular comments. They don't see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don't know they're comments of the week. From Ubisoft complains over Red Steel 2's 81% Metacritic...


What's in the box matters too...

I still remember opening my first modern computer game. We had just gotten a new Packard Bell (the dude at Staples had assured us we'd never need more than 2mb of video ram in our lives) and the next day my dad let me pick out a game at th...


Accomplishment Fatigue

It's been a long time since I've written a blog - these days I find it difficult to express my thoughts coherently. I used to write blogs all the time back on Gamespot, I'm not sure why it's been so difficult for me to do so these days... ...



Anyway, if there's one thing I can't swallow it's these two tired, broken record statements; "it was just more of the same", and "it didn't feel like the first time". I've seen them time and time again and they are as monotonous as they a...


Cell Phone Look Up Makes It Possible To Track Numbers

Although mobile phones have helped greatly in knowing who is calling you (e.g. via cell phone look up), there has been a rise in the number of 'Unknown Caller' calls being made to mobile phones and it is only natural that this becomes an an...


Oh Destructoid, How I hated to depart with you.

Hello everyone. Again, I'm here. I didn't actually go anywhere. This thing that the cool kids are doing nowadays called "school" is really consuming my life. Not like the dark side though. Because at least they give you cookies. At school, ...


On Reflection: A Story of 'Trade-in Addiction'

I walk in the door and exchange hi's and hellos with the two behind the counter. "Got any trade-ins today, Alex?". Yes, they know me by name. "Nah...I'm just looking for now." Of course I have trade-ins. I plop the 4 games on the counter. ...


Signs of an Awesome Game

NOTE: Long story short: I don't have Photoshop right now. Hopefully my stand-ins work alright :) This is what you've all been waiting for: the death knell for reviews full of dirty bias, horrendous unobjectivity and antiquated "opinions"...


The Obscurer Tribune # 39

So…who’s betting that Sakura Wars: So Long My Love will ACTUALLY come out next week, no more delays, for reals? Anyone…? Well, anyways, I’ll keep my fingers crossed (again) and offer up this week’s obscure gaming recap: --------- Atte...


How to use the worn down game formula.

This will work with any game. It's already been proven it even works with tetris. Here is the basic form: I'm only, like, an hour in. But (game name here) is SO relentlessly terrible. A game has never worn me down like this. There's no r...


Free gas... and being a lady.

So... free gas. No, I'm not going to lend you my husband who also has free gas, but I've been playing MAG (apparently over 180 hours of it since it released) and I just vetted over to a new faction and I'm starting again as a level 1... ...


A (more definitive) review of sequels

Not long ago a certain blog teased the promise of an absolute, incontestable review of sequels. Drawn in by this succulent promise I read the blog hoping to find the ultimate critique. What did I get for my efforts? Nothing! Well a solid ...


For Those Who Yet Still Walk This Hell...

[Disclaimer: This blog does not represent the views or opinions of Enkido as he exists in a sane state and he cannot be held responsible for the content expressed in this article. For real, these are dark times we live in. Also, cocks.] If...




My current island What about everyone else?


The whole fucking winter there was not one flake of snow and NOW! AT THE FUCKING END OF MARCH! suddenly everything turns white?!? Stupid fucking climate change!


So this may be unpopular, but so am doesnt hold up, and that is the RE Id be most excited to see


Hope you all are well! Have a great week!


Look who was in my camp this Aaaah I got business cat!


Ive been hunting bugs and fish and half of the critters available havent even spawned in for Ive seen people with grasshoppers and sturgeons and such hike Im stuck on carp and stink The RNG is wearing me


If people here wrote fanfiction, Isabelle wouldve gained a new backstory


You ever revisit an old band and just completely re-fall in love with them? Or maybe discover how much more you loved them than you thought you Thats me and Loudness Akira Takasaki has to be one of the most underrated guitarists in


So Predator: Hunting Grounds was more fun than it It is kinda jank, but its Better than I I can see it being a lot of fun with a group of friends,


Yo Kingdom is so


If anyone has a complete list of bugs and fish leaving in March in Animal Crossing, Id love to check it All the sites Ive checked either have missing creatures from other lists or are giving inconsistent times to catch


The feeling when the store is closed, your last slingshot broke, and 3 balloons blew over in 15


My favorite thing is plotting weird, gruesome murder sites, off the beaten

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Alone in the living room planning on continuing FFX on the Currently in the Via Yet feeling Everyone else in the house is either asleep or busy Vibin hard this solitary PS Auron is my favorite FF


Ive been having loads of fun playing Fighters Megamix on my Sega Saturn Its a shame its never been ported or Also the Saturn Racing Wheel is lots of I need to grab a Saturn Virtua Stick at some

Electric Reaper

Thats all of the Cross Ange It started out a bit rough at the beginning, but got better over The battles were pretty good, as was the Also, Sylvia is the cruelest and bitchiest little girl Ive ever seen in


Today is the day that Destructoid has made the least sense to


Protip: Wasps dont spawn if you open your So open the gate and shake all the


At the final dungeon of digital devil saga 2 and this games twists are so May write a few quick notes and an image Spoilers for a good game in comments!


I am First finalized chaos marine from my side project Alpha Legion Very happy with the


Lapis pictured shortly after yet another of Peridots all night marathons of Camp Pining Hearts (yes I know gems dont up)


Completely forgot about PS2s birthday this month, and with the current events, I had to scramble to get this blog done on time! Hopefully youll find it a good Heres to 20 more years!!


More Find the smiles where you can,


Turns out Cooking Mama Cookstar is real! This is one of the recipes from it!


I can now change the location of homes and shit but I dont know how to make sidewalks or roads and want to do that Whens that coming? Currently Ive just created the


Quick and dirty grot before Gonna paint these guys like I paint skaven, base colors and a wash to tie

Punished Nietzsche

Once again, im astonished at the quality of an old soundtrack ive never heard Panzer Dragoon has an amazing OST, i cant believe it took me like 20 years to listen to


2 weeks of being homebound Im not going crazy! Yet


I finished Black Mesa, and while it wasnt perfect, the Crowbar Collectives Xen levels were much better than the They should be the ones handling Half-Life

Virtua Kazama

It was a long time coming, but its Going live with the first-ever monthly for Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown!

Voltaic Owl

What the shit I don’t post for 18 hours and I come back to find Nightmare 2004


Just in case you missed it, co-op zombie survival shooter World War Z is free on the Epic Games Store at least until midnight on April Dont forget, you can always order the game to obtain ownership and download it


Also, in a completely unrelated topic, Paperball launched recently and its a really nifty Super Monkey Ball-like game on PC! Been greatly enjoying medal mode

Sam van der Meer

Took me a third viewing, but, uh, I guess I do love Ghost in the


Now that the weekend is basically over, Im getting curious about your feelings towards the For those who have started them, how far are you, what are your thoughts? For those that didnt, are you planning to, would a few weekly bumps be annoying?

Mike Sounders

Hello I am whole


Big FYI: below link offers free courses, along w/ certificates upon From basic guitar lessons, personal branding, to programming, calculus, and machine


Welp, managed to do the Ironically enough I ended up finding a Ratchet and Clank 2 track that put me in the Was one of the last tracks Id thought of to


I now see the potential in Rikku, especially if she gets The opening two lines of the battle theme are haunting my nightmares,


This isn’t real but I wish it was


95 fish bait later, I finally caught my Now the only available fish I dont have are the golden trout, barreleye, and


Hey Doom Eternal players - avoid using the IDKFA cheat until Id releases a Its been glitching and rearranging the weapon mods when you go back to the main Heads

Punished Nietzsche

best DBZ crossover

Mike Sounders

Gotta make the cockpit, make the rofle, panel line the left arm, and it’ll be be done!

Fivefinger Delta

Playing some


In this trying time of sin, debauchery, and reminders of that one FMA, here is something wholesome to comfort you in this trying BUMP BAYBEE!

Jinx 01

I was today years old the first time I quit a game because the music was so bad I couldnt take Seriously my ears are still Nice port otherwise but just yikes


I am the pinnacle of fashion

Kyle Yadlosky

It is nice to use these quiet days to catch up on my


*sounds of crashing plates*