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Nostalgia: So Much Better in Hindsight

Remember all those good times playing Galaga? First game of Frogger? That first playthrough of Final Fantasy 7? So do game devs, and they're going to get you to spend money on those memories. Now, the instant reaction for most people wh...


Revisiting Horror, a Resident Evil (2002) review

Today, the name �Resident Evil� can only be associated with a modern brand of derivative military shooters. This is true regarding the main entries of the series � that slowly, but consistently, shed their adventure legacy in favor of fas...


Comments of the Week VI: Comments Under Siege

I see comments of the week. Walking around like regular comments. They don't see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don't know they're comments of the week. From Ubisoft complains over Red Steel 2's 81% Metacritic...


What's in the box matters too...

I still remember opening my first modern computer game. We had just gotten a new Packard Bell (the dude at Staples had assured us we'd never need more than 2mb of video ram in our lives) and the next day my dad let me pick out a game at th...


Accomplishment Fatigue

It's been a long time since I've written a blog - these days I find it difficult to express my thoughts coherently. I used to write blogs all the time back on Gamespot, I'm not sure why it's been so difficult for me to do so these days... ...



Anyway, if there's one thing I can't swallow it's these two tired, broken record statements; "it was just more of the same", and "it didn't feel like the first time". I've seen them time and time again and they are as monotonous as they a...


Cell Phone Look Up Makes It Possible To Track Numbers

Although mobile phones have helped greatly in knowing who is calling you (e.g. via cell phone look up), there has been a rise in the number of 'Unknown Caller' calls being made to mobile phones and it is only natural that this becomes an an...


Oh Destructoid, How I hated to depart with you.

Hello everyone. Again, I'm here. I didn't actually go anywhere. This thing that the cool kids are doing nowadays called "school" is really consuming my life. Not like the dark side though. Because at least they give you cookies. At school, ...


On Reflection: A Story of 'Trade-in Addiction'

I walk in the door and exchange hi's and hellos with the two behind the counter. "Got any trade-ins today, Alex?". Yes, they know me by name. "Nah...I'm just looking for now." Of course I have trade-ins. I plop the 4 games on the counter. ...


The Obscurer Tribune # 39

So�who�s betting that Sakura Wars: So Long My Love will ACTUALLY come out next week, no more delays, for reals? Anyone�? Well, anyways, I�ll keep my fingers crossed (again) and offer up this week�s obscure gaming recap: --------- Atte...


How to use the worn down game formula.

This will work with any game. It's already been proven it even works with tetris. Here is the basic form: I'm only, like, an hour in. But (game name here) is SO relentlessly terrible. A game has never worn me down like this. There's no r...


Free gas... and being a lady.

So... free gas. No, I'm not going to lend you my husband who also has free gas, but I've been playing MAG (apparently over 180 hours of it since it released) and I just vetted over to a new faction and I'm starting again as a level 1... ...


A (more definitive) review of sequels

Not long ago a certain blog teased the promise of an absolute, incontestable review of sequels. Drawn in by this succulent promise I read the blog hoping to find the ultimate critique. What did I get for my efforts? Nothing! Well a solid ...


For Those Who Yet Still Walk This Hell...

[Disclaimer: This blog does not represent the views or opinions of Enkido as he exists in a sane state and he cannot be held responsible for the content expressed in this article. For real, these are dark times we live in. Also, cocks.] If...


Stuff, stockpiling and new blog

I look towards the Summer and I see nothing. An absolute drought of video-games. I'll be seeing Inception by Christopher Nolan at the IMAX, hopefully, but other than that I have no other plans. I'll be blogging everyday of forever from no...




Charlton Hestons birthday, you Youve all been had!


I liked MOTU:


What hits harder: Abercrombie & Fuckface or Abercrombie & Fuckhead?


I had to get new brushes before I could proceed, but heres my first spooce Need to finish the gun and sword, apply a couple more coats, do the detail, and touch But Pretty proud of my shaky ass hands so

Matt I Guess

Was looking over EAs games in the past 10 years and was Outside their regular cash cows like Madden/Sims DLC/BF, they havent really released And aside from the Star Wars games, most of it was mid-budget games like Fe and It Take


Happy Birthday, Heston! Bring that taut ass over and lets get this jacuzzi bubblin!


So Ive played Verdun alot (bought it when it was early access), especially these past few I didnt even know the counter could go that high since I only ever routinely see like 30-60 people EVER online


Lord Heston, birthday happy to u mate now hands off my wife


Happy birthday Heston, you damn dirty


Might of uh, might of went a little nuts with the MTG: Forgotten Realms set This is half of what my store got in, Wife and I are going to host a draft for that booster


Im in it Ignore the Marvel Was making dividers and filing


Happy Birthday Actual Charleton Heston!

Electric Reaper

The plaintiff in a court case submitting a part of the their documents as a comic book is pretty funny, though Im not sure how the judge will


So heres what Ive been up to


Aw yeah, my Foo Fighters disco album came in the mail!


Merry Christmas Actual Charlton Heston! Youre the best Charlton Heston!

Inquisitive Raven

*Waits for Netflix to pay for a full season of this*


Photo taken moments before A fun disaster that is!


what is man but monke persevering


My 40 minute drive home from work last night turned into an hour and 40 minutes due to traffic and some really heavy Fun stuff lol Made it home safe though, thats what This weeks TGIF is up over in the blogs! Come say hi!




THE BANSHEE OF CARNEGIE HALL: house made pastrami, Swiss, sauerkraut, brown mustard + Zombie Not weird enough for me to try, but probably still really

Dangus Taargus

Youre good people,


It took some testing (the mods only work on Windows 10), but I finally got the PC port of FF7 into decent I went with a combination of Reunion and Remako, which retranslates everything, changes the models, upscales the backgrounds and


Happy birthday, You make me smile and I’m glad to know I hope you have a good one,


Happy birthday to my not actual brother, but damn I wish he Unless it meant Id be related to Wes Anyway, I love ya Hope your day is amazing, and filled with stuff you


Happy birthday to The Actual Charlton Hope you get some

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Paging RiffRaff Italian Acid Jazz Funk from the 90s I discovered So far my favorite track is 13, starts at 1:06:25 called theme from JFK, if looking for groovies, check this out yall

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday to one of the most beloved members of the good ship The Actual Charlton Thanks for being such a great pal and for giving me the excuse to post this video every Have a great weekend!

Chris Moyse

I hope the Olympics video game music medley inspires yall to a good Friday and a fantastic I have a lot of work to do but Ill find the small victories, and I hope you do Have a great one and send love this sad/cute bois way x

Wes Tacos

Today is my actual brother in laws, The Actual Charlton Heston, actual birthday, and he cant actually stop me from telling you all to wish him a happy actual


Todays the day, Daughters Lets fucking GOOOOOOO

Dr Mel

Its just a ploy to get the internet to like the olympics and forget how evil it is! The music is a ploy, wake u-- *muffled screams*


Hes out of line but hes


This is already proving to be one helluva improvement compared to the


FYI today is Creator Day on Itch wont take a cent of the money you spend on games It all goes to the creators! So if youve ever thought about buying something on itch, this is the day to do it!


That was a great love letter to some awesome Still blows my mind they’d have such great admiration in those games to allow music from them to be played during the


Just got to the Flamelurker in Demons Souls last THIS is my type of Souls boss Didnt beat him, but after figuring out I need to roll TOWARD his slams, Im gonna beat his ass when I get home today

Inquisitive Raven

Google Doodle has a retro-style Olympics videogame with an anime intro to celebrate the Its pretty cute!


Here is a list of what has played at the opening ceremony Solid Also I see they misspelled Phantasy


When your love of Dark Souls goes a bit too Plus when people ask where my money comes from I can say from


Fuck If I walked out at the Olympics and Song of the Ancients or the Monster Hunter theme started blasting theres no way I would


Amazing how much Japan thinks of video games to have tracks from all kinds of games playing for the Heard Nier, Monster Hunter, Ace Combat, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest so Bandai and SE really showing up


Trying a new thumbnail/title tactic with some of the more novel releases on my Series that last just 1-3 For longform video series, I plan to stick to my conventional Curious that, if anything, any of this would




Been a while since I picked up the paint brush but I’ve really enjoyed working on this

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Dragon Quest theme mixed with the final fantasy these Olympic games are in


Its kinda funny how Proteus and Prodeus are such opposite


Check out todays Google Its a playable kitty game about the Its adorable!!! Have a great day!!!