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#caturday kinda late but ehhh, dad took the photo of our cat thats why the picture quality is kinda bad better pics in the comments


In the future, humour will be randomly


Havent finished Sly 4 100% since the game came out, and now Ive done it Was fun, but some of those trophies are Now on to Into the Nexus again alongside the movie Ratchet


I spent most of my early morning watching a Tokimeki Memorial Im a little more worried about my potential job calling me back tomorrow than I want to admit I

The Whore of Babylon

I dont have a cat But I can reccomend the 1942 film Cat People!


I just described Occams to my wife as “human hair, teeth, and spiritual human She hates hair and spiders but had mad respect for the notion of such a I love you Hope y’all havin an acceptable rest of your weekend!


Now that E3 2021s live event has been cancelled, do you think any companies are going to join E3s virtual events even though they can stream presentations on their own?

Chris Bradshaw

#caturday marie


Aww yeah!


I did I should probably feel


Okay, hate to post back to back but I’m seeing all these wonderful cats and I have to This is He sits with me while I’m working and gets annoyed when I stop petting

Dangus Taargus

Havent introduced Mandy (yes, after the movie) in the qposts Had her two weeks so far and shes about four months Shes filling the hole in my heart left after our last cat died last Also, 3D World is still as amazing as


Wal-Mart never lets me


Honestly having Spyro Reignited on a portable is pretty I wish Playstation Doom would get the love that Doom 64 Its the better game,


(needed to reupload to fix a couple editing mistakes) Went back to Overwatch for the first time in 3 years and have completely fallen for Go and watch that, maybe!


Alright I finished Ace Combat 7s DLC and VR Dang that was fun and I wish there Alls said and done though, I think ill enujoy the multiplayer here and Ive already started on AC4 and its already pretty


Happy Cat Turd Day


Working on this This game recently had a remake Can you guess what the game is by this underpainting? Instagram @upinsmokeproductions


A treasure at some random Flea Market in made my day whoever made


I finished Paradise Killer and Im sad to see it go because I found its world interesting, and I hope theres a sequel so I can learn got a feeling that I didnt get the true ending I did get the true ending


Got some thoughts on the Outriders demo as someone whos played and (largely) enjoyed most games within this Ill cover the good and bad, and then some more personalized opinions below I Assuming anyone is interested, details


For all the dunking on Sword/Shields visuals I saw way back when, frankly everything that was showcased in the recent presentation looked far worse, the only exception being As the highest grossing media franchise in the world, its


Its nap-time and were listening to King Diamond live because Youtube peers into my soul to know what I need to listen to Also who else is hyped for project Triangle Strategy?

Yue chan

What are your plans for tonight??


Spatz the

Virtua Kazama

Tonight on Fortune Roulette: Are You Up 2 It? We open up tonights stream with taking a look at Sonic 2: Communitys Cut!


Replaying Finding Paradise for the second time, and its still a wonderful Better written than To the Moon (despite my adoration of that game), and with a better mystery


How dare you take my photo for #Caturday

Shut Up Ace

I for one think the Diamond and Pearl remakes look good!


On the edge of


Does anyone know how Bioshock runs on Switch? Its on sale on the eshop right now and Im wondering if its worth getting?


Hero Sandwich King (2018) - This is/was She passed away unexpectedly and suddenly in August of I wrote an album of DnB for She gave us 11 wonderful Very Loving Im working on an album for our current cat Maya #Caturday

Shut Up Ace

It is indeed #Caturday


Yay I finally did the thing


Another #caturday I


Cat photos? Cat photos!


He’s a smug #Caturday


Fuckin human and his goddamn Also, Awwwwwww to all your kitty pics! #Caturday


Really old RIP Meow Meow

Chris Moyse

PLaying some God I fucking love Juri


My floof, Summer, passed away (old age; about 16 years old) in October Every picture I happen upon her always brings me a great big My baby is now my dog Hansel, but Summer was the RIP missy <3 #Caterday

Uncle Arena Fighter

Infinite Versus: 3D MUGEN is free on Steam in the form of a public Its testing out features, particularly its new Blitz Netcode and mod You might want to get in fast, as the creator may delist it soon and end the


Current Status:


Tried to go to my favorite comic store today but the green power ranger was


I appreciate that Hamster has occasionsal discounts on Switch, like now for Puzzle




He likes me potato chips




Just beat Shantae (GBC) for the first Mini-review in the 8th game Ive beat this year (though, to be fair, none have been longer than about 6-8 hours)