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Cblogs of 12/06/15 + Award Season

It is now December, the dead month for releases. You do have Rainbow Six Seige and Just Cause 3 at the start of the month, but from here on out it is seems to strike me as a month of indie games through Christmas and leading up to New Years...




This picture is so feminazis on Twitter found a way to make it the worst thing (More from the artist sortimid in comments)


So I figured out why Nioh was being difficult at times, and why I was being hit like a I never, ever put any points into my Skill stat for armor I just thought it was for I am not a smart


Cnets attempt at humour, clickbait, just trying to shit on the Switch or whatever the fuck it is theyre doing just leaves me


For those who wanted to see me tackle a singleplayer campaign for a Lets Play, check out my newest video featuring the Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta! It has awkward cutscenes, bad driving, on-the-spot improv, and more! As always, I love you guys! <3


I have gotten the Platinum in Compared to the Souls series, this was actually quite a simple and easy No tedious grinding, besides one small No need for multiple No Good job Team Ninja!

Hypno Coffin

Hollow Knight really goes whole hog with the find out where to go on your own Im all for exploration, but this game is a labyrinthian Send


Superior: so we are cutting costs and firing all the non full time teachers, sorry I know this is Me: Yeah it Me inside my head:


Still got another 4 hours to No Wifi at work :(


You ever leave all your soft toys out by accident and then bring a girl around and the sight of them makes her laugh for like 10 minutes and then demand that the pikachu toys stay on the bed and watch?


You Ganondorf is kind of a stupid Ganondorf Dragmire is a REALLY stupid


PSA: Today is the Return To Drangleic Now is the time to replay Dark Souls 2 from the start and experience loads of Coop and Go to the bell towers and clean some clocks, help people fight the Go beyond death, the Skys the limit! BUMP 2


Aaaaand its Received my work I work literally three days in a row; the day before the midnight launch, the midnight launch itself and of course launch I dont care if my job is crap, NOTHING can ruin this for me! #FirstConsoleLaunch


Ive been seeing a lot of negativity towards the legitimacy of review scores because sites gave Skyward Sword a I mean, objectively the game has its missteps, and milage varies for sure, but my experience was so fun I can 100% see why it got


Incredibly bored Time to dive back into Skyrim or Fallout


Todays trailer on my trailer channel is this preview for Sly art movie that he made in 1970, way before the stardom came Thought Id link it here for the folk who didnt know of its (Trailer is SFW)


My pal Chris is a fantastic photographer and was a very successful sorority His studio has been posting more of their work and I assume its because hes wrapping up his time at I feel like a proud father! Source


Im on the cusp of canceling my Switch pre-order and trying to hunt one down in-store on launch If nothing else I could get Zelda on the Wii U, and Ill have the Master Edition regardless stare at, I Bills But Ill figure it


Just got home, and Im all excited to jump back in for some Dark Souls Or at least thats what I WOULD be I had remembered to re-install it


Great rock song from this NJ The video had me put off a bit back then (goth/emo meh), but the song is too good for me not to appreciate the whole #RandomMusic My Chemical Romance - Helena


Is it silly to pick up a few Switch games at launch but wait until holiday-time to grab the machine? Im not a version kinda guy with


Oh neat! Black Wake is out on Steam Early Access as of So that means i can get some Sea of Thieves practice in before I play the game in YARGH!!


Anyone up for Dont Starve Together on Steam?


This is a real line I shit you I am laughing so hard right (Kincade is Seabook from Gundam F91 btw)

King Kaiser

I dont know why, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when non-Southerners use You dont sound sassy or cool, you just sound like a




Latest Switch News: apparently if you have sweaty hands it can cause the Joy Cons to desync, no really apparently this is a thing or something


Prehistoric Kingdom has an update showing off AI and For those curious, its a park builder focusing on extinct animals, kinda like JPOG or ZT2:


The new Isaac patch changed the Dedication achievement to require 31 total Afterbirth+ daily runs, instead of 31 in a row, not missing a Thank


If youre in the US and still looking for a Neon Switch pre-order, please check out my raffle blog for a chance to buy my extra one at normal price:


There are Switch consoles in my stock room and thats kind of exciting


Ok, what the fuck was up with that Game Grumps yesterday?

Dangus Taargus

They came and took my baby its in NYC I think in Time Square Look up the Sprink/Break Art Show 2017 in your google machine if you want to More pics


BoTW becomes the 19th game to get the 10/10 from Edge (Not that every game Edge gave a 10 to really deserves it, GTA IV, Skyward Sword, Rock Band 3, but its still very rare


Almost time for my first Kinda


What is your musical guilty pleasure? For example, occasionally I will listen to


Just got the Mega Buster from mega man in Enter the What a beautiful


Brunch made for me and the wife


Holy crap, I now want a fist of the north star abridged, just injected into my


Just realized That Spectre of torment is a launch title on the Guess Breath of the wild is gonna have to wait a couple

Czar Kazem

Im not sure how itll reflect every store, but the Target I work at has 4 Neon Switches and 10 gray ones for the Is it bad that I was surprised we had more than 4 total?


I cant wait to see if any game reviewers write up their reviews after thinking theyve completed Nier automata at ending

Luca Blight

Can we pull the brakes on 2017 right now? All these great games and the Switch coming out and Im here struggling to finish Witcher 3 +


I like to think Im living proof of someone who starts at rock bottom and gets Prime examples: My artwork is kind of crap but I still keep My comments here on Yeah Im shamelessly pro Nintendo, but I think Im less nasty to folks


The new Community Interview is now LIVE! Be sure to check out our convo about hypothetical Dtoid lovers, gaming with yer dad and a fun story about a their username (the interviewees, not yer dads) Thanks for your support, as Enjoy!!


Home alone log #1: mom and brother went to the beach And today I just broke 2 keys in less than 1 minute by simply unlocking their respective doors, not even forcing I guess this is how Link should feel, I


GameStop has started charging cards for Switch Anticipation has reached epic

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

On my way to work this morning, I spotted a UHaul truck with an arcade cabinet in Couldnt get a good look, but its probably a basketball game of some Another pic in the


They really should be wearing seatbelts in FF XV, you know just saying, also any time Noctis sits on the top of the car I wonder how much hp he would loose if they hit something and he went