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Is it weird/not recommended to go to a convention alone?

Twisted Jenius

Am I the only one who finds supposedly creepy music soothing?


Today needs more catboys, so few posts makes Dante


So I take it some of us are upset about the Doom file space? Of course if most games pulled that nonsense you would have only 5 or 6 games on a stock That is a bit


I wonder what that little square button is My guess is it somehow relates to amiibo since on the Switch controller, this button is in roughly the same spot as the NFC symbol for the Wii U Your thoughts?

Lewd Master Ninja

Current Status


Triple catboy Link #CatboyThursday

Dr Mel

That tiny console Nintendo is making isnt going to compete on a performance level with the other systems, not unless they used magic, and thats fine with me but it may cause the same problems the power disparity caused during the latter days of the

Hipster Youmu

That was fast,

Electric Reaper

Doom 4 currently takes up 70 GB of space on my hard WHY!?!?!? SnapMap is too limited with just 2 weapons in the loadout, and I mostly care about single id Software, compress your fucking files

Nathan D

With the new update for DOOM, its going to be altogether around 75-80GBs on my Thats fucking nonsense, especially when I dont even care about MP or Snap This blatant disregard for our hard drive space needs to

Lewd Master Ninja

2 Lobsters enter , 1 Lobster gets out - Lobster Dome




Im diving in; just registered for Saturday and Sunday of PAX This will be my first convention ever of any Who else is going to be there?


The tablet portion will be called the Switch

Hypno Coffin

When will I run out of strange shit to post? The world may never


Just watched the Switch I have so many questions like, whats the price? What are the specs? Is it backwards compatable? How are you cost effectively going to put skyram on a cartridge? I figured theyd do this, but that was a weak announcem


so all the concept art for most of the generic Awakening classes, including Dancer, Villager and the dlc Dread Fighter, feature generic However, the Bride class concept art features

Too many spiders

Me and my buddy hanging


So Atlus is supporting the Switch, right? What if one of the games Atlus is working on is a Switch version of Persona 5, with exclusive costumes and dungeons based on Mario/Zelda/Fire Emblem


Crab gifs are the best, fight


I want to know what early drafts of Awakenings script were like that led to THIS Gangrel

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Felix Thursday~ <3


Just found this earlier, beautiful short by a few of the pixar Id love to see them take on a whole movie project like a new link because for some reason the last one was taken down


Humans are a desirable, yet inherently unstable platform for Therefore, one must always extend claws for stability when sitting on humans - my cat


The art of waifu wars was in the box!


Cute catboy day =

Hipster Youmu

Alt avatar for Dennis:


what if we did a dtoid secret santa?




Its time for 2016 to officially fuck off I think were all through with your political bullshit, taking of our beloved legends and overall 2017, youre promising big things, dont *now to not die on December

Zombie Z

Today I was told that I sound like Zenyatta, should record audiobooks, put people to sleep and have a weird I was also told I sound like an elderly German Ill take


Sitting here all alone for parent-teacher

Mike Wallace

Well its October, Halloween Time for me to play my annual play-through of Dead Space, my all time favorite Survival Horror This is how I


Fastest Ive ever gotten badges for PAX Oh yeah, they just went on


I just found out that switch in terms of sex is someone who prefers to be sexually submissive AND sexually All this time, I thought I was one or the Now I know what to tell people! Though, what did YOU guys think was my preference?


Nancy has some respectable trigger discipline


Okay four hours to go till hype \o/ Also, will be interesting to see if they showed in Daken into the Logan movie seen in the last scene of the non-red band trailer or mixed up the number of claws X-23 has on each

Mike Martin

Dont you hate getting aroused sometimes when you poop? Its really Especially for the person inside the car, while Im on the


Nintendo always did do best handhelds best - If they can toggle that switch again with a library of games like the Im Also, Atlus SMTV for Switch when?


My dad sent me this link and its too awesome not to I fucking want

Chris Bradshaw

Wanna hear what I sound like? Tell me what you Heres an unreleased raw recording on my thoughts about the Nintendo Switch from back in Check the

Gundy the Merciless

My opinion on the Switch: the mobile aspect absolutely does not appeal to me at all, the name is kinda weird but much better than the Wii U, the only first party nintendo game I care about is still F-Zero, and the quality of the third party games is


>Finally watches the Nintendo Switch trailer< This seems fine, Im not really seeing what all the hy- >Guy starts playing Skyrim in car< I NEEEEEED IT!


I really cannot stand Gets right under my skin so On a totally unrelated note, my sister can fucking walk home from Oh yeah, Switch looks pretty cool, might pick up in a year

Rad Dios de las Fiestas

Now that Bethesdas on board with the NX- I mean, the Switch, if I can play Dishonored 2, Prey and/or Doom 2016 on it,


Lyrics I listen to when Im not TOTALLY depressed: I woke up early this morning with a new state of mind, a creative way to rhyme without using knives and Keep your nose out the sky, keep your heart to God, and keep your face to the rising