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Went for a highly memorable jaunt through Den Den Town in the heart of Osaka that left me feeling wholly


Been trying to finish up my Persona/SMT album and keep hitting a writers So, I decided to do up something simple and cute to, hopefully, break myself out of Sounds like Kirby music! Link in the


Any fans of the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series here? Well youll be glad to hear Genki Racing Project is back from the dead! Genki Twitter announcement


Steins Gate 100 % Complete - This made me just as depressed as the anime Kurisu & Kyouma are a sweetheart Zero Escape has made me more open minded towards

Dr Mel

I got the entire weekend I rarely have two days off in a row, let alone on the


I dont know whos doing the music for Sonic Mania, but theyve nailed Im glad they didnt try to emulate Genesis sounds like Sonic 4 because that sounded awful compared to


I 100%ed GTAVPC! Golf minigame was surprisingly difficult for me though but I did it and beat it Also, I was going to stream games from my PSP but PSPDisp doesnt work on Windows At least I can transfer ISOs to it and play in


I want to return the favor to those who drew my original characters by drawing but I dont know if they have I remember MeanderBot has his little robot guy so heres my version of him! I based it off the Skyrim comic he got front-paged too!

Chris Bradshaw

The best part of the new Sonic trailer was seeing the NX


Cant stop playing The Banner Saga


Precious cinnamon Too pure for this


Hearing that Ubisoft are impressed and looking to make something like Pokemon Go immediately makes me think theyre going to make Radio Tower Go or Radio Tower Runner or theyre missing a trick


How to make a great multirole aircraft: make a specialized aircraft for one role, then find out it can fit eight Also, its faster than anything else out there and made of De Havilland Mosquito, everyone! The exact opposite of

Kyle MacGregor


Pixie The Fairy

I guess its nice to be a Sonic fan (still), but it would be *really nice* if other Sega IPs could get games, Jet Set Radio, Phantasy Star in the west, Crazy Taxi, Ecco, Quartet, Panzer Dragoon, Gungrave, Golden Axe and more are really dusty


Theres a pre-release tournament of the new Pokemon card game at a geek cafe Ive always wanted to Never played the game, or any card/board games so itd be cool to just But obviously since PEOPLE will be there Ill wuss Life is


Im not packing right now even though I should Instead Im drunk as balls catching up with a Another drunk AMA I Heres a Zoidberg for your troubles (V)(;,,,;)(V)


When the Sonic 2017 Project was

Sr Churros

That is a good start, Sega! Now I hope you also start making Phantasy Star 5, Shining Force 4, Streets of Rage 4 and also a western launch for PSO2 would be really nice ok?


Apparently Sega announced another Sonic game from the same people who did Sonic Colors and It doesnt have a name but the end it mentioned coming out for PC, PS4, XB1 and the NX!


Ok, this is more like


Well, I had to go out But then I found one of these and I just HAD to buy I was so very tempted to buy the Rei Ayanami dakimakura that was also for sale in that Truly, my self-restraint is admirable, for me to leave with just the


Sometimes, its not about taking the Sometimes, its about sending a message

Mike Wallace

A friend built me a new PC yesterday Today Ive spent roughly 18 hours trying to install Windows 10 and it has been sitting in the last 10% for a few hours This thing is brand spankin new; what the hell is the holdup?


packing and moving is my colossus right holy balls it feels like this will never end -_-


Just unlocked Classic Sonic in Sonic Not hard, did it in with only 3 tickets, however they will push ad after ad for you to buy him with money until


Well, first week of work is done and I got out an hour earlier than expected so I made it home earlier by an Think its going to be a good time, with some oppurtunity for upward movement and some cool Nice to be home for a bit


My 500th qpost was a picture of


How about a catgirl maid for a change?


People already getting upset about no Sonic Adventure 3(even though the stream is not I dunno if I can Sonic Adventure games did not look Still, wait until the party ends before

Hypno Coffin

Id like to give a big thank you to all of the lovely folks from Dtoid that wished me a happy This community has come to mean a lot to me over the time that Ive been here, and you guys really make this place feel like a home away from <3


Sitting through the awkward stream was sort of worth it!


This song is


Quick! Send in the backup! Its turning into a furry convention out there! sir it was already a- THEYRE WEARING FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS COSTUMES YOU IDIOT!


This feller looks nice enough, but something seems to be


Oh god, the Sonic 25th stream is I want to go to bed, but this is just too horrible to stop watching, like viewing a car wreck in slow That said, Sega did once pay Right Said Fred to randomly chuck Sonic refs into one of their songs


Tomorrow Im going to Oaklands Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment aka the video game Anyone have any suggestions of interesting games to check out? The kind that have been lost to time, like Steel Battalion complete with

Sir Shenanigans

Im usually hesitant to ask for film-to-game But can we get a Telltale Blade Runner game?


Gods, Im spending my morning having to teach a non-tech-literate family member how to use his new I thought those things were entirely


You know I always drop at least two of these on Friday and seeing garbage posted here on Fridays just speeds and intensifies their Im can keep this up until everyone learns to do


A warning about Starbound, before you buy: Performance is not all there I have a 7850k AMD Quad Core and an R7 360, with 12 GB or Not amazing, sure, but it shouldnt result in sub 30 fps in

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Today is George Clintons 75th birthday! I wanna get more of that funky


In line for Sonic Boom right Soon my friends and I will get inside the T^T

Sr Churros

While I really like the new Mini NES, I discovered that a Mini Sega MD/Genesis was released a few years I comes with 40 games built in AND can play cartridges and costs 60 Once again, Sega does what


I didnt realize they added TurboGrafx 16 games to the Wii U Got the discount on Bonks


Such a mellow and upbeat song, figured Id


Here we go Sonic fans!