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Another wind blows through a heated age...

After being savagely "Rickrolled" I needed to watch something to rinse the burning sensation out of my eyes, maybe you need some relief too. Watch a crapload of intros from 2d fighting games. Last Blade 2 Darkstalkers Street Fighter...




eat pizza for me


A lot being made of this quote today, with focus on the existing agreements component and how things could easily change post But its worth pointing out that no ZeniMax IP got a name drop like this or a mention to keep it on Playstation

Anonymous 20

Randomly saw Kong: Skull Island, and honestly, it was kinda awesome? Not gonna lie, didnt expect much after Godzilla King of the Monsters underwhelmed, but this movie was great! Makes Kong vs Godzilla even better for me

Cygnus Rush 961

Currently watching Critical Role, 6 years of campaign episodes to get through, deities help


Still cant access my PS I aint doing the rat maze captcha again dammit!


I know it got lost in the shuffle, but Drinkbox Games (of Guacamelee fame) new game, Nobody Saves the World is really Diablo 3-like specifically in the way you manage Great art, solid On Ill probably doubledip on Switch

Soulbow eh

Got your boys Soul, Gus, and Frosty checking out that new Rainbow Come say whats up,

Whispering Willow

Id look up my PS4 2021 stuff, but its just gonna tell me I played FFXIV a lot


PT, but its pronounced T cuz the P is I apologize for the double post, so have some of deez


Turns out ya boi P1SS is still a

Destructoids Very Own Ein

I love this intro so much!!

Sweaty Dungus

Apparently I didn’t check the “please steal all of my data” box on PlayStation so I don’t get a wrap up this Ah


Whoops Im a Souls channel now, and starting DS2 for the first uhh ever! Call me Iron Come watch me flounder here:


I honestly thought I played

Dr Mel

A very good business analysis of what happened between MS and Less about the consumer focus and more about what happened at Activision that made this (It wasnt the workplace abuse)


Im a leet gamer


Yup, this was Once I beat Alan Wake I got a series x and it’s been all Xbox since then I’m sure I’ve already passed these numbers on Halo

Virtua Kazama

Its Virtua Fighter but with AMA! Thats right, Ill be taking questions on stream while playing Hope you got your questions ready as we go live!


Aw sweet, people played the same stuff as me!


Success! And bonus pic in the comments


Death Stranding – 133 13 Sentinels – 128 Leaving a game on but not actually playing anything – 311


1408 hours and 2071 trophies last Also, kept my streak of one trophy a day alive all last year

Destructoids Very Own Ein

I hate you too I dont get to be one of the cool


The genre known for being long kinda dominates the list for


I like Dragons Blood well enough, but just everything about it is wrong, mostly the No one (except maybe Luna) doesnt sound like their And DKs dragon form looks stupid as


Truly the Dark Souls of Video Game HUDs


What can I My kids run the Beat Saber is all my wife, as I did lean harder into xbox this year,

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Sorry What a terrible day to have eyes!


Ah good here we


not saying I need a BUT

Spiders For Sale

With that, two strange furry animals, that look like something between cat and monkey, join her on the stage in Their fur is as red as the evening sun and their long tails join in with the will-o’-the-wisps, forming blazing rings of red-hot flame


For those that liked the 2000s pop-punk, emo-punk, and alt-rock in general: theyre having a whos who to relive your younger Yes its Yes itll be a shit


I dont know who exactly is in charge of the marketing for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, but theyve made a horrible decision to barely release any information about I actually want to buy it after seeing the


Guess I beat the ghost of tsushima dlc faster than I


To nitpick, one of the things that doesnt work for me about Magic Arena is the clashing YGO is Pokemon is But Magic has always been dark fantasy, a DnD-esque world in my mind; Arena kinda adds a Runescape vibe to the board + pets


For your viewing pleasure

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Yakuza is a lot of Enjoyed all these games except dragon age, I had to finish at least the main story but my god was it hard to Bloodstained was good , not Metroid dread good, but good, and dark souls is…dark


Short video about what Microsoft buying Activision really means! They now own THESE FRANCHISES (Crash, Spyro, Tony Hawk, and?!)


Oh cool! They stopped counting hours spent in media apps as gameplay hours! Now I look slightly less like a crazy person!

Spiders For Sale

You keep silent, for Before the meaning of this is clear to you, you want to avoid causing any Quietly, you close the door again and try to continue to focus on Shasha’s The music changes slightly and picks up even more in


Morning Status:


Not going to lie: this actually looks really Great


Next Weeks Epic free game looks pretty Ive wanted to try it for a while


So I realized I have old computer games magazines, conveniently starting from about January But can I read an issue per month, apply hindsight and still write an interesting blog? Maybe?


Making a new This time my first full venture into 3D and Going for that psx / LSD dream emulator And Im strongly considering adding More pics here:

Silver the 3rd

Yet another reason to love cardi though I dont think Ive ever listened to her, shes funny af and apparently charitable