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Better With Age: Psychonauts

It might have been a yellow, goggle-sporting youth that changed my life. It also could have been a deranged security guard. Or a defeatist descendant of a legendary conqueror. Perhaps it was the allure of summer camp, or mentally charged ab...


Better With Age: Chess

In the midst of an anxiety fueled panic attack one day, I had to escape. It's difficult to explain the feeling of such a thing to those who haven't experienced it. I can only say that it is like a mental death of a kind. You feel like every...


Hype: Arrivals, departures and Shenmue

So Shenmue III is now a real sequel and no longer an urban legend. On Monday I got so excited I couldn't really think of anything to say in my Sunday recap but "Shenmue III!" so I guess I should do some explaining why this is such...


HYPE: Not another last minute E3 predictions list!

First: The Bat-shit crazy. With the upcoming NX, probably a new handheld from Nintendo, the company decides to make a pretty ballsy cross over with their Amiibo figure series: Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS and New 3DS Amiibo figures, so t...


Destructiod Community Assignment: Ten Things

1. Old enough to not have the internet growing up, young enough that I've always been around games. That's pretty much explains it. I was born just before the Nintendo launched the NES in the US, and grew up with that generation. Thankful...




I was watching this excellent video to refresh myself of ARRs story, since its been ages for my brain to remember details, and Im reminded of how far the voice acting has We went from JRPG schlock to best in the biz VOs by Heavensward


EBay update: The dude actually paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Home from Now the options are eating, smoking or What to do, what to do?



Whispering Willow

I have made it to the

Inquisitive Raven

This poster looks pretty good! Apparently therell be a trailer at The Game Awards

Robo Panda Z

If you dont already have a huge pile of stuff to play (and cant wait for my doom to fall upon you), Humble has a pretty great Game Awards sale going on - Deathloop at 67% off, Back4Blood, & GG Strive at 30-35%, 20% on Inscryption & Forgotten


Aw shit I got freezing rain to deal with Wish me luck as I try to make it to Im expecting to be late due to the busses Update; 2nd bus never showed, which is a Decided to take that as a sign, so now I got a day


Blessedmas 8: The Man with the Golden Bless

Whispering Willow

Only made it to level 83 content so far in Endwalker but they really are going all-in with everything in every MSQ from each expansion Makes me wonder if I should go finish those Stormblood Hildibrand


New cards arrived for my Commander decks! Hooray!


While the West were given a cover with three minorities, a Brit, a Karen and a Ginger, the Japanese cover starred their homegirl #morningcovers


On friday and saturday I have trial days for new Friday would be a job as a warehouse worker and saturday as a Both jobs are totally different from my last job (customer service for an Internet I hope at least one goes


Good morning dtoid! Lets celebrate the little machine that could! #morningcovers


17 days to go!!!


Cursiosity #Cursedmas


Gaj has three :P Have a great day all!


Was getting crashes during Halo Infinites initial loading screen, but my computer seems primed and ready for the campaign launch since updating my GTX Spent about half an hour 3-starring some weapon Is Cant wait! Image


Requested this at the Of course my people were hyped and came out to Looked it up again today; turns out the OG singer is BACK after 20 years! (link in comments for recent show) #musictoid | Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone


So Lex gifted me a copy of Bloodstained on PC a week or so ago and Im already near the true Yeah this is a lovely game and playing it without switch issues is also nice-also the character customization is still so


I swear, even the slow parts of Endwalker make me tear These character moments hit you in the feels where you least expect Also I made it to lvl 89!

sp testure

Nice to see Dtoid is back❤️ So today I finished up Shore Leave and the final mission in Mass Effect 3 for the first That was an Looking forward to a renegade femshep playthrough down the Time fer cider n Ergo

Raster Scanline

What time (EST)will Halo be up on Game Pass? I want to play it tonight but not if it drops at 3 (12

Cygnus Rush 961

Finally beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2, fuck you Amalthus and Malos! Onwards to Fire Emblem Awakening, youre next Grima!

Inquisitive Raven

Dtoid alive? Thank goodness! Anyway, as I wanted to say this morning: Garfield is being added to Nick All-Stars


So I dont think Xenoblade Chronicles is a good game, but its the kind of game I really like right Can play it on the Switch with a stream in the background or


Listened to the soundtrack for Chicory at work today (thanks for those who recommended it!) and after the album finished, this banger came on Whole soundtrack for Risk of Rain 2 is pretty I was


I want to start making custom Does anyone have any advice or resources? I just think itd be a real neat hobby and keep me creative within the video game Thanks in advance! Maybe a way to load ROMs?

Anonymous 20

Finished episode 6 of This show is freaking great This is Spider-Verse levels of animation and Vi might be my Jinx is insane and i love Viktor and get Really great stuff, and Im new to it all!


I finally figured out how to make zombie slaves in Graveyard This changes everything, no more boring


Working on the New Year Thoughts?

Sam van der Meer

You’ve heard of Char Aznable… But have you heard of char as a nibble??

Ricky Namara

Welp, humanitys had a good Its been fun, folks!


Are we back, Qtoid? Assuming all goes well in the hourish or so, Ill finally see you in Eorzea around 7PM ET! I got my place in line dammit and Im not letting go easily


Just a lil bit of #cursedmas


Its kinda scary how many things were connected to that service


Fun anecdote: today when teaching the spelling rules for the present continuous, instead of saying CVC I said: I smiled at my mistake and corrected Too much Metal Gear Solid 3 I


Blessedmas 7: Back 2 Da Blessed


I click on you to see my Then I try to close you so I can continue browsing And you take me to a page that says you CANT


Hey cool now I can #Stripmas


Soda or Pop?


Welcome back #Cursedmas


Were back!


I got Scarlet Nexus and Psychonauts 2 on watch for any Christmas sales this Maybe Watch Dogs Legion if its dirt Any hidden gems to shout out? Just grabbed Code Vein complete for €20 on Good deal Pic unrelated


Current Status:


Between the ads and Disqus Ive played Swery games with less jank than the hoops I have to jump through to navigate this The things we do for


Wanted to pop in and share a quick funny from I work with special needs kids at a We had music yesterday and my kiddo had the cow bell to He has down syndrome and looked up at me when I told him to stop so the next student could


This rarely happens here, but getting tickets for Spider-Man was I got booted from 4 showing in other cities until I realized they sold tickets in my city through their app and not their website (and apparently I was the only one,


Damn, Sony shit the bed hard with this months ps plus Was kinda interested in Mortal Shell because I dig Soulslikes, but this kinda kills my will to try


After trying a bit of Inscryption there yep this is a weird game all I did like Pony Island but glad to see this game has more of a actual game/game mechanics to Own his other game The Hex bur not played it