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Initiation Station - Who am I?

The eyes should be blue, the nose smaller, he's smiling too much, he looks way too old with this haircut. You have to look young and strong, avatar! Maybe I could deform my character on purpose and make him look like an ugly demon beca...


WAIFU WARS : That is MY Waifu!!

Well hello,good to see you again.Why don't you take a seat-What's that?Oh right,I'm the only one with a chair...Stand up then!So you think your waifu is the baddest and drop dead sexiest mutha-?!Well let me te...


HOPE Wars: Nagito Komaeda

Danganronpa 2 was a surprisingly polarizing experience for me initially. There were times I found myself shockingly disappointed with Spike Chunsoft, and there were times when I was completely immersed and enraptured with what they'd put ou...


White Whales: Too Many to Count

I was going to use a silly picture, but this is nice I wish I could say I wasn't an anxiety-ridden person. I wish I could wake up, confident in who I am and what I study and with my path in life and just ...


White Whale: Whale pile

My first idea for what would be my white whale was Morrowind. Unfortunately past me, being the asshole he is, decided to cover pretty in-depth my journey from the games breakage on Xbox to its eventual completion on PC in good detail. So ...


Whites Whales: Finishing a Game

My white whale is simple, yet seems impossible. It's not something that requires skill or is particularly challenging. My white whale is finishing a game.This use to not be an issue for me. Not only did I finish main storylines, I unlocked ...


Thankful it's Over: The Grind

If there is one aspect that I can both love and hate about games, it is grinding. The love or hate will usually depend on the game and the manner in which The Grind is presented to the player. It doesn't even matter if I like the game, beca...


Presents: The Joy of Giving

My first Bloggers Wanted and it’s actually one of the best themes I could start with. You know why? Because I love presents! Not necessarily the fact that I’m getting something or giving something in itself, but rather all the anticipat...


They Call Me Spooky: My Trip to Hell

It's Halloween once again. As this fabled night of horror draws closer and closer, I am drawn to the memory of a game from my past. This tale put me through horrors unlike any which I had ever before experienced... And if you're willing, De...


Those Meddling Kids: 'Trip to Akihabara

This blog is basically to serve as a form of closure for me and also contribute to the monthly call. Having just beaten Akiba's Trip there is a ton of stuff I want to talk about, including how it relates to the theme this month. So without...


Those meddling kids: F*ck 'em (nsfw)

Imagine this, will you? Back when I was just starting college in Tokyo, my father suggested I'd stay with one of his friends' family while attending school. I didn't really care one way or another, but imagine the shock for me as a healthy ...


Those meddling kids: Born and raised

Rather than focus this Bloggers Wanted response on a specific group of meddlers or even one specific meddler, after a bit of deliberation, some a bit more personal than I'd care to admit, I settled on a different way to approach the topic: ...


Challengers wanted: Aggron the immovable object

From deviantart The metagame for Pokemon is extremely large. And as such finding a challenger to battle can lead to any number of varied experiences. Even if you fight against tier hogs who adhere to the strictest idea of playing with tryha...




Dont forget to sign up to join in the NEW Dtoid Draws! The theme is Best I want to see your favorite characters outside of villains and main You have TWO DAYS LEFT! Details in









Anthony Marzano



Its been a rough week Lets get some mf wholesomeness up in this #Wholesometoid

Whispering Willow

Really enjoyed the Voice of Cards It reminded me a bit of Crimson Shroud and I liked there are tiny bits of retro FF and DQ under the And of course Keiichi Okabe is composing so I will need the And cards, if they make


One day after the Dark Souls anniversary, I got a text telling me that the design works book I ordered (in FEBRUARY OF 2020) finally I think Ill take this as a Of what, Im not

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Octopath Traveler(Switch) -Hollow Knight (Switch) -God of War (PS4) -Monster Hunter Rise (Switch)


So how long until the internet finds and harasses the new Bayonetta voice actress?


Congrats Tales of You just became the first JRPG since FFVII to make me say “what the In a good I’ve always loved the series for the characters, but I’m still shocked to be so invested in the STORY this time

Boxed Swine

Come on down to Cthulhus Kitchen: Home of the all you can eat, endless


Rule (2021) : 5th song for the next album CHIPS Written in 6/4, one of my favorite time signatures, because I can have so much fun with Kinda happy song I Good :)


Every time my PS5 notifies me of a Duel Sense update, I have flashbacks to how annoying Sterlings PS3 update articles #1stWorldProbs #OldToid


lol rib tips

Ricky Namara

You VS That Guy She Told You Not To Worry About:


Me and Disco


Damn it! I was joking when I said, just like the Genesis/Mega Drive mini, that Japan will get the 6 button controller, but there it is, ha I wasnt planning on getting it anyway, but its just I shelled out to get it for the mini Uhg! Lol


Part 3 of my 15mm buying spree has arrived atlast from the faraway mystical land Behold! Warhammers ancestor:


Broke down and ordered this Tuesday because it was sold out everywhere, except Anyway, its pretty great! Pure arcade silly fun! It runs really well on Switch Made by Eugene Jarvis company (Robotron, Defender, Smash TV, Arcade legend


Massive thunder and lightning storm Caused power surges and knocked out the library computers


Finished Axiom Verge 2, overall it was fun, felt missed opportunity with the Thought it was going to be more like the thing with the snow, mountains and Id get it during a


Jack Black shouldve been Mario if nothing else than for the sheer fact that no one would get kidnapped by Jack Black and think Oh no, someone come save No one would do


If nothing else, the Mario movie stuff during the direct gave us a new meme, and I like this new


I was watching my reaction to the Direct back and I look doped out of my mind! I take painkillers and Gabapentin for my back, but I never knew I looked like It makes me feel EDIT: Not gonna post the Shame, my commentary wasnt


ngl I kind of want to try it now,


It would be funny if, after verifying my age per ID, I still couldnt watch the video because Im outside of the


Vyse confirmed as last Smash character with Skies HD remake on Sorry its another sword

Chris Bradshaw

You know maybe they should have just ran with that Super Mario Bros 2 script


Has anyone here seen the film Kuso?

Sweaty Dungus

Had a chance to play Bloodwash last night over a discord sesh with Here we are in awe over this absurd character who resembles someone we These byte-sized ps1 horror games are a blast to play with an audience, lots of spooks and laffs!


Im surprised it took this I give you Jack Black Bowsette


My face when as part of the new Mario movie, Illumination is going to push the Goombas to be the next


Eurotrash Status:

Jordan Devore

Ive got a question post going up later today about the weirdly messy N64 Switch Online Im expecting it to be a wild ride, Should be fun


Yakuza: Like a Dragons business management mini game is so incredibly Ive pumped so many hours into it and its been so worth I need to find a stand alone game like this but that goes a bit deeper into the managing side of


Seems the dog costume shown in the Deltarune Chapter 2 trailer was Toby Fox in that dog costume and the trailer music is a fan Just thought that was kinda neat

Jetter Mars

Regrettably, I had to quit the feeder training as I could not reliably get the manual transmission down in the time allotted time (Trust me I did I was to be taken down a city street but I decided it would be unsafe given my level of


Dear christ the guns in Infinite feel The pistol in particular has great Halo really has never felt this good before, yet still so Halo


You call this tenderloin? If you served that in any respectable hotel in New York, theyd laugh you out of town!


Those tags though


Edit: Thanks for all the Ive modified the review and have a new draft link in the Took the total time down by about 2