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Initiation Station - Who am I?

The eyes should be blue, the nose smaller, he's smiling too much, he looks way too old with this haircut. You have to look young and strong, avatar! Maybe I could deform my character on purpose and make him look like an ugly demon beca...


WAIFU WARS : That is MY Waifu!!

Well hello,good to see you again.Why don't you take a seat-What's that?Oh right,I'm the only one with a chair...Stand up then!So you think your waifu is the baddest and drop dead sexiest mutha-?!Well let me te...


HOPE Wars: Nagito Komaeda

Danganronpa 2 was a surprisingly polarizing experience for me initially. There were times I found myself shockingly disappointed with Spike Chunsoft, and there were times when I was completely immersed and enraptured with what they'd put ou...


White Whales: Too Many to Count

I was going to use a silly picture, but this is nice I wish I could say I wasn't an anxiety-ridden person. I wish I could wake up, confident in who I am and what I study and with my path in life and just ...


White Whale: Whale pile

My first idea for what would be my white whale was Morrowind. Unfortunately past me, being the asshole he is, decided to cover pretty in-depth my journey from the games breakage on Xbox to its eventual completion on PC in good detail. So ...


Whites Whales: Finishing a Game

My white whale is simple, yet seems impossible. It's not something that requires skill or is particularly challenging. My white whale is finishing a game.This use to not be an issue for me. Not only did I finish main storylines, I unlocked ...


Thankful it's Over: The Grind

If there is one aspect that I can both love and hate about games, it is grinding. The love or hate will usually depend on the game and the manner in which The Grind is presented to the player. It doesn't even matter if I like the game, beca...


Presents: The Joy of Giving

My first Bloggers Wanted and it’s actually one of the best themes I could start with. You know why? Because I love presents! Not necessarily the fact that I’m getting something or giving something in itself, but rather all the anticipat...


They Call Me Spooky: My Trip to Hell

It's Halloween once again. As this fabled night of horror draws closer and closer, I am drawn to the memory of a game from my past. This tale put me through horrors unlike any which I had ever before experienced... And if you're willing, De...


They Call Me Spooky: Silence is Golden

I've been marking the run up to Halloween by writing a series of 'Halloween Flashback' blog articles, in which I take a look at older horror games. One game that won't be appearing in that series is Silent Hill 2. Not because it's a bad gam...


Those Meddling Kids: 'Trip to Akihabara

This blog is basically to serve as a form of closure for me and also contribute to the monthly call. Having just beaten Akiba's Trip there is a ton of stuff I want to talk about, including how it relates to the theme this month. So without...


Those meddling kids: F*ck 'em (nsfw)

Imagine this, will you? Back when I was just starting college in Tokyo, my father suggested I'd stay with one of his friends' family while attending school. I didn't really care one way or another, but imagine the shock for me as a healthy ...


Those meddling kids: Born and raised

Rather than focus this Bloggers Wanted response on a specific group of meddlers or even one specific meddler, after a bit of deliberation, some a bit more personal than I'd care to admit, I settled on a different way to approach the topic: ...


Challengers wanted: Aggron the immovable object

From deviantart The metagame for Pokemon is extremely large. And as such finding a challenger to battle can lead to any number of varied experiences. Even if you fight against tier hogs who adhere to the strictest idea of playing with tryha...




To Dtoiders who have a lot of figures: what kind of shelves do you use to store them? Like are there special ones, or do just regular book shelves work?


Oh my god this bellend Stadia guy is the same guy who worked for Ubisoft and said it was too much work to animate a female What a fucking loser


The board is gonna be on my ass if I dont get that powerpoint, but I also have to 360 headshot In the market for a gaming Recommendations?


I dont like this limited release trend Nintendo is It doesnt sit right with


With Cold Steel IV being a few days away, I decided to look deep within my backlog for something quick to try and probably give up Turns out that Bio Menace is pretty good as far as 90s PC platformers Its very goofy and has humane


Finished reading Mockingbird, amazing Decided to read The City and the City next, bring back my love of crime novels while keeping that Sci fi Any more recommendations for great Sci fi novels are much appreciated!


Since Tom Holland is in the news, here is a trailer for Pilgrimage streaming on I spoil


The Tom Holland/ Nathan Drake thing is real!?


Insider info about NASA’s impending announcement about the moon:

Mike Sounders

Todays mail One of the last three to watch for


Have you heard the new King Gizzard song? Me neither! I just grabbed the stems and mixed it before even listening to the official release Have a listen and tell me if my mix actually sounds any good!


Stadia creative director thinks streamers should have to pay a licensing fee on top of owning the game to Should probably wait on announcing your evil intentions when your product isnt assumed dead on


Im still not sold on the whole young Nathan Drake Uncharted Like, the most enjoyable character bits in the game were between Drake and Sully, and I cant see that dynamic working with a young Drake :/


Thinking about what could have been 😔


I need one of yall to play this and then tell me if its Seems like a combination of Pikmin and Stubbs the I remember when it was put on kickstarter like 6 years ago and then the campaign was Its finally out!

Virtua Kazama

Oh I made a blog based on the Sonic Hacking


you cannot kill me


Have some tangentially related to video games/Halloween silliness


When you think you give gold and all you get is


Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in upcoming Uncharted Movie


Heads-Up: PS+ 12-month is 48% off on ebay (link in comments) No indication if it gets fulfilled via email other than a review, but that could just be for the product and not the


Ive made the switch from Netflix to HBO (for a number of reasons), and I dont know if its my mind playing tricks on me, but everything looks a little Not a huge problem, but it makes the service a little harder to get used


Freaking Indeed, the struggle is


Nintendo has listened to Instead of limited time availability, they will now offer BOTW2 to those that can beat Shigeru Miyamoto in a shirtless fist fight on top of Tokyo


Good morning everybody!

Yue chan

I have the DLC for Sword and I played the armor of isle, it was So I’m on the fence with playing Crown So should I play it or nah??

Chris Moyse

In a blue mood so I finally spent a Gift Card that’s been hanging around since last Xmas on this


Whats the verdict on Mortal Shell?


Apparently that Atari VCS is out in November, will believe it when it


Please Kojima, release a teaser or something so I can start to freak out already


And thats a wrap on Wasteland Excellent game, and definitely a worthy entry to the cRPG I was a bit overpowered for the final battle, but the ending was pretty


Got around buying my cousin an used Wii AV cable for her to play Small detail which made us both


Why was I never informed that this is a thing that exists!!! And done up by Sam Keith!!! Looks like the collected edition releases at the end of the Already pre-ordered!


Didnt get the job I went for the other At this rate, itll probably be a year until I can find Just want a break to be


Come on Ratchet and Clank release


Finally watched Mandy this Love

Kevin Mersereau

I finally got Hades, and it’s super rad so far! Y’all got any tips for a beginner?


Started playing Ingenious blending of real-time and turn-based strategy, where positioning your team to ambush enemies is So far it’s fun and brutal on hard difficulty, causing me to restart encounters quite a Would love a Deus Ex like th


What is this incredibly silly shit?


Warning for people with a Hong Kong PSN account for downloading games from the Asian


Logged into Genshin Impact to make some wishes with the lot I had saved up because fuck spending actual money on Pulled Keqing, that one character some dude spent two bands trying to get on the third round of wishes and all I could do was


I broke Orktober protocol so feel free to send the popo by my house later, but I finally stripped and primed one of my favorite models: The Reiksguard Captain! Everything else is still on track but Im teetering off right


Ive wasted my evening trying to make Yakuza Kiwami 2 work on my tower PC before giving up, so now Im slightly Hope you had a better Consoles still have a purpose

Dangus Taargus

Sly Cooper 2 is fun, but too damn The repeating level themes kind of kill it, and the mission design is great but too often padded with repetitive Im at the blimp level and feeling the Impressed with the gameplay variety


anyone like videogames?


Does he appear in a quest where the goal is to live stream video of kids in bathrooms?