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Game idea: Dino Crisis Reboot in the RE


Game idea: Hunting/fishing game, but roles are The animal hunts the Playing as a trout is especially Another game idea: Just a big sandbox filled with all the animals in recorded You can pet them

Dennis Carden

Game idea: create the spookiest possible horror game, story, and Just some real messed up scares and Have the protagonist give absolutely zero They can frolic merrily around a Silent Hill-esque locale, whistling


I think its time reporters start adding and dont lie to me to every question they


Game Idea: Dark Souls but its Toy Kindle the Looking forward to the Bo Peep and Ham/Ornstein and Smough knock off Great Wolf Slink should be a memorable fight as


Im 60% through Guacamelee 2 and really enjoying Does seem like it might be a little too similar to the first one but its been a few years since I played

Mike Sounders

I’m in that interesting part of youtube again

Kevin Mersereau

Game idea: You’re an innocent new Destructoid user that wakes up on Oh Shit Vadicta is there, taunting you with threats of the card game Cribbage, pretending to be a You’re certain he’s not a In


Man, Ubisoft is really taking this franchise in a strange I joked they were doing everything possible instead of Feudal Japan, but this definitely confirms it


Game idea: Regular Show but its a point and click adventure game

Electric Reaper

The list of reasons for Trump to resign from office is extremely long, and I definitely agree with Hayes on everything

A Luigi Fanatic

Unpopular opinion: I get a positive emotional aura from Wet-Dry World

Pixie The Fairy

Finished Borderlands: The-Pre-Sequel! It was a fun time, but pretty stingy on fun class Endgame section dropped too many lasers, But I managed to get some nice pistols and shotguns in the end, which go nicer with Athenas style of


Rumor has it that Sony is unveiling the PS5 pre-order details, release date, and likely price are going to be revealed Potentially around 3ish Eastern Time? The leaker got the previously rescheduled PS5 event date correct, Worth


Game idea: I finally get to play as the fucking Night


Game idea: Pokemon, but Im the trainer, and toilets instead of Tag line Gotta flush em My rivals name is Gary Team Rocket would be replaced by Team Clog


New trailer and art for the Nier mobile It looks pretty damn stylish and Turn based combat I think? Just wish it wasnt (probably)

Punished Nietzsche

Game Maybe it would be a tad too


Wrote my first band of bloggers It was


Game idea:


New claim page for Watch Dogs 2 after Ubisofts servers flopped during the Link in


Related to Gus of Breaking Bad and BCS, this was played in this most recent I didnt know the beat from My Name was from something else, but dang, this is a much better So much


Game idea:

Voltaic Owl

Game idea: Sonic the Hedgehog but instead of Sonic, it’s Fat Albert


Oh god I started a WHAT HAVE I DONE!?


Game idea:


Game idea:


Game idea: My


Did you beat undertale?


Game FPS where you play as a warlock, but you wield your staffs or wands like guns and the spells are kinda like different So like ice spells could maybe be a shotgun or rapid fire But in a doom-esque or Shadow Warrior kinda way?

Czar Kazem

Ive been trying to cut down on my social media time by reading One Piece from the beginning on the Shonen Jump app instead of web-browsing, and its been a MUCH BETTER use of my time so

Virtua Kazama

Happy 14th Anniversary, VF5! Its time for another VF5FS session on Virtua Fighter Takeover!


Last of Us 2 finally Couldve done with being several hours shorter; became a bit of a slog at the end emotionally and in Great in terms of gameplay and presentation, but feel a bit conflicted about the story and its


Decided to come back to my I may continue with my replay but not with Crash, for Gotta finish Final Fantasy Type Its a nice addition it has a history recap to view


Just played a few rounds of Was pretty fast paced and fun! The weapon/skill upgrade system is pretty cool and the verticality focus is Even my friend who normally disliked BRs had a


If yall werent able to log into UPlay during Ubisofts stream, theyre giving everyone with a UPlay account the Thats nice of


Alatreon is kicking my ass so hard its making me question how the hell Im a veteran of this series and still feel powerless against can go toe to toe with most monsters no problem, but he is just making me tilt completely at this


Man, Yves Guillemot is He said Ubisoft makes a diverse range of games! They guy should go into

Chris Moyse

Hey yall, our very own Wes Tacos is doing an AMA Right Now over on our forums, so please stop by and drop him a couple of your weirdest, most probing Link in the Move fast, time is limited!!


Valhalla looks really good honestly, the action looks like more of the same which, doesn’t excite Guess I’ll maybe check it out on a deep sale England looked kinda


Pretty sure I missed out on that Watch-underscore-Dogs 2 Oh well, my back log is already


Watchdogs, assassins creed, far cry, a battle Royale, and mobile Not hating on the games themselves, but this was the most Ubisoft thing Ive ever


Vocals are still a little inconsistent, but I decided to touch up an older cover because I love AiC way too I hate pulling a George Lucas on my music, but some things I wanna look back on with the utmost

Punished Nietzsche

well, that was pretty much what i except one of the hosts looked like Babish from that cooking


Well that was There was what, two actual game announcements, one of which being Far Cry 6, which we already basically knew


There is no way in hell Scott Pilgrim is happening from what Im seeing so So I guess August 13 or 18 for Scott Pilgrim if it still is coming :(


Since Im taking a gaming break, I decided to finally rip my old demo discs and categorize their I found some interesting stuff, like trailers with unique music, save games, previews and even a review of BMX XXX that included the strip dancing!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Ubisofts They Better Announce Scott Pilgrim or a New Rayman at This Thing or So Help Direct is starting!


So my roommate told me a friend of ours asked me and my OTHER roomate if we would want to go to a bday We both said wed only go if he invited us My roommate because hes been burned too much by middleman invites, and me because


Ubisoft wants you to watch their stream to receive a free But makes it impossible to log in to their service while stream is Result: Ubisoft gets countless of people to watch their stream and doesnt have to give anything Well