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Waifu Wars: Chaotic Crossovers

So, I'm somewhat disappointed that the war is pretty quiet, even if Harem Stalin Torchman keep blasting at us on how his waifu is amazing ($100 Bison Dollars that it's Hitler himself, by the way). And I haven't seen many on-topic blogs here...


Waifu Wars: True War, Part Two (War)

Last time, on Waifu Wars: I debated between eight of my favorite women in games, trying to decide which one would be the champion for the wars. Eight contenders came in, and only four got to stay. There was barely any outside input, but wha...


Waifu Wars: Loyalty-Tier

So Destructoid is kinda-sorta in the middle of a waifu war or something -- which is news to me, because I was under the impression that waifu wars never end.  Then again, I wouldn’t really know; I’ve never exactly been an active ...


Waifu Wars: Rei Ayanami (NGE)

[Possible Neon Genesis Evangelion and The End of Evangelion Spoilers] Before I get started, no, she isn't from a video game. What am I to do, though? We do not choose our waifus, our waifus choose us...Actually, I mad...




Not sure I can stomach one or more weeks of listening to the Republicans constantly spin and pervert the truth in this impeachment as they defend a well-known bullshit artist


One of my Honorable Mentions is coming very soon this is his theme song


This joke is EDIT: It actually Its still funny, but not perfect since its based on incorrect information about why those months names are messed


Planning to play the new pokermans, but my mind keeps drifting to the fact that Zoo Tycoon is thing, and I might need to know if its MY


Actually a really well thought out and interesting


You know, few people realise that Death Stranding was actually supposed to release on the True Had a completely different story

Gus TT Showbiz

What do you call a sour orange that was late to school? Tarty!


I just love him so much

Marcel Hoang

Hey you! Yeah, you! You go ahead and enjoy Pokemon Sword and Shield, if that was your I’ll be playing Outer Worlds but playing Sw/Sh ain’t a


That feeling when you cant get out of having an argument by leaving the room because you were playing Death Stranding and the cutscene simply will not end -__-

Shut Up Ace

#WaveWednesday Its cold outside, so I feel like playing something to make me feel


Crazy excited to start playing Pokemon Shield on my Switch Itll be the first game in the series Ive played since X and Y dropped six years Im going in as blind and possible and Im planning a region team only run since its a new


Good day for a peach / mint tea

able to think

I ordered Freedom Panet for Switch and its being delivered to my old I really hope UPS Surepost sees my change of address and it gets delivered USPS handles the last leg of the delivery so it should get


Audica is nice if your VR is limited to Issa good I spent a lot longer than I should have spinning and tossing the guns with their “trick” I’m your synesthesia


Fucking A month ago I had a request from an agent wanting to read some of my I remember sending it out, but after a month with no reply I checked and it turns out I didnt send WTF just kill me now, fuck you




Today I found out about MtG Cardsmith, and this was clearly a


#WaveWednesday Havent had one of those in a Ended up on these guys gig a week or two back after work, snuck in for free and was pleasantly Sound on the album lacks a bit of the oomph and edge a live-PA supplies,


#WaveWednesday Havent had one of those in a Ended up on these guys gig a week or two back after work, snuck in for free and was pleasantly Sound on the album lacks a bit of the oomph and edge a live-PA supplies,


Floki kitty always protects me well while I play video Or he just wants Anyhoo, I love him (and his sister)with every ounce of my #Kittytoid


Did anyone else here need a Death Stranding Miku? I feel like I needed a Death Stranding


Holy shit, the absolute state of some Pokemon fans right I dont really care about the series or Sword/Shields controversies, but I eagerly anticipate the upcoming Dtoid Mostly for the burner account and guest


I think it’s time for me to take a break as This morning pushed my depression into overdrive and I need to take some time to get over I’m


Since I hit some milestones during my Extra Life stream, Im going to be streaming 2 suprise games later today for a few hours for my birthday! Will post my twitch link in the comments!


Everyone talking bout Pokemans and Im over here amazed at the fact CM Punk is back on a WWE

Shut Up Ace

There is no greater fear of the unknown than the Meatball


Looks like a new Smash patch is dropping tonight, and its going to contain character changes, not just It probably isnt much, but Im always


So, I compulsively play Raid mode from REvelations 1&2, but I miss Rebecca and Sheva (Ada too), for my delight Mercenaries is ready to play on RE5! Unfortunately not on Gotta check RE6 yet, love Sherry, only good thing in the game!


I bought Disco Being an old CRPG conosseur I decided to not to pick a preset character and made my My char was not a very physical I turned the lights on, it hurts him really badly, I disregard it, then he dies of a GOTY

Shut Up Ace

Time to go through all the hoops to get a picture off my PS4 so I can get an image of my FFXIV character because they fit the moniker for




Time to peace out from DToid for a Or just the overall Can only hear the same complaints from the same crowd about pokemon so many times before I want to ram my head through a Is it that hard to just not buy a thing you think is bad?


Apparently they may be reusing models in sword and shield after Why are you doing this to yourself? Just why? Pokemon name / model spoilers

Shut Up Ace

I want to make a video but I need to do ADULT


I wrote a bunch of words over on the cblogs about video Shameless call for Also, a spell checker in the cblog editor would be pretty cool!


This years Destructoid Secret Santa Extraordinaire is underway! If youve already joined, please make sure to add items to your wish list to let other dtoiders know what your taste is like!


Im starting to get Death sure if I like it or if Im just tolerating Ill know once I find a battery and figure out why everything is called a

sp testure

Stardew Valley free content update will be coming to PC Nov 26th! Consoles to follow a couple weeks Also if you use Google Play go vote for stardew in the user Choice Awards! There sitting at number 4 with 12 days left to


Anyone else experiencing excruciating back pain when playing Death Stranding?


Garou: Mark of the Wolves is 20 years old Long live one of the best SNK games ever!

Ray Porreca

howdy Im headed to Anime NYC this for work this weekend, so if any Dtoiders will be at the show, holler at

Electric Reaper

The higher-ups at Google and Youtube are seriously fucked in the Some level of automated software is necessary to deal with the huge amount of data Youtube and Google interact However, using bots to BAN people is incredibly fucking


So the funniest thing happened on the Dtoid stream Link in the comments!

DiVISIVE Shinobi

Made A little poll for my


Aw sweet, I finally got to Part 2 in Fire Emblem Three Houses! *Realizes Im almost 50 hours in* HOW LONG IS THIS GAME!?


Everytime I see Angela White, I think of When I touch myself to her, I feel like hes an energy in the room that is proud the way a parent might be when their child does sonething So then its weird again that its