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Waifu Wars: Chaotic Crossovers

So, I'm somewhat disappointed that the war is pretty quiet, even if Harem Stalin Torchman keep blasting at us on how his waifu is amazing ($100 Bison Dollars that it's Hitler himself, by the way). And I haven't seen many on-topic blogs here...


Waifu Wars: True War, Part Two (War)

Last time, on Waifu Wars: I debated between eight of my favorite women in games, trying to decide which one would be the champion for the wars. Eight contenders came in, and only four got to stay. There was barely any outside input, but wha...


Waifu Wars: Loyalty-Tier

So Destructoid is kinda-sorta in the middle of a waifu war or something -- which is news to me, because I was under the impression that waifu wars never end.  Then again, I wouldn’t really know; I’ve never exactly been an active ...


Waifu Wars: Rei Ayanami (NGE)

[Possible Neon Genesis Evangelion and The End of Evangelion Spoilers] Before I get started, no, she isn't from a video game. What am I to do, though? We do not choose our waifus, our waifus choose us...Actually, I mad...




Edit: Thanks for all the Ive modified the review and have a new draft link in the Took the total time down by about 2






I know some people are upset about the Expansion Pack needed to play N64 games on And I get But I would like to personally thank Nintendo for this decision -- now Ill feel zero guilt about running this on my Steam Deck!


This is why Coco quit


Dont go spreading the news around too Abandoned Children is on sale on

Chris Moyse

Have a really happy weekend, Be sure to take time for yourself and fill it with whatever makes you Well be here as always if you wanna hang Otherwise, have a good one, and thanks once again for your AMAZING support yesterday <3


Tried out the halo infinite beta last night on My current hardware runs ok on Its on medium and low settings so its on 30 fps which is ok by my


I was watching my reaction to the Nintendo Direct back and I look doped out of my mind! I take painkillers and Gabapentin for my back, but I never knew I looked like Is it worth tossing out this video because of it? It makes me

Inquisitive Raven

And thats No More Heroes III down! A bit jank in places, but a really fun time where it I know this is the end for now, but I wouldnt mind running into this passing assassin again


Im looking forward to the day when we get to look back at the live action Super Mario Bros movie and be able to refer to it as the good


This weeks TGIF is up over in the Come say hi and let us know how your week went along with all your weekend plans! Have a great weekend Stay safe and have fun <3


PSA: If by any chance you arent a fan of lugging around a CRT and want a quality plug-n-play solution for your older consoles on HD TVs, or you want to run them through a capture card, the Retrotink 5X is getting a restock today at 9PM PST!


This is no place for a

Mike Sounders

Feel like the Nintendo Direct was Not as great as the E3 one, but


The lego Batman movie was an unexpected Funny, and surprisingly Recommend


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Dangus Taargus

Dracula X is fine, actually (Ive played it Better than I remember and that rewind feature makes the final boss WAY less OK, easy game in the collection out of the way - on to the GOAT! CotM, my first ever Castlevania The memories


Will I indulge in the ever so rare triple dip on Disco Elysium? Yes I I also would love a quality print or tshirt of this

Mike Sounders

That moment when you think WinBack is just filler for Nintendos N64 offerings, and then you find out its mechanics influenced MGS2, Gears of War, and Fair enough, cant be mad about


lol, DP


Me yesterday: Nintendo is probably going to announce a Pokemon Direct for October Nintendo: Were doing a Smash and Animal Crossing Direct in Me: Brewster is coming about time About Gimmie an am


Friday morning takes - the film Deliverance is overrated, the acting is terrible, and the “day for night” shots are painfully and poorly Glad I watched it to cross it off the list but


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10/10 face


If Jack Black is Bowser they should have Kyle Gass play a koopa troopa that stays close


Here is the statue that comes with the AI Nirvana Initiative Looks Cant wait for this game


PSA: Dont have a vindaloo the night before youre at work at half 6 in the


Spent this morning at work making a playlist for hiking: Its got music from The Peanuts, The Cranberries, and I call it my Trail


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I cant take I dont know what to do with Shes My feeble human Im printing this out and sticking it on my Hell, Im sticking it on every


After playing a few hours of Actraiser Renaissance I can say its absolutely It only improves upon the original and I personally like the Sabre Wulf/Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon art style of the platforming


Just so people know Nitendo dropped a eshop sale after that A lot of the usual sale prices for the usual games but AI The Sornium Files for €16 is a really nice sale


Of course they had to show bayonetta 3 in the only direct that aired while I was asleep! Looks like its nothing groundbreaking on the technical side, but Im very hyped nonetheless


One of those


Taking a 9hr flight in a At least Ill finally see my family after almost 2 years :) Anyhoo, have a great day you lovely people! Also, Bayonetta 3!! And that Square card game, Trigonometry Tactics, and Kirby game look great!


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Current Status

Inquisitive Raven

Thanks so much to everyone for the well wishes on my Birthday!! Its a great feeling to know Im liked, and Im so glad to be here Thanks again!!


Calling it now, the Mario movie is going to be an origin story; how he got to the mushroom kingdom and met Peach, Much like the live action Mario will be younger and is missing either his mustache or outfit or both until the last 15 mins🤔😐


Fire (2021) - Is this track actually fire? Its not for me to say, but it is named Hopefully that makes the track :p


Trading in about $300 worth of Magic cards to Magic cards from the new set tomorrow at This is why I originally quit, Back at it Midnight Hunt has proven so far to be a great set in MTGA though!


Square Enix has made a brand on silly game titles, and the executives have started to worry they might be mellowing down a Anyway that’s probably the widely believed fact of why this game will be called Triangle Looks promising!


(BUMP: Told At least Bayonetta 3 looked pretty Another Nintendo direct, another update without a new Mario

Inquisitive Raven

Birthday dinner! We went out to my favorite seafood place and got fried shrimp, sweet potato fries, and really tasty garlic noodles loaded with shrimp, sausage,


Found this book at the Goodwill that folds out into this Liked it so much I hung it in my


The Direct didnt do too much for New Act-Riaser looks slick, the Castlevania GBA collection looks great, and dammit, The Rock should have been cast as


Deathloop log: the beauty of pvp is getting killed as Julianna by