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Double Monocles

How naive I was to think I had time to beat three games in one week, let alone one My younger self would be so disappointed in my life

Jed Whitaker

River City Ransom: Underground is out now!

Electric Reaper

Symantec can go fuck themselves with a flaming Norton 360 flagged the of Armored Hunter Gunhound EX, Shantae and the Pirates Curse, and Gas Guzzlers Extreme as viruses, then quarantined the Wasted my morning fixing this


I could rent For Honor OOORRR I could farm divin equipment on I kept playing

Pixie The Fairy

It took the industry eighteen years, but this week we will finally have a console actually designed to stand


Twilight Princess is going really Ive cleared the first two dungeons and enjoyed both quite a I just wish the bosses had a bit more urgency to They feel more like timed puzzles than actual They should be more balanced, I


Does anyone want a 1019 GameCube memory card? I can ship it flat rate for $6 if anyone is interested


I never dabbled much in Miiverse but this is a work of art I made for one of the NES Remix #MiiverseMonday

Pizza in a Tangle

Ive been busy today, so I only just opened Now when I (someday) go outside, ppl will ask what it is, and Ill say its us, and then theyll go see and then never speak to me change, us! Thanks to the awesome @MeanderBot!

Electric Reaper

Magical Girl Monday


I got some shit family news lot of people here are having a v rough I dont wanna be cheesy, but I just want to remind us *all* here that we are strong These are challenges but we *can beat And we all have each other if needed




Odin Sphere is pretty damn The gameplay loop so far is pretty Art style honestly speaks for itself Not too far into the story yet so cant comment but definitely getting into The menu where you choose a story is cute as fuck


Whats your least favorite area in any of the dark souls games?


Got JoJos Bizarre Adventure for the PS3 in the Most expensive game my brother stole from

Electric Reaper

Someone made a Shantae player model for multiplayer in Serious Sam 3 BFE! This is just too funny! XD


So apparently Shadow of Mordors getting a Im good with that, If the gameplays still fun and the stories easy to ignore like the first one Im on board with some more of that there popcorn


Currently on Special World 3-1 in my quest to 100% Super Mario 3D Land! Every stage up to this point has all 3 Star Medals found and the gold flag I have to repeat the entire game with Luigi, but Im totes fine with


This was a little I dont think he went too far for the job he was there to do, but my


I will never cease to love

Electric Reaper

So, Brianna Wu is running for Representative of Massachusetts as a WTF She is running against Stephen Lynch, a Democrat with far more political experience and qualifications than she He has held one political office or another since


People on my Twitter feed are celebrating the fact that Zootopia, a Disney film, won an Oscar for Best Animated Allow me to share a poem filled with other shocking revelations: Water is wet, The sky is blue, Randy Pitchford is a douche-canoe


While I was abroad I had enough time to play Gravity Rush on my Vita and see what its all Its surprisingly good, like something thats and made of chocolate! Ended up picking the second game up today as Really digging

Madoka Malika

Sooooo I am going to try to pick up Horizon: Zero Dawn at midnight

Dangus Taargus

Jim totally stole my Should I sue?

Electric Reaper

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is set to expire from Netflix streaming late in March this This is a really good anime and Netflix should keep If you like the show, would you kindly request that Netflix renew the license?


So Im playing this story mode in Playing is being generous, did Kojima direct this? Also, what is even going on, why is everyone so Basically, Rashid is the only likeable from a personality point of view anyway :p


So this I bought one for myself and one as a present for my I need your help with them D-Toid! Suggest me games to add! Ill post in the comments since its too big to list what I already Any hidden gems?


REALLY?! Are we REALLY having to do this shit? Cause OF COURSE the console companies dont want you to own your own


Wife is finally Playing through Dark souls 3 some more to burn off some steam


Ok so I know Ive been acting like an asshole lately and I just wanted to Lately Ive been going crazy trying to make deadlines and getting only 2-3 hours of I just took a nap so Im more awake now but I lash out when Im really stressed


Doing research on Majolica is very Especially when you cant find what you are looking for in the first Sometimes being a historian can be a


A lesser known Bill Paxton flick that has always been One of my favorites


Steve Fox is pretty

On Air Fish

Someone got a copy of Breath Of The Wild for Wii U and they did an AMA on Read at your own My work computer has Reddit blocked, so no Sorry!


Im hoping to get back into the habit of writing pretentious analytical stuff Going to try writing tomorrow, see if it


i just completed mass effect 1 main story took me 14 hours, im going to start mass effect 2


Done about 20 missions of Super Robot Wars Thinking of writing a blog about the experience so Anyone interested?


What have we here????? pic in comments)


Well, 5 hours into Tales of Berseria and Velvet is not a chipper character, but shes way more interesting than Anime Jesus from Zestiria, and the combat is interesting Maybe ill stick with this one until the

King Kaiser

Did I mention how much I love the front page? The commenters there are great! I mean, they would be, if they were like the

the navi is a lie

I promise Ill release some blogs They are Its just been a tough few


Well main engine programming is done! Just needs to be properly Game still needs cutscenes and music and some graphical/programming Im getting there yall Screenshot: Its a secret to everybody!


You cant fix stupid!

the navi is a lie

Sooo I was dumb I was I let out some of those thoughts at the school lunch And a good friend told the social And she told my And now Im heading to my therapist and hospilization is a very real


For anyone alive during Columbine, you should watch this Its a Ted Talk from the mother of one of the


Aww New art showed up today


Got my copy of Nintendo 64 Anthology a book all about the While Im not a huge N64 fan, I do enjoy video game history and this book is a massive compendium of all things N64 including cancelled Wish I would have been in on the

Kaleido Ruby

Why is Usain Bolt in a Japanese Pokémon commercial?