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Vender guy I accidentally, awkwardly said I love you too was in for the first time in Turns out he got walk away give him the satisfaction of seeing you man cry

Squalls Scar

Whose chest would you take a dump on? Rinoa or Go!

Nathan D

I think #TakemiTuesday went pretty Damn well,




Looks like Im all set for a weekend of romance <3


Credit for the picture to: Just wanted to share a cheery thing! Hope your day is going well and ends on a good


I keep seeing such amazing bonuses/skins for Overwatch, but man, given my busy schedule its so hard to play I lose my first match of the night and Im already fed Maybe I just just focus on the rare PvE or SUCK IT UP



Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Kats 2B costume is coming out April 27th(Japan) and May 5th(West)! There is also a 20% off sale on Gravity Rush 2 (40% for PS+ users) in Japan, so we might get something


Love Can Bloom continues to


When you open Heroes of the Storm its like I got some new characters, loads of cool skins, a bunch of gold, Valla as a game announcer plus the 20 hero Its a nice welcome back, now I just have to remember how to


Easy to follow cheat sheet for the Nexus I dont like Mobos but a skin and 10 loot boxes is a pretty decent

Dennis Carden

Am I really about to replay Persona 4? Really? Oh god, will I ever be seen again, should I continue down this dark path? Send I adore this game, and I now feel compelled to go back to this one after beating But its So So very


I dont see the appeal of $200 for nosebleeds? No

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Saw Mark Hamill post this picture on twitter giving a shout out to all the actors who played Joker for no reason at Its a pretty damn good (note: Jared Leto says The Psychopath kind of hard to He forgot Richard Epcar(Injustice)

Hypno Coffin

I think Flinthook is the first platformer in history where after playing it with a controller, I said to myself Fuck this Im using keyboard and


Just bought the latest Persona 5 I want to hear that SMTIV theme in-game so bad right now but its almost 2 here so thatll have to wait til


I think people should talk more about how funny Berserk Its not just some grimdark misery Its pretty


Today I learned the RWBY manga has some incredible


@Khalid: Please make one of your AotWs about Warren People seem to have forgotten this dude or written him off as a one hit wonder, but man was he Especially as a A little old lady got mutilated late last night thats fun to

Pizza in a Tangle

#confessiontoid I dont like big

Electric Reaper

Even Rooster Teeth is making fun of Drumpf and his connection to Vladimir


This song is genuinely one of my Very calming vocals and soothing Anyway, heres #MusicToid | Oasis - Wonderwall


This month started all sunshine and rainbows, and it looks to end all everclear and It was strange being happy for a while, time to go back to my natural state of being


The new skin from HotS as a console player wounds me


This is some Comments of the Week material right

Kaleido Ruby


Inquisitive Ravenclaw

My 2nd Max Confidant was Sun, oddly The perks are just too Thanks to the red negotiation text, I got a Shadow to cough up an obscene 26,000 yen in one fight!

Electric Reaper

Makiko Oriotorai of Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere is a very cute teacher!

Kaleido Ruby

Good Oh and I got the capture device Only took a system board and processor to do it,


I let my friend borrow my Switch when Persona 5 released because he couldnt get one, but Im finally getting it back in 2 days when Mario Kart comes out! It feels like the countdown to launch day all over again!!!


I heavily regret not playing Persona 5 with Japanese

Pixie The Fairy

When you got to go to


Looking for a game to play on ps4 I can chill and relax Only got 15 buck tho, any suggestions?


Holy fuckin shit


My favorite take on the franchise


My wife is destroying me at Puyo Puyo That wasnt supposed to


This is freaking cool:


Anyone on know when Specter of Torment will release on The One? I cannot find any information on it




So I currently have the Blizzard installed on my laptop, and Im currently trying to install Heroes of the If any of you want to add me, my username is Jojo1989 You know, if you want to add Im not your Edit: Forgot the


So many bulks It was annoying to move all of them pretty much by


WELP, tried some Shovel Knight:Specter of Torment and so far Ive bested three of the I am enjoying it and aspects of it but so far Im not really thinking its going to supplant Plague of Shadows as my favorite


The DS3 DLC hates Ill hate it


Been playing a lot of Gravity Rush on Vita and I forgot how amazing it was! Gonna aim for the platnium I also have Remastered and 2 but Ill give them some space to breathe in my Ill plat Tearaway next as the PS4 remake was a fun plat :D


Last boss of Ringed City was a fun A good challenge; only took a couple of tries and didnt need to That damn dragon will take some more work


Anyone play any Outlast 2 yet?


Did a really fun Evangelion inspired Looks a little sloppy, but I really dig it!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Did anyone else know that there was an Adventure Time special event going on this week? If it wasnt for DVR auto-recording it I never wouldve known, as they havent really shown any commercials for This shows schedule is all over the


Im wearing socks and sandals right