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My Top Ten Games of 2015

Heya D-toiders.  I know I don't blog as much as I should, life, actually playing games, work, other ignored blog, etc., but I do want to make some semblance of an effort to do it more this year.  In the meantime, allow me to g...




But seriously, if you watch any of them, watch this Also check the comments for some beat up cars I was in front of


I dont understand why Nintendo tires to be family friendly but then lets people name themselves whatever they want and use their console profile name as their online I played with someone in Splatoon tonight named

Chris Bradshaw

Man, I would love if circumstances in the Breath of the Wild 2’s plot lead to Zelda as the main Would kinda explain the hair


This is Definitely check it Two Best Sisters Play RDR2


This is Definitely check it Two Best Sisters Play RDR2


The Legend of Zelda: The quest to get Ganondorf some godamn


Thoughts so far on


Musing on Cyberpunk 2077, Im relatively excited for Ive always enjoyed the cyberpunk aesthetic and the Witcher 3 was pretty swell so Id be up for seeing how CDPR does with it especially now that Ive been replaying Deus Ex MD which is still great


Calling it now: Final Fantasy VII-R Episode 2 is going to be called Kalm but in reality, its just going to be an HD Remake of Crisis Core only you play as Cloud instead of Zack and every so often you see Tifa in the present shift, 04/2021

Wes Tacos

At Adzukens behest, I am playing A Link to the Past for the first time Why are these shrubs exploding when I whack them with my sword? Also, if you have any tips to make my life easier, please


Im gonna be honest, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered was one of my favorite Especially after the rumblings that Square lost the source code, I wasnt expecting it, but in the end that got a huge cheer from me, it means a lot to me

Mike Sounders

I diiiid it

Electric Reaper

Maps designed with cramped corridors, annoying monster closets, and super precarious walk ways? No

Chris Hovermale

Finally picked up Dad of Boy thanks to the PSN After exploring the Lake a little, I am convinced Ive made a very good


Where mah wabbits at?

Dangus Taargus

Played the Ray series RayForce is one of my new all time favorites, RayStorm was also amazing, RayCrisis not Oh man RayForce though! The first two games were just plain I dont know how else to describe


Potentially spicy take: The Crush40 music for SA1&2 were and still are legitimately good and they only went bad after that

Keiichi Morisato

Finally picked up a PS4 Pro, it is used, and I traded in my PS4 slim, but I finally own Looking forward to taking advantage of the extra features in


Me at any game ever


Wrote a review for Howards new All he does is apologize for years of great radio, try to convince non-fans hes acceptable now, and rewrites history to make himself looks as good as Amazon accepted my lengthy review, picture an

Silver the 3rd

Heres a reactionary playing cyberpunk to get Remember, if youre going to complain about something make sure its actually what youre complaining about


Ive been framed!

Fivefinger Delta

Lets play a game – pick one game to forget from your memory so you can experience it again for the first time and one game to forget from our collective memory so the world never has to experience it thus bringing about world

Electric Reaper

I really hope this game is It kinda reminds me of Metal


I hang out with some very mature


At this point I feel like I’ve seen everything of Cadence of for any of the There’s a lot more overworld exploration and puzzling than I Pretty neat!


So I got past the area I was stuck on in Sekiro but I think Im going to stop Im not feeling any enjoyment playing it so I think thats a good enough Guess its just not my kinda game, I feel

Electric Reaper

I see Yahtzee is as cynical as


Really tempted to buy Okami on the Switch while its on sale regardless of owning it on everything else

CaimDark Reloaded

FFXVs chapter 13 is sooooo Cant wait for it to be Its like they had a design meeting that went: hey, how do we add some variety to the experience? I know, lets take away the very best parts of the game for a couple Brilliant!

Jetter Mars

Im Jetter Mars and I can beat Contra without the Konami 💪


SHINY AND uh SILVER since chromium use hasnt been invented yet


Perfect Dark Zero inhabits approximately Zero percent of peoples favorite gaming moments, Cheeky


Whats your approach for a character builder? I try to make mine in the complete opposite For instance, my Shepard was a fish eyed, pencil mustached, pink armored, hero

Spiders For Sale

Pontiff Knights

Silver the 3rd

I can hear the sax


This is going to be Glad I showed up a couple minutes before opening, because the were plenty of others just as eager to get their hands on Ill post some results later!


#SiegeSaturday also since I know everyone was asking to see it, theres a picture of my G-Fuel stash in the Hope everyones having a good


So when are we gonna get E4?


I would literally give my balls to just have BOTW 2 rn

Fivefinger Delta

Does anyone else have a problem buying games? I um and ah for so long I end up not buying anything and just playing the games Ive been playing for the past 10 I have bought 2 games this year and borrowed


The internet art community is going nuts over these two new Pokemon ladies, a swimmer lady and a sweater


Bout time for YEAH! This is an XBONE S, KI, Rare Replay, DA: Inquisition, and a year of $200!!!


I finally went back to System While it is clunky as hell, I cant deny that its really immersive and Current status:

Electric Reaper

Bernie has been fighting so long to improve the lives of countless He would make a great

Alex Heat

I meant to post this like six hours ago, but whoops, power outage due to rain!


People invoking the specter of the sanctity of Claptraps voicework out of one side of their mouths and saying how much they hate Claptrap out of the #DarksidersGenesis


Just meeting the voice of some of my fave video game characters, no


Timmy, please get your own PR team Youre going to embarrass the third-party devs under your store, and insulted other devs who wants to work with other stores And its certainly not in your favor amid the controversy surrounding your