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Refusal to Share: My Niece and Gaming

Like most of you here, I started out my gaming career at a very, very young age. I was probably about 4 when I got my shiny new NES, and have fond memories of running around as Super Mario, eating mushrooms and jumping on flying turtles and...




So Ive finally started the contentious DOOM: This is gonna be really interesting! Played a bit of the first level and so far so The glory kills are


So Cyberpunk 2077 will be playable on PS5 - Xbox Series X (seriously I still don’t understand that name) from day one, but a fully optimised version will only launch some time next IMO this is one more reason to calmly wait to jump to he

Voltaic Owl

Hamster apparently announced a LOT of upcoming games for the Arcade Archives line, including Mystic Warriors, Parodius Da, and Duck Friendly reminder that in the arcade version of Duck Hunt, you actually CAN shoot the dog

Electric Reaper

For as much as I prefer singleplayer games/modes, I gotta respect the sheer speed of a full team in Deep Rock Even when all 4 players decide to be thorough, a single game can be shorter than 30 minutes,


So, did anybody win one of those Spider-Man mini figures or has that drawing not happened yet?


Played Star Wars Pod Racer a lot as a kid and had a lotta fun with it back on the Grabbed it on switch and yeah, its still a darn good Think Ill try to beat it after all this


Dtoid Secret Santa gives me immeasurable joy each Thank you TheBlondeBass for giving it life and Torch for carrying this This community is the


Thanks for the burpday wishes, fapsters! I spent the day eating through the fajita meat my mom and aunt gifted me, as well as playing a whole lotta Age of Any two-handed weapon is such a fun time!

A Luigi Fanatic

Over 80% of Americans are projected to be overweight or obese by Some people blame our sugar subsidies, others blame our car-centric urban I blame bread rolls


Happy #Thiccsgiving Everybody!


Pikmin is an oddly satisfying

Damien Quicksilver

Happy birthday Seymour!


Also, happy birthday Seymour! Hopefully you had a great one!


*looks at watch* Thanksgiving’s Current status:


Ive been rekindling my love of Digimon the past few years thanks to the (pretty terrible) Tri series, but Ive been playing the games this past year too! I quite admire their willingness to tap into their inner 12 year old edgelord when making


Thank for for this shit (And hypno of course)


Is there a more enjoyable take on infinite grinding than the item world in Disgaea? Ive been really enjoying giving D5 the time it


Happy Now grab a


So should I assume I didn’t win HW:AoC and just go ahead and snag it? 😂


Happy Thanksgiving Dtoid!

Gus TT Showbiz

I’d like to cut back on the Thanksgiving leftovers, but I can’t quit cold


Happy Birthday Seymour! and Happy Thanksgiving to all of


Im really close to finishing Little Big Adventure 1, its a strange

Silver the 3rd

If Sony had any balls it would make ads like this for ps5

Yue chan

I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate a bunch of food!!!

Damien Quicksilver

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is $20 on I finally gave You probably should


Had my brother and the nephews over today, but only because we always babysit and they know its Finally figured out what to do with the PS4 now that I have a PS5: Give it to my older brother who hasnt played games in He was 😌


Family cooked turkey on Tuesday so we could have leftovers all This is that turkey, the broth from that turkey and a roux, veggies, and a crescent roll Was absolutely bomb


Happy Stanksgiving and a merry birthday to that guy who Im sure is thankful for

Anthony Marzano

Happy birthday Seymour!


It’s Thanksgiving and VA-11 HALL-A is on sale on


I have completed the most important part of the Thanksgiving feast!


Happy Birthday, Seymour! And happy thanksgiving to all the US


#Thiccsgiving Thursday


Anyone know what the dash does in Bloodstained 2? Thanks


Im on the quests before Hoo Are they

Cloudman Sam

Birthsgiving wishes to you Seymour! Hope you like your cake stuffed!

Chris Bradshaw

happy fake thanksgiving destructoid


Will someone plz help alana


My baby’s got jet pack


Turkey Day


Happy Birthday Seymour!


Another Discount code: N4JLKAZ46NX3HIZPCE for All-time high exclusive discount on selected Devolvers adrenaline⁠-⁠fueled action games! on One use Not using it myself because my backlog is so big it has its own gravitational


Dude I LOVE drawing and writing on It takes time but there’s nothing like doing shit Just in case, it reads Merry Christmas <3


Do I eat the burger


I clawed my way to 30 years young today! Well, not until Tomato, Penis, Instead of a new bday selfie, heres me approx 100lbs But, with every soda I dont drink and every mile I walk, it feels more real once again!


The fabled chicken noodle Hope everyone has a great


No one knows what depowered Waluigi looks

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Happy Birthsgiving to our very own Seymour!


Trying to think of transition screens for a Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy review but am drawing Obvious one would be using the Power Cell screen animations, but I wanna be different if I can and dont wanna use those if I dont have