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Bbain's Jukebox, Shade-Style: Zelda

Once again I've had a pretty significant hiatus, but here we are back for the tunes. Welcome back to Bbain's Jukebox! By the time you read this, I'll probably be on my way to go see The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. I've been...




Chainsaw Man author, please don’t goof up on part Part 1 was just It somehow swims in tropes while also defying Such a strange little

Ricky Namara

I dont think yall realize how big the next Guilty Gear is going to be Its going to take place in the United States Gear Central the Birthplace of All Gears! How are yall not more excited for this!?

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Finally beat one playthrough of cyberpunk in the comments with pseudo spoilers


Well, not that it was unexpected fuck link in comments

Ricky Namara

Capcom: Im going to creep everyone put by making the next RE villain a freakishly tall Internet: STEP ON ME, MOMMY!! Capcom:


Huh they brought Yuki from Yakuza 0 in Kiwami 2 for the cabaret club minigame that was a pretty nice suprise/call back


Hey all! Hope you have a good week!


It did overstay its welcome a bit in the later half, but I understand some people complaining about some And yes, if you forget anything, be ready to backtrack like Which means dont play it sleepy or keep Enjoyable otherwise!


Catching bugs on the side of trees for the Critterpedia in Animal Crossing is an internal nightmare from which I cannot

Shut Up Ace

Been streaming A Hat in Time with a Glad to be finishing this game; Its so fun! Cant wait to get to the DLC


This has strong Mike Martin

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Anyone remember Megas XLR? So apparently someone did a 4K remaster of the entire series! The file size is quite large and my laptop cant do 4K, but Im hoping one day Ill be able to watch this


Gabe Newell casually talking about assimilating people into the Steam Collective while massaging his bare


The Retrotink and S-video cables dont magically make the GC/N64 look HD-tier, but man they make a difference over Its like wearing glasses for the first time and noticing all of the missing


Been a lot of good meme material Usually means disaster is around the Going to enjoy it while I


Well, I finally got round to finishing Weird I mean, apart from the fame and money, pretty much is me/was Probably should have watched when I was in a better


Spent all day finishing up the Crash Bandicoot 2 review, but since I just released Crash 1s review I will be delaying Crash 2 until this Luckily I already had the transitions ready, although my original idea was to cut out the Cortex

Steel Squirrel

I got a god damn It is very It was nice knowing you Im gonna put this rumbling controller up my butthole and ride off into the

Cloudman Sam

Phoenotopia released on Steam a few days ago if the switch wasnt your


It do seem to be like this as someone who plays neither series


Go severely hooked into pokenon No idea I started a long while But its exactly what I want right Giant gengar is


Finished Serious Sam Pretty meh on it, which sucks considering how much I liked A lot of very annoying fights, and nothing really Corny dialogue was fun,


To my understanding, this is Resident Evil Village in a


Hades is so awesome, its like Supergiant are just flexing the whole Its one of the reasons I got a This is a popular Less popular opinion: Mario Galaxy is not for me so Tell me they stop w the terrible upside-down

Yue chan

Juice makes the best food for me when we are drinking 👌🤤😏


The first goty contender drops on Tuesday, thats right its RYZA TWOOOOO


I thought I was over this meme but then I saw this and still cracked


Dont run behind Youll get


Retroactively moving Cyberpunk down a bit in my top games of 2020 list after finishing I had fun with it, but there are so many things wrong with this The fact that the devs envisioned a 2022 release says it

Ricky Namara

As a Silent Hill fan (well, someone who watches other people play the game for me while I hid behind the couch), this is pain:

Yue chan

You are welcome


What do your mother and spaghetti have in common? I have them both on Sunday! #SpaghettiSunday


Finished watching Soul for the second time made me want to listen to NIN Ghosts V and VI which the band released for free during the pandemic’s initial outbreak last I can hear some of the tunes that went into movie with The chills <3


Glad to see the Packers continue to be true to Can be a frustrating team to watch, thats for


Would you???


Singalong time


Promising Young Woman was a great watch Highly

Chris Hovermale

Despite the fact I havent indicated otherwise on this website for over a year, I live


Whatever happened to SpielerDad? Did the reptiloids finally get him?


Current Status:

Fivefinger Delta

For our beloved!


My Friend Pedro has the greatest twist ending of all


How is RE8 a horror game when the villains are this hot?? Horror more like


Sundays are for the boys!


Random assortment found in a The really good shit is deep in my closet, but Ill get there and share


Mabel judging me, after I woke her up with a biscuits n gravy

Fivefinger Delta

Hey, I did one of those review thingies Check it out if you can or want Edit: Sunday morning bump for weekend


I have beaten (the main campaign of) Opus Magnum! I am the greatest alchemist alive! Behold my greatest work in the comments section (because its a puzzle solution) and despair!