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Band of Bloggers: Speed Shooter

I do not know about you, but it seems that over half of the charm of the older style FPS games (Doom and Quake) is that they really highlight the ability of weapons you get in the game. Something about having a shotgun and running and gunn...


Augest BOB RECAP!!!

Yo people! How was your last month? Mine was excellent. So here is our Band of Bloggers recap for August: LET THE HIDEO GAMES BEGIN! 8/03/2015First is TheLimoMaker's:Hideogames - Silent Hills: WHat Might Have Been.This was a great blog...


Ground Zeros and Epic Playlists!

So I would not be lying when I say that I am terrible at Metal Gear Solid. Honestly the only one I ever finished was Twin Snakes and most people disown that one for numerous reasons. (I enjoyed it a lot) But we all dance here… Right...


Bioshock Retrospective

I had never played Bioshock, a game that the majority of the gaming world has been praising to the heavens for years now. In anticipation of Bioshock Infinite I decided to take care of that particular issue, approximately five years after ...


Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Review

One of the biggest surprises I had after getting a PSP is that long epic JRPGs are the perfect fit for portable gaming. It might be counter intuitive. After all, for a big epic RPG it should be most appropriate to play in front of a large ...


Hideo Games: Metal...Gear!?

Close to the end of July, I decided to once again play through every main line Metal Gear Solid title before the release of The Phantom Pain on the 1st of September. I wanted to reacquaint myself with the storyline, as it's been a few years...


Better with Age: Max, dearest of all my friends~

The Max Payne games are considered to be one of the most underrated franchise I've ever played. Despite having all the recipe for success, it never seems to have any big commercial successes as other Rockstar games do. Maybe it was cursed ...


Better with Age: Have 'Faith' in your running skills

The term 'Parkour' (Or 'free-running', whichever you prefer) might be new for us a decade ago, but the practice itself have existed for a long time ago, ever since animals doing it in nature. Free-running in entertainment medium, however i...


Better With Age: My D*ck

Since Nanners is a giant buttface, dickhole, cuntflap (just kidding boo), I had to change my idea for this month's.... Musing? BoB? You fucks have too many names for the same God damn things now days. So instead of writing about me as an o...


Super Mario Galaxy Review

Super Mario Galaxy, about an Italian hero, Mario who embarks on a journey to save princess peach from a ferocious, dinosaur Bowser and his sons who try to stop him, an innocent female princess who should be used to getting kidnapped at this...


The story of how I killed my wife...

I had been adventuring alone for some time across the icy wastes of Skyrim before I stumbled upon the Temple of Mara in Riften, having never even contemplated the idea of marriage before, but now deciding perhaps I should find myself ...


Band of Bloggers: A Republic Far Far Away

The first open world game was Elite. Released in 1984 it presented a galaxy full of choice, but heavily reliant on imagination, capturing its audience whilst being crude. By 2003, games like Morrowind had advanced the genre significan...



Whispering Willow

Got this on a I roll it to decide how much the snooze button timer will be

Dangus Taargus

Sneak peak of a thing Im working Going to a whole lot of trouble to display a rom hack of Super Mario that renders the game but hey, thats what I Art! Loving this design and might make another for general Well see


Returnal Log: Boss 1 down after maybe 4 Had a good run into the next biome but had to off myself due to adulting 🤷🏻‍♂️ Would’ve loved a save and quit Game is super fun, but I am very worried about run length




Im fully committed to my


Amna turned me onto The Ascent which looks like a fun Cyberpunk thing so Imma be streaming that for a bit since its been forever ago that I last


Happy Birthday Chrono! Picture


Happy birthday Chrono! Hope you get some cake and other tasty foods!

The Actual Charlton Heston

Yall need to stop getting Honky Bartday, Chrono! Kiss Jesus for me when you see him!

Just Aaron

ChronoLynx! Happy Birthday! Here`s some words of wisdom to reflect on, courtesy of the philosopher and poet, Tito


Oh snap, happy birthday ChronoLynx!


Happy Birthday ChronoLynx! Thanks for joining us in our strange corner of the internet! Happy to have you here!

Jetter Mars

Happy Birthday, ChronoLynx!


Housesitting for my Hes got a Says I can play Looking over 7 games installed played these, lets install something new! Hardrive With 7 How Also, Happy Birthday ChronoLynxx! Pic


Almost a wrap on Demon’s Souls! Just got Penetrator and Allant This is going to be the first time I’ve seen a Souls game through to the end! Now to decide if I do NG+ or try and complete the whole series


Happy birthday ChronoLynx, may you be safe at your job and have a great


I love little old Quite a few are hard-core hot little


Im a controller andy, I gotta find a way to practice FPS with a mouse and keyboard without being insulted by 13 year old squeakers

Anonymous 20

Pokemon Go reduced its Gym and Stop distance I live in a spot where i could access them with the extra distance, but cant with the original I see my playtime drastically


Having a lot of fun, back at it with Minecraft Eventually form-fitted my guy to be essentially a pet Love those! The Hero Edition (w/ all the DLC) is 40 bucks and pretty dang worth it, if you dont mind the idea of a simplified


🤔 🤔 🤔


Worked a 12 hour overnight gig and just wrapped at Im tired to the point of feeling drunk, but its the most fun Ive had on a gig in a long Hope youre all having a good weekend :)

Czar Kazem

So whats the consensus on the Nocturne Remaster? For someone who hasnt played the game before, but wants I know it isnt really a good remaster, but if I just want to play the game without setting up my PS2, is it worth it enough?


Went to Philly last Hit up a rooftop bar, beer hall, and some Was Was Was

Inquisitive Raven

That Metroid Dread shirt, though!~


Trying to bake I ended up getting litres of honey from my coworker in return for maybe litres of spruce sprout Im ashamed of the conversion

Chris Bradshaw

random iridion appreciation post


The idea here is that choosing to play as the female character will communicate solidarity with victims of the systemic abuse that has festered at Ubisoft for That way, you can still buy the game!

Kevin Mersereau

I don’t usually share my music here, but I just spent all night making this, it’s 6:26 am, and I’m much too tired to regret any of this until around 12pm

sp testure

Happy Birthday to ChronoLynxx! I am glad that you and yer band of misfits call this place home :)


Have a great Sunday all!

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday to semi-newcomer but much-beloved community member ChronoLynxx! I hope you and your pals are fitting in here at Hope you have a great year ahead and a fun bday!


Early morning status


Late night elf status:

Ricky Namara

Gnite, folks!


I am a big time long time Drakengard/Nier/Metal Slug/Ace Combat shared universe (Oh Ask me how) fan and am playing Nier Got the Automata crew and good? It certainly hones closest to the original concept for


Prob fake, but if a real one were ever made it would be painfully hilarious to see Nintendo and MS take the PSP Go and PSTV and respectively turn them into successful products


Thanks for the comments three days ago, Felt kinda bad for not being active here as I even forgot my words for a However, your input and some advice from friends is helping me Gotta focus on me again, no sure how, but I have


Gonna be streaming some Super Mario Odyssey post game on Twitch if anyone is Might even do some more Japanese Mega Man Legends 2 as


Legally Distinct Status:


Man Pokemon Unite kinda Getting that MOBA fix ive needed since I quit League without the pain and


Does any one know how many worlds are in Ring Fit? Is there anyone out there who even knows what the end looks if it exists?


Back in the Saturday morning cartoons: yay! Sunday morning programs: Why so bad!?


Mood, as the kids

Virtua Kazama

Tonight begins a brand new spin on Fortune Roulette: Mystery Roulette! Were going to open up with Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution!


If you have gamepass, you should definitely check out Just played through Short, sweet Made by one person!


I love Yakuza Like a Dragon but I cant stand that final boss fight at the Hate it when RPGs give you a game over when only the protagonist gets


I absolutely love me some video game tech nonsense that is promising but will ultimately disappear (I kick-started the ouya and caress my dream cast daily) so I really, really need me a