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God of War Drawing Video

I decided maybe someone amongs this community would find this interesting. I did this a while ago. So far, the feedback has been minimal. But if some people here show interest, I will definately do another one, this time of Earthworm Jim...


Please help me win this week's shirt.woot Derby

Hey everybody. I've spent the last 12 hours putting together an entry for this week's shirt.woot derby. If you've got a woot account, please vote for my design if you feel it's your jam. I would love to own one of these, and I hope that you...


10 Reasons why Obama's from Hawaii

I apologize to NO MAN. 10. Because his birth certificate says so 9. Homie loves his luaus. 8. It's the only other place besides Washington he can easily roast a pig. 7. The beaches, obviously. 6. THERE IS NO REASON 6. 5. NO pooftahs....


Late night quicky post about artwerkz.

Once again, very few probably care, but there will be artwork here shortly. I have to finish up a website for a local restaurant that I frequent, as well as start working on a website for the local area itself that I live in. Add in that ...


STFUAJPGM # 4: Chiptune Live

For Zippydudda and the rest that enjoy some seriously sweet chips, here you go. The new episode of STFUAJPGM is now available. This episode features a bunch of heavy hitters from the chip music scene. A lot of big names, with big sounds...


Shadowsinthenyte: 64 Bit Genocide

Hey kids, do you like drinking? And partying? And Video Game themed art? And how about Rocking Out? Well do we have just the thing for you! It's 64 Bit Genocide, taking place this Saturday, August 22nd, at The Ottobar in lovely Baltimore, ...


Psychonauts Boxart is Done! (Shortblog)

Just finished this today. My printer's giving me hell for it (I think I'm gonna need a new ink cartridge soon), but overall I'm super-happy with how it turned out. I've been thinking about doing more covers like these, but I'd like to t...


Valley of Walls- Super Mashup Bros

http://valleyofwalls.bandcamp.com/ I just wanted to post this over here. Valley of Walls put together a mash-up Cd of rap/pop mixed with video games and it's pretty amazing. Who doesn't want to hear 99 Problems mixed with Sonic? I really...


Don't call it a comeback...

Sorry, couldn't help the LL Cool J reference. I love that song. Not like anyone is going to care that I'm back, but hey! I'm back. Last time I was seen around here was March, soon after the Miami NARP (once again, thanks for a good time...


Whacha-whachow Kumatora and Duster

I've been ploughing through persona 3, I got FFVII on my PSP (had to update my firmware), I found a working Gamecube memory card (meaning Wind Waking shenanigans) and I just put my brand new 16 copy of Bioshock into my PS3. Oh and this: ...


Controllers vs. Instinct: From NES to Wii

I was four years old, maybe five, when my family purchased an NES. This was the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt bundle, but of course everyone went straight for the Mushroom Kingdom immediately (did anyone ever play Duck Hunt straight away out ...


1 + 1 = Awesome

(I've been told I should make some sort of introductory blog or something, but I'd rather post something constructive.) The first 1 being Rock Band The second 1Devil May Cry 3 I was tasked by fellow DToider SephirothDZX to take a standar...


Project Update

Okay, remember my little game-in-development? It hasn't disappeared; if anything, it's gone along a little too well. It's become sufficiently huge in concept and design that it's essentially become its own universe. While I still want ...


Girls don't play games

Okay folks- I'm gunna make this perfectly clear, I know girls DO in fact play games. My mother has a Nintendo DS, my girlfriend loves Harvest Moon and Gears of War ( an odd combination no?) and almost every girl I know plays the Sims. Oka...


WipEout HD has once again swallowed my life.

There has been a serious lack of updating round these parts! Blame it on building a new pc and working too many hours. Anyhoo down to the serious stuff... anti gravity racing. I started getting into Wipeout around the time Wipeout 2097 ...


Could more blogs go here? Maybe.

Have some pictures of things I've made out of pixelblocks out of boredom in the meantime [1]. I'm always wondering how nerdy it is to blog about videogames in one's spare time. Is it a mark of insanity, an urge to be creative, or...


BMT Game Mural

A group of seven young adults from three local high schools in Billings Montana put together this rather stupid mural. It was completed nearly two long years ago. I should have been the eighth contributor, but my request to muralize Soli...




Good day all! Heres to a great one!


I really want


Regis is trying to keep Geralt from catching Thankfully, Geralt seems to heed his


I found an old pirated copy of AvP II in my box of I wonder if this is worth anything, since you cant buy AvP II anymore, if it would just wind me up in Double-Prison for piracy and copyright infringement


Might seem like a weird choice, but Im going with paper Mario over Tsushima at the last I keep grabbing games that would probably be better to wait on patches or the ps5 Origami is probably just as good now as ever will


TLOU2 done just in time for GOT of the non-Lannister They did fumble the pacing in the end - they should have wrapped it up at a certain culminating point and added a single narrative chapter instead of adding multiple with more


3 more handgunners makes the front rank 5 more to

Czar Kazem

no one asked but since my Big Beautiful Buick is having problems, I bought a car over the Its I like


Hey guys I been playing paper mario origami king and talk about hte battle system here!


So the new Story of Seasons game came out today and Ive literally done nothing else but play it since I woke It put me in a trance and only hunger was able to snap me out of Its a pretty good game I

Dennis Carden

I mightve gone on a bit of an online spending Getting Ghost of Tsushima on Friday, more coloured lights for my flat tomorrow, and Celtic Frosts To Mega Therion, well as Triptykons Eparistera Daimones (album art incredibly NSFW) on


So I guess I have to find a way to get Ghost of Tsushima Friday


It took them 13 years but these madmen finally did Halo 3 on PC and its running flawless at 120 Driving around in a Warthog never gets


It has been a busy first month with our little Thankfully, Death Stranding prepared me for carrying multiple bags and a car seat without stumbling over rocks and falling into a I hope everyone is doing

Mike Sounders

Bleh, finally starting the process of getting my business account with the CRA closed Why cant it be


Going personal, therapy sure has given me the tools not entirely to handle things but to accept them and move


Started playing Hue on my uncles Its on sale everywhere for like $3 right Fun puzzle Pretty art Potentially interesting Got some Braid meets Limbo Will update if I stick with it

Czar Kazem

its synthesized but #arbitrarymetaltuesday


I’m drinking I’ve never done one of these Seriously, don’t hold I have lots of fun stories I could *bump* keep em coming! Don’t be shy! Still

Kevin Mersereau

These stickers have been on the door to my room for about 6 years When I eventually move, I’m either going to have to steal the whole door or cut this tiny square out to be I refuse to live without My landlord will have to

Yue chan

Started Astral I was able to play for about 40 minutes or so before getting nauseous, so I consider that a


Netflix is releasing the Dragons Dogma anime Sadly, the current visuals arent very


Holy fucking THIS is the shit I needed right I remember when the rips of the demos for this This is the REAL oldschool Arch Johan Liiva era Arch Enemy is honestly one of my favorite bands of all



Electric Reaper

This looks like a lot of fun, though being limited to carrying just 1 gun at a time is a :/

Virtua Kazama

Before we take it to the Sorceress once and for all, I need to take a water Its time for the finale of Spyro Reignited Trilogy!




DONT under any circumstances hack spoilers for Deus Ex Mankind Divided Crimnial Past


Well, I did it folks! I finally watched the Twilight I wrote a blog about Click here if you happen to be interested in And no, its not a savage last bump


My son is Im gonna kill a bitch


A LEGO set that should on the top of the lists of all of us that became video game nerds in the 80s thanks to the Mario and the


Inspired by MeanderBot, have you ever sniffed the vent of your Switch while it’s playing? I love that


Nothing quite like whiskey and a Yakuza This is Suntory Favourite of mine, real easy drinking along with something like Glenfiddich Really want to try some Hibiki

Rico the Penguin

Cant really play ghosts or death Stranding (again) until after Tragic!


This forum thread is a terrific idea! Cum write some haiku!


Made me laugh playing with this guy


Halo 3 PC is hitting some type of way, because while I love the previous games and Reach this is the one that got me super into the series, dumb novels and I remember getting an oversized black Halo 3 at the midnight release, too!


Waiting for a delivery is It could be anywhere between 1 minute and when will it be? Nobody knows!


Playing REmake has reminded me how easy the recent RE puzzles have been, because Im struggling with it at Not to mention borderline cruel inventory space, haha


You ever just buy a booster pack for a CCG you dont play just so you can smell the cards


TIL there are games called Pokémon Ranger that I had no idea existed!


MSXdev20 has got three new entries in one with cat falling down with an umbrella dodging birds, one with a cat eating all food in the maze and then pooping, and one shmup with procedurally generated levels (also my favourite to win for


Got a job offer to star next Working again at the institute will take its time but at least these individual lessons will keep me occupied until I can finally teach in a


As a kid, I had a bicycle that was made to look like a dirt bike from the X It was pretty rad and I hope whoever stole it long ago has cooties


I highly recommend The Last Such a great doc on the 1990s Chicago Bulls w/ a focus on Michael Its unbelievable how much goes into playing at that 90s NBA was the best basketball Pictured: My sneakers back in


Had an idea come to me for a card game, put it in the Check it out if you want

Uncle Arena Fighter

Sekiro on Stadia,