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As Promised. Sketches of Dtoiders at PAX

When I get sleepy, I draw to keep myself awake. And at PAX, with less than 5 hours of sleep a night, being awake was the key. So I drew a lot. Here's a big mural like thing I did. Will I ever paint this or do anything crazy with it, who kn...


STFUAJPGM # 5: Space

Hey there, Here's a new episode of STFUAJPGM for you to enjoy. It's about space, and is curated by Joe Allen from The Gamewave Podcast. You can check it out here. We also having a contest to give away some free chiptune CDs. You can c...


Graphics, Art vs. Life

I realize that it's been just a little while since the Podtoid had this discussion, but I was struck with a thought recently. Yes, it's true that beautiful art holds up better and that you will always achieve what you had in your head with...


More Dryad Art

Now that I have a proper desk with room for my scanner (you don't even want to know where I used to keep it), I've scanned some of the drawings from the tremendous backlog that I've accumulated recently. The attached images are primarily...


My custom Team Fortress 2 shoes!!

A month ago I created my Watchmen shoes, and now it's time to show my new set of customs. Presenting, my custom Team Fortress 2 shoes!! Based off the team logos (seen here), I again decided for something simple yet effective enough to c...


Persona 4 and Rock Anthems.

So, I've been meaning to post about a lot of cool things that have happened to me lately. I am now the owner of two arcade machines I bought for ubercheap off of Craigslist, for instance (A Neo Geo MVS and a Mortal Kombat II cabinet! It's l...


In-Depth Tuesday: Killer 7

In-Depth Tuesday is a segment in which I try my my best to explain some of the more difficult narratives that exist in videogames. This means I will dissect and find things such as symbolism, allusion, etc. The main point is to help get acr...


FFIV: This Really Happens

*spoilers for Final Fantasy IV* This is a comic dramatization of a real conversation in Final Fantasy IV: No names have been changed, because no one is innocent (especially not Kain). It wasn't like I was surprised when Rosa did the who...


STFUAJPGM contest involves free chiptune CDs.

Good news! STFUAJPGM is giving away a few copies of 2 Player Productions' Blip Festival '08 Live CD set. The double disc, 32 track album documents some of the world's best chip musicians' live performances from last year's Blip Festival, ...


A new 3D art style, I hope

One of the things that annoys me about comic book games is nobody is trying to replicate comic books unique art style. I take this back, of course, to the era before quick and dirty photoshop colors. Before digital inking. I'm talking co...


How to love a game?

We probably all love, or at least like, gaming as a whole. Destructoid is all about how we love our hobby and what we think about it and I guess, only a masochist would come here if he hated games. The question I asked myself recently howev...


Pixelated Creations - Inventory Sale & New Stock

So I finally got around to posting some new stuff in my store this week as well as putting some of the old stock on sale. I've reduced the prices on 8 different items in the store from a Tiny Toons set to a bunch of keychains. Everything...


VGdrum Update - Shadow of the Colossus & other news

With the beginning of my Junior year of college just around the corner and my parents embarking on a trip to Poland (taking the video camera with them), I had to rush to record my Final Fantasy I-III VGdrum videos as well as my first VGdrum...




Hahahaha Facebook is now fact checking Onion articles?

Matt I Guess

Just wanted to come out of lurking to wish our very own robot pal Vxxy a happy Have some cake for me, buddy!

Destructoids Very Own Ein



Oh has the fewest days of all of the Welp, my BoB is on the way up now so there! Happy Leap Year everybody! Also, Happy Birthday to Vxxy!!!


#FinalBump ($140 to go for my car!) Making my final stab at this, as I am in a deep Im grateful for all the help so far, and Im not gonna keep harassing yall for Last call: I really need help to get my car Link inside comments


Black desert online is free on granted i have heard its very pay to win type of game

Anthony Marzano

Hot take: Doom 2016 is a hell of a lot of


In this age of tribalism and toxic collectivism, Pratchetts Jingo became more relevant (and hilarious) in depicting jingoisms IMO, both wit and dark humor are the foremost forms of resistance one can apply to their sense of


Maybe you guys can help me out I have literally 1,200 spirits in Smash Ultimate, and its getting harder and harder to find any on the spirit Any tips? Are there ones you can only get through summoning?

Sam van der Meer

I think about this scene and want to cry, in the best way Happy Friday to all, and to all a WILD FEBRUARY 29


Started GreedFall last night, and holy jeez does the starting area do a good job getting you introduced to the meat of how the game plays! I honestly didnt even think of it as a tutorial area till hours later when the title showed


Any Dtoiders going to GalaxyCon in Richmond this weekend? Always the chance to meet Shatner, some wrestlers and the voice cast of the animated Aladdin classic 😂

Chris Moyse

Hey folks, hope you all have an amazing weekend, its raining here, but you know where it isnt raining? IN MY HEART THAT LOVES Mimikyu got to and I hope that you have a safe, happy and fun few days x


To the Animal Crossing people, is the game sort of like Stardew Valley? Im considering picking it up but Im not sure Ill be into I liked Stardew


And sorry for the double post, but thought it worth sharing the Divinity series is on sale dirt cheap on Steam this I never played the original Divinity games and look forward to trying


Even tho I limited myself to 45 min of the Baldurs Gate 3 reveal, I am beyond hyped and love the direction theyre Its tied with Cyberpunk and Zelda as my most anticipated What are your most anticipated games? (Pic unrelated)


Going to be taking a break for a little while Been hitting it crazy hard on the blogs and frontpage Been a wild Ill be back before you know X

Kevin Mersereau

This is your annual reminder that this music video is straight up


Best Buy has a flash sale for the Xbox One X for 200 dollars $299 is a very good price for a powerful console for someone that doesnt want to wait for the Series X and pay 600 bucks or whatever it will


Happy birthday, vxxy! May you enjoy it this day as much as Mega Man enjoys bicycles!


Came across a Drum n Bass song and oh man! Was mixed about it at first, but 1:30 sealed the Get good vibes from that #musictoid | DJ Snake, Burna Boy, KIYA - No Option (remix)


@Kerrik52 where were you able to find the books Vampirium non grata for legacy of kain? Ive been interested in reading them, but cannot find them


If you buy certain specially branded candy bars between March 3rd and May 14th you should qualify for an in game bonus and a Tifa I may consider doing this if nothing else for a Tifa The items seem to be obtainable either


This is legitimately a great I might like it better than the original Also, I love this


Yuri Sketch, im still on that Fire Emblem


New Hurts quite a bit

CaimDark Reloaded

Finished New Super Luigi U, a precious relic from the long lost Year of Luigi, also known to average humans as Like NSMBU, I played it back then on another forgotten relic called Wii U, and now again on the Its


New one punch man game is ok but get a massive feeling of deja vu feels like all these Bandai Namco arena fighting games are running on the same template




I enjoyed Rune Factory 4 on 3DS and Im enjoying it on But between this, DQ11 and DQB2 Im left to wonder if Japanese studios just hate my ears and want me to Theres no in game volume control, everything is mixed super loud and

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

7 days straight of work COMPLETED! Current status:


Current status:


So borderlands 3 roadmap


So PAX was Just wished I had more time, but thats a dads life I The booths are so colorful and Particularly Larians BG3 with a life size Mindflayer to pose with and Animal Crossings unbelievable mini Also this


Happy 227 day!!!

Rad Party God

Sheesh, Xenoblade is kinda hard; I need to pay attention to most same level enemies, especially if theyre Mechons and/or its a group of Maybe I can still handle groups of 4, but groups of 5 or more? I just nope the fuck


New mythical Pokémon actually looks pretty decent

Czar Kazem

Realized last night that I never watched Season 4 of Better Call Saul, so that issue will be resolved by the end of next week


Day 2 of mourning the loss of our May He never be


What is an interesting attention to detail you noticed in a game? For me, it was the Maliwan signs in BL3 actually being made up of RBG pixels if you zoom

Virtua Kazama

Lightning Three Red Blue These are the perfect ingredients to create Its time once again for the 7th Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Salty Session!


Once Baldur’s Gate 3 gets out of Early Access with a Definitive Edition ala Original Sin 2 I shall have it, Original Sin 2 and Disco Elysium fight a gladiator battle to the death to determine which is the most excellent I’m excited for Baldur’s

CaimDark Reloaded

Taking a page from Steel Squirrel, how many Western and Japanese games did you play last year? I just counted mine, and I was actually surprised by the I thought it would skew a lot more Turns out the score was West 19, Japan


Played two mario 64 rom SUper Mario 64 land (amazing) and Super Mario Party 64 (not bad but a little too short and easy) definitely check them out!


I saw this on This kind of personal attack will not #StripToid


New Gorillaz song of the month! Really good!


The end of that BG3 presentation 😂


Current Status:


I beat ICO on the HD collection and remembered that it was prototyped on the PS1! Its really neat to see that the premise and a few rooms survived the console transition while the guards got replaced by Theres even a proper couch in there!


I saw here in ireland when shopping they had sold out of Hand sanitisers, I said to my wife the makers of them must be rubbing their hands