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As Promised. Sketches of Dtoiders at PAX

When I get sleepy, I draw to keep myself awake. And at PAX, with less than 5 hours of sleep a night, being awake was the key. So I drew a lot. Here's a big mural like thing I did. Will I ever paint this or do anything crazy with it, who kn...


STFUAJPGM # 5: Space

Hey there, Here's a new episode of STFUAJPGM for you to enjoy. It's about space, and is curated by Joe Allen from The Gamewave Podcast. You can check it out here. We also having a contest to give away some free chiptune CDs. You can c...


Graphics, Art vs. Life

I realize that it's been just a little while since the Podtoid had this discussion, but I was struck with a thought recently. Yes, it's true that beautiful art holds up better and that you will always achieve what you had in your head with...


More Dryad Art

Now that I have a proper desk with room for my scanner (you don't even want to know where I used to keep it), I've scanned some of the drawings from the tremendous backlog that I've accumulated recently. The attached images are primarily...


My custom Team Fortress 2 shoes!!

A month ago I created my Watchmen shoes, and now it's time to show my new set of customs. Presenting, my custom Team Fortress 2 shoes!! Based off the team logos (seen here), I again decided for something simple yet effective enough to c...


Persona 4 and Rock Anthems.

So, I've been meaning to post about a lot of cool things that have happened to me lately. I am now the owner of two arcade machines I bought for ubercheap off of Craigslist, for instance (A Neo Geo MVS and a Mortal Kombat II cabinet! It's l...


In-Depth Tuesday: Killer 7

In-Depth Tuesday is a segment in which I try my my best to explain some of the more difficult narratives that exist in videogames. This means I will dissect and find things such as symbolism, allusion, etc. The main point is to help get acr...


FFIV: This Really Happens

*spoilers for Final Fantasy IV* This is a comic dramatization of a real conversation in Final Fantasy IV: No names have been changed, because no one is innocent (especially not Kain). It wasn't like I was surprised when Rosa did the who...


STFUAJPGM contest involves free chiptune CDs.

Good news! STFUAJPGM is giving away a few copies of 2 Player Productions' Blip Festival '08 Live CD set. The double disc, 32 track album documents some of the world's best chip musicians' live performances from last year's Blip Festival, ...


A new 3D art style, I hope

One of the things that annoys me about comic book games is nobody is trying to replicate comic books unique art style. I take this back, of course, to the era before quick and dirty photoshop colors. Before digital inking. I'm talking co...


How to love a game?

We probably all love, or at least like, gaming as a whole. Destructoid is all about how we love our hobby and what we think about it and I guess, only a masochist would come here if he hated games. The question I asked myself recently howev...


Pixelated Creations - Inventory Sale & New Stock

So I finally got around to posting some new stuff in my store this week as well as putting some of the old stock on sale. I've reduced the prices on 8 different items in the store from a Tiny Toons set to a bunch of keychains. Everything...


VGdrum Update - Shadow of the Colossus & other news

With the beginning of my Junior year of college just around the corner and my parents embarking on a trip to Poland (taking the video camera with them), I had to rush to record my Final Fantasy I-III VGdrum videos as well as my first VGdrum...




I think I’ve found my retirement goal: Boulder, This is legitimately the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to, including in If I didn’t have a wife in Georgia, I’d be condo shopping


Marathon on Nicktoons for some reason!

sp testure

I am the mother fucking LIGHTING LORD!! Seymour was a few extra dashes from Hermes I felt like a GOD!

Mike Sounders

Just remembered Getter Arc ends next Cannot wait to binge that I wished I couldve watched weekly but I couldnt justify subbing to one service over three months for one show

Inquisitive Raven

That you, Torch?


Its been nearly 10 years and Im still finding good, fresh videos based on


Current Status:


This weeks streaming schedule is more spook-filled horror titles, all @ 7:30PM ET! I wont rest until Im 6-feet under, dead from being Too Scared: Monday is Dead Space; Wednesday is No one lives under the lighthouse; and Friday is


Finally had a chance to finish last Really good I only encountered a couple small glitches, but overall I agree with Chris, solid 8 out of I know theres a bunch of games out soon, but dont sleep on this Great game!

Zoey Handley

Im not sure I can stick with Far Cry Its just such an inorganically chaotic It reminds me of how I described Far Cry 3 back in 2013: It all feels like being on safari in a

Dangus Taargus

Sekiro Journal: The Demon is lactose intolerant - no cheese Now its just me and the Sword

Virtua Kazama

Summer has come to an Leaves are about to Annihilation is about to Its time for next VF5US Bi-Weekly: Autumn Annihilation!


Quantic Dream is making a Star Wars


And thats Colors Ultimate Just have one Achievement left and thats to do the Egg Shuttle, but thats always a livestream for me whenever I play Definitely still my favorite of the 3D Sound issues aside was a good port for

Matt I Guess

No clue how badly qposts will butcher this image, but making panoramas in Death Stranding is

Just Aaron

Simple If you could be any video game character, who would it be? I`ve had a few drinks and I`m going to say Letho of Gulet from The Witcher I love how grounded, down to earth he The exact opposite of an anime


For those who may be interested in Tales of Arise, I highly recommend the hard Really opens up the game’s combat and other systems in a meaningful

Mike Sounders

Super Robot Wars 30 trailer Wednesday morning yes Apparently gonna have DLC reveals so woooooo


Beat A2MR, faster than I was expecting but after getting past a block I managed to get it Overall, a good time-has a lot of good, some quibbles, makes me wish nintendo wasnt so quick to abandon that Samus Returns and

Dangus Taargus

Sekiro Journal: Owl 2 dead (on first try after day off! Classic Dragon All mini-bosses dead (all Now its just totally not a Dark Souls Boss Demon, and the final This Demon Got him to final phase but yikes! HELP!


Greetings g a m e r s


Im sure theres folks here thatll get a kick out of

Sweaty Dungus

Just found out you can ride a skateboard in Lost Judgment, which is pretty much all I needed to


Current status


Ragnarok looks like what I wanted GoW 4 to be from the get This portrait of Kratos is for Oil on Instagram @upinsmokeproductions or to get in

Virtua Kazama

I really dont know what game I should play next for Monday streams


Dont forget to sign up to join in the NEW Dtoid Draws! The theme is Best I want to see your favorite characters outside of villains and main You have 8 DAYS LEFT! Details in




I am going to show you all an important part inside


Playing A2MR and Samus Returns on my 2DS at the same time is I think overall A2MR is better but I still like Samus Returns a lot and I think its good that both Gonna try to beat at least one, hopefully both, of them before


Finished Gunvolt yesterday, not my favorite and it trying to get me to replay stages before I hit credits is not what Im there That said I started 2 and like a lot of people said Copen is funner than No Wonder he got his own


Companies need to learn not to tease announcements when its a mobile Just say youll be announcing a new mobile game The fan backlash just isnt worth

Dangus Taargus

Finished Battlefront 1 and 2 (the classic ones) and I had a fun time with the 2 was definitely better than 1, but 1 had its charms for Looking at the breadth of Star Wars related video games, Im damn near close to having played them


Saw a game there called Steel Never played a Contra or Metal Slug game before but this game looks pretty sweet from the trailer at Really like the look of that grapple create a platform between gaps like move you can


Really liking Days Gone at this juncture! Terrified of my computer going into thermal shutdown whenever I run it, but I like Sharing some of my Photo Mode nonsense in the


Between Obituarys Drummer and his Metal Meowlitia Cat Rescue and this, there are some wholesome folks in Metal


Almost completely done with Sonic Colors Just need to get the Chaos Emeralds and then do the end of the Everything has been S Ranked so far, and the game has been fine for Granted Im on Xbox Series X for it so not


Yes! My first 36 star Abyss clear ever! Floor 12 took multiple passes to 9-star (I definitely still cannot get all 9 in a single run), but at least I can finally say that Ive beaten the hardest content in the

sp testure

I mean is it really that hard of a choice? Besides we all know Dusa is where it is at! Also this is my 369th


Im pretty used to paying obscene prices on consoles where I live but now its skyrocketing, the PS5 is being sold for 1000USD while the OLED goes up just about every two weeks (now at Lucky that I pre-ordered while the prices were somewhat sane

Robo Panda Z

Jules Conroy is already putting out top-tier Chapter 2 metal Looking forward to the inevitable album from


Have a great day all!


Not sure if I mentioned it, but blood sausage is Its like a fried Would


I had a great dnd session with boxman Things took the wildest turn with Roagers character biting the dust and my Cleric felt super guilty that he couldnt bring him MVP Piss Planet practically conned Roager back to It was so


Ive been waiting fucking years for this movie to release! Sion Sono and Nicolas Cage? I cant wait! Im giddy! Im fucking giddy right now!! Update: ITS OUT NOW, AND ITS FUCKING MAGICAL!!!!!!!


No lie, Id FALL for


Thats Deltarune chapter 2 finished! Loved it to pieces! Mechanically its a bit less elegant than Undertale (and even Deltarune chapter 1) but the improved art, scale, and especially the direction the storys taking? Top of the Me to Toby:


Loved the new Guess I’m on a horror/quasi-horror kick?


Caught in the


This was in the yard of a house that was having a garage sale this It made me so