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Check out the happenings and cosplay of RTX London 2017

These Rooster Teeth are lookin' sharp

[Editor's Note: Japanator contributor Anthony Redgrave recently visited Rooster Teeth's RTX London event, and came away with a ton of pictures, cosplay, and good times! Check out the log he wrote about his time there, and don't miss some o...


Cowboy Bebop Movie to Star Reeves "Whoa.." (NVGR)

After years of rumors it is finally official, Variety has reported that Keanu Reeves (The Matrix) has indeed signed up to take on the role of Spike Spiegel on 20th Century Fox's live action film adaptation of the hit anime series, Cowboy Be...



NOTE: HOW THE HELL DO I CENTRE PICTURES? So my first blog... Why not make it about Anime eh? I only recently just got into it. I was recommended Azumanga Daoih from a long time online friend and a few forum members from the ONM forums. ...


Touhou Project has an Anime?

Apparently, and its called Touhou Anime Project: Musou Kakyou. I'm not sure how you can turn a bullet hell shmup into a compelling story but hey it looks interesting. And Ayako/Strike Subs translated it so at least we have karaoke. Direc...


When games and real life come together.

Sometimes, you wish your favourite characters from gamez would be real... Guess what chump! They are! How so you ask? Well, let me show with a video (remember, i live in the South Aerican Jungle, so it's in spanish, go and learn some lat...


3 new Dragonball movie pics UPDATE ON FAIL

Geez. You gotta love how they all have guns. LMAO! This movie will redefine FAIL. That's Chi-Chi in the last pic, Mai in the second, and Harry Potter battling the Borg in the first. I don't know even know what to think of this anymor...


RIDER KICK! Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is coming!

It's about time. An American sentai series with a dark feel and an utter lack of "shiny happy people" is coming to the CW. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - Begins Feb. 21st, Steak Peak Jan. 16th… CONFIRMED!!! I've been breathing in the hype a...


Fandomania: Characters & Cosplay

Elena Dorfman asked her subjects to momentarily stop role-playing and reveal their real-world vulnerability. "They had to come out of character so that I could see a bit of who they were through their costumes," she said. Shiva from Fin...


An introduction really...

I thought i'd make my first blog an introduction about one of my key passions in life: Anime. I first came upon anime in the mid 90's when i saw Akira and Laputa: Castle in the Sky. The level of storytelling and degree in how far they p...


Japanator wants writers -- are you up to it?

Everyone's favorite site about tentacles, anime, and all things Japanese is looking to bring on a few more writers. If you've got a hankering to talk about any or all of these, then that's the energy we're looking for. If you're going to...


Shikabanehime Aka

Alright, I was looking for a nice animé serie to watch. My first option is to look for www.animesuki.com. It was a succes, because this ís the season for new animé releases. And of course I found a couple. To tell the truth, I found 3 se...


Castle of Shikigami III (PC)

My first blog post ever. The first time will be the best time. For information about me check next to my avatar. I'm going to review Castle of Shikigami III. Animé freaks might know this game, however it's not that well-known. This game i...



I sooo cant wait until the english version of PERSONA4 comes out it will be be sooo cool!!! ok i'm a big geek when it comes to persona games but ...THAT DOESNT MEAN I"M GEEK GEEK OKKKKK!!! anyway it comes out this year on december 9 if i...


Fond Memories: First play of Dreamcast

I recently found out that today is the Dreamcast's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREAMCAST! It sits around on crowded shelves at the ripe old age of 9. Oh how those years fly but not everyone was able to enjoy it in its prime. I am one of thos...


Mega64 Con DVD Easter Egg

Mega64 looks through some rooms at Anime LA. Then some bitch breaks their camera when she gets mad at them for asking questions about her costume by emulating an attack she saw on Kingdom Hearts.


My (current) little anime obsession

I've dabbled a bit here and there with Anime ever since college. A lot of my friends were huge huge fans of series with Ninjas, big boobs, catchy err...catch phrases, and tentacles. I wasn't really a fan of the stuff as I thought most ...


2 Vids of Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Location Test

I must say. If you loved MvC/MvC2, you'll be right at home...or close to it. From what I noticed: - Double jump? Least I thought I saw it. - Air Dash. But that was seen in the trailer. - New voice for Morrigan...(ok not that serious...but ...


GameLife Contra mock review

Link: http://freezecracker.com/forum/index.php?topic=6094.0 I created this back in mid-2006 as my 3rd review ever made before the Angry Video Game Nerd debuted his first review of Simon's Quest. Basically, I remember as a kid when I played...




Super smooth jams Like an early 2000s RnB #musictoid | keshi -


It took me until now to finally watch Goddamn is this movie and soundtrack


#ThiccThursday Halloween Jinkies


Bought a physical copy of Story of Seasons:FOMT on sale at best buy Aside from rune factory 4, its my first harvest moon game and I love Its really relaxing and the farming system is so I think Im gonna be playing this for a while

Mike Sounders

Oh hey Im more active on twitter, I should follow that super robot wars youtube channel on there too and then the person turns out to be a aggressive gatekeeping


I am pleasantly surprised to say that so far I think Final Fantasy 7 is in fact, really

Jetter Mars

The Best Buy Black Friday 22-27) video game sales have Pic in the comments for those


Just finished Amnesia: The Dark Descent again, and wow what a game! I think it holds up quite well, and tells a gripping story mixed with balanced scares and I never knew it had 3 endings very happy I discovered that fact!


Thanks I hate


Super Mario Galaxy 1 is atmospheric and lonely, which fits perfectly with the setting of the Then why did they make Super Mario Galaxy 2 solely about Bowsers inflation fetish?

Yue chan

I’m really looking forward to Hyrule Warriors, but we still have 3 I have been trying to beat through Pokémon to play Crown Tundra but I am just burnt So I picked up some books to keep me busy for the next couple of

Dennis Carden

My copy of the latest Bungle record arrived!


Were nearing the end of Id like remind fellow orc enthusiasts to not forget their roots lol :P Heres some good old fashion citadel lead ones from 82, 84, and 85


Y’all want me to make an unboxing video on the 12th of my PS5? It’ll probably be cringey AND, I’ll compare it to a


When you accidentally a resonance cascade but youre also a YouTuber who wanted to film yourself breaking into a top-secret facility for


Im in DEEP in the Yakuza crazy train, hoping Sega puts up 3~6 on Steam at some this: need a Kazuma in


Im probably going to play it a little bit more, but the Age of Calamity demo isnt really doing a lot for I guess Im still burned out on Musou-type When the complete version launches in 2022 or 2023 I might get it

Games and Stuff

Next year, Im getting a new Story of Seasons, a new Rune and Falcom announcing Trails ports for Switch gives me renewed hope for an official Zero/Ao Just those 3 games alone have made me excited for 2021, even more then next


Todays OC prompt I turned Clarissa into Frankensteins monster, I might turn this into a full piece


When is the video game industry going to get up to date on dust mote graphics technology? Thats what I want to


Fell to the dumps again today but many people were there for No one is alone, it Im glad friends helped me


So seriously, you guys doing okay out there? Im not at my best right now - the past 7 months have worn on And you know what - thats all Its okay to not be Take care of yourself as best you can, and know that it will get


Current status? Nah, just wanted to show a

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Hey, I finished a game! Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney was a fun While not the best entry in either series, its still a fun time in its own Im already set to download Layton And Capcom? Maybe bring those other AA games over, please?


I always have trouble with this


SNK Capcom or we

Cloudman Sam

So while we all mostly agree on the technical aspects of the Demon Souls remake, how do any of you feel about the modernized soundtrack?


World tendency and monk fight still intact in Demon’s Yes!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

DoubleShake, a Mischief Makers-inspired platformer, is on Kickstarter! Looks pretty early, but I like what I see so Heres the page:


Best Buy just sent me an email to schedule my PS5 pickup and they let me schedule it for the 10th, so I guess Im getting my PS5 two days


I love reading the comments on articles about fast There are always people who commented just to say that they dont eat fast Why do I find this amusing? I Im broken inside?


My project last night was to reorganize my entertainment I labeled all my cables, added a battery backup, cleaned out lots of unnecessary cables and Feels so


My girlfriend just got introduced to the idea of Yaoi through South Bless her innocent little As an aside, I think the episode in question, TweekXCraig is actually one of the best ones theyve Im legitimately surprised I missed

Mike Sounders

My package from right stuf has Oh boy dtoid, it is finally

Joel Peterson

I am doing Extra Life again this hours of Doom Eternal on VENGEANCE FOR DAISY!!! Please watch and donate if you Thank

Steel Squirrel

Im a little late to the party, but I genuinely hope Bluepoints next game is an Ape Escape remake with fancy new Dualsense


Damn son, gotta watch all of The Crown just so I can see Gillian Anderson as Margaret Voldemort She will probably give me conflicting feelings of Gillian is hot yo but do I really want to bang Thatcher? Shell crush the role though for sure


Dont worry, its not only the controller thats working hard for your hard earned


Imma just gonna spit the straight dope for yall Jesus needing


That Astros Playroom is a Playstation skinned Mario Sunshine style platformer? kind of


Midsommar (2019) directed by Ari Aster




Just Feels good


Any WipEout fans FYI, Pacer is out on Xbox and Its developer is made up of people from $40, and so far Im enjoying Some great tracks, and upgrade options for your ship and weapon Definitely worth a look for WipEout fans!


I hope Bluepoints next remake is Blizzard


I hope Bluepoint Games GIVES ME BACK MY SON!


A little more info on Demon’s Souls remake


More cyberpunk crunch


I hope Bluepoint Games next remake is Final Fantasy VII episode 1

Boxed Swine

Hairpins are just butt plugs for your