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New Pocketoid Episode Records Tonight!

Hey guys! So, crackity jones (Addison) and I (Jordan) are recording a new episode of Pocketoid tonight! I don't know how to access Pocketoid's Dtoid account so I will just post this from my own for now. Anyway! This week we'll be talking ...


Comments of the Week: I have returned edition

Yoho Dtoid! A lot�s happened since I�ve been doing real world stuff and not coming by here as much. It feels... smaller than before. And did we get rid of the trolls? This place seems pretty relatively troll free compared with before. May...


Video of the panel I did at PAX East

Remember that panel I talked about back in March? Well here's the video of it. I barely remember saying any of it, even five minutes after the panel was over. Many thanks to Derek Nolan of 2Old2Play for letting me be a part of it and fel...


[NEW HEADER] Like it?

Not great ot this design stuff, you like? Im also getting this error when I click on 'my posts' Warning: require(/home/home/destructoid/public_html/incl_envolve.phtml) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory ...


Long time no see (E3 related fanart)

Hello, guys. I recently had a really serious problems in my life, so I didn't had time to write new posts in this blog. But I'm back on my feet again and shitpants excited for E3, so I drew a E3 related picture of Mr. Destructoid. Enjoy. B...


How Joplin, MO and Dtoid come together

Last Sunday was the scariest day of my entire life. As some of you may have heard on the news Joplin, my home town, was hit by an F5 tornado and was one of the most deadliest tornadoes in US history. As surprising as it may seem even this d...


Dtoid on JTV: Weekend Chatter

As is my duty and pleasure, I once again bring you my harvest of highlights from Destructoid's official live-stream channel. It's Monday, which means our focus is on the weekend line-up. Saturday Morning Hangover is kind of a big deal wi...



I'm going to go ahead and start this off with saying; Money well wasted. I believe I earn bragging rights for the following images: Cp. DTOID leads his army to the front lines. Close up for the little guy! DTOID GET! I LOVE YOU TARA....


Corduroy Turtle's Caption Contest - RESULTS!!

I was completely blown away by the response to this contest! I guess when you dangle free games in front of a group of rabid video game lovers, it garners a response. Who knew? In fact, this contest was so fun that I will be using this...


Dtoid On JTV: Weekendertainment

Though the weekend line-up on Destructoid's official live-stream channel is smaller than the rest of the week, it is still not to be missed. On Saturday Morning Hangover(10am-NoonPST) Dtoid editors Conrad Zimmerman and Jordan Devore play ...


Killzone inspired Destructoid shirt!

Hi! I suck! I've been very much in the shadows as of late and I hate that fact. After E3 I'm hoping to drop a majority of my editorial duties so I can refocus on what I love the most: The community! AND CONSUMER WHORISM! We actually hav...


FYI: Outer Heaven Temporary Home

Hey there, just a quickie... I know that's how you like it. We've taken up temporary residence for the Outer Heaven regulars on the same IRC server as #destructoid. That is: Server: irc.dynastynet.net:6667 Channel: #outerheaven Also...


Dtoid On JTV: MASH TacticS Highlights

Once again, I bring you a selection of moments from Destructoid's live-stream channel. This time, the focus is on MASH TacticS. Mash Tactics airs over 20 hours a week, and every moment is packed with entertainment, but some moments are ju...


Dtoid on JTV: 6K Followers Special Stream

This past Sunday(5/15/2011), MASH TacticS held a special 6 hour streaming event in honor of Destructoid's live channel breaching 6 thousand followers! Dr. Jesse "Tactix" Cortez and his brother Jesus joined Jon Carnage and Pico Mause in the ...


That Outer Heaven Chat Thing That People Talk About

BRUDDAH Chat has been going for a good couple of months now and it has easily become one of the reasons I come here. Even in the dead times of GMT mornings, there's usually someone awesome to talk to. I honestly believe the only person w...


Chit Chat: My Outer Heaven Experience

Everybody has a unique Destructoid story to tell. Some have been here since the beginning. Others migrated from different gaming blogs throughout the years. Some have even lurking in the shadows for many, many moons, waiting for the perfect...


Comment First, Read Later

So apparently there are some pretty sensitive people around these parts who would prefer to demagogue rather than discuss. I thought my post from last Friday would have been so outrageous and goofy that people would have either passed on...


Tommy Wiseautoid

Ever since we started taking movie suggestions for our totally-not-an-obvious-product-tie-in Destructoid/Netflix movie club, people have been yammering at us to watch The Room. No. I've seen that fucking movie enough times. In fact, here's...




Man I hate how awkward side quests are to find naturaly and trigger in Yakuza 4 remastered so Side quests were so much easier to find and do in Yakuza It just barely every shows a green side quest location on the map at least 1/3 into the




I thought I could post blacked out stuff for spoilers in






Picked up Sayanara Wild I think its my antidote to


Seeing the small gameplay trailer of Mario+Rabbits Sparks Of Hope andit seems in battles you move in real time which I am not a fan dont even like the grid system in the first but it seems less awkward then it has a option to use grid


Have a great Sunday all! Hopefully todays showings are less dull than


Latest haul, finally have both lorebooks, I think I might really like FFXIV you know? Also curious if Francis Ford Coppola can somehow redeem Part 3 with this New version, maybe it’ll at least be an improvement!


Overworked and often exploited but at least I get cool pictures on the Moving up in the world as much as I can and trying to have fun while doing Much love and hope youre all well


Have gotten back into Enter the Gungeon in a big I love Binding of Isaac, but man the combat here is far more consistently Also, heres my Gungeon bullet boi I got at PAX South years

Kevin Mersereau

The Microsoft/Bethesda stream article is scheduled to go live at 12:30 EST tomorrow (show starts at 1:00pm EST), and I hope to see y’all there! Bit early to start drinking for me (*shakes fist*), but it should still be a good time!


Were excited to give you a first look at our new game that still isnt Here are 9 minutes of us overselling a derivative product that will be released much too early and squander whatever potential it I miss anything from Ubi?


Im not in a great place tonight, but I had a ton of fun swimming with my bestie and his baby daughter--also very excited to do absolutely nothing tomorrow except the Bethesda and Squeenix E3 tomorrow and vidya P sure Im gonna stream SMT3 too!


I was going to watch some E3 coverage before I went to bed this noon, but when I saw Siege gameplay I assumed it was a preshow Cant wait for the Nintendo Direct on Tuesday, and nothing else!


So I started watching DS9 a few days ago out of curiosity and holy shit its great so far! Sisko is the best!


I seem destined to give Two Point Hospital another try only to get bored shortly after starting for the rest of my


Just got that Nintendo Game Builder The tutorials are very redundant and baby-fied, but the potential there is


Butter chicken ho!

Inquisitive Raven

Boy do I LOVE having work every day for almost the entirety of E3! Thankfully I can catch Nintendos in real time, but thats Would also be nice to have actual weekends Whatd I miss so far?


Its that time of year where the weather makes the room I paint in unbearable so my mini output will be less than I In the meantime enjoy this blueberry :P

sp testure

So what is everyones favorite condiment? Besides hot sauce I am a Mustard my pappy and Grand


Man, these dating apps make me realize only bots or scammers are attracted to


The heat and my summer flu are keeping me awake so I decided to rewatch one of my favourite films of all time, starring my favourite actor of all Havent watched it in a year or so, but its still just as melancholy as the first time

Dangus Taargus

I dont know why but I bought the Demon Throttle Only thing during E3 thats interested me so but Im not a fan of buying physical games so I guess Im a

Whispering Willow

Ubisoft making a game based on Avatar checks out because to me they are about as relevant to me as James

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Dranking, hanging Asked lady face to be Coffee Cup and she said Sending out good vibes yall


I keep forgetting this is E3 Been too busy being gay with


We pose


Am Is (Update)

Punished Nietzsche

When i saw the news about an Ubisoft Avatar game, i thought cool, maybe it will be like a side story without Aang or was the OTHER The one people dont


My friend has had a Dora the Explorer doll on his roof for well over a decade and a half He just sent me a picture of what it looks like and honestly, scarier than any horror game for me the past few Ill put it in the


Paralives really do be scratching that Sims


Looks a lot like Dont Starve, but if it grew up with an abusive foster family until one day a 7-foot tall Scot told them they were a


Drank a lot with my dad last Got a hangover Went out and watched military airplanes fly Its been an interesting weekend so

Chris Moyse

A lot of reporting Time for rest and cute goth boy drinkz


Current Status:


Shitty Era Aerosmith blasting in 95 degree heat and the bouquet of cheap sunscreen, vomit, and ratchet Some fat kid in a Rick and Morty shirt crying cause he dropped his ice cream while his dad just stares at the slots, COME TO VEGAS


For some minutes, there were Rabbid Chungus and Rabbid Bowsette Chungus art posted I am


Whoever edited the Gearbox presentation was on some Hats off to the absolute legend!


That Randy Pritchford/Kevin Hart sequence was sooooo


Anyone else really craving chili dogs all of a sudden?


Godfall being ported back to last gen is the funniest thing ive seen in ages


I cant believe I switched over from Devolver to Theyre just far too self-indulgent with little in the game department to keep my

Steel Squirrel

That Devolver presentation was Like, they’ve crossed over from witty satire to just another boring corporate presentation wanting to think it’s hip and The weird anger toward premium services just seems so So far E3 is weird man


Yeah it goes without saying, but Devolver Digital still has the best E3 conference (for now)