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Videogame Downs Airport

Long Beach airport, outside of Los Angeles, was shut down briefly on Wednesday. The culprit wasn't a Middle Easterner with a grudge against capitalism or an adorable orphan hiding in the wheelwell of private jet; instead it was a videogame....


Kids Use Sledgehammer To Steal Game

I appreciate rabid videogame fandom more than most people, but even I think these Wisconsin kids took their game-love a little far. Surveillance cameras in a Milwaukee Target recently caught a couple of kids (as young as 11; Just lookit th...




Me when I realize that I dont have enough space on my SD card to download most of the stuff I want for Nintendo

sp testure

Been dabbling in Surviving Mars of Darn good sim with great built in mod Developers are obviously fans of Alpha And for me personally Im getting spiritual successor vibes from an old school sim that I still fortunately


Cawthorn lost primary, Yay!! Not endorsing the winner but Little bastard! And John Fetterman won in Thats good! Big boy hoodie rockin good

Kevin Mersereau

Day 4 of having a ~4ft snake in my house: Spent all day hiking at a place that should have been full of snakes, and didn’t see a single It was a good


I cant really think of anything on-brand to do with these so Im just going to ask the most random questions: What do you think modern capitalism would look like if corporations had to answer to a boardroom of consumers instead of investors?


Really down in the dumps about my Her liver has shut down and doctors are saying shell need to go into My father isnt taking it well, and I dont blame him as thats his older Could use some cute animals to cheer me


The She-Hulk teaser looked pretty fun, though they should have chosen a better sub What say you PhilKenSebben?


You dont wanna know the amount of 15mm minis Ive accumulated these past few months Feeling in the fallout mood so got a punk and a totally not nightkin


hows my qtoid fam doing? I miss skateboarding, but im still playing Elden Nothing is really stopping me from skating except maybe Elden And i moved to a new apartment with more foot traffic in general so i cant feel as secluded as i used


My Riot Games emotional guard is starting to crack, as the first episode of Arcane was pretty Visually nothing has looked better and the world is interesting, but music choices were super cringe and tried too looking forward to Episode 2


Always wanted to try these, but never got around to Hopefully theyre worth the It must be shipping season for these limited publishers, as Ive got like 5 more games, from 4 different places, in the mail right now, outta


I decided to take a break after beating the Estate section of RE8 because of how damn good it Hey Konami, let the guys that produced and designed THAT level make a new Silent Hill They seem to get what theyre


I pick Capybara America and the purple scrotum in the bottom right


Ive decided to take a big step forward and break down my emotional guard against Riot Games and see what their output is all Valorant, LoL, Runeterra, the Netflix show, maybe even the singleplayer So far Valorant is very pretty at least


Dark Souls 1 really makes you feel weak and insignificant in a way I was not expecting, coming off of their later Fighting a black knight is terrifying even when Ive got the parry timings Good game, this timeless classic of


Tea with Gaj


Just completed the Beneviento Estate in Current status


Hey Furi is getting a new character as a paid dlc soon thats kinda Been listening to the song a load lately from the game The Toxic Avenger- My Only Chance which is a real


I can’t wait for Nintendo to announce GBA games for Switch in their June Direct, and announce Mother 3 for People are gonna be PISSED when they find out it’s the untranslated Japanese


Dead by Daylight is getting a dating


Whoops accidentally deleted my entire 3DS blog so you all will have to suffer the 2 part video review Expect more ROM hack stuff for the next month!


Finally, the sixth episode of our game-pop music comparison videos has been released, featuring the Street Fighter II entries! Many thanks to VGML for making this possible!

Whispering Willow

Read the first volume of Linda Sejics Its a cute and engaging book as romance comics Hades and Persephone are both huge dorks in


Current Work Status:


The thing I like about this image is guessing who is banging

Jetter Mars

Current status (I wish):


The Corrupt Leader of the Free World (2014): Im not a very political person, especially when I wrote this song for a scenario of a very evil leader abusing their power and causing mostly negative The hero would have to overthrow the


I was watching Markiplier play The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe and he came across something I think we can all (spoilers in comments)


Ive never understood when characters get transported to a magical realm and then CHOOSE to return to Especially when theyre a teenager and have no spouse or kids on earth to worry Why not stay in fantasy land?


Im going to start playing Sticker Star Current status:

Inquisitive Raven

Im the most introverted person I know, and my friends are anything On Sunday they took me on a beach trip! I actually enjoyed it much more than I thought I

CJ Andriessen

Watching Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness makes me want to revive the superhero world I created back in college and start trying to write that

Mike Sounders

Bandai Im begging ya, its been Give me some more Battle Alliance news, I shouldnt have to find out stuff from a random, non-announced update to the Steam page lol


College pretty much finished to say now unless your doing Medicence or something similar for college it really isnt worth the massive amount of crunch and stress just to get the top great to be free and get to do more of my own stuff


Thats Ive seen enough!


Its not even June and the heat is already unbearable, I dont think Im gonna make it to the autumn


Most maidenless shit Ive ever seen

Mike Sounders

Fuck hes here to laugh at me again

Chris Moyse

Hope your week has gotten off to a good start folks


All these years later Final Fantasy 15 finally made the 10 million sales they said it needed to have to be considered Reminded me of whats probably my most liked comment on


Dropped Deaths Door for being thoroughly mediocre; decided to boot up Resident Evil 8 and give it a go and boy howdy, what a blast so




Have a great day!


Just finished playing turnip boy commits tax It was cute and nice and Also Im pretty excited about fall guys coming to switch, feel like I missed out on that one


GodDAMN, The Sadness on Shudder is completely To hear that it was based on comics like Crossed is crazy, especially considering what this movie gets away Definitely not for the squeamish or those already paranoid about the

Dr Mel

What if I get all of my upvotes in one big batch when Disqus finally fixes their shit? Im gonna feel like the funniest, smartest boy on my block when that


Finally saw the Uncharted As a film adaption of the Uncharted games, it kinda As a generic adventure story about finding lost treasure fine? Like totally serviceable as a mindless action