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Videogame Downs Airport

Long Beach airport, outside of Los Angeles, was shut down briefly on Wednesday. The culprit wasn't a Middle Easterner with a grudge against capitalism or an adorable orphan hiding in the wheelwell of private jet; instead it was a videogame....


Kids Use Sledgehammer To Steal Game

I appreciate rabid videogame fandom more than most people, but even I think these Wisconsin kids took their game-love a little far. Surveillance cameras in a Milwaukee Target recently caught a couple of kids (as young as 11; Just lookit th...




Imagine if Isabelle gave weather updates, updates about say if a lot of fruit had ripened, a lot of flowers grown etc instead


Current experiences/thoughts on The Forest so far; Made a okayish camp near a boat that was near the plane crash Got a little dock going with a raft Trying to build a houseboat but those dang cannibals attack me when Im getting logs!


The pathetic, horrible responses to The Last of Us II spoilers reminded me why Ive largely phased social media out of my life, and I dont even like The Last of


Finished Unfortunately it turned out kind of a dud for Pretty art style but kinda artsy-fartsy with sluggish/boring/easy gameplay and an I see the Journey influence but it doesnt come close in terms of quality


Life: when your so innate that you wait all day to itch your have become a loser


Take a look at my Shes the only one I Not much of a I never seem to get a


Finished off replaying through El Shaddai An aesthetically amazing game that deserves way more attention than it Its way too hard to pick a single screenshot to represent it too, it has so many amazing diverse

able to think

Well, the CD Game Exchange by me had to close because of the Now only their Norwood branch is open and thats hard to get So thats fucking


Happy Birthday Lokhe

Cygnus Rush 961

Pour one out for Slightly Mad Studios, they were forced to make this abomination:


Also, happy birthday Lokhe! The day is yours!



Pixie The Fairy

Isabelle starts every morning with a


SpaceX and NASA launch live on YouTube right T- Very cool!


Been thinking a lot recently about games that had me excited and exceeded my Its always great when games are better than what you thought theyd be! Ill list some of mine in the What games exceeded your expectations?


Listening to most of Castlevanias music on Spotify made me realize something: Harmony of Dissonances soundtrack is really, really, REALLY God Like even the good tracks sound like the were recorded off an NES that fell in a trash


Happy Birthday Richard the Warlock!


Happy birthday Lokhe!!! Youre good Hope today and this week overall, are amazing for


Been thinking a lot recently about games that had me so excited, only to I dedicate a lot of my time to gaming so its a pretty disheartening when a game isnt what I Ill list some of mine in the What games let you down?


Apparently they crashed a real 747 for the movie Tenet because it was cheaper than cgi and miniature First the truck and hospital in Dark Knight, at this point Christopher Nolan wont rest until he explodes an actual human

able to think

Always buy Retro Access or Insurrection Industries SCART Everything else is a dice Now the video from my RGB modded Sharp Twin Famicom is crystal clear unlike when I was using the cheap Chinese cables it came

Inquisitive Ravenclaw


Just Aaron

Playing Phantasy Star Online 2 on Anyone know how to change the screen resolution? I don`t see it in the graphics I also don`t see an option for Alt-Enter doesn`t seem to change

Just Aaron

Happy birthday I barely know you but I hope your day goes


Just when I thought I would only play Mario Kart DS for multiplayer only, I am asked to test my skills in time


Happy birthday Lokhe!


Happy birthday Lokhe!


Welp, fixed me Lovely to not have drift anymore, it was really really getting on my


Happy Birthday Lokhe, you huge fucking

sp testure

Just posting this here for a certain someone heh


Its an Atmosphere kind of Big props to Mike Martin for introducing me to them many moons :)


Amazon has xenoblade chronicles definitive edition for

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday to resident Dtoider Lokhe! Hope you have a nice day Thanks for being part of our dahling community!


God dammit our college sent out a email there saying the next academic year will be a mixture of face to face and more online Really was hoping we could just go back to normal next


Got our hands on some drones for todays Currently live, so join the fun on

Punished Nietzsche

The original Phantasy Star got a new improved translation from a lovely team of SMS Its been a long time since i played it, and quite honestly i never played the OG version, but this seems like the best way to do


People acting Xenoblade not having a significant bump in resolution means it looks no different got me like

Mike Sounders

Well it appears we have skipped past spring and straight into 30 degrees Celsius weather where I


New dragon quest spin off console game announced, with an anime, mobile game, and arcade game based on the same Square Enix full burst on


Ms Fortune sketch!

Sam van der Meer

PSA: Retro Crush is a pretty new, totally free streaming service that holds older anime (80s/90s) and Im super into Watched Space Adventure Cobra yesterday--GORGEOUS They have Appleseed! And Lupin! And Otomos Memories!


With the State of Play happening later today for a certain Naughty Dog game, I just want to be clear, if you go on Qtoid to share your thoughts about any of it, please please leave it in the I cannot stress this


How I would like to be outdoors right


Happy Birthday Lokhe!!! Have a terrific day!!!!


Who wouldve thought that launching PSO2 exclusively on the MSoft store for PC would cause problems ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ First it downloaded the Japanese client, now I cant download/install the Great first impression MSoft!

Mike Sounders

When you cant sleep at 4AM


Video game acting still has not gotten better than


Startopia is back ?? Dunno why i never heard of it till now, dunno if any of the original developers are making it