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Hell is other Nintendo 3DS'

March 27th was a pretty big day for gamers as Nintendo put out their 3DS. I had my worries about if the system would work for me, but upon seeing one launch day I ran right out to get one. Little did I know then that my $250 investment wo...


Just a quick little post

Good news, everyone! After counting the remaining coins I had after my first blog post, my lucky penny is still here. Of course, nothing tremendously lucky usually happens when I've got it, so I'm not sure why- right. I'm gonna keep thi...


3DS Mii hunting, Sony lameness continues...

For some reason my 3DS has decided to ignore Miis. This feature began after the battery ran low trigger attention grabbing blinking red lights. Coincidence, not sure but I've not been able to establish Mii connection since. Nevertheless tod...


3DS Mii StreetPass Meetup

If you're located in the Seattle/Bellevue area, there will be a 3DS Mii StreetPass meetup May 14, 4-8pm located here: Crossroads Mall 15600 Northeast 8th St # K11 Bellevue, WA (USA) Map


A Sad Day Indeed

Well my friends, my luck just did not hold out. Even after selling off various items around my house, I am sad to say that I must sell my 3DS after all. If any of you were thinking of buying one, here's a great opportunity. I will ship t...


RexwolfTrivia: No pictures today

Due to my current distance from a computer, you are just going to have to imagine the picture. Currently, the point total stands at: 1 each for Tuna, Law, and HandsomeBeast! 2 for DynamoJoe! And 3 for Occams! (who I may just have to giv...


ZAGG InvisibleShield - The Disappointment

Perhaps you remember me making mention of the ZAGG InvisibleShield in a previous blog post? If not, let me inform you. The ZAGG InvisibleShield is a high quality screen protector for various gadgets on the market like all of your iWhatev...


I love my 3DS, but man, has it got some competition

No, not the NGP that has only shown off one game. I'm talking about the handheld that has a library of thousands, a comparatively monster battery life of 5.5 hours, TV-Out AND 2 controller support. At this point, you're thinking about this ...


The (potential) Case Against Nintendo

The (potential) Case Against Nintendo Since the announcement of region locking on the unit, there has been controversy about the Nintendo 3DS: they threaten to brick any 3DS unit that has been used with unlicensed software or hardware. A...


In Defense of 3DS Streetpass

"Streetpass is useless in the U.S." "Streetpass only works in Japan." Have you heard someone utter either of the phrases listed above? Chances are you have. It's become a pretty frequent complaint in the days following the 3DS launch....


Friday's Random Ramblings

So, I received Ghost Recon Shadow Wars from GameFly earlier today. Normally I dislike the Ghost Recon series but considering that this one is a turn-based squad centric strategy title and based on some very positive reviews I had seen, I o...


Mr. Destructoid 3DS AR card.

Now you can go virtual fishing while Mr. Destructoid watches. Try it on from the screen for some birds-eye view fun! Poster it.


How Long Can You Last? - Testing the 3DS Battery

I had originally intended this article to be a follow up to the write up I did on the Universal Gadget Wrist Charger. I wanted to test the battery life of the 3DS when connected to the wrist charger in order to find out what kind of improv...


Virtual Boy: 3D Gaming For Men

Only a few days ago, my awesome Virtual Boy arrived in the mail thanks to my friend who found it in Japan. I actually had one when I was a kid and they had just come out, but tossed it aside pretty quick after seeing a commercial for Kirb...


My 3DS meets Wondercon.

So this weekend is wondercon, the San Francisco branch of Comic Con. The one thing I was more excited about than anything else (even hot girls in spandex outfits!) was the chance to really put my 3DS's StreetPass through its paces. I suspec...


A week with my 3DS - The Verdict & The Wishlist

I have had my 3DS for a week now. During that time, I have carried it with me everywhere. On my local travels, I have failed to come across one other 3DS user via StreetPass. Although I am disappointed at not being able to experience one...


Nintendo 3DS Review-ish

So my girlfriend got her 3DS yesterday. I was both excited and a bit envious; we have (of course) separate spending accounts, so she could afford one while I couldn't, which annoys me a bit since I'm the biggest game nerd of the two of us. ...


My Nintendo 3DS HAS TOO MUCH 3D.

As you can see above, my 3DS has way too much 3D going on. (I've finally made a sketch video related to videogames, so I'm posting it! What do you think?)


3DS: A review

I have had the 3DS for 4 days now. Here’s my overall impression: It’s pretty damn good and it’s only going to get better from here. Still here? Cool, let’s see what else I have to say. What’s in the box? The 3DS is the most del...


A week with my 3DS - Day Three: Getting Comfy

Over the course of the past few days, Ive slowly settled into a routine with the 3DS. Ive gotten into the habit of leaving it on sleep mode and putting it in my pocket whenever Im going to be walking about. Just around my house today, ...




Went on a bit of a spending spree, but honestly it wasnt too bad 😅 Now on to the hacking process


Nothing like colored metallics and white to satisfy my inner Did the termagaunts as a pallete cleanser before my next


Im all about Aimee Garcia, Fillion, Oswalt, Iron Hamm, Third Eye All about


I dont use my phone enough to warrant a home screen image




Instead of posting my lock screen (which requires step Im too lazy to take), Ill post a couple neat wallpapers Ive used in the


Showing off my lock screen because Ace Combat fucking rules


Yes, this is my I took a picture of a blank piece of


Did the first world/chapter/boss of Grindstone and its a great game but man it has so many it would have between 40-60 at most but with its updates seems it has 230 levels or like it might be way too prefera leanergame


Lock screen, albeit the uncropped


Can no longer claim I dont make money from Just got my first So I am Heres my lock


My lock Im a Magic


Friend in NG is on standby as of tonight, incase of Not 2 days ago, but AFTER the good thing I think tht if stuff went down, they wnted it to look bad bc no NG And TX wants the perception to be like theyre still


My lock Cool static


Got my second COVID shot, which means now I have 5G everywhere! #BigChungusIsAlwaysWatchingJustLikeTheGovernment

Virtua Kazama

Before we begin tonights session of New Super Luckys we need to talk about Virtua Fighter eSport, AKA Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown!


Shocking, Im


Posted again cuz I wanted to show off my


Late to the party, heres my homescreen background, lockscreen is a random picture from huawei every time

Kevin Mersereau

I made this my lock screen about two years ago, the day I got my phone, and I don’t think I’ll ever change

Dr Mel

Very Its been either this or a black screen since my first I get sick of looking at anything that isnt a simple pattern or design very

Soulbow eh

Im so fucking I never change my lock


I keep it simple


I just changed my lock screen in anticipation of animated, but Im too lazy to convert it to a gif small enough to let me post


Reject Become




Oh and heres my current lock




This is my current lock screen The home screen is just a boring green one that came with the


Yessss, Best Buy just charged my CC for the Nier Now all I gotta do is wait till

Dangus Taargus

My current lockscreen is this fantastic Pathologic 2 artwork by


Wallpaper Home screen in the


Shocking, I

Mike Sounders

Copying Hypno and doing a standalone, partly because disqus isn’t showing it in the original


Longing Log Day 8: Lost my pickax the other day trying to break the impenetrable Thankfully, I was able to enlarge my cave by a ton before it They did warn At least I only have a few days left until the next area


My wallpaper at the moment is Wish I could remember where I found the image, because it is one incredible piece of fan


Took care of fussy Boy all night, so no Lauren worked two doubles in a row so she needed it Then I spent all day vetting info for my clearance w Boy in Got fingerprints done, and I come home to a 12 pack sampler from my favorite


Standalone post because sure why not

The Whore of Babylon

I got a different one for my home screen in the


Wallpaper status: wife and my oldest (6yo) baby kitty


Are we sharing device screens? I don’t see a “blank”-toid so I’m a little lost but, okay! Let’s do it!

Chris Moyse

I rotate my wallpaper every month or so, here’s the current

Sweaty Dungus

For all my Bloodborne heads (literally everyone on this website)


Heres my home If you swipe left you can see Ren


Mines just this: