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n0signal's Most Anticipated for 2016

Last year was, in my humble opinion, a great year for videogames. Over the year, and in many themed gaming months, I played through some of what I now consider to be the finest videogames ever made (such as Bloodborne, The Witcher III:...


Jinx's Most Anticipated Games of 2016 - Part Two

Last week I published the first half of my most anticipated 2016 games. Now I'm back with Part 2! So without further ado... (PC & PS4 & One) I enjoyed the first Mirror's Edge, but it felt more like a proof of concept sometimes than a...




First there was Jude Law as a young Pope who fucks, and now you may all witness me as the young hot Gortons Yes you may fuck me--but only when the tide is


By the power of DEEP CLEANING! I have revived another Nintendo Needed a new cartridge pin connector and RAM Now just need a shell which is still impossible to


Okay, so we checked out a bunch of gamepass games today, and Unpacking has been a Really chill, soothing, and Link in comments


Originally refunded it on release, but resnagged Mechwarrior 5 again, and am very pleased with the changes and Having a Pretty the install was only 18gb Page says Must be with all Need to snag that Heroes pack

Spiders For Sale

Shasha saltos through the flames, the furry creatures perform handstands on top of each other and at the climax, where only low, reverberating drums, like savage echoes of a lost primordial land remain, the will-o-the-wisps rise and explode in

Anthony Marzano

This was a tense white knuckle battle of wits and weapons that went all the way to the It all came down to Frosty winning by having one spice while Bass had Sign of a great game when you can have fun even when in last


Some of you folks may be interested in I certainly Grabbing the core game, xmen hero version and Fantastic 4 add


Oh hey, I finished a If you wanted to hear me talk about Metroid Dread for about 2/3 of the time it takes for me to beat the game, well then have I got good news for you! Bump for the weekend crowd!


TIL theres a strongman competition that implemented an IRL Wheel of Pain straight outta Conan the


Theres oldhammer, and then theres what I like to call pre-cambrian hammer Took a month to ship but by god its finally


Well that Humble Bundle Falcom sale came at the right time as I started Trails in the Sky back Second Chapter and 3rd was


This is why I shouldnt play Frostpunk, its already the middle of the

Silver the 3rd

What wiafus will elden ring bring us? Time will tell

Tomas Immortal

Its I finished The Time to eat and then wrap my thoughts on



Spiders For Sale

The will-o’-the-wisps dash and dance through the rings in intricate patterns, drawing astonished ooohs and aaahs from the audience’s As more and more percussion joins in, the music’s alluring grace makes way for a wild, feverish

Whispering Willow

Watched about half of the Star Wars Visions episodes, The Village Bride was the best of those so far, but then, just having Emi Evans singing in the background was gonna give it massive Nier vibes and put a lot in its


Just wrapped up Silksong 9/10 waa really really good dare I say even better then The side bosses are really fun and the ways your encouraged to use the enviroment around in them is really better story characters too and ost


Part 1 of the anthology series Memories, titler Magnetic Rose, with screenplay by Satoshi Kon and directed by Koji Morimoto (founder of Studio 4C) Executive produced by Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo is free on Worth checking out!


Me when


Hope youre having a nice weekend!

Silver the 3rd

It is looking like Im going to join the military Heres a Saturday comic


Thanks Alphadeus for doing this for me! Going for a D&B, Sega Saturn type vibe and he hit it perfectly!


I finally found a stock alert for PS5s that covers I may have had to sell my soul to the devil and get a Twitter account (that Ill delete later), but now its on!


I got LoopHero from the free Epuc Game giveaway but I think I have much intrest playing the game but just checked out some of its soundtrack and damn this is a banger of a little Dont usualy like very chip tune sounding like music


Current level of effort, Im capable of:

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Monster Boy & the Cursed Kingdom (Switch) -Hyper Light Drifter (Switch) -Resident Evil 2(PS4) -MHR (Switch)


Current status: toothache in my heel

Anthony Marzano

Bass wasnt lying, Super Auto Pets is good Just the right amount of psychological tension and


Finished this DoomFist commission Insta - upinsmokeproductions and


Oh yeah, now its alllll coming together


Maybe I should get Melty Blood


Every day as the dawn of the 3DS eShops closure draws near I wonder, maybe todays the day Nintendo will have a closing sale! And each day I resign myself more to one day paying minumum $40 to play OG Luigis Mansion (or tons more to play on GameCube)


Found a board game I really want to play based off of the VK test from Looking forward to D&D sesh 0 Think Ill finish cyberpunk But for tonight, just getting really, really


Im starting to think NFT is an onomatopoeia for how people feel about

Whispering Willow

My order of Voice of Cards metal cards came Nice, but dont photograph Also got my Bloodborne comic book

Anthony Marzano

Rainbow Six Extraction is pretty Dont know how long it will be appealing solo but its plenty fun with


Cant shake the feeling that the MS/Act-Blizz thing set into motion a permanent snowball-of-no-good within the medium we all adore :|


I absolutely love Roz from Emo the Shes so pretty ❤


whats a gamer


Have to thank PhilKenSebben for recommending Thrill of the Fight for my Quest 2! Holy shit, what a I love I love hitting the bag at home, but Ive missed having sparring partners for years This comes close and Im really enjoying


Rare photo of Deadmoon hitting


BUFFALO BILL INVADES KC: Cheddar cheese, buffalo chicken dip croquette, bleu cheese dressing, buffalo sauce, smoked beef brisket, Boulevard beer battered onion rings and KC BBQ Hit me with that croquette,


Just beat Deathloop! Really loved My only complaint is that Julianna needs to be buffed - she never took me down playing as Colt, and Ive never won playing as suppose that may upset people who just want to progress through the game tho


Current Status


Folding Ideas released a video about NFTs, specifically why theyre bad, and Im super here for