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I'm thinking of starting a Cooking C-blog where I showcase recipes based on this community, such as its members or video games! Think Feast of Fiction but with cockbutts. I need suggestions for what dishes to cook though, please help me out!


Just recived this massive tome in the mail and it's even better than I expected! It's way thicker than Hyrule Historia. I can wait to dig in and drown my eyes in all that gorgeous art!


Hypothetical: If Zelda and CoD released on the same day, which would sell better and which one would review better? My moneys on CoD due to more systems to sell on but never underestimate the power of Zelda.


Due to a few IRL issues, I stopped working out for almost 3 weeks, I returned to my workout routine and surprisingly enough, I didn't gain back any weight, in fact, I lost a few more pounds!


New Playstation Store sale today! The Witness for $24. YES! Some other games Inside, The Talos Principle, Furi, Doom, etc.


Hey guys, I just made my review for Mega Man Battle and Chase! Take a look, it in a… Internet?


I now own every single NA release version of Final Fantasy VII that has come out, after buying the PS4 remaster version for $7.99. (Solid bargain I think) I'm really looking forward to the new PS4 remake, even though it will probably be in 2 or so years.


My new WWF record: BAR! 3 letters, 96 points. I nailed it! :)


My new WWF record: 96 points with BAR! Yes. BAR. Three letters, I nailed it! :D


Sat next to a guy at a meeting this morning and he was drawing penises. Like detailed, graphic penises. I was impressed (maybe a bit turned on). This man should do a penis graphic novel


I've been granted permission to buy one game. Now, will it be Resident Evil, Nioh, Horizon or a preorder for Nier.


Me and my friend are starting a new YouTube channel for let's plays. We're into metal and punk but I can't think of a clever name to mesh the two funtivities. By the power of puns... Help us, Dtoid, you're our only hope!


I'm talking about the Nintendo Switch launch next Monday on my Nerdgasm radio segment. I'll have about a minute and a half. What are the points I should focus on?


I'm kinda stuck on which game in my backlog to play next. Decide for me Dtoid as I'm feeble minded? Clickable link in the comments. Edit: I'll bump this once for the day crew and then start tomorrow...after finishing SC2VN on stream.


As someone who played a lot of Binding of Isaac, holy crap Nuclear Throne is fast! Also, it rewards a more agressive playstile, so it's kicking my butt a lot. Just made it to the crystal caves. Also, thanks Jiraya!


So now that I know there's a Metroid Prime figma on the way, anyone here in the market for a Metroid Other M figma? I also have the Zero Suit figure if anyone is interested.


I have given my official resignation and I'm moving on to bigger things. I did plan to go out with a bang and do something dramatic, but I felt it would have been wasted on the Lizard Person pretending to be the human that is my boss.




So, this was based on a conversation I had several months ago; Am I the only one who thinks spears and lances are underrepresented in games? Partly because of the sword fetish the industry has in regards to melee combat?

Amna Umen

Im going to finish streaming SC2VN sure!


Making bags of trail mix is the best thing Ive ever done for my


Man, sugar lows are the Im typing this so I can be distracted from how close to death I feel right


I was endorsing all those opinions that said Bloodborne has more weapon complexity (not variety) than until I discovered Thats when I set my Astora Straight Sword on fire, and ripped through Irithyll in

Spiders For Sale

Ok, played Night in the Woods for about an Absolutely lovely so If it builds up well from here on it could become something really, really


I hope the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild isnt crippled because Im not getting a Switch anytime soon and Im probably not going to be able to wait that

Czar Kazem

Finally back on Nioh, switching off with my Only on the second island, fighting the damn blob It aint But kind of Its our fault for getting

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

For VA-11 HALL-A fans: Theres an Android app based off of Jills phone! It can play music from the game, a functional danger/u/ forum, and The Augmented The Nanocamo button lets you change the look of the

Chris Bradshaw

I can confirm that assets from the new Zelda are leaking!! GO DARK


Im feeling very comfy right


Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadillas!


Theres a spider somewhere in my room and I dont know where it


Despite my video making, I still plan to do a drawing a This week will be a bit challenging, so no comic this However, it is hopefully sexually arousing, so Im hyped to try! I can honestly say, you wont see it Get it? GET IT?

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I just swept and dusted most of my room for the first time in months today to make room for the Current status:

Nathan D

Heard someone in public today say keep a tight asshole to a stranger on his way out of a store with the same cadence and tone of familiarity as saying something like have a good Is this a thing? Im so confused and strangely offended right


What? so FFXV has a main storyline and not just ooops Almost forgot about that, wait a chocobo needs my help, I guess I can save the world another

Khalid Eternal Nigh

0:14 I dont think he is actually playing 0:44 I am so Looks like she is having a normal conversation with two gay guys, Spiderman comes over, says Those are awfully short Here, bundle up in this shawl! then chases them


Finished this off lost track of time after 8 hours of painting, having to redo so much of it again and again because I dont plan far ahead

Electric Reaper

Bad Boys 2 was awesome and rather The gunfights, car chases, and explosions were pretty cool, but not even Burn Notice has that level of collateral


The Switch launch trough the eyes of Nintendo


I just found out I missed a character in chapter 1 of Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem, so of course I started Enjoy this jojoke I made inspired by these


Mouse! M-M-M-MOUSE!1!


Just got an anti-virus block for Destructoid from

Double Monocles

I havent used My Nintendo that much, but I want that Zelda 30th Anniversary Do the silver coins you can redeem for things like Mario Run and FE: Heroes count toward your total platinum coins, or are they specific to each game?


Confirmed what I suspected from the Switch Pro Controller battery life is 40 hours, compared to 5 or less for You could play this as your full time job for a week and not need to charge Vastly superior quality to

Kaleido Ruby

Gunbuster 3, FLCL 2 and more Panty &


Whos got Enter the GUNGEON tips?


Why does Night in the Woods have a gig day one update?


Now this is only a rumor but Please be VERY careful in the off chance this is And dont be a dick and post them here if you see

Bobbety F

The word-elves have been hard at work adding subtitles to my Manic Miner video:-)


Ive sometimes dabbled when Ive seen something that especially interests me in the Most Comments subsection here, but staying away from the front page seems to have helped my mental health a More time for focusing on all you great folk!

Madoka Malika

Whelp because corporate and my boss suck butt I dont have inventory tonight like I had originally I went into work and All of us Fresh Department managers went to find that we are doing it next


on my favorite villains blog(late I know)4000 words in and I cant figure out how to cut it apart,wondering if I should split it into 2 I didnt think Id be able to write so much about each villain but I was clearly wrong

Dr Mel

{More Wordtoid, since Larx wanted it!} There is no etymological difference between canon, the official doctrine of something, and cannon, the large They both mean reed or

Jed Whitaker

Anyone playing Night in the Woods? I see 0 critic reviews, idk if anyone even has code, no press downloads on and reports of crashing / bad keyboard support on a game previewed positively a million times, they dont seem


This is quite funny, wp


Alright, Im still trying to get a feel for this Lets Play business, so heres another video of me playing If you have some time, give it a look! I appreciate your support, so hopefully I can get better with time, and make you guys proud! <3

Dr Mel

{Wordtoid} What do you think decadent means? Fancy? Luxurious? Nope, it means to be in state of decay -- its a bad The meaning turned around not long ago thanks to advertisers using it to describe guilty pleasure products like

Rad Party God

Bless Yahoo!


Currently enjoying Mexican food whilst on some Feeling pretty Saw a pretty lady today and was thoroughly swept Little things like that make me feel


Ive been slowly watching through the Sci-Fi series I mean you can tell the point it went off the rails as being near when one character is revealed to be a living incarnation of a star with the power to summon the star almost at


2 more days until the robot wars start! Unless you got your copy Lucky


Wife is at her moms, Im playing around with some Dark Souls games, so AMA Ill answer I blame weslikestacos for this


Heres some Overwatch news that just came out!


Sailor Metal!




Ive never had the experience of seeing something and having it instantly impart intense anger and sadness on me till God I need to punch Time to ignore my problems and do absolutely nothing for another day lmao


Hitler is my favorite Mega Man character


Jim Mother Fucking Sterling Son, has had his case resolved with the charges dismissed with I guess digi-hom finally figured out they wouldnt have gotten very far at all in Hopefully theyll do better in the