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Gooood morning Vietoid! I find myself wanting to play Pokemon less and less at work thanks to this masterclass book by Clyde Mandelin, Legends of Localization. Fascinating stuff, and outstanding print quality. What are you reading lately? #readtoid


I'm pretty late for this party, but I finally finished Fall of Cybertron and holy macaroni, this is a great game. Can someone free High Moon from Activision so they can make a sequel? Also, soundtrack is awesome, crank that volume up!


Happy Birthday, Wes! Have some real tacos to celebrate! Let me know when you're ready to kick butt in Overwatch again, say the word, I'll be there!


I don't want to get jalepeño business about your birthday Wes, but I think we should taco bout it. Have a good day buddy and drink as much as you can.


Poland is currently experiencing an ahistorically calm period


Happy Birthday Wes! Even though you are now officially an old fart, you're still mostly pretty alright, I kinda guess.


Seriously, the shit I watched as a kid...what even man. Good times.


Today is "Ditch New Years Resolutions day" which is something most of have done already


So, because Nintendo is the game company equivalent of the RPG player that NEVER uses his Mega Elixirs, an Ark mod is now the highest def game with Pokemon in it. And it looks GOOD.


Can I change my vote for 2016 character of the year? Jogger dude from FF15 Brotherhood is a bro. It can be embarassing to exercise outside if out of shape, so when I saw this guy I was like "oh no poor Prompto..." but then he roots him on like an Fn champ


The Nintendo Switch pinched me in the butt, forced a kiss and said I was going to carry that weight


I've never met the Switch, I've never even been in the same state as the Switch. But I know it did horrible things to me at that party.


The Nintendo Switch came to my house, used the bathroom, and left the toilet seat up.


Trotsky's command center during the RCW was in an armored train. The sodiers crewing it dressed in red leather, because branding is important, I guess.




Tfw youre having enough fun with a F2P game to want to monetarily support it but then you see that they expect you to pay for one fucking class


I do apologize for all the venting I do in terms of jobs and Your support is always, always helpful beyond Thank you guys so much for being a wonderful community (even if I argue with you a


Happy birthday Wes! Thank you for your band cd you sent me awhile back, and congratulations on being qtoids hunkiest Youre a good guy and a stud full of (sour) May your day be

Nathan D

sweating towel


So my Metroid Prime Trilogy experience Only 3 hours in, but I cant get used to the motion I dont want to point at the Im going to see at least the first to the In other news, replaying Super Mario Still


I have been watching a bunch of Assasination Classroom and even during the pool episode I barely bought that Nagisa is a I mean look at this adorable blue haired Reminds me of the lead from He also crossdresses in a lot of

James Internet Ego

I think I have found an image of hell:

Rad Party God

¡Feliz Cumpleaños Wes!


Katou Hayabusa needs to do another


Hell yessssssssssssssssss

Electric Reaper

Ruby Rose as a Vault Hunter? Sure, why not!


Wes, my taco-themed friend! Happy May your sails stay full and your socks stay

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Must articles! intake!


Black-ish is one of the few comedy shows that consistently cracks me Being Bow-Racial had me giggling the whole Any (currently playing) show that does the same for you?


Another Gen 7 bug Pokémon caught, another new member of my I think I became a bug Help!


Had I known, I wouldve made tacos for Ill get on that on Friday I guess :D Happy Birthday Mr Taco!


Happy Birthday Tacos! Oh, and fuck Costlemark Tower still


So that electronics store where I got my Switch still seems slightly iffy, and I just got an e-mail from my usual (excellent) games retailer that they have new supply which will be Day 1 Does it make me a scalper if I take that?

Kaleido Ruby

AMA with Gaben coming up here in a few


Youre a great But I have to what kind of taco is your favorite? >:)


If you guys want Golden Wind out faster, just stuff me with Taco Bell and shove gold dust up my


I hear a certain Taco is celebrating a birthday


Happy Birthday Wes


Is there ever a point when life becomes easy? If so, when is that point? Even when life is going fairly well (and it is, for me) theres still a lot of

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Heres to a Taco who needs no Hes helped me out a bunch of times, and hes always willing to lend an ear (or Happy Birthday, Wes!


Happy Birthday to the sweetest person all around! Youve done so much for all of us, and I really just cant give you the love and respect you HAPPY 95th BIRTHDAY BETTY WHITE!!! (oh, you too

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

First come, first served Steam key for Shantae and the Pirates Curse! Comment below when you get it: 93XZJ-D09QC-Z7EQG : CLAIMED!


Happy birthday, amigo! (You know who you


Ive been so manic today, I couldnt control it, just one of those days, Some of yall can And after the mania, right on schedule, begins the


The more I hear the plans the GOP have the more they sound like literal super villains


Happy birthday to one of the best Mexican dishes out there:


Fuck Costlemark And praise be the Lord God Ramuh

Breadtangle of Pizza

I never knew tacos had They usually go bad, unless you freeze Happy birthday, Wes the Frozen Taco!!!!


Happy B-day Taco!






Happy Birthday A haiku for a big For the taco #raikuhaiku

Solid State Drive

I no longer trust people named

Luca Blight

Happy Birthday 30 years and you still havent lost your great


Happy birthday, Tacoman! I believe this is probably the only taco game track in

King Kaiser

Happy Birthday Wes! May you always have tacos! (And likes)


Is this day over yet?


Oh, and happy birthday handsome taco man! Stay crusty!


Happy Birthday, WesLikesTacos! May the taco gods favor you evermore

On Air Fish

It occurs to me that Wes is a taco whose shell has never gotten stale and whose filling has never gone Hes one fresh taco!


Finally tracked down a copy of Wonderful 101 and got Dead Souls Ive ragged a lot on the latter but decided to pick it up anyway for Majima


Sometimes I get upset that I like so much stuff, that other people seem to hate or at least Then I remember that Im having a wonderful time, while they are


Somebody translated the Julian text on breath of the wilds special edition Its basically the backyard for the Wouldnt say its too spoilery, probably could figure out where the game takes place with


Good news from DotEmu! The Dragons Trap is coming to the Switch! The game plays fantastic on the Nintendo Switch! It runs at a smooth 60 FPS, the screen and colors in handheld mode are amazing, and it plays just as well in full HD when docked