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Community Blogs

The Witcher 3 isn't blowing me away but it's intriguing enough to want to keep playing. However, I HATE how the game has to load EVERY SINGLE TIME you want to talk to someone. It's honestly jarring enough to be a deal breaker to me (makes me nauseous). :(


I am currently working on a big community blog and since I am using a lot of images, I kindly request the assistance of the community on how to resize images in the blog editor.


Thought I would weigh-in on the live action Waifu business. Dana Scully.


I'm a bit surprised Undertale doesn't use Steam Cloud. It's a bit convoluted but I figured out how transfer my save to my Mac so I can finish while I'm away at school.


I can just walk up to a cat, stand still, do absolutely nothing, and the cat/kitten will just start purring. I don't even need to pet them, and yet my cats just start purring once I'm close enough. Why do cats do this?


Never really was interested in The Witcher series, but after all the hype, time to play this baby myself to see why it's loved so much. Over 800 awards, eh? Let's see if it's deserving of those accolades compared to other open-world titles I've played. :)


If any of you got that Humble NeoGeo bundle a while back it looks like a few more of those games were added to Steam - and they gave us keys for them. Love when publishers follow through for people who support them like that.


I wish I had the chops to customize Gunpla like this. Some of these builds are fucking insane.


Raiku's Haiku #1. Buttstock.

Welcome to Raiku's Haiku's where I do a haiku or two on whatever's on my mind. Right now I'm a bit tired and thinking of jokes. So here we go.   Comedy is hard I'm already dead tired. Why can't I sleep now?   How was that for...


I should really finish Fire Emblem: Birthright at some point, but all joking aside about it being the trash kingdom, it just really isn't compelling from both a story and gameplay standpoint. Videogames shouldn't make you feel obligated to complete them.


Visiting relatives up in Vermont right now, so I'm missing out on the AMA fun. Maybe I'll join in next week when I'm back at home and more able to actually respond.


My ongoing attempt to increase my social capacity lead me to playing a few games of Android Netrunner tonight, which is really pretty damn fun. Feel like a fool that it's taken me this long to take up card games!


If anyone has been waiting to get Invisible Inc on their PS4s (*cough* Gaj *cough*), now's a good time. It's on sale for like 10 USD or something.


New blog out tommorow for the bloggers wanted prompt-might have issues because time has forced my hand, but it felt good to crack another one out. Feel free to let me know of any issues if I missed anything. Also its about bioshock. The good one.


I got Resident Evil 4 Remastered and it's just as good as when I first played it. Truly a masterpiece of game design. The port is excellent too.


The ultimate question: homework, Battlefield 1 beta, or one of the 3 games I bought today: Abzu, Witcher 3 GOTY, and Hue.


I've been playing Shadow Warrior '13 and I gotta say it's a hell of alot more fun than Doom '16 (Which is a damn fun game too, don't get me wrong). Can't wait for SW2. I feel like it kinda flew under the radar, but that may just be me.


Dammit, Blizzard, where is the update with the new map and that sweet Mercy buff? This is taking forever >.<


All those AMAs were a bit exhausting, but it was nice getting to know you all a little better.




Im all moved into the mansion and ready for my final year of This is going to be one hell of a


The Samsung Gear S3 was just announced today at IFA 2016 in It comes in as the Gear S3 Classic and the New features, improved ram, battery, display, and slightly more weight with larger Check it out on That baby


Comic book day!!! Saga is finally f@%king back!!!!!!!


my last period on college has begun, and oh boy im already My friends say that since is the last one, i should give my but at this very moment:

Barry Kelly

Sounds like YouTube just hit the fuck everyone

Electric Reaper

Serious Sam 2 has a level consisting of what looks like a backyard filled with litter, happy music that does NOT belong in a Serious Sam game, and annoying witches that fly way too This is the level that caused me to uninstall this

Jinx 01

If you own Titan Quest on PC check your library - you now have the Anniversary Edition as well (or buy it for A decade later they went back and did a bunch of updates and bug Now if someone would fix Sacred 1 and Dungeons Siege II up :/


Another year on this campus wouldnt be so bad if Koro sensei was my Alas, tis not the Ill just do my homework and listen quietly like a good student

Peter Glagowski

I cant always clog the frontpage with Zelda I can in quickposts,


Time to go out for one last Hurrah before the day Summer was quite


I have no interest in Attack on Titan as an anime at all and am actually more turned off from it than anything else, but as a game it looks like a ton of fun to me and I actually really wanna play I just love swinging around like you do in

Sr Churros

So it is Our bad but democratically elected president was impeached substituted by the even worst coupist I expect more political changes aimed to fuck up with poor people and the worker class (AKA me next


Well, my laptop is But its going to cost me I definitely dont have $90 right and theyve got my this sucks


Currently scrounging for audiovisual inspirations for my aquaculture visual Music-wise, I came across this beaut which exudes a palpably poignant air of serenity not too dissimilar to that found in some of No Mans Skys


Not sure how serious this really is, but putting it here just in think its kinda funny how they apparently try to use everyones seasonal favorite waifu to cause damage


Come to think of Winter 2016? That reminds me of I cant quite put my finger on


Its a sensory journey!

Sr Churros

Yesterday, Edmund McMillen posted another short teaser for his still unnanounced and unamed Mega Man-ish game collab with Tyler So far gameplay looks tight and music sounds good! Cant wait to see more of


Like scifi? Like short stories? You should listen to this:


I sort of wish Busy Earnin had been saved for Borderlands 3 Its absolutely perfect for the franchise, in tone and subject

Kyle MacGregor

PAX friends: Come by the Death Squared booth (6215), where I will be giving out free high fives this

Hypno Coffin

So, Im planning to put up the art/request blog next Wednesday, and start the bi weekly rotation starting I also have a blog planned for next Thursday, which will be relatively short, called Torchman Will continue it until I get


Just saw this on Amazon, I thought the box art posted earlier in the week with the leak of this was This looks even more like crappy fan-art to

Electric Reaper

Firefox got updated to a beta version of 48 or 49, and it really slowed the browser down for I have no idea why my browser downloaded a First, there was this Australis crap that tries to look like Chrome, and now a beta I didnt ask AAAAH!!


Nioh The All I really wish it had was a character creator ala the Soulborne Otherwise, Im having fun slicing-dicing dudes and demons in a Feudal Japanese setting for once with atmosphere that mimics Good

Kaleido Ruby

So I guess PewDiePie got banned from Twitter for ISIS I dunno what, all I know is hes


Those is some sexy ugly sweaters! Knitted even! Do want!!!


All of the titans in Titanfall 2 shown off!


Witch girl?When your character evolves to become Maleficent ,she cannot be called girl!From DRACONUS,DreamCast hidden gem!




My live-action waifu my wife) and I looking dapper as my imaginary live-action waifu is Liv Tyler as


okay so as much as i love luigi my one true waifu is actually Agnes Oblige from Bravely Default and Agnes has some of the best character development ive seen in a jrpg for a not to mention her design is just




Welp, new blog is So go ahead and read it if you want, and learn things about bioshock you probably already knew!

Rad Party God

Two clowns will get reunited today!


Titanfall 2s gonna have a singleplayer campaign, right? Please let it be

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Whoa! As it turns out I just had a phone interview with a potential Now I have an in-person interview with them on Id be helping to design a newspaper and working on their website, mostly from I hope I get it!


That is

Rad Party God

Muh current I might have a thing for redheads ;)


Not to be a jerk about it, but Im tired of people demanding the asterisk that explains ps plus games arent quite I get it, everyone gets No one says you dont have to already be paying for ps Just seems


Yes! Looks like we wont have to wait too long for it in Europe this time <3


Today is a good day to give Michiru Yamane some Daily soundtrack! Sword of Etheria - Magnificent Battle


Is Trine 3 worth Ive heard nothing but bad


Waifu of the Ariel Winter from Modern


Oh The PS4 PS Plus free games for September are Lords of the Fallen and Journey! What a great Ive wanted to check out Lords of the Fallen for a while


Not sure if its just my Walmart or all of Picked up Divinity Original Sin on PS4 brand new for $15 just Saw a handful of other discounts on random Amiibo Festival for $20, Mario Tennis U for $30, Animal Crossing House Arrest for


People have been overwhelmingly giving this toy 1-Star reviews on Amazon, because they think theyre buying a set of 3 FULL SIZE school desks, for


Oh wow, I have no idea how to play Everything feels super slow and im just wandering getting shot, lol