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Working on my stand up comedy routine today. President Trump? More like Breslident Dumb! Hey did you guys see the new Transformers? More like Blands-poor-review-mers haha. I was watching the news the other day. Know what CNN stands for? Cant do good Ne


I need a new ringtone for my new phone, and I usually have something video-game related, but this time I'm drawing a blank. It's usually some sort of in-universe ringtone. Anyone got any suggestions?


My life feels rather cyclical. Without going into family biz, something has happened where if I don't find a new job in the next few weeks, it's probably just gonna make life harder for me. And things were almost starting to look promising for a minute...


Spicy barbecue sauce is made, gonna try it on some chicken tonight!


Is it safe to say this round of VR failed? It still doesn't seem to have a "killer app" that everyone is going crazy to play. I'm wondering if it's suited for gaming at all. At the least it feels like it needs another 10 years in development.


Planet Coasters tutorial is links to Youtube videos. Completely disqualifies the game in my eyes.


This new podcast I'm listening to about Revolutions makes me worry about the Roundheads in the Reservist Shed. Must make sure to install a fake duke among them to make sure that I know exactly when they plan to overthrow the crown.


Hope you're all having a good weekend. Wanted to say thanks for the positive support you've shown my cblog on the acquisition. It's good to see people's optimism in times of change. It's part of what makes us a great community. Stay cool homeslice!


The Outrage Era

  When I was a kid, I didn’t have to think about why I liked something.  I either liked it or I didn’t.  The only question I had to ask myself was, “Did I have fun?” Flash forward to today.  ...


Eid Mubarak to my Muslim friends here on Dtoid! Have a great celebration :)


Can anyone recommend a good linear game to complete on the PS3 or PS4 since after Persona 5 I'll be moving on to Nier and Yakuza and I might go mad from open-worlditus.


If you think that growth in videogames can equate to a contest then you are seriously delusional. Stop wasting time on growth if you only seek to surpass others, it is a waste of time and effort. Playing more than someone else doesn't make you better.


Oh, god dammit. It turns out that the English-localised version of Fate/Grand Order isn't available on the Australian App Store. That's... that's pretty shitty.


Yesterday, we went skeet shooting for the first time. Was surprisingly relaxed and fun, had a better hit ratio than I do in games. Girlfriend enjoyed it a lot more than going to a range. My shoulder, on the other hand, is not fan.


In Australia, we have an ice cream called Golden Gaytime. People never make the easy joke here and I respect that. I was kind of hoping that would happen with the Japanese tuition game.


In Australia, we have an ice cream called Golden Gaytime. People never make the easy joke here and I respect that. I was kind of hoping that would happen with the Japanese tuition game.


Remember kids, if you play games with bad balance or mechanics, you should put in 30-50 hours in hopes of getting good at the game, otherwise you aren’t allowed an opinion on said game.



Dennis Carden

Oh my My copy of Ever Oasis arrived today, and Im already dawww-ing so hard at Its pretty damn

Rin Tohsaka

Garbage pulls for my start but if you want a L26 Saber Lily in your party, my ID is Let me know in here if its you because Ive been getting requests out the ass and I only have so much of a limit right now (12 max, 2


Up late watching TV for no good reason and just saw Adult Swim give a shout out to Mother 3 and called for the localization to finally Id be so down for that even if AS had a hand in But playing the translation was still Loved

Pixie The Fairy

Its weird how SE doesnt ever seem to bring Gambler back directly in an FF Outside of FFX-2, its always some subversive take on it Corsair was a gunning, swashbuckling Astrologian in FFXIV is the healer version w/ tarot


SHIT! The Sandwich War let the bots in! Im so sorry, I never meant for this to happen!


Interesting that Grezzo went with a western composer, Sebastian VGMdb doesnt have any listings for previous game work for This is a good OST Pretty sure the whole dev team is Wow, this song is


I can only drink soda cold and with a nice amount of ice Love the foamy stuff and love the cool crisp taste as I pour I get none of that with room temp/somewhat cool How do ppl drink that? Id rather not have soda at that

Electric Reaper

Spoilers for Supergirl in the comments


Pretty sure these are the same


Im into the whole desert theme Not many games focus exclusively on that for the whole

Steven Hansen

sorry there was supposed to be a photo attached but it was unrelated anyways so I guess its fine here you go


Ever Oasis is finally getting Has a real long tutorial section, because its almost like 2 games in one so theres a lot to Its literally half Fantasy Life economy management and town builder, half Zelda-light with a party

Steven Hansen

pine nuts are too fucking expensive man


Making a pot of coffee at 1 am because #fargoseason1 is getting real fucking good


I wrote mt first legit be #post

Joel Peterson

Im not NOT playing Bubsy right now, I can say that for


Looks like sandwiches were a hot topic #MrDerosstructoid


First Draft of the fight Whatcha think guys/gals? Too much stuffed sandwiched in there? EDIT: Added the Fabulous SrChurros and Bottom Nep Gundy EDIT 2: In the

Joel Peterson

Move, move! Get around him, eyes on the ball, stay low Crandlemire, stay low! Now suck his dick, tickle his hustle, good effort Crandlemire, alright guys huddle up, now take off your pants - why the stink eye, Hudson? Give me




Hey now! I wrote a blog a while ago and never promoted Why dont you go check that out and tell me Im Thats what theyre for right?

Rin Tohsaka

Heads (Bump: Its now

Electric Reaper

Similar to the previous Steam sales, you can get 3 Steam trading cards per day by using the discovery The sticker page will only take you through the discovery queue once per


Yall debating


The Galactic Federation is hugely contradictory in the Metroid In the Prime games, they revere Samus the way the player does and fight with In Other M, they treat Samus like a liability and apparently are dumb bad What the

Joel Peterson

TIS-100 is a really cool gem of a Seems really intimidating at first until you figure out the And it actually helps to understand low level programming a bit

Joel Peterson

TIS-100 is a really cool gem of a Seems really intimidating at first until you figure out the And it actually helps to understand low level programming a bit



Adam P

Borrowed a copy of Wind Waker last week and just beat it a few minutes First time Ive ever played it, and holy crap, what an incredible One of the best Ive played in a long


This one didnt come out as I wanted Are you ready for Destructoids Empire?


I have returned from Went great! Alot of positive feedback as well as some bugs that were found and I was able to fix on the spot Now to resume my usual posting of memes and


Check out this sandwich (yes buns #bunsarebread #teamsandwich #bringonthepainMike

King Kaiser

Question, does Labrys count as a Persona 4 girl in terms of waifus? Or is she considered a spin-off character? Pic

Mike Sounders

I swear to god Ill pistolwhip the next person that starts a sandwich argument


So Im play Metroid Prime 1 and as Im scanning the computers this one caught my Not sure if it was an easter egg alluding to Metroid Prime: Hunters but its interesting if it


Ackbongs taken the Sandwich Wars to a whole new Sandwich Saga is heating Sneak preview of the final


pizza is an open faced fight


What have you done?


This little sweetie is my youngest Shes 5 months Just thought Id brag to you #uncletoid

Dangus Taargus

Space Channel 5 Part 2 just melted my icy How have I never played this before? Ulala is adorable and there was even a tentacle porn joke! Shes so cute!


Looks like someone has a fetish for dry #DtoidPartyGuy

Electric Reaper

I would never trust a younger sibling to that extent, even under an altered state of


Been playing tons of games I never got around to from years ago including Elite:Dangerous and Noire of all Theyre both squarely


Rumor: SEGA is working in a new franchise based called Bayonetta It is said to be designed by the CLAMP Here is a sketch of how she would look #ShitPost

Hypno Coffin



Just a little happy #MrDerosstructoid


Started up Dragons Decided to make my main character The Dude and my pawn Gave him the most annoying voice I could find, because those fuckers love to