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I know I'm late as fuck, but happy birthday to Rad Party God, Ein on Shroomishs and Parismio! Hope you all had a very cool and videogame filled day!


Unsurprisingly, Portal was voted as my next game. I'm streaming if anyone is into that. It will be gameplay only, no commentary, so it might be pretty boring or pretty okay, depending on how you like your streams.


Finally found a good use for that free 7 day Showtime trial


Haven't gotten around to starting FE Echoes yet, but I finally decided to start 3 starring 200cc cups in MK8D, which I didn't do in MK8. It's been suprisngly easy! Rubber-banding is less of an issue when it's so fast. Finished 3 cups within the past hour.


I must say, I actually like the little 1 1/2 minute original pop-song "Danielle" in Prey. Too bad there's not a full version somewhere.


After over 10 miles and nearly 4 hours of being scraped, bruised, frozen, and shocked, absolutwife and I are done worth Tough Mudder!


So this weeks Dr Who was better than last weeks but boy did they miss a trick by showing off the monsters faces. I mean they could have made a really scary villain but instead they showed the creatures faces right away.


I'm really digging the cast in Fire Emblem Echoes. I sure hope Leon will end up hooking up before the end of the game!


I really, really love FE Echoes. I'll write a blog about it soon. But I'm really enjoying it.


Outlast 2 feels less like a game and more like a series of scripted events strung together.


Hey, doing a Dtoid Quik-Collab of 200-300 words of a dream game you'd like made (within the realms of reality, able to be made today or within 5 years. If interested, just comment or PM me and we'll get this Quik-Collab train arollin'!


Distant Worlds finally came to my city for the the first time, yesterday! I found it amazing how they had to transcribe the composition to Balamb Garden because they couldn't find the original composition in Square Enix's library.


I've been having some real quality Persona 5 arts propping up in my Tumblr feed. Heck of a thing to be so damn into the fandom, yet I've still barely played the game because of my stupid back issues gettin' me down. Guess I just love P3 and 4 that much!


So I played/beat Drancia Saga on 3DS, after the credits you get a screen with an image and text. What does the text say?


I feel like I'm finally a man on Destructoid! Someone questioning why I took the time to write my Xbox One blog and questioning why it was front paged....I love it!


I've been so completely and utterly bored for the past couple of days now. It gets stressful quick.




My father has been declared cancer free by his doctors! He will continue to get frequent tests to make sure it doesnt come back, but holy cow what great news! Now to get the wife better

Rin Tohsaka

Outside of game over yea Im wondering whats more impressive for a theme like #gameover

Load of Bollocks

The Lawbreakers beta was I wasnt super impressed, but that could change given more time spent with the Honestly, the worst thing Lawbreakers has going for it is being attached to Cliffy B, and thats a dumb complaint

Raiku Shackleford

So my dads in the hospital and I cant work till he gets

Sarah Jane Farron

Played some Paladins (PC) with Zombz tonight and had good I need to convince more of you to join me, its great fun getting a party together and doing some nice Friendliness all around and good


Choose My Next Adventure! Is there any point in having a poll when Portal 2 will automatically win?


Cool pic my buddy


Me and my friend sacor where discussing the Jack ending and this little gem of a conversation My sides have left orbit and flown off into the nvm ill upload a better one int he comments, just relized its unreadable


You cant handle these Sonic the Hedgehog original characters do not steal Im a maniac!


This one is for all Sonic lovers


Ive been playing Kings Field:AC for the retro and Im stunned just how much better it is than Eternal Theres nonlinearity, proper loot and secrets Getting used to the controls again was a bit The OST is still

Remo Williams

Heads up for those who like free games! Starpoint Gemini 2 is free on Steam for the next couple of The world needs more space


Do you know what time it is, kids? Time for another Dtoid Draws! If you have the courage to show your artistic skills or lack thereof to the rest of the community, Im looking for your contribution! Details in the


The long-bygone These are the chronicles of Fleggy and its on-and-off journey to discover the pains of creating games on old hardware, to go where the pioneers went over thirty years Next time: To spend 352 bytes on an array or not?

able to think

I found this book on Amazon and decided its the greatest thing


Soldiers bitching about their lot never gets old EVEN IF IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH VIDJAGAMES ON A VIDJA

Dr Mel

{Wordtoid} Its back, baby! Bear is etymologically untied to the name of the animal because people feared calling it by name could summon the Bear pretty much just means brown, and other countries use similar avoidances like


Finally got to go back and finish Hollow Knight after it getting left behind before, and goddamn its so True ending stuff is difficult but Story was Beautiful art and animation, great One of the best metroidvanias


This is for you

Nathan D

800 bucks?! Oh, eyes on our brains to cleanse our beastly

Donley Time

Our old pal Alyssa Wright did some awesome Boss 101 art! Shes so freaking good! More amazing art at her Instagram too! Link to her Instagram in the comments below!

the navi is a lie

So apparently the new Farcry will take place in Thats could be an interesting

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

#librarybookoftheday #nottostealVaddyZsthunderbutIjusthappenedtofindthis

Rad Party God

Hope yall have a great week start! This always manages to lift me up before I start to work out on


yare yare


Stand Name: Hotel Stand Power: The power to create pistachio ice-cream out of thin air, homing missiles and a flamboyant Stand Stats: Destructive Power-B, Speed-C, Range-B, Durability-D, Precision-A, Developmental

Spiders For Sale

Why do random people just message me on psn? WHO ARE YOU??!

Raiku Shackleford

If I had a stand, Id want it to be a mosquito that gives/takes electricity to/from Call it System of a



The Luigi Critic

I think I have an addiction


Just now catching up on weekend Great job with the downpour of blogs over the weekend, gang! Keep that

On Air Fish

A huge THANKS to the Dtoiders that played MK8 Deluxe with me this weekend! You guys rock!

Sarah Jane Farron

I dont suppose anyone would be up for trying Paladins out and partying up? I love the game but Im having that time again where every game is awful cause people refuse to do teamwork, the basic fundamental component the game was designed


I was going to make a post about my experience yesterday, but it ended up being way too long to cram in as a comment in a Is it okay if I post it as a blog, considering its not video game related?


Do I hang my dick in the left side of my pants because it naturally slants left or does it slant left because I hang it in the left side of my pants? #Dtoidblankspacethoughts

the navi is a lie

Hey guys, Im making a list of games Im going to be getting over the next few and I really want to play a sci fi game thats very Star Trek I was thinking maybe Mass Effect since Ive never played Any other recommendations for others?

Hypno Coffin

So about a week ago after buying the LE Transistor vinyl, I noticed Supergiant provides a link where you can ask them I asked if they had plans for Bastion on vinyl and was told there were no plans, but to not rule it out for the


All this Twin Peaks talk is making me feel soooo old, but its wonderful to see it I saw a billboard with Laura Palmers prom photo on the other Genuinely got this weird daze of emotion, like nostalgia mixed with melancholy and




Riverdale is on Netflix now in the Go watch it!


@VaddyZ I agree, this new design is something else!


Well thats enough ranked for The Season ends next week and you know what? Im cool with where I am Ive placed gold at the end of every Good luck to any of you trying to place higher!


4 total hours sleep this to be a long Monday


I think Ive been playing BotW a bit too The urge jump over the edge and hang-glide into town or find the secret at the top of the mountain is (Sardegna, Visit it,amazing trip)


Im loving all this black space at the top of the Like staring up at a night Really gives a guy some time to pause and


I play Fire Emblem on casual #confessiontoid


A team is remaking an old mostly in europe computer that will run all its old 8-bit Someone is kickstartering ZX Spectrum Next 11 hours to go, do I drop the money for that authentic and more accurate feel or just continue the hrmm


I hope Im not the only one giggling for the wrong reasons, whenever the Phan-site is mentioned in Persona

the navi is a lie

#confessiontoid i really love Smash on the

Drifting Deadlock

Um, is this a spam post? I cant