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Hey guys, I know I'm not around a lot, and worse this ain't a fun topic, but this be important. The House of Representatives is voting on whether or not they fuck the internet (and everyone who uses it) tomorrow. Call your representative and tell them NO.


Apparently, Last Week Tonight is taking a one week vacation and will be back on April 2. Maybe Oliver and his crew got drunk and are still laughing at the epic failure of Trumpcare being pulled from the vote.


Oh how I love The Ringed City being released at eleven a'clock in the evening in my timezone. At least I can play it a bit in the morning.


Well, I just learned an interesting tidbit about Rain World's AI that is both awesome and creepy at the same time (will post quote in comments).


Happy 6th Anniversary to the Nintendo 3DS and its wonderful library of games!


Question: do any of you Dtoid people, specially gamedevs and artists, use Patreon? Trying to get regular jobs or become an intern, but not having much luck so far. Maybe trying to go back to gamedev before trying Patreon would be a smarter choice?(bump)


Handed in my notice today, my manager looked visibly upset. I asked why, she said I was the third person that week. You guys have no idea how much I wanted to say 'Good. That makes me very happy'. No sympathy from me, not for her. Current status:


What Author do you think will take over A Song of Ice and Fire when Martin dies of diabeetus? My money is on Douglas Adams.


#worktoid. Bored on Monday at work. Why not take a selfie of myself looking douchey in a tie


Now that my character is looking like a proper gentlehunter, I think I'm finally ready to start Generarions for real.


Pornhub is playing the same ad for Ass SEXffect Andromedgasm before every damn video for me today. *sigh*

  Polygon, did you even research or did you pick a random YouTubers name out of a hat?


*loads Nioh 1.06* Oh dear lord, another 1v2 with.. holy shit goddamit *5 hours later* YEAH SUCK IT MAROHASHI QUEST


TBH this kind of annoys me. There was no doubt there would be a sequel, just get on with showing us what it'll be about and how you've improved it.


I think it's about time to change my avatar. That said, I decided to appease ppl who don't want a change so it'll still be Spunky. I have a handful possibilities inside here and I want you guys to help me pick out one. (bumping once for more votes)


Yesterday I think I played Guild Wars 2 a bit too much, I dreamt about slaying dragons last night.




No one needs any more photos of me, but congrats on another #selfietoid


Ill probably upset people, but fuck The Japanese of BotW is cringeworthy So much silly, cartoony, stereotypical anime-acting Im befuddled some folks consider it superior to any of the other dubs, let alone


Games Workshop has signed an agreement for a WHFB hack slash game with Bigben Interactive, the makers of such excellent games like I love my pony and Handball 17 (The best handball simulation ever on And so the wheel turns


We are the most attractive collection of nerds on the


Well, better late than never, but I finally got Ending A of NieR: Not gonna that was pretty emotional, so it got your boy a The other main endings are gonna fuck me up, arent they? I can just feel I CAN FEEL No spoilers! :P


I cant properly express the joy #selfietoid brings Seeing all of know Im a broken record but it makes the house feel like a Thats

Pixie The Fairy

I wanted to video games tonight, but am too

Electric Reaper

Crashes like this are why I used to watch Massive firefights are why I watch mecha


I accidentally purchased Samurai Jack season 5 on Amazon Chose to keep the I regret


I cant take any more bad cat jokes, Monster Hunter I already had too much back in 4 Please, someone make it


Nothing cheers me up more than Goon, what a fucking gem of a


Not bs #selfietoid but from a dew months Just imagine sadder and with more fat

Bob The God Lawyer

Selfies?!? Here I totally


Awwww shit #selfietoid here is me with some penguins

The Dyslexic Laywer

I was initially against it but fine Ill contribute to #selfietoid , hope this goes through my countrys censorship


#selfietoid A couple years old, but a selfie none the Im always a little paranoid about revealing too much of myself away from standard social media


#selfietoid turned into 20 minutes of picture taking/deleting, fixing a rotation issue with the upload and then lurking/liking more on the Cheers


Severe, irrational fear of being Im not I know this whole selfie thing is just a trick to try and steal my NOT Not

DeScruff Sypran

I changed my mind on which photo to use for #selfietoid I am totally Ohayou


If nothing can always say we have the sexiest community in

Bukkake Waffles

Not exactly a selfie, but #selfietoid


Just saw part of the Spider-Man trailer because Holland has someone record it from the premiere live on his What a


Okay, you know what? Fuck it, #selfietoid for you I aint showing my face I dont want to regret posting that because then I would be too self-conscious about posting more cucking And really, who wants that? Dont answer


Destiny 2 has finally been I have hope for it but Bungie has a lot of lessons to learn from the first

Amna Umen

I would participate in #SelfieToid if only the self


You convinced me to once again contribute to

Nathan D

Just got the true ending to Nier: Im a bit at a loss, in a good A future is not given to It is something you must take for Im not


All memories obtained, spooky armor equipped, master sword obtained, loot from the initial raid added back into my inventory, sitting at 50-60 shrines Think its time to end BOTW Might do a blog on it, I dunno

Hypno Coffin

I almost never take pictures of myself, so all Ive got is one of me looking like a crack addict that I took when I was camping out for the


Just so you all know, I may only be fapping physically to one of you tonight, but in my mind, Im fapping to you all


My birthday is this Friday (March 31st), so I thought to myself why not use that as a flimsy excuse to give away some games? And here I More in the


Trying out a new series of blogs that allow people to see Im not a complete cynical asshole by gushing about some great First up: Bioshock the only one thats good as voted by most of the community


I took, like, 20 pictures for selfietoid but didnt like any of It might be a blessing in disguise, considering all the weird, perverted stuff I Besides, just imagine what a gamer whos into cuckolding looks like and you got me in a


#selfietoid Lets do it! Hey lovely artist peeps, Im looking to commission a picture of myself as a great Hit me up, lets chat


Todays slow cooker meal was pulled Went to a local butcher and got it cut on the 10 minutes later it was in the 7 hours later it was one of the best meals Id ever Mild BBQ, so even the baby ate a

Hypno Coffin

Saw Get Out with a buddy of mine Went in expecting to not enjoy it, but was pleasantly surprised that it was really well A little predictable, sure, but the shots were done well and it felt genuinely Ending sucked




Though the land cries, all is not For hope does not die, while innocence roams


Back to doing #selfietoid?! Im down!

Pixie The Fairy


Gus TT Showbiz

Insincere Snark




Pitch black lighting is what best suites my pale disgrace! #Selfietoid

Dangus Taargus

Where all the Rain World reviews at internet? Edit: Theyre trickling and theyre all over the From what Ive read this seems like my kind of torture Im




I did a My arm


*promotes cblog*

Rad Party God

Welp, its that time again! #selfietoid