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I've begun reading the hobbit to my daughter as a bed time ritual. She's reluctantly fallen in love with the great grey wizard, fat silly Hobbit, and brash bearded dwarves. It's such a wonderful gift to give her. Warms my heart.


Has anyone considered that their incredibly high expectations is what made them disappointed with the Switch. I'm Just saying that maybe you all let speculation and rumors give you this idea that it'll be the greatest invention since the blowjob.


My wife caught me masturbating...Freaking Nintendo Switch


Since people are getting disappointed by the Switch due to new information. Whoever has a pre-order on Amazon should totally drop their pre-order. BOYCOTT TO SEND A MESSAGE! But also to let me know first. Just cause. No reason.


I'm getting two very different impressions of the Switch right now. There's one half of the Interenet telling me "Hey wait 2-3 months and grab it w/ Splatoon, its pretty great" and another half telling me it's DoA and the worst idea ever conceived by man.


What's your guilty pleasure movie? Mine are the Fast and Furious movies. They're so dumb but I love them so much!


The Nintendo switch had me excited at first, but then became more and more mildly disappointing as time went on. Mmm. Getting closer.


The Nintendo Switch thinks the "Great Days" OP from Diamond is Unbreakable is just "alright".


The Nintendo Switch worked with the Russians to rig the election and put chemicals in the water to turn the friggin frogs gay.


A breaking update to torchmans story about the Beedle/Terry translation kerfuffle.


The Nintendo Switch was responsible for rebooting Batman and shooting Bruces parents again.


Nintendos poor decisions made me disappointed in them again! There! That's better!


Nintendo Switch gestured at me in a lewd fashion then touched the nether region of its screen.


Nintendo's new online put ketchup on my burger instead of mustard.


Nintendos poor decisions made me disappointed in them again! Wait I think I fucked that up.


Raise your hand if you've been waiting for this scene since you saw Episode IV.


Just finished episode 4 of The Walking Dead Season 1 and I am loving the game.There have been a couple of glitches that got on my nerves but nothing game breaking. The story can be pretty thrilling at times while at times also really fucked up. It's great


TIL that Beedle from Zelda is actually called Terry in the Japanese versions along with most translations.


Capcom likes to put 1 weird character into "Versus" games, just like Smash does. What if they put Zack in from Zack and wiki into Marvel Infinite




Rumor going around that Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation for Switch is in the code for Nintendos While I cant say I approve of another port, if it means Revelation and hopefully the dlc preserved on cart, Im ok with


The Switch invented the annoying Google


Happy Birthday from Me, The Pheller and rest of Mother Base! Wes, youre the real Youre probably one of the first people around here to really embrace me and my Im in your Shine on you crazy Taco!

Jinx 01

I was tinkering with The Witcher 3 first-person mod, and it was raining in-game, except I didnt notice it was also raining IRL, and there was this loud thunder that shook the whole house and I jumped up in shock because I thought the game did

On Air Fish

Happy birthday to mah main taco, @WesLikesTacos! May I suggest dinner at Taco

Dr Mel

Remember {Wordtoid}? Heres an inspirational The word fear traces through the Proto-Indo-European root per meaning risk, try and also In fact, the per in experience is directly To fear is to experience, to


Hopefully a YouTube upload will make it easier for mobile users to Either way, I decided to upload the full version of my rendition of one of Persona 5s boss tunes in honor of the soundtrack release in Japan! Gotta be my best cover


Happy Birthday Taco!


Today on Oprah: Victims of the Switch and how you can prevent it from happening to


Wherever you are, Larx, happy I hope you see this message, and I hope you have a good


I remember when Wes was little he used to sit on my lap as he sucked on my tootsie roll Now that hes bigger I sit on his lap! Happy Birthday Sir Wes of Tacos!


I finally bought a display case so I did some iPhone-tography of my


Happy birthday Wes likes Tacos Here are some taco flavored keeses


When you really want to punch someone, but the urge to cut them is


I hear its weslikestacos Hes been an awesome guy to me and those selfies have gotten me through some long Happy birthday man!


I guess it really is Taco Tuesday, Happy Birthday, buddy! @weslikestacos


Gooood morning Vietoid! I find myself wanting to play Pokemon less and less at work thanks to this masterclass book by Clyde Mandelin, Legends of Fascinating stuff, and outstanding print What are you reading lately? #readtoid


#HappyBirthdayWeslikesTacos! May your day be filled with your favorite taco seasonings and a bountiful amount of melted


Im pretty late for this party, but I finally finished Fall of Cybertron and holy macaroni, this is a great Can someone free High Moon from Activision so they can make a sequel? Also, soundtrack is awesome, crank that volume up!


Happy 30th Birthday to @weslikestacos ! Today is the first day of the rest of your life!


Happy Birthday, Wes! Have some real tacos to celebrate! Let me know when youre ready to kick butt in Overwatch again, say the word, Ill be there!


I dont want to get jalepeƱo business about your birthday Wes, but I think we should taco bout a good day buddy and drink as much as you


#HappyBirthdayWeslikesTacos Dont have anything clever to Happy Birthday :p


Happy Birthday @weslikesacos!!!!


Poland is currently experiencing an ahistorically calm period

Ein on Shrooms

Bustin this gif out of retirement (posted it on September) to wish my main wash board playing Taco a happy Birthday! #HappyBirthdayWeslikesTacos Just open your mouth and close your eyes, its raining


Happy Birthday Wes! Even though you are now officially an old fart, youre still mostly pretty alright, I kinda


YES! Found the dungeon theme I was looking The one I adore <3


Link its dangerous to go alone, take this dress


Happy birthday to @weslikestacos! Youre 30? Damn, son! Its ok, your butt is still totally :D


Seriously, the shit I watched as a even Good

Silver Luso

Today is Ditch New Years Resolutions day which is something most of have done already

Dr Mel

So, because Nintendo is the game company equivalent of the RPG player that NEVER uses his Mega Elixirs, an Ark mod is now the highest def game with Pokemon in And it looks

Cory Arnold

Can I change my vote for 2016 character of the year? Jogger dude from FF15 Brotherhood is a It can be embarassing to exercise outside if out of shape, so when I saw this guy I was like oh no poor but then he roots him on like an Fn champ


The Nintendo Switch pinched me in the butt, forced a kiss and said I was going to carry that weight


Ive never met the Switch, Ive never even been in the same state as the But I know it did horrible things to me at that


Persona5ImportAdventures: Looooove this dungeon theme from the


The Nintendo Switch came to my house, used the bathroom, and left the toilet seat


I wrote an article about jet fighters, real Ace Combat Coming soon: my Patreon to put an AESA radar on a Mig-21 Bison


Trotskys command center during the RCW was in an armored The sodiers crewing it dressed in red leather, because branding is important, I

Robo Panda Z

Happy birthday to Taco, whose life is now over now that hes Totally Super Much older than Yup yup, SIGNIFICANTLY older than Whats the expiration on tacos, anyway? Im sure not Im glad Im not

Mike Martin

Its tacos birthday? Happy birthday You are such a sweet, kind I hope you have a great day, and I hope this year brings you many


Man, the rules of SF2 have sure changed since I was a


Happy Birthday Taco, hope you have an awesomesauce day doode x

Khalid Eternal Nigh

So apparently Capcom originally wanted to do a Street Fighter Alpha 3 HD version but Sirlin convinced them to do Super Turbo BOOOOOOOOOOO Then again, I wasnt big on HDRs artstyle so maybe its not such a big


Just found out Batman TAS is included with my Prime membership :3

Electric Reaper

Well, the plot in Yamada and the Seven Witches has become even more of a The author is recycling their own plot yet again, and this is getting Just let the series end