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I feel like thanking everyone , so I decided to let John Cleese do it for me. What? Why? Those don't even remotely go well together, and why would you propose that before Fire Emblem?


In honor of The Last Guardian, which I will probably play in 10 years, releasing, have some not-TLG, which I'll probably still forever like more than I will ever like TLG because fighting the huge thing you can climb is cooler than doing puzzles with it.


I really want to finally start killing my backlog, but Witcher 3 is a roadblock. only 23hrs in and I'm savoring it. So a question -- how do you all work through your backlogs? Do you just focus on one game at a time, or do you have a few you work through?


First look at Nier's English dub. 2B has lines at 0:27 and 1:02. Sounds pretty cute to me.


So I keep up with tech and security and such and I just want to take a moment out to recommend that everyone update/reboot their routers. Don't want my peeps to get caught up in a botnet. Keep safe, you beautiful people <3


Here's two games I swore I would buy a fucking PS3 for, available for the PS4. After so much shit, I never thought these games would ever be fucking made, yet here they fucking are, at fucking last. Hold on to your asses, boys, the end is fucking nigh!


Are there any Dtoiders who still play GTAV on PC? I just got it a week or two ago and I'm bad at it, but it's fun.


Just finished Gravity Rush. What a great little game! Love it. Trying to find the soundtrack now. It's supposed to be on the PlayStation store I think, but it's not, and I can't find it anywhere else either.


When you sleep 13 hours cause the other day you skipped all meals but dinner, and then you ate way too much and went into a comma why trying to watch Ergo Proxy.


I stayed up till nearly 2 am last night to get to right outside the final battle for FFXV I'm quite proud of myself. This is going to be my first completed final fantasy game.


I wanna open a store that exclusively sells balaclavas and baklava for the sole purpose of confusing people.


If you're curling your toes to poop, you're trying to hard. That is what gets you hemorrhoids.


I never cared a TON for framerate comparisons until relatively recently. I remember loving Lords of Shadow as one of my favorites of all time, and that hit 15 fps sometimes. We'll see what I think of TLG. Can I overlook it's flaws or has my taste changed?



The videogame dramaturg

Do you feel like fighting Rudolph this Christmas? You can do that in The Night Christmas


Inquisitive Ravenclaw has set me down a path I cannot come back Damn you Ravenclaw, damn you!


Im so Canadian that when I bump into a chair (or other object), I say sorry to that

Electric Reaper

In Megadimension Neptunia VII can the older version of Neptune transform into a goddess form?

Cory Arnold

FF15 developers are really


Final Fantasy XVs Chapter 14 is one of the biggest blue-balling chapters in the I know they said shit gets linear at the end of the game, but you can NOT show me this twist and NOT let me Wasted Whats next?


I was just thinking that season 2 of Star vs the Forces of Evil was lacking compared to the first, then I watched the most recent Things are about to get a whole lot more interesting!


Yoooo shiny When I look for shinies I never get them, but when I just want a decent IV mon I get shinies left and


Got an email saying a package was It The tracking site says that someone picked the package up at the post Excuse me what? Dont you need to show them your ID to pick something up from the post office? This is


Assault Marines have probably the strangest kit since, judging by the sprues, it comes with enough chest and back as well as jump-pack pieces to assemble ten Marines, but legs for only 5 (like it says on the Not that Marine legs are hard to

Amna Umen

I think this is a good song for me to leave you all with


So to add insult to injury to my awesome thanksgiving (READ: IT WASNT) now my mom might have the fuck is JK Simmons when you need


signed up for dtoid secret santa! included in my wishlist are my mothers approval, the decapitated head of weslikestacos and a bag of I open up these requests to the entire make my wishes come true dtoid <3

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Playing random heroes arcade Enemy torb gets play of the game while Turret wasnt even ult Replay started over his corpse, he was dead WHEN IT


Hyper Light Drifter is incredible after the 60 fps I bought the game on GOG, and torrented the patch (Steam Dont hate save worked with


Tricia is not very good with

Sir Shenanigans

A couple hours in and I dont know that I love The Last but my bedside collection has a pair of new buds!

Double Monocles

Continuing my Skyrim break with Resident Evil The real question is, Chris or Jill?

Hypno Coffin

Sometimes its really great having a parent thats more friend than Ended up having a real heart to heart with my mom tonight about our struggles with out mental health, and how its impacted us over our Really lucky to be able to do

Kaleido Ruby

Speaking of old


Harambe joke in the Favorite Pokemon post, reset the clock!


Wish I had known they had updated the Steam discovery queue Its almost possible to sort through all the junk on steam with the ability to add as many custom tags as you You only get 3 tags on the

Khalid Eternal Nigh

All my stories are ending their I NEED MY STORIES! Ash vs Evil Dead, Southpark, Dirk Gently, Westworld, and Last Man On Earth all finished or about to At least I have Bobs still, unless they do a mid season


So, I’m in the process of building a new I need to buy a monitor for it, but I have no idea where to Probably looking for a 1440p Anyone know of any good resources to read about this Also, is HDR a thing for computers yet


Work music

On Air Fish

What 90s video game had the host/narrator say in a very serious tone Choose your can hear the voice in my head, but cant place the game!


Did you hear about the game Suda 51 and Bob Ross were going to make? It was called Let It #Joketoid


Probably the only christmas song I can listen to and not Not the remake, and certainly not the live-action version, can compare to this masterpiece of a

Kaleido Ruby

65 Hard fought victory towards the opponents


Welcome to Welcome to anger and fear fueled This is the new The only real answer is more guns! -Im sorry, but this is just Ever since the election this has been happening at an ever increasing The new


Does the ranking system in Let It Die mean anything? Only been playing it for 3 days but somehow it showed my rank previously as rank Its rank 3 Was I really that good at this game that from casual play I made it into the top 10?

Electric Reaper

Stephen Colbert agrees with the Nepinator that eggplants


I must apologize Sir @Dinosir but it is I, CelicaCrazed, who is #TopDino! Maulin frontpage trolls like a basketball and bodycheckin the fap button on voters cblogs/qposts, the answer is Youd be CelicaCRAZED to NOT vote me #TopDino!


More neps


Christmas came a few weeks early this


Anyone down for a good ol YGYL (You Groove You Lose) ?


Yeah buddy!


It has been a while Qtoid

Kaleido Ruby

Whats this about Neps now?


Well they got me, I love to spin things


::discovered that Apollo Justice is on the Play Store:: Thats awesome, but I cant justify spending $15 now ::gets $10 credit to Play Store for being a Project Fi


I saw this on Facebook and it reminded me of you guys <3


I still cant wait to play Sexy Bromance: The Road Im slowly going through my other backlog of games and getting more

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I rather like Sakuras dub voice! The last few seconds remind me I cant play this,


Not the best picture, but the last one didnt show my hair, and my boyfriend says I look weird with short This one also shows off me being a nerd in a shirt he got me Pic of SotD watch Also can you spot the other gift my bf got me?

Nathan D

Reading the solution on how to finally complete the Dummy Finger riddle in the RE7 demo had me


Also arrived today: birthday present for my