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Cinnamon Roll Pancakes! So good! Also, is that cream cheese frosting or... Something else? Link to recipe in the comments.


Me: I tell a friend i dont like their favorite show. Them: *Gets upset* Really?! Me:


My very good friend's band is gearing up to release a new album next week and even if he wasn't my buddy, I'd say it's fucking killer. They made a video for one of the tracks. Check it out if you can. Epic Doom Metal with Italian Folk music peppered in.


If you like The Thing or body horror or horror in general, watch this trailer. The movie is called the Void and its my most anticipated film this year.


Is it possible that the characters in Mass Effect were made on purpose to be naturally derp-faced? You know the people, the kind that look goofy no matter what they do or say. I think we should be applauding Bioware-the first openly derp-faced cast.


I would totally buy Don't Starve again if there was a Switch version. Been hankering to play it again and would be able to do so much easier if it were portable.


{Wordtoid} "Cesar" or "caesar" is known as the roman emperor's title and ties directly into the German "kaiser" and Russian "czar" and is erroneously linked to c-sections or "caesarean sections" on the notion that Julius Caesar was born that way.


So ebgames canada twitter lied about the LE for Fire Emblem on their twitter. they said they'd give info at a later date, yet it went live yesterday. They also deleted the tweet the cowards. Best buy will probably go up today so I give up


Wind Waker's soundtrack is so good that it's a sexual experience for me when I listen to it.


Just had a pretty attractive lady UPS driver delivering a big box of meat at work. She asked where I'd like to put the meat. I swear I've seen this porno before...Is there a porno filming here today? No seriously, is there a porno filming here??


I'm listening to this apart from the game, and it's like picking up an old memory and turning it over in your hands. This is pieces of Christmas and homework and playing games in the living room on the floor.


This day started badly, but considering I remembered Cuil Theory exists I just know everything is going to be okay.


I just washed my car, and I was satisfied of my efforts until I saw a few dirt particles still sticking around the car windows.


#ShowerThoughts You know what would make the Rayman Legends port for the Switch more interesting? Packing in Rayman Origins and making it a 2-for-1 bundle. Also, amiibo support. Specifically, a Rayman amiibo. Shit, I'd buy that.


I'm on the bus to work. Still have about 30 minutes to go. Let's start the day off right.




I enjoyed celebrating two anniversaries with 10 years of TMNT (2007) and 5 years of Kid Icarus Uprising yesterday!


Going to start a new tag for Saturday, which again, will probably be Friday afternoon for some of I really enjoyed Miiverse Monday, but now with this new tag, everyone can participate if they want

Dr Mel

Im really curious about Nier Automata but I dont think the gameplay is for Its a bit of a bummer because its like hearing a restaurant is awesome but it only serves food you dont


NieR Automata Cosplay


Beautiful video of JASDF F-4 Phantom IIs, the triumph of thrust over


I feel my life is a virtual But yay, my 300th qpost and first


Ive finally played a VR game! It They Lie on PS4 and after 5 minutes I set the headset aside and tried very hard to not I succeeded because Im good at not succumbing to motion sickness for the most

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

So, Ive had it for a day and I have to say I have a massive problem with Rune Factory 4: Namely, that Im playing FAR TOO MUCH Rune Factory I need help!


Somehow you can still place an order for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Limited Edition at the Gamestop Chances is the order would get canceled eventually but its not hurt to try if somebody here wants this LE

Dr Mel

I gotta poop again Hey, you better not be lying to me, I aint got the Nevermind, I just wanted to make some noise in the toilet :p God damn

Pixie The Fairy

Justice League trailer was deadpan and its weird that theyd have Bruce do most of the recruiting since hes the scary one, but it had decent humor


Kung Pow is one of my favourite movies, despite how stupid and ridiculously silly it can Every time I bring it up to my brother, we cant speak because were laughing so


Ive played NieR: Automata for 45 hours in 5 I only played for an hour and a half on the first day due to Please send

Gus TT Showbiz

Insubordinate and Churlish


I found Blues Saraceno completely at random, but its the perfect fit for a lover of Weird #RandomMusic


What is your favorite sandwich?


*waiting for new replacement graphics card* Is is Monday yet? :P


Trying to be really supportive for a close friend who is suicidal when she likes you but you dont want it to seem like youre also into her is a really thin fucking line


its me


Criminally under-rated #RandomMusic | Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear - Silent

Pixie The Fairy

Apparently hatemongering buses are not popular in


Got a bad batch of treats for my Poor little




Legion is Really Excited to see where the series


I want to play Zelda but I cant get a Curse you Nintendo and your damn


Years ago I got ME3 for the story and enjoyed the Tonight Im going to rent MEA for the multiplayer and leave the story as an


Super Mario Run is about 5 minutes and then I go back to playing Fire Emblem


The end is indeed nigh for my salmon VN now that all of its information is being Proud of what I have achieved!


I love the Souls games; including I Love From Softwares attention to architectural I Would love to see the team do a Souls-flavored game based on David Lynchs Yeah, an its okay movie but damn does it have style!


Heres what Im thinking about the next Probably just do the middle bit; I just wanted to draw the FDS

Sir Shenanigans

For some reason playing Nier just makes me want to play Lost Planet


Anytime i upvote a qpost or blog I expect the Powerpuff Girls to


You know what the most tear-inducing scene in a video game is? When Mr Shakedown buckles off with your 500 billion #Yakuza0


Blew a snot rocket while walking, and I can suddenly hear out of my left ear HOORAY!!!


Im a big sci Fi guy and I always say Star Wars, the original trilogy, are my favorite I have to say, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind may actually be my favorite if Im honest


Im writing a little something about Bloodborne for its two year anniversary tomorrow, and its making miss the game If my backlog wasnt exploding, Id start playing it again


I called in sick to work today, and slept from 10:30pm last night to 2:45pm I must say I feel a helluva lot better My son stayed home today from school also, and my wife is sick My daughter is the only one spared thus Fun


Not taking hard sides but if you disagree with Playtomic on Jontron and dont want to give them money, thats your But if you want to have your cake too, and pirate it you


You learn a lot while working in a book Like today I learned that North Korea has a satellite floating above the US that can wipe out our power at any given Just like that! *SNAPS* The gentleman informing me sourced Newt Gingrich and a scie

Amna Umen

When this captain that Ive put 16 hours into dies in Sunless Sea I think I may scream in a tone above that of human Because its never a question of if the zee will destroy you, its


I read the first Tomb Raider Archives comic It was okay, and the art was fantastic, but the comics dont fit in the original six games story at all, even though that should not have been hard to


The Fire Emblem Echoes Limited Edition is still available for preorder through Am I missing something? It has sold out everywhere and other than being through Gamestop should there be a reason not to jump on this? Link in

Khalid Eternal Nigh

(Accidental bump) 2 New Gorillaz songs being dropped right now on BBC1 First one very 2nd one is THUMPY and Albarn said what he likes about Gorillaz is he can kind of do whatever he wants and

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Gorillaz uploaded a music video and 2 songs onto their youtube I seriously would love a point and click adventure game; They have so much lore I remember when you could explore Kong Studios back on their Other 2 songs inside

Electric Reaper

All things considered, the Season 9 opening theme of the X-Files


Man, how did that yooka laylee article get so many comments, youd think nintendo had to be a part of it for it to get that much

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Friendly reminder that XSEEDs eshop sale ends I personally recommend Senran Kagura 2 and possibly Rune Factory 4 (I just got it


New AVGN is actually


You are not good enough!