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The 1st episode of the The Punisher was AWESOME! At first, I didn't get why it doesn't take place during or after his shenanigans in Daredevil season 2. Then he started killing criminal dirtbags and everything was kickass.


Hello folks. Been busy busy. Couple new job offers. Hope you all are well


It really seems like Final Fantasy XV is a game that added a lot over time. I should really play it finally.


Oh. Well, there goes half the fun at work today.


I'd say that's a pretty good release reception.


Gaming Fact of the Day: Origin Systems founder and Ultima creator Richard Garriott released his first game, Akalabeth, at the age of 19. Initially it was sold for $20 and came in a ziploc bag with instructions and cover art printed out on copy paper.


Wow...just read an article on IGN detailing what $100 got them in Battlefront II (obviously before the crates were removed). This shit was worse than I thought. I'll add the link and some highlights in the comments.


Bit surprise that Gamestop actually has some great black friday deals. Some even better than some other places. Guess the world is ending.


Holy fuck, crunching the numbers so far EA's company value has dropped by over 3/4 of a Billion Dollars


It's uncanny how Nintendo can go years and years making linear Mario games for literally two generations in a row and then all of sudden bang out Odyssey like it was no big deal. Post script, instead of #CatGirlFriday I'm instead going with #CapBoyFriday.


Overstuffed: Back to the Daily Grind

Level grinding is a very curious thing. Many times critics refer to grinding in RPGs, it’s a complaint. Yet grinding has remained a staple mechanic of effectively every game within the genre, and even several games outside of it...


The only SWBF 2 review you need http://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2017/11/17/unsure-about-star-wars-battlefront-2-read-our-review/?utm%20=WWN%20&utm%20=Facebook&utm%20=Social%20&utm%20=Article


My beard's growing back in rather fine. Although it's made the grey ones more noticeable at the moment. I'm 26, why do I have a salt and pepper beard already?


I haven't seen the artwork for Horizon Zero Dawn before. Holy Moly! I love it!


Catgirl Friday. (possibly NSFW picture in the comments)


The ESRB is to gaming what the RIAA & MPAA are to music and film. They're ratings boards run by lobbyists and owned by lobbyists. The ESA is the ESRB. They're not going to stop lootboxes or entertain petitions. The ESA works in the interest of AAA.


The grandeur of the Recap team anew accepts fresh Reservist recruitment. Learn, and know, and gain, in today's Recap, or comment/message this account as you will. The wind *will* blow. Glory to Recapkind.


Tower 57 and a cold today. Play this game! NOT procedurally generated. Chaos Engine meets Bioshock.


I'm never sure how to feel about this "Old game gets new expansion years after it stopped being relevant" thing that happens sometimes. But I think this is good. http://store.steampowered.com/app/741350/Titan%20/



Barry Kelly

And I thought Youtube Copyright strikes were bad

Marcel Hoang

Man, with a string of quick posts about Bloodborne, I just want to get in on a some streaming for But yes, it will be chalice dungeons because I’m getting the last trophy


Currently replaying the third entry in one of my favorite game series of all Deadly Shadows remains one of the most atmospheric and immersive stealth titles around, even if it does sacrifice/streamline some elements from the Looking Glass


GWAR closed with this last Appropriate given the sad news RIP

Bing Baiser

#Dogtoid A savvy warrior uses all of his

the navi is a lie

Because every Saturday needs a little Ghost


Killed Lawrence but don’t think I’ll ever be able to finish these Zeus-forsaken Cursed Chalice

Gus TT Showbiz

Farmers are real experts - they are often outstanding in their

Mike Deer Fker Martin

Did someone say #Dogtoid?


I did #Selfietoid yesterday, but heres one of me after I went and saw GWAR last


Tesla is the only company innovating the automobile industry, in my I want them to majorly succeed and force all the other manufacturers to up their


Some pictures of Day 1 on the Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Launch More in the

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I havent been around much, but for very good Life update coming at ya! I just need to finish typing it


Im a real boy now! And with that, my first quick So AMA everybody :D


Rest in peace you magnificent

Chris Moyse

This year, me and a friend have been going through all the Bond films on his incredible home Its been fun so but tonight is MOONRAKER! :((




#Dogtoid is seemingly awakening the ancient evil buried in the site known only as Mr Catstructoid to try and reclaim today as


#dogtoid Or should I say #foxtoid #wolftoid


!!! (Between this and Black Panther) Disney: We want all of your Me: You push too hard darling but I accept!






Dogtoid you say?


Started Bloodborne on Still got PS+ until Dec 31st so hopefully I can finish it before Thinking about trying some new weapons but I really like my axe and whirligig saw Giving the blunderbuss a PUN

CranDerey Sauce

The ew colossus was Cant wait for more wolfenstein! One of the best 1st person shooters ive seen in a long time

DiVision Games

Started watching King of Fighters: Another And it is awesome! Just with it was in


This is why you should keep expired food


Mini storage done


More Second Son report: I got Neon and Video at long last and started on the Paper Theyre both such fun I think SS is winning out over 2 for the improved movement powers and the Maybe even First Light GG Sucker


Aaaaand I finished The Honestly, it was a Most of it is just so incredibly Its pacing doesnt fit something Punisher-related at On the bright side though, when it finally DOES pick up, it does so in a big, big


GOTY is right here! Are you all ready to glob your grandma?


Timing can be


Obi Wan knows whats up

Mike Deer Fker Martin

Time to move on from


Thats some bang for yer buck!


This comes from October of 2017 and is from the original Star Wars Battlefront You want to see what fun looks like? well look no Covering all eras and heroes, this game is not only complete, but has no #ScreenshotSaturday


For those of you who havent seen, turns out it was disney who pressured EA to do something about the bad press deal with Battlefront Doesnt surprise me-Disneys sensitive to bad PR and criticism, and to their second biggest money maker?

Kevin Mersereau

I will NEVER stop spamming DEVO!!! I love how everybody dances like a Peanuts/Snoopy character in this video


Sounds like R&B youd hear from the Even has the male Its #musictoid | Moxie Raia, Pusha T - On My Mind


Going back to my highschool days with this one! Brings back a lot of good memories along with some bad But thats life, right?

Marcel Hoang

It’s 11pm and I have no one I can shitposting over text message with my new favorite iMessage stickers

Rad Party Gobblegobble

Mouse aint happy with


Nature is full of

CaimDark Reloaded

Sadly, I liked Bastion but just couldnt get into To me a more straightforward combat system would have been far better than the freeze time


Just got these just One of these days ima DM a Until then, Ill just read these up for fun!

Virtua Kazama

Streaming Night 1 of Splatoon 2s Splatfest: