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I spent about 9 hours studying today and the test is tomorrow. I need your energy. And a time machine. But nevertheless, I shall prove myself the victor. But first, sleep.


Anyone still play VOEZ on the Switch? They just added 12 free songs and a demo.


Battlefield 1 is... Okay. It didn't blew me away as much as Titanfall 2, but the campaign is surprisingly tight, it's refreshing to go back to the style of Call of Duty of old. Sometimes it gets a bit too preachy about the whole war thing though.


Damn this song gives off that real old-school vibe. It's rhythm and blues backed by a great orchestral sound. I was hooked within seconds. #musictoid | Toulouse - Hurtin


Poor Yakuza Kiwami, you won't get any attention from me for at least a week.


My favorite melee weapon (AKA the only melee weapon I'm somewhat decent with)is looking even more fun to use!


*gets on qtoid today* Oh...


Hype as fuck after that Injustice 2 Hellboy reveal. Makes waiting for the complete edition much more difficult.


The Quebecers were fantastic in WWF. Almost the second they stopped showing up in the early 90s I missed them. Thanks for reminding me of their greatness frontpage.


I hope the OK KO videogame is awesome. I miss compentently done paid for console beatemups. Every console beatemup now wants to be the next Castle Crashers when cloning the Castle Crashers gameplay alone does not make a fun beatemup game imo.


Risky Boots dlc is pretty great si far!


Madoka Magica: Rebellion gets a lot of shit, but it had one of the best soundtracks of all time. OF ALL TIME


SNES Classic has a rewind option on the emulation? Did I see and not understand that correct? man i wants one more now


CBlog Recaps of 08/22/2017 - Left-Behind City

Sonic mania awakens! Sonic Mania has defied the Sonic Cycle thus far and snagged great reception across the board, from blunt critic to jaded gamer all. I'm diggin' it quite bountifully. Beyond a mere nostalgia trip, the game employs ...




Got the N64 for a little under $60 after my discount and someone was wonderful enough to give me this white slim. Life is good. <3


A few years ago a site was looking for someone to review portable games. I wrote a review on Gravity Rush and sent it in. They told me it was great and offered me the job. Told me I'd get paid in the games I reviewed. I ran away because I was too scared.


Samus' car in Rocket League looks dope!




Anyone recommend a gaming Ill be looking for one tonight so input would be Wired, 4-6 buttons max, ergonomic is what im looking


Good first Im going to make a bunch of these and put them on random cars :) Man, Im going to get in

Rico the Penguin

Weve reached that point where I (a white dude) got contacted by a company looking to diversify their Congratulations everyone! I think we did we do it? I But still, its neat being First time for


Just got my new side gig This is a plotter or vinyl This is to make those decals for Or anything Laptops, Lets get some practice

Khalid Eternal Nigh

I like how it has a smudgy glow on everything like it takes place in a flashback scene from a soap I half expected the door to the store to open & the clerks evil twin walks in wearing an eye patch & speaking with a Spanish

Rico the Penguin

I got a single fap for my last I shall cherish it for it is the rarest fap of


Darn powerball machine, I think they rigged it so it didnt pick my Im definitely pouring some more points into Luck next

Rico the Penguin

Do I dare open just this


So whats everyone reading? These are my bedtime

Bob The God Lawyer

Holy crap Scrooge McDucks past is pretty

Mike Sounders

Gundam Versus announced a new DLC mobile I actually do not recognize Current


Was thinking about Dragon Ball FighterZ and then I though about YuYu Hakusho and now I want Arc System Works to make a YuYu Hakusho fighting How do I make them do that?


Put in some time with RL again, since it suddenly got interested sparked because of Still not completely useless out


This is just Art is


One unfortunate comment section aside, today has been a nice day I What are you guys playing lately?

Mike Sounders

What the fuck is this commercial

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Collect 100 Special Golden Dumplings to see another Fate: GO Story Event! *Makes it to 100 near the end of the event because they drop slowly* *Finishes the story mission* Collect 200 Special Golden Dumplings to see YET ANOTHER Story Event! Me:


I wonder if anyone has ever learned to not hate themselves? Or if it will have to be

Czar Kazem

If you must write prose/poems/The words you use should be your own/Dont plagiarise or take on loan/Cause theres always someone, somewhere/With a big nose, who knows/And who trips you up and laughs/When you fall --- I just really like The Smiths




A tip for Dere: When you play Persona 5, it doesnt matter who you romance, this will always be

Marcel Hoang

First five minutes of Senran Kagura: situation I have no context as a new First 10 minutes of SK: WHOOOAAA AERIAL RAVE

Raiku Shackleford

So this happened


One series I really feel like getting into someday in the future is Advance I may suck at strategy games, but I love them Also, Days of Ruin got a freaking amazing soundtrack, so Ill probably play this one


As of tomorrow I will be an Xbox owner no I am giving my One to my nephews who are obsessed with Minecraft and never had a game system I love my PS4, so I cant say Ill miss the One


I was looking for my very first blog This isnt it, but its Looks like I predicted the Wii U back in 2004


I wrote a blog about Bishock Infinite and the shower thoughts I had about the game this Check it out: BUMP because Im desperate for your readership

Bootleg Luigi

Hey YouTube, if you want advertisers to come back, maybe you should ban content creators who make and advertise this shit instead of taking money away from game reviewers who showed 2 frames of DOOM in one of their videos


So they brought back all the voice actors for part 4, huh?


Welcome to If you dont eat it, it will eat Up to and including lovely little We eat those fuckers all day, every Seriously Dominos will deliver you a za and Final Fantasy because fuck the

Mike Sounders



Quick! Everyone fap iam16bits qpost so he feels obligated to stick around! :D


God dammit I was only going to post that one blog but now you all have got me posting


Sonic Mania is fun little game, but its getting progressively less fun the further through it I Started strong, but then you run into some poorly designed levels, bosses, or sometimes I guess its true to its roots, then!

Nathan D

Yes, I made the innocent gesture of Kat enjoying a donut


Finished Lost Holy Another great Uncharted If Naughty Dog decides to continue the series in this direction (meaning no Nate) I am behind them Seriously, this rivals Uncharted 2 and 4 as my


I thought I had missed the boat entirely, but I just got my Beta code for Dissidia!

Rad Party God

Very few AAA devs show this level of commitment and support to their already released games, Im baffled at the fact that this guy isnt hired by id Software or Bethesda

Chris Moyse

Not on my watch


So this Angela Merkel cosplaying as Robotnic :P


Finally, my incredibly dull anime convention blog is Heres a


this happen to anyone else yesterday? I havent changed anything with my browser so Im not sure why the site is scaling so poorly now

Ein on Shrooms

I see Undertale came out on the Vita I know little to nothing about the game and have heard about the gross Still, Ive always wanted to play Is it a good game, or is it all hype?

Raiku Shackleford

H3H3 won the

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

A Hat in Time FINALLY has an official release date of October 5th! Its been a long time coming, but I cant wait to play


A Hat in Time launches October 5th! At least late 2017 is going to be good for 3D

Raiku Shackleford
Pixie The Fairy

I seldom concern myself with Polygon, but saying crunch is good is