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Community Blogs

I'd be surprised if anyone played this game all the way through. Very little to entice outside of 'make uber abilities with luck and time'. Also grind Ifrit a million times to luck out getting the gear you have which really isn't that good anyways.


Might as well ask since I'm doing these giveaways for you guys and gals. For this month's giveaway, do you wanna see something more akin to the poetry or drawing contest, which require more connection to the community, or another more personal one?


Holy shit, did someone just decide that episode 12 was the fanservice episode of Berserk?


Buns at it again with another "Do you remember" videos! I love these series:


OFF had such a bizarrely attracting world, but dear Lord am I glad it's not ours.


Booted up Rocket League for the first time in ages to be greeted by a nasty EULA. I'm sure it's all standard stuff by now, but "NO RIGHT TO OWNERSHIP" is still awful, as are the privacy and injunction sections


If elected as top nep, I will take down the top commentators from featured comment street and give free upvotes to everyone who has a funny comment!


I don't want to be Top Nep. Does that mean I should be? These are the questions of our generation folks


Cooking is my passion. It's my main hobby. I am completely self-taught, but I think I'm a really good home cook! But my family doesn't like my cooking. The wife's side of the family does, but not mine. It's genuinely pisses me off.


If you need votes to become Top Nep you don't deserve to be Top Nep.


i followed Seu Churrinho advice, and decided to play Pokémon as a Gym Leader, with a full poison team. So far so good, but some ground types are giving me problems....


Thanks to forces beyond my control (aka Origin being a bitch) I didn't got to experience the Titanfall 2 free weekend. FFS EA fix your shit!


I just encountered a wild salandit for the first time and it was female!


I'm late on this but there's at least 5 games announced yesterday at PSX that I'll buy and another 5 I'll heavily consider. 2017 looks like it's going to be a solid year!


Got a triple and later a quadruple kill with's ult in the same game, same round. I don't think I have ever felt the love of a team of randoms as much as I did at that moment. Also, someone on the enemy team wrote this after the match, so I'm proud.


Just bought Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and Halo Reach. Dis gonna be guuuuud.



Ein on Shrooms

Hearing about the framerate issues happening on base PS4s with The Last I guess Ill wait 10 more years to play the Definitive Remaster on PS5 since Im not gonna get a PS4 I havent even had my regular PS4 for a whole


Jim didnt like The Last Surprising fucking


Im going dark until I have played through The Last Guardian! See you on the other

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Robbies drawing of him and Wendy is so perfectly relatable in I, and so many others, drew anime art like that in high

Kaleido Ruby

The Last Guardian is reviewing wonderfully and also apparently running like PS4 Pro or bust for


That feeling when you get Disqus ads in


Looks like Mr Sterling savaged The Last Guardian, and his sites down Fanboys unite! (Probably)

Tom Davies



My Black Friday haul finally Lets see what supposed horrors Fuse will

Cory Arnold

This should be a


Thisll be my status in four hours, when Im working for another Also, Final Fantasy XV isnt half

Rad Party God

Went to the mall yesterday and I totally didnt expect a friggin arcade still standing! No classic or even good arcades though, just some crappy knockoffs of better And Also Guitar Hero hidden in a

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Saturdays game went The person sent by my Manager was nice, and after explaining how I ran things he saw fit to let me run the I did, and nothing went So I should be allowed to put the full games pay in my timesheet, right?


Finished Mother It is a great book that I will say might be one of my new For someone who doesnt read books almost at all, I found my eyes glued to the and next up on the Vonnegut list is Bluebeard! Oh and I finally started


Because Im a fucking helper at heart, Im writing a tips blog about Final Fantasy Im already at 2,500 words, and Im not only not even fucking finished, I didnt even write a fucking See, Im such a nice fucking You about to :P


Alright, so Atlus finally got around to uploading the Ryuji Avatars and theme to EU Go get it


Youve got to be proud of Today 4,000 words were unfairly


Cant mind who posted about the Expanse, but Im really digging it so far so thanks for bringing it to my attention! We need more space


No, I dont think this is going to get accepted at the Lego

Pixie The Fairy

Yep, necks work like


Weekend recap: Titanfall 2s campaign made my palms Final Fantasy XV brought the cuties with Iris & Best Girl Aranea Aranea & Ramuh both show up pretty much when they damn well feel like

Tom Davies



nip nep


My morning in a gif


Over 3,000 words in the intro for this days I went too


After reading Destructoids and IGNs review of Dead Rising 4, I went from fucking worried to hm, not fucking bad! People from Reddit seem to fucking hate it, but they seem to fucking hate Now Im waiting for The Last Guardian review!


I hate mondays


This was a really awesome panel, especially coming off the bunch of fucking nothing that came out of the 40-minute Death Stranding


And theres the FFXV What a lovely Not even done with it to be honest, still have post-game dungeons to do, but Ive certainly enjoyed


Yay I got FF XV, but it will be added to the back burner with alot of other games until I get more space to play 50 gigs min, I think I have around 30 or 40 right


Have to work overtime because two butthurted co-workers refuses to go to work over our boss scolding them for bringing their friends that interfere with their working Thanks for the extra hours,

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Yknow, I feel like Love God should have been played by Jack Dont misunderstand, John DiMaggio was fantastic, as always, but it feels written for Even kind of looks like


Ive gotta say, if Super Mario Maker for 3DS is a poor Super Mario Maker game, then its still one hell of a Super Mario Gonna be sad to finish up the 18 worlds, but its been a fun


Okay guys, I got all the comments (its super stuffed this week) and some commentary, but Im too tired now to come up with anything clever for all the PSX stuff this weekend so Comments of the Week goes up tomorrow!

Amna Umen

Hexcells is my new Its so calming and nice to relax with at the end of the


Encountered Parismio in my game of Let It Killed the shit out of Sorry Thanks for the XP though


So Noct is Leo, Prompto is Mikey, Gladdy is Raph and Iggy is This isnt the TMNT game we deserve, but the one that we a TMNT action RPG would be fucking


Final Fantasy XV is just painfully Its been a long time since a game has made me stop and Thats when Im at my happiest both as a gamer and as a visual


Its almost 2 am, and I just had soda! Cool!


Fuck you Tapu I whittle your health down to red, paralyze your dumb ass, and still have to use thirty Ultra Balls to get And thats only after you take out my Marowak and I call out my Yeah, I mad


Ahh, the Where looking up something about Ys somehow led me to the Sociosexual behaviour of Bonobos after a few


Almost done with all these dang These were my two favorite articles of the


Thinking about writing a tips blog for Final Fantasy Would I be wasting our fucking time? Its been out a whole week so what are the odds anyone would find it fucking useful? Im just thinking about shit to write about and that popped into my

Spiders For Sale

Top 5 cancer causing foods: Nuclear waste sandwich, Nuclear waste burger, Nuclear waste Hot Dog (not a sandwich), Nuclear waste Pizza, Crispy french fries - Do not eat these!

Casus Gaming

Have no idea how Death Stranding will turn out, but if video games ever fail him, he should end up working in Or, at the very least, make trailers for a


Since ive been too sick to play ff15, im just watching Although there are many forgettable characters so far, im enjoying I gotta say the interaction between the king and the emperor is very


YESSSSS finally got a shiny

Jinx 01

I started up Stellaris & was shocked at how UGLY the humans & other factions Where are my Elerians or Advent?! I wanna play pretty girls! So I went to the Workshop looking for and came across


Let It Die is Its very fun, but stressful and even The hubworld and intro sequence were a blast, I can picture myself eating frogs and buying guns from Space Hitler for quite some