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started playing Mega Man Legends 2, the probably final game in the series. Ah well, I loved HL2 E2 despite its cliffhanger so I may very well enjoy this a ton after MML1 and Misadventures of Tron Bonne.


i'm watching lazytown at 6 am on a sunday and stingy became a prince and commits vehicular manslaughter within the first 5 minutes, it is certifiably lit now


A small reminder that MiiverseMonday is happening again tomorrow, which will be Sunday afternoon for some of you. I'll probably keep this going until the Switch comes out, after that I would like to do a tag that everyone can participate in.


I couldn't sleep tonight so I sketched Sombra, not totally satisfied with all of it, but I like it. I heard that we shouldn't art before marriage, sorry :( EDIT: SHIT SHIT SHIT, I *didn't* mean to bump this, I keep forgetting it bumps if you edit >:((


So I'm out on the road and haven't seen my wife for a week or so. I'm sitting here on a Saturday night doing laundry in a hotel and polishing off a Bota Brick. I've never done an AMA, but screw it ... AMA.


Creating simple games is complex

There are short stories and then there are novels. And many other things such as novellas between the two, but let's just focus on short stories and novels for now. At one point, I considered trying to write a collection of short ...


The past couple of weeks have been all over the place. Between all the madness, I finally started Sleeping Dogs and finished it this morning. I didn't bother with side quests but I overall enjoyed it! It's too bad we probably won't get another entry.


So I guess I'm a fan of that Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid anime that everyone's been going on about. It's funny, adorable, and at times pretty heartwarming. I blasted through all six episodes and now I wait patiently for the next one.


I'm watching John Wick for the first time. If that happened to my dog, I could see myself doing something similar.


When you bring truck to a tank fight... you can actually shoot down three tanks because the armor on early/pre-WWII tanks is a joke.


So there was a stay at home job I applied for like a month ago that just got back to me saying I got the job. But at the same time I just got a job with Goodwill. Looks like I've got two jobs now. Goodbye game time. T^T


Nioh plat has finally been achieved after having to wait for the Twilight rotation.


Who's your favorite Gungeoneer? I like the hunter the most. I love that she has a corgi as a companion and while I'm not the biggest fan of the crossbow, it's still viable until the third floor. I absolutely adore her character design.


Out for beers for the best friend's bday. Schooners are frickin' huuuuuuuuuuuugggeeeee.


Playing Inside with headphones on and all the lights in the house off is very different than just playing Inside. What a sensory experience.


@Alissa McAloon did you play 'Remember Me' and what did you think if you did?




My face when Facebook friends from high school post pictures of their newborn


Gen 2 update on Pokémon Go didnt fixed its main problems, but it is a much needed breath of fresh New pokémon to catch, a few new mechanics and small adjustments makes it a it more fun It should be released like this (minus Gen 2 Pokémon)

Khalid Eternal Nigh

I have a proposition for you: set this song as your alarm in the morning for just 1 week and tell me if you have a better week than


Dark souls 2 tends to get a lot of grief, but man its still a fun, really good Playing through the scholar edition for the first time and man is it good


I put food in my toilet Sure, I ate it first and processed it with my body, but then it went right in Thats how clean my toilet is!

Terry 309

One video is not get ready for another #Randomvideooftheweek

Nathan D

Finally got my hands on a Asked the employee of the store when I was checking out I f it came with a memory I looked in the slot MFW free 2GB memory

Terry 309

#Randomvideooftheweek I hand picked this specially for you wonderful people in the Destructoid community


Yo, Hope all yall had/are having a radical weekend, brothers and

Khalid Eternal Nigh

AotW delayed will be up tmrw morn 9am Until then: soul train! 0:32 up, up, and get down? 2:05 Its 4am, u been up all night, ur friends know youre done but you just wanna hit one more 2:37 Carlton, is that you?

Czar Kazem

Ive got $30 in eShop gift Dunno if I should grab some SNES games for my 3DS or wait for some Switch Assuming theyll


Remember, say stuff like this in public and magic elves in blue will take you to a magical place of iron and Regardless, you will have NO JÜVENILES!

the navi is a lie

Playing Fire Emblem Birthright to try to help my Might even beat it


I dont remember Dragon Quest VII being this easy when I played it on the I hope Nintendo didnt dumb it down, or maybe Im just being a lot more thorough in upgrading my equipment this time



Holy Shadows

Alternative Fact: Pikman live in the new Joy-Con that make HD rumble


Meant to do this comic when Resident Evil VII: biohazard launched, but unfortunately, I didnt really have the confidence to try While its a little bit too late, I still hope you get a kick out of it, because I thought it was pretty chuckleworthy!


I meant to finish this a lot earlier, but two things: 1) there was so much empty space that I had to fill it, and 2) I originally drew Tetsuya and Brianna in Ethan and Mias clothes, but decided it was too Check the comments for the OG draft!


Just caught Chikorita! One starter down, two more to


Fe, the new game from ZOINK (Stick It To The Man!), looks pretty f@%king incredible! They may have teamed up with EA, but it looks too gorgeous for me to Its going to be the first release for their EA Originals Zoink keeps the profits!!


I wish people who play Overwatch would stop calling everything The Meta just because theyve heard Pro Players say it in videos over and over The Meta has changed now that its Lunar New Year - Since Xmas The Meta has been ruined


And if you ever want to know what its like to be alone just ask me Tiny Moving Parts - a super underrated band, energetic songs with sad lyrics (if youre into that sorta I love sad bastard


For your watching/listening pleasure, heres David Byrne dancing weirdly for 4


Its high

Sir Shenanigans

Had all you can eat sushi, going to beat Resident Evil 7, watched two movies today already, might watch some Nioh, Overwatch and I just got some Christmas money in the mail from my grandmother! Hell of a thing, a day off Happy Sunday Dtoid!


FFXIV Fanfest was Subscribed for 870 days now but this weekend I realized just how much I love the people in this game and those who make This community is one Im proud to be part of and one I never want to

Madoka Malika

I always enjoy going on a walk with my


When Halo: Custom Edition (PC) was a thing, I downloaded a map that had this looping in the Didnt really fit, but loved the track and the Awesome ambient instrumental from these Linkin Park - Session

Hypno Coffin

Seeing the true nature of people I previously thought were reasonable come to light is infinitely I initially started carving out a place for myself on the front page, but I dont think I can bear it Qtoid and the blogs are home


Thank you RNGeezus

Double Monocles

I have a week working at home with roommates out of My goal is to play Metroid: Prime, Metal Gear Solid, and Catherine, all for the first Knowing I might not be able to finish all 3, in what order should I prioritize?


It was good while it lasted!


Its the sixteenth day of advent, 12 more sleeps till

Michael Giff

I have only one thing to say to Comcast; who have in the past five years, slowly but surely hiked my internet bill from 50 dollars to 85 dollars a

Dangus Taargus

I didnt make this, but Im currently spending my Sunday making something based off of its design for that show I have coming up in Its in Time Square somewhere but I dont have the details Pics and details when I have


#Confessiontoid i play monopoly using amiibos , I call it Nintenpoly


#Confessiontoid Ive actually never watched a single real wrestling match, despite having a undying love for Macho Man Randy I fell in love with the Macho Man because of this scene in


#ConfessionToid I thought churros were some kind of taco :3


If you havent seen Fringe, go watch it Right now!

Bob The God Lawyer

What i think a certain user looks like


Bought and played the Oh, Deer! Its pretty dang fun on the controller, but personally I found it easier to drive with Ive yet to play it under the tunes of dem funky Euro Beats, and will post my impressions


For Honor aint bad! Though I hate this new trend in games of holding the X/A button to select Just let me pick my If I fuck up I fuck


Im finally done with Devil Summoner It was a step up from the first game, but lacks as an action Its was less tedious than the The style and story was pretty The final boss and the alignment system is one the best in the


Just Beat the Slayaway Camp Slayaway Camp 3D set of Just wow this game really does keep bringing more and more to the As I was having to deal with explosive mines and trying to kill campers while avoiding killing


If youre on the Xbox 360 and Mass Effect 3 indefinitely hangs at the Checking Downloadable Content screen, just start bashing Y as soon as the main menu starts up to force it to connect to EAs It should work fine after

Hypno Coffin

#Confessiontoid: Back in middle school I had a huge crush on this girl, and she moved to a different Before ahe left, she gave me her old handbag that she always had be carry around, and I would smell it at night when I felt in comments

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I have work in 2 hours and Im still kinda Ill feel better once its over (and Im paid), but I never really look forward to going I hope my next job at least has something applicable to my intended


Akibas Trip is a quality


No one man should have all dat