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Anyone played this? I have to admit, this looks amazing just based off the trailer.


To those who beat Final Fantasy XV, can we appreciate how fucking genius the title of Chapter 14 is? Not only does it sound epic as fuck, but I also really love how it has two meanings behind it. Explanation in the comments if you want to be spoiled!


So I tried an Oculus VR today certainly a step up from the gear and I was real impressed-had a grand ol time.


Gotta love those times in RPG's when you finally get back one of your main party members who was in prison/sick/inexplicably missing and have to go through a mess of grinding because there way under leveled.../sigh


I know this should be Zarya's PotM, but damn that was cathartic. See? I still post about vidya games every now and then! Gamer cred restored.


Y'know when you're absolutely chomping at the bit to make a point about somethin.. but you know it could lead to drama.. But you just can't let it go.. but u know its easier to leave it.. GAH! (It's not about youse guys, but some celeb news I just heard


Well now it's coming out that Switch's multi-touch screen also has haptic feedback. Somehow they failed to mention this cool feature. You'll be able to feel the sensation of buttons and other things on the screen.


For some reason I just started thinking about 69s...Guess I'm just a perve


Today's been one of those days. Incompetent people who talk too much are the worst. I need a swig of the hard stuff.


Lawman and Hypno Coffin are a supremely bad influence on me and my mushy, impressionable mind.


Today I got called feminine. I wrote it down in my unicorn diary to never forget it.


Hit play and scroll down. The truth is out there


Weirdly, I don't think GameStop has put a hold on my account for my Switch order. I know they won't charge me till it ships, but it's still making me nervous. On a somewhat related note, I haven't been charged for my GDQ donation yet either.


Bought a bed with a 12 month 0% financing option. Payed it off in 10 months. Received a notification that I owe $124 in deferment/late fees on said bed. HAHAHA, no, fuck you.




I guess preordering is not always so bad after all! Were any of you UK Dtoiders guys lucky enough to get in on this?


I die a little inside whenever my Followers count goes Im incredibly Im convinved its because I posted about videogames I forgot this is a porn blog for a IM SORRY! It wont happen Anyway, heres some


Happy Martin Luther day


Start this morning with some robot dancing

Pixie The Fairy

I think Im going to stick with FFXIV, at least on and Faeona Niyahn -- Miqote, aspiring Scholar, Bard and Machinist of the Limsa Lominsa Grand Company -- is what Im going Staying clear of big endgame commitments,


Ive got work tomorrow, but Im drinking at my local dive, listening to live Not a bad


We are still doing this, right?


Cat standup comedy

Electric Reaper

Given the in-game artwork of Giga Mermaid, this scene is physically


Comments of the Week for 1/16/17 is brought to you by Fotor simple image


The more I look at it, the more excited I get over Whats everyone elses thoughts on it?


This song is my muthaf@%kin


I love how when the weathers shitty people think, Oh The weathers really bad and the roads are No way we should leave our house…lets order That way some college kid can risk HIS life


Im still amazed by how much I love Project X Zone By the time I put 10 hours into the original I was sick of 25 hours into its sequel, Im only wanting This game should win an award for most improved

Sir Shenanigans

Gaaaaaah Game Informer piece on the cancelled Darth Maul


Finally finished FFXV after 55 hours, and I gotta say, I adored Story could have been more engrossing if not for how behind-the-scenes it was, but it was cohesive and fun and Time for the post-game--adamantoise, here I come!


Friendly reminder:An Xbox elite controller is a luxury device for Xbox+PC gamers and is an optional The Joy-Cons are mandatory for motion games, with no included grip, and the Pro Controller for a proper Thats what separates


More Croaker?


Someone broke the


I just finished episode 1 of The Walking Dead Season 1 and its pretty damn Had a few glitches that really pissed me off however the story is The old man with the heart issues is a freaking


Why is the Switch Pro Controller considered too expensive? The MSRP of PS4 and XB1 controllers is between $60 and $70 depending on the Hell, the Xbox Elite is more than twice the Pro and all that does is feel premium and have swappable


I really hope they bring OMORI to the gunna be on the 3ds so I dont think its that much of a stretch

The Dyslexic Laywer

Had an embarrassing moment at my job I saw a man behind the counter with crutches and asked if he had slipped on the Turns out he was missing a


Good for all of you that have off My company does not give MLK Day #whitepeople


Ooooooohhhhhhh Ive got miiverse I did a series based on the pun frog from shovel knight


The Reservist Shed seem to now be doing midnight projector screenings against the side of the shed outside of the Russian version of The Trailer Park Least it isnt the American version of Life on


Snowcone season is picking back up, and the waves of people are coming back, more and more powerful each I keep my balance amongst the waves, juggling styrofoam cups, bottles of syrup, tubs of ice cream, and a cash But now, God giveth rest


This one comes from AC III on 27/12/12, after I had my Wii U for about a month or From what I remember, every time 2 guards came to investigate, I would kill them, and my notoriety would I clearly didnt do #MiiverseMonday


Ok, so this is a new thing Im starting called #MiiverseMonday and its basically where I look back at my old posts and share them with If you have Miiverse posts youd like to share, you can post them as


WARNING: RESIDENT EVIL VII: biohazard HAS BEEN (supposedly) LEAKED! Ive been spoiled already, but save yourselves! I mean, I was actually looking for spoilers, and I think its cool, but still, avoid YouTube! Get off the internet! TRUST NO ONE! But

Chris Bradshaw

Destructoid shirt?


To every member of the Dallas Cowboys organization: keep your chins You authored a magnificent season that no one really would have thought you had in you and lost after giving a worthy opponent a tough

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Hope your day is going better than mine, I caught a *sniff*

Holy Shadows

Me every time Nintendo announces hardware, games,

King Kaiser

Oh Florence Nightingale, you so kawaii~


Welp, time to start playing Pokémon Moon


You guys think the 69 is great, try the Blows go with mind, keep it pg-13


What is all this 69 shit you Breath of the Wild is pretty much Princess Mononoke: The That is a beautiful


Checking in on my break and what in the high hell is going on here?!

Dangus Taargus

Oh for fucks


Learned a new term Cerebration I feel like another piece of the puzzle has fallen into


Found myself listening to Lisas theme from SH1 as I let Youtube auto-play through some Yamaoka Excellent piece of music to have in the background while youre writing or

Dangus Taargus

I say oh my and ah boo


This seems appropriate for Qtoids current


Ive been on Photoshop all day, so I took a break and made something for the

James Internet Ego

Current Status

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Trying out Gunvolt 1 now with the Japanese voice They talk a LOT more, but it is pretty interesting to hear what they have to My only regret is that the save data from my demo version of Gunvolt 1 doesnt seem to carry Oh well!


Been too long since Ive had bawls in my Reminds me of my early, experimental, college Good times


Apparently the electronics store where I ordered my Switch still has it up for preorder, and this worries Im starting to feel less Wow, they must have a lot of them! and more really not keeping track of the numbers, are they?