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Id start playing again if everyone got dino-skinned and they had a dino level.


Wooo. I wasn't expecting the mailman to deliver this today.


My hopeless FE Warriors review: Underwears are replaced with shorts. Everything is hopeless.


Also, livestream for shin megami tensei's switch game in the next couole days. Look out for news.


6 in the morning feeling sicm and I just want to let the world know I cant stand that 2014 strider reboot. Strider 2 is a favorite of mine and that game did nearly everything wrong.


I don't think I can say this enough. Fuck nazis, millions of people died by their ideology. I don't give a fuck how "peaceful" they are right now, it is a violent ideology. Also I'm very greatful destructoid isn't in opposition of this message


Hailstorms are really rare around the South East Asia part, and I've never experience one, until now when I'm typing this. The clanking sound was so bad, I'm afraid my car might be slightly damaged by it.


As adjusted based on DToid feedback (U guys are amazing). I have released episode 2. Pls go easy on me. I am fragile. (Feedback is highly appreciated) Hope y'all enjooooy!


At ER with mom again. 1 month to the day since she was discharged from the same hospital for prob the same thing, a flare up of diverticulitis. Terrible stomach pain, vomiting a bunch & diarrhea. I can handle it until she cries that she wants her mommy...


I have no clue when the big webstore I preordered FEW from will get any in stock, I fear. With Puyo Puyo Tetris, it took a few weeks. I'd like to play FEW until Xenoblade 2 comes out. (I just cancelled my preorder for that, because what good is that now?)


So it's been midnight here for a few minutes now. That means we're 1 week away from being able to jump up as super stars, throw our hats at random stuff, visit New Donk City and turn into A MOTHERFUCKING T-REX in Super Mario Odyssey.


Life is Strange:BTS Episode 2 is another great ride, if they can keep up this level of quality in the third episode it has GOTY potential.


Japanese rental chain Tsutaya closing stores

    According to the article in linked to below, in just two months, Japanese book / DVD / CD / game rental and sales chain Tsutaya has closed over 29 shops across Japan. Wowzers. Now on to my thoughts on this spankfest. In...


I don't mind getting into something vaguely "political". I'd spend a few months in jail if it meant I got to actually knock a few teeth out of Richard Spencer. Mocking protesters, saying they don't want to have a conversation about ethnic genocide?


Realized that if/when I write a cblog on New Style Boutique 3 (3DS), I can't use screenshots taken with the help of Miiverse since Miiverse will be gone by then. Bah.


I checked my passenger seat if it was wet because its window has been shattered and man was an eerie pain. Like running my hand across a sheet of tiny razors.


I'm mega bummed-out right now, but I'm trying to see some kind of silver lining in what's to come, lest I become a bummer, too. Or maybe I'm just WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too tired. I think I'll go to bed.




Just ordered A nightmare on elm Street, Halloween, and Evil Dead 2, all movies Ive never seen on Its about


ONE HUNDRED QPOSTS! Thanks for being the best community Here’s to countless more! I also have personal I’ve been following a lot of you Can y’all follow me on the site, too? So I can give YOU beautiful people more faps!


I think the Switch is doing all I just found out that theres a porn parody of ARMS after


When did Klingons start speaking Dothraki?

Electric Reaper

The very definition of SafeForWork


Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon cause that cartoon has got the boom anime babes that make me think the wrong thing


So I finally figured out why my HP printer wastes so much Amazon also for some reason lists my printer as having a user rating, but once you click on the item and scroll down it actually has 67% 1 Star


Well, Im nowhere near being able to afford this at the moment, but after missing it two times already I just had to go for This is what credit cards are for, right?

Spiders For Sale

Why am I so bad at shmups ugggghhh


#Catgirlfriday There is also a second #NSFW catgirl in the comments :)


Despite my backlog being wildly out of control I find myself wanting to replay lots of games that I To combat this, Ive started bringing those games with me when I hang with my friends and having them play them


One of Torchmans favourite David Bowie(ish)s animated character in a recent hot new


I got yer Catgirl friday RIGHT HERE!


This just arrived ! it has a 1050 GTX! Im kinda happy!


I upgraded my gamefly to 3 games out at a time for $30 Was getting ready for mario odyssey but forgot fire emblem warriors was in Hopefully its good because its now om its way instead of mario!


Me: Go out for dinner and drinks with work? Think Ill stay home and Dinner and bar tab is on Me:



Inquisitive Ravencaw

Have some funky Mario music to brighten up your day!


Thats how you do a combo video! Great editing and on screen


Well it is done, I have used all of my film making skills and knowlege of A/V to break down the laws of physics and practicality to usher in a new age on my cell phone with every cheat am aiming for Dtiod TV :D

Edgelord Kerrik52

Trouble finding SFW catgirls for #CatgirlFriday? Why not get a bit creative?

Mike Sounders


Pixie The Fairy

Because I am the portrait of self-control, I have the Fire Emblem Warriors Special


The new GWAR album, sans He said that GWAR could go on for 1,000 years if other people stepped up and made it So far, so

Silver Luso

Im almost at 500 qposts


Raising Cat Awareness

Czar Kazem

This weekend Im gonna try so hard to not exclusively play Overwatch and try to actually get through Silent Ive been loving it but I keep getting distracted goldarn


Its The Evil Within 2 is my 3rd favourite game of all Sorry RE4, youve been Never thought Id say If something tops Dark Souls then maybe I should be


#CatGirlFriday #SaveOurLewds



Spiders For Sale

After the very open yet direct approach towards open-world exploration and progression of the original LoZ, the rather linear, mini-game- and other diversions-filled progression of Majoras Mask can feel a bit like a slog at times, to be

Major Toms Coffee Cup

I just called up my congressman to mention I oppose the FCC chairs net neutrality scraping I then googled him after I left a message and realized he is a crazy conservative pro life + kind of guy and I think it was a moot in comments)


I just realized that it has been a month since I did a So, have a super cool weekend,

The InFamous TMF

Good morning! Just in case any of you are like me and care about Marvel Heroes Omega updates on the consoles, I will be consistently if not constantly posting stuff like


They look so good together! Fun little detail, Rem has white panties and Ram has


You dont need to feel ashamed for getting lost in a 2D maze like Lost Ive got lost once in a 1D corridor (Infinite


So apparently the Fall Creators Update can cause an endless reboot loop if you have an Elgato HD60 Pro due to driver Elgato released a fix recommending you Update the driver and software before installing the

Murderous Mike Martin

Their cpus are neuronet Learning


Damn I was weak and couldnt resist got Witcher 3 Now I just hope its not as bad as I

Chris Moyse

This is where I usually post a party But boy, its been a hectic and *very* heavy week, so, I wish all of you a very happy, very safe, and *very* fun weekend! xxx but Imma little less party this Saturday, and a little more:


I wanted to get myself out of slump of not recording anything with my guitar, so I decided to do something supremely short but The results were, link in the comments!


Yeah Im gonna skip Shadow of It doesnt seem to have added anything to make it a good sequel (dont care about story), Id rather just replay the first


the big boss comes over to watch the


Well, this was just translated and was written over 1800 years ago depicting a Trans Eat a dick


A weird case for #TypoToid: The Dutch blurb on Akiba’s Beat’s back cover has what appears to be the Yugoslav flag (blue-white-red triband) next to it, instead of the actual red-white-blue Dutch


I wrote a relatively personal blog about Halo, if youd like to read it: bump



Dangore Taarguts

I really didnt expect Metroid Prime 3 to be this Feeling pretty humbled right


Zangief gets a Mad Max inspired costume in the upcoming zeku Karin gets a jockey outfit and Kolin an ice skater They all look pretty I mean: MEDIOCRE