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Community Blogs


I can get behind this new trend. #Dtoidis funny, sexy, dank memes, great writers, awesome community, buttz and bewbs, existential crisis's, danker memes, family. <3


Did a paid trial run today at a different family owned coffee spot and got a new haircut. Feeling good so I'm gonna try starting a new trend today. #DtoidIs catgirl appreciation, a depression support group, silly hats only club


AM2R was supposed to update its OST in the 1.2 release. This didn't happen because Ninty shut it down. It's been released and is available for download through MediaFire or MEGA.


I'll take you up on that hashtag, Ackbong. #DtoidIs homoerotic, multifaceted, communal, a home away from home, sometimes videogames. Also, cocks.


After putting it off since I got it, I finally beat Star Fox Zero yesterday. I just beat Arcade Mode as well. Ive gotten really good at these controls after a little learning and practice. I flew that arwing like a pro. For 30 bucks this was a great time!


So, Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright. What's the general consensus on that game for someone who's really digging Ace Attorney a lot right now?


False alarm guys, turns out...I'M NOT MEANT TO BE WORKING TODAY! So I'm equally annoyed yet happy. Have another anime opening parody thingy.


won a 10-0 rocket league match with 5 goals and like 1,100 points come at me


My family is so technologically retarded they can't even do something simple like download Skype. Current Status:


Every time somebody mentions their wife or girlfriend, it makes me kind of sad.


Hey, just in case you didn't know, there's a PlayStation Flash Sale right now. Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator for $20. The theme is anime and cartoons. Ends on the 26th.


I currently have $80 between my wallet and bank account. That's more than enough to get Etrian Odyssey Untold 2, but it is also most of what I have now. Should I go for it, or wait until I get more Birthday money first? Hmm...


Before I head off to work, I leave you this...oh lord it's so goooooood.


I ordered something from the Sqeenix online store a few days ago and with no warning or explanation today they cancelled and refunded my order. Why would you do this? The thing is still up for sale, its not like it went out of stock or anything.


I put a bid in for an Initial D arcade machine. I don't have the space or the money but I still did it. Why am I dumb? I probably won't win it.


When you're home alone and taking a poop, do you still lock the door? I do. That extra 30 seconds could save your life from an axe murderer at a time when you're most vulnerable.


Oh man, seeing this guy play again tonight. Fuck. Yes.


The biggest regret I have as a college student who mostly studies is that I don't often play video games (I only do so during academic breaks). I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of interesting titles, but I also want to hone my game development skills.



Rad Party God

Because I love to feel like shit after watching a post-apocalyptic film, I absolutely LOVED Just saw it a few moments ago, brilliant film; great blend of action, smart Sci-Fi and America eating Absolutely recommended! :D


Last one, I Sorry, I couldnt decide! #dtoidis

Khalid Eternal Nigh

#dtoidis a Also no family perfectly represents dtoid than the belchers, Dont fight it, you know its


Another one! #dtoidis


Oo, oo, lemme try! #dtoidis


Saturday night what what

Khalid Eternal Nigh

New season tomorrow! Any shows youre excited for returning soon?


Finally watched the Warcraft It was decently The art was The cities, in particular, were And some of the costuming was just But it was a bid muddled and confusing, plot wise, and it was


Since so many people are anticipating the NXs reveal, what if all this hyping and excitement ends in disappoint if people dont like the console?

Sr Churros



This is stuck in my head, and I love it! Great


Just finished The Neon Demon and honestly kind of loved every second of Its the kind of movie I imagine Occams would make if he were a film At the very least, Im certain its something hed enjoy especially the last third or

Dennis Carden

I broke Dark Souls Yay!


Oh hey, I just posted my first blog! Its all about music I composed for a game that may or may not ever actually Check it out! Id post a link but its too long for D:


Ive never been as speechless as I was when a man walked into my Target asking if were getting Criminal Girls for the

Jinx 01


Jinx 01

Really love Overwatchs Highlight Its too annoying to record every single game session, but this way I can at least replay and record some good Also, Im working on my Mercy combat how am I doing?

Pixie The Fairy

What? No Dragon Quest VII theme for 3DS? Fine, Ill keep my SMT IV Apocalypse theme


#Dtoidis The gaming site with the lewdest attitude and the best


What up, long time reader just signed on!



Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Were at Benihana for my Birthday! Current status:

Nathan D





#DescribeYourselfIn3FictionalCharacters I had to think on the third one, but ended up choosing Peter, the fictional character who teached me the most about responsability and the weight in the decisions I


Iron Sky is fucking hilarious

Amna Umen

#DtoidIs (But I love you all, even Torchman)


Just took the time to play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and loving it so Its the third 2016 release I bought this year (along with DOOM and Inside), which is a stark reminder of how much my spare time has whittled down since graduating from high


From where #Dtoidwas To where #Dtoidis


Could this be? A rare, original Zombz comment circa 2013 on a different website, under an older alias? Or is it one of the many fakes that float around the commenting blackmarkets?

King Kaiser


Madoka Malika

Juice and I saved 4 fuzzy caterpillars today on our walk! They were so cute and

Kaleido Ruby

wants to hear bits from an OST on a game yet to be released? Specifically,




So we are nearing the end of the month and I havent heard anyone discuss Lord of the Anyone play it? PS4s ps+


Just when I thought an Ace Attorney ending couldnt leave feeling more frustrated and disappointed than Dual Destinies I had to go and finish Spirits of Fuck you

Electric Reaper

Timespinner looks to be developing nicely and the box art they chose looks The music in Bloodstained Ritual of the Nights latest Kickstarter update sounds


Completing my second blog made me realise my writing I list a bunch of mini topics and start Thanks to everyone who gave me advice I also managed to go from 1800 words in part one to 3800 in the Editing is for the weak!

Kaleido Ruby


Hypno Coffin



The secret history of Twinfinite revealed in my latest blog! I dont normally like to promote myself, but I know a bunch of you guys were curious about it and its not obvious from the title b/c thats not all its

Mike Wallace



#Dtoidis Catgirls, Community, Games and


#dtoidIs a Chris Carter fever


Bought a new controller and it worked, now all I need is a wife