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This cannot continue. This cannot continue. This cannot continue. This cannot continue. This cannot continue. This cannot continue. This cannot continue. This cannot continue. This cannot continue. This cannot continue. This cannot continue.


I need graphic novel suggestions. Show me what you got! Edit: also in need of good science fiction suggestions. At a massive book sale today


I expect work efficiency to drop today. Mario Kart 8 is out after all.


Pro tip: The Fight Club soundtrack by the Dust Brothers is really good working music.


I have nothing to do tonight, Amazon, so either you start shipping Mario Kart, or I'll spend it on the phone bitching at your customer service representatives.


I find the design philosophy of the Blue Shell quite interesting. Blue Shells never benefit the one who throws them; it's just a matter of dicking over whoever is in first place.


A friend in a pinch asked me to do some translation work for her and of course I said yes because she's a friend and I like money. She said it was a 30 page medical document and left it at that. She sends the doc and it's 30 pages about stool transplants.


Guilty Gear Rev2 on PC 6/1/2017! Only a week after console launch. That's an AMAZING turn around compared to other ArcSys PC ports. Sign took over a year and Rev1 was 7 months.


iam8bit has been tweeting about the P5 soundtrack a lot so I figured a vinyl release was incoming. I did not, however, expect a $100 - $175 release. Oh dear.


I went to the supermarket and one employee turned off the radio and put in the breaking bad soundtrack. I was smiling so hard when this song came up and all the old people looked confused as hell.


Is there any way to play endless tetris in Puyo Puyo? Not that I can usually clear 150 lines anyway, but just in case.


I sketched a 5-star Anna! It took a lot of battles to get this far. Current stats/moves below. Next long-term Fire Emblem Heroes goal: Roll a Hector...for reasons... [Edit]: Bump!


So, I dunno how to explain this but... does Mario Kart 8 have "auto aim"??? Can you turn it off? :s


I got this fun little item with my Mario Kart this morning


Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is full of fun and excitement and your faps are full of imagining me riding shirtless on a miniature horse


I'm hoping the next Zelda takes the lessons learned from BotW and applies them​ to a traditional base. The freedom is wonderful, but part of me misses having a handful of tightly crafted dungeons and more focused stories and environments​ as well.


Blazblue Centralfiction is finally available on Steam, and at a pretty good price, i must say. Too bad that i have a crapload of games on my backlog at this moment... This weekend it will be 100% Persona 5!



Nash Eign

Is it just me or when one has a lot of free time, taking a shit seems like a drag?


This Takemi cosplay couldnt wait til Tuesday!


Well Destructoid, tonight I was looking up Darksiders 2 Reveal trailer (to hear Deaths sexy voice) and I couldnt help but You have ruined Darksiders 2 for me #darksiders2 #ruined #notreally


Oh my Ive been playing Persona 5 since I woke up I havent been able to tear through a game like this since Kingdom Hearts I have no intention of stopping Im going to keep playing til I pass


The menus in this game are trash and planet navigation is I guess I should have posted a picture of my Ryder Oh well, here he is Hes super fucking casual about the whole guide humanity in a new galaxy thing and even dresses like

Kaleido Ruby

Pretty stoked about 00040000001B8F00 on the


Sometimes you just gotta finish the battle with one party member


Im not thrilled that Im left wishing Persona 5 would Its a great game in spite of its hiccups and Id like to appreciate it But Ive been playing for nearly a goddamn month and I just want it to I dont have time for this


Apparently MK8 is the top selling videogame on Amazon in 2017 Looks like were in for some more millions in I believe it hit million on Wii


Welp, I see the next Morrigan/Jack-type party member in a BioWare RPG is already out and about


When I keep my composure after lots of drinking but then I have to get


Glad the sites back! Didnt grab MK8 DX today, just moved back home so things were a bit hectic, so hopefully Ill join you guys this weekend! Bonus front page hot take: Cancelling the NES Classic was a smart business #PleaseUnderstand


Went to a retirement party today, but no one even touched the cakes I Makes me kinda At least the plastic forks I brought got :/


Dtoid is finally back Let the Memes

Electric Reaper

Catgirl Friday


This is from yesterday, and comes from Mario Kart Its always nice to have games that dont need violence or profanity to be fun, and can be enjoyed by the whole Anyway, heres Inkling Girl telling me to shove it up my #ScreenshotSaturday

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Im now on my way to the last Palace in Persona Let me just say that was one TENSE set of cutscenes!


Got Mario Kart 8 and Puyo Puyo if any wants to play some Im not very good at Puyo Puyo code: 0914-8325-3411


Its an oddly comforting thing to pretend to care about Thanos vs Takes me back to my college days when we would debate the most inane


Oh boy, Prey is something a bit more complicated than I was Not a bad thing, but the controls are ehh for Like fallout without vats sort of


404 is Time to get back to business, and work on a


This smart steering is fantastic in Mario Kart My 4 year old son can now join in on the fun and had a great


YES WE ARE BACK!! I didnt know what i was doing with my life anymore without Destructoid to distract me from doing stuff I need to


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is so gorgeous!


Dtoid is back! I thought I never would see you guys ever


Happy 404 Day


ITS BACK! So Im playing a ton of Zelda


Turned off the smart It did some turns that i didnt relly want to Just let me drift dammit!


Oh thank Christ Dtoid is back up! While the site was down, I cleaned my house a bit, went outside, and overall was really productive It was

Hypno Coffin

Time to shitpost EDIT: I went to take an actual shit and when I came back this had over 100 faps


Oh thank god


How was everybodys 404 Friday?

Kaleido Ruby

Dtoids back


I ended up double-dipping on Mario Kart 8 because I have more money than common Its a still a fantastic entry, so no regrets Had plenty of fun playing with the little brothers, and the rainbow road theme is definitely one of the

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

The star of #FutabaFriday was so embarrassed about all the attention she was getting, she DDOSd the whole DAWW! We still love ya! (Source:

Bob The God Lawyer

FINALLY! I was totally not checking every few

Gundy Nepbane

Yay I can post Kemono Friends again!


During the great #404toid I got my 8th Platnium trophy, Gravity Rush on last challenge was a total pain in the anus, the sweeper challenge was horrible but with the water towers was more Still took me an Onto 100%ing the DLC


Oh, were back now? Thats great! Ive recently started Andromeda and so far it seems fine? Im not sure thats going to be enough coming after Persona 5 and NieR:Automata, but well Here, have some


Thanks to the 404pocalypse Ive already passed my weekend porn allotment


Oh thank Niero, the sites back up!


Well, unfortunately I am out of a job On the plus side you folks might actually get a blog out of me Also Dragon Quest Heroes II put me in a big DQ mood so Im finally playing DQVIII for 3DS, at least until


I have finally platinumd It only took 2 years of frustration towards the chalice And no, the Yharnam fight was not worth the #404toid

King Kaiser

Woo! 404pocalypse is over!




Didnt know Yamaoka listened to Swedish rock when composing for


If you could not hit me with three red shells in a row, thatd be


For my 1000th post, heres a picture from /tg/: a moderns table with gasmask filter and spray can silos, and a Soviet ERA stronk!

On Air Fish

I assume some of you nerds will be playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe How do I get in on some o dem races?

Gundy Nepbane

Sorry catgirls, its #FutabaFriday now