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Dissidia NT sold 100k roughly in Japan for its first week. The original PSP game sold almost 500k and 012 sold 289k on their first weeks.


What Hell hath wrought, man hath made.


Happy Birthday to all those whose Birthdays I missed because Happy Birthday I'm terrible at remembering everyone's HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Waste not your adulation on me, but instead direct your efforts to the verbose and frankly more deserving Larx, who also celebrates his day of birth on this day of days. Happy birthday, Larx!


Happy birthday Wes, you're an asset to the community and one of the loveliest gentleman I know. Hope you have a great day man.


Remember when I said Mass Effect Andromeda was 'not that bad'? I was wrong. It's real bad. It's worse than I expected, and I expected bad. I'm gonna go all Kerrik52 on it once I see the other side.


That moment when the camera man realizes he's next.




Indie games that I am waiting for in 2018

Hello, this is my new blog about video games and I'm glad to have this opportunity to express my thoughts and opinion. So, don't hesitate to follow me and comment my articles. The last year was marked by a large number of announcements...


12 games I've enjoyed the most in 2017

  Here we go. My personal list (in no particular order) of best gaming experiences in the year 2017. Now, it is NOT the best game of 2017 list. There are games old and new on here and I find it interesting to put them side by si...


Happy Utero-Liberation Day Wes, you sexy beast!!!!


Don't worry everyone. I wasn't affected by YouTube's partner program change because my channel only has 32 subscribers and I don't even have 5000 total views!


Black lightening felt a little too much like Luke Cage for me. It was a little jarring coming off the tail end of The Flash. I think maybe they should reschedule when it airs to avoid unnecessary comparisons as it's not set in the Arrow-verse anyways.


Today I am feeling so tired in my human body, I think I will put myself to sleep.


So got replacement for my stick & no significant problems. the HK button seems to fitz in & out not working but I think it's the button itself. Madcatz says uses sanwa but in my experience with my original stick & this they can't be, buttons is mad mooshy


Happy birthday Wes! I don't have anything witty to add, so I'll leave it at that!




So YouTube cut my monetization because I have less than 1k subs and then ends their email with this gem:


"How was yesterday?"


Well hello there, lazy day!


Happy anniversary for the glorious escape from the womb to Wes Tacos. He's the man with the taco touch! He also does so much for Dtoid behind the scenes that helps make this community the best in gaming. So tacos up for one of our best community managers!


Some goon said that Mig-25BM is a plane optimized to take out enemy radars the most Russian way possible: lobbing 149kg high-explosive warhead missile that flies at Mach 3.6. American HARM is half as slow and has a fancier, 40% smaller warhead.


Tacos are a beverage and Wes is a tall glass of indigestion.


youtube demonetizing smallest channels. less than 1k subs and 4k hours viewd in last 40 months. Oh well, there goes my 35 cents a month.




I played more of YsVIII last night and its so much I love just exploring the island, and surprisingly finding out theres more things to do than just go here, do Namely fishing and a lil horde mode to protect your


Happy Birthday, Wes! Thank you so much for everything youve done for COTW, and also for the personal things youve helped me Have a wonderful day! And Larx, kyoudai, wherever you Happy Birthday too, you are a delight!


Im excited for FF12 on Probably to the point where I am only going to end disappointed by it, but it gives me something to look forward


What do I think Nintendos announcement is? A switch-ready head strap/visor and VR

King Kaiser

Happy Birthday to Wes and Larx! To make you both happy I found a Bunny Hatsune I also included a special gift in the

Rico the Penguin

If this Nintendo Announcement is a Wii Fit for the Switch Im gonna be so Largely because Liz will be so And a happy wife is a happy

Robo Panda Z

In my haste to sha-er, wish Wes a very happy birthday, I forgot that its also Larxs birthday! Truly, I am Larx is a most wonderfulest of I hope your day is a great Or a sleepy Sleep is good,

Spiders For Sale

Happy Birthday to Larx some guy named Wes, never heard of


Happy Birthday, Wes and NOW GET YOUR AHSS TO


Switch really needs to port all the Wii U games before I go out and buy a damn Wii U!


Happiest of birthdays, Mr Russow & Ms Fulten! A big, slightly-inappropriate hug from me to the both of you! And here is a little entertainment before the cake


Birthdays? Well I guess it is time to


Aww snaps, happy birthday Wes and Larx! Yall are the some of the community members anyone could ask for! Now, for your presents:


#WeslikesbunnygirlsWednesday #Darksiders3


Happy Birthday Wes and Larx! A couple of stand up


Happy Birthday, you for making me feel like a real member of the I hope today is full of good things and bunny


There are a lot of improvements with AE and the community just found a big They reduced the input delay for SF V AE from frames on PS 4 (4-5 frames on PC) down to 2,75-3,75 EDIT: Different reports on this (see


Happy birfday Wes and Heres a special #WesLovesBunnyGirlsWednesday to celebrate this wonderful


Happy birthday Larx and Wes, two of the loveliest people in the dtoid neigherborhood despite their eukaryotic May there be more days before the prokaryotes return you to the soil and


I predict that Nintendo will announce backwards compatibility with


Martyr logarius in bloodborne is a tough Very On my 12th try, I only had a iosefkas Idk why but he decided to chill out this Still fucked me up when i got hit At the end we both killed each What a great


Happy birthday Larx and Wes! To celebrate, here is my new favorite bunny

Rad Party God

YOOO! Happy Bday Wes and Larx! You both are amazing beyond words!



On Air Fish

Im not getting my hopes up high- at all- but Im very interested to see what Nintendo will bring to the party this


My work/editing pc has died and Ive lost everything on Good news is Yakuza 0 just So Ill just cry while doing some


Sometimes I feel sorry for Nintendo with how everybody goes nutty


Yo, I heard you were born into this world ages ago on this So Ipersuaded some femfolk to wish you a decent day and What fitting fate that it would be #WesLovesBunnyGirlsWednesday


I’m working from home today because of the snow My wife and daughters are also home because schools are Conference calls are going to be a


Its #WeslovesBunnyGirlsBirthday! Happy Birthday Wes and Larx


The piece of shit who’s swatting antics led to an innocent man’s death is being charged for involuntary manslaughter and if convicted will get 11 years in That is not nearly long enough, not by a long


Since its Wess birthday I thought Id give him something extra special in addition to #WeslikesspidergirlsWednesday #Wesisakinkyfreak

Electric Reaper

Will there be a Destructoid review of Iconoclasts and/or Callys Caves 4?


MXC is on




Its only fitting that Wes shares a birthday with the Great Betty Happy Birthday Tacos


The cutscenes (?) in SFVA still look like a Pokemon/Team Pop Epic gag At least Sakura looks kinda

Mike Martin

Huge happy bday wishes to Larx and I I hope you both have an amazing

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux is coming out on May 15th! Not usually into first-person dungeon crawlers, but Ill keep an eye out for some gameplay videos to see if its worth


Happy Birthday Wes and Larx! You guys are awesome!!

Virtua Kazama

Popped in SF5 Arcade They finally have something for frame About damn time!


This guy is the most YouTube YouTuber Ive ever seen in my life, holy bro, I will definitely be turning on the NOT-ification


Also happy birthday to Larx!


Happy Birthday to Wes and Larx! The two of you have helped make my experience with DToid an incredible one, keep on being awesome!

Plain Dere

Happy birthday to Wes and Wes was one of the first people to make me feel so welcome here and I love him for Larx is one of the best people I know and he is an awesome blog I hope to be like Larx when I grow Happy Birthday!


Oh a special Nintendo announcement that will be a new interactive experience ?


Two birthdays today? Well then, happy birthday to Larx and happy birthday to Wes! I guess youll have to share this #WeslikesbunnygirlsWednesday


Happy birthday people! Sorry been putting long hours in at work


Happy Birthday, Wes! Here are some tacos from one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn: