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Heroes of the Storm update! Monetization 2.0, baby! Time to open dem boxes.



#cultgametoid CrossCode. An Action RPG with fun, fast combat, unique dungeon design, and an interesting story (though, it does fall into MMORPG setting tropes).


Going to an internship interview. They didn't told me how much they're paying me and daily shift is 6:45 hours long (more than 6h a day for interns is illegal). I have a bad feeling about this.


Thanks #ArbitraryMetalTuesday! I've been trying to chalk up some metal riffage on my guitar for the past half an hour. Good brain exercise. Though, I'd never top the ace technicality of bands like Dream Theater or Mastodon.


Finally finished Persona 5 so I've finally been diving into yooka laylee. While I do enjoy it, I can definitely tell it won't have the staying power of other retro revivals. However I'm 100% stoked for the inevitable 100% speedrun.


So I was right. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite won't make it to this year's EVO, but it will be there next year.


Eeeeh.... I'm not feeling it. I'm more excited for Mania.


Okay guys, I've never played a Persona game before, though I do like JRPG's and other weeb shit. Why should I play Persona 5?


In other news, this thought hit me randomly today during my 45 minute work poop. I have pretty hawt legs. If I were a woman, I'd never wear anything but skirts


I bought SMT IV about 700 years ago, and now I can say that finished one of the game's routes. And before I forget, fuck Jonathan.


Sequel to the best James Bond movie is looking fan-fucking-tastic!


After being informed on the issues by the latest Jimquisition, it is with horror that I note that "Casino" simulators are (as of typing this) the 8th most popular category on Twitch. *shudder*


I'm having a problem with my Nintendo Switch and would like to see if anyone else has the same issue. Details in the comments.




I let my friend borrow my Switch when Persona 5 released because he couldnt get one, but Im finally getting it back in 2 days when Mario Kart comes out! It feels like the countdown to launch day all over again!!!


I heavily regret not playing Persona 5 with Japanese

Pixie The Fairy

When you got to go to


Looking for a game to play on ps4 I can chill and relax Only got 15 buck tho, any suggestions?


Holy fuckin shit


My favorite take on the franchise


My wife is destroying me at Puyo Puyo That wasnt supposed to


This is freaking cool:


Anyone on know when Specter of Torment will release on The One? I cannot find any information on it




So I currently have the Blizzard installed on my laptop, and Im currently trying to install Heroes of the If any of you want to add me, my username is Jojo1989 You know, if you want to add Im not your Edit: Forgot the


So many bulks It was annoying to move all of them pretty much by


WELP, tried some Shovel Knight:Specter of Torment and so far Ive bested three of the I am enjoying it and aspects of it but so far Im not really thinking its going to supplant Plague of Shadows as my favorite


The DS3 DLC hates Ill hate it


Been playing a lot of Gravity Rush on Vita and I forgot how amazing it was! Gonna aim for the platnium I also have Remastered and 2 but Ill give them some space to breathe in my Ill plat Tearaway next as the PS4 remake was a fun plat :D


Last boss of Ringed City was a fun A good challenge; only took a couple of tries and didnt need to That damn dragon will take some more work


Anyone play any Outlast 2 yet?


Did a really fun Evangelion inspired Looks a little sloppy, but I really dig it!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Did anyone else know that there was an Adventure Time special event going on this week? If it wasnt for DVR auto-recording it I never wouldve known, as they havent really shown any commercials for This shows schedule is all over the


Im wearing socks and sandals right




My first playthrough of Persona 5 done in 82 Ill probably start NG+ right away, if only for the social links I didnt get the first time Story didnt surprise me at all, sticking to the formula so strictly really hampered any


Specter of Torment downloading now, hopefully its going to be a Also I need to eventually consider finally beating Legend of Grimrock That game tickles me correctly in the correct spots and I need to finish it and a million other games like nier


Whatever happened to the SOCOM games?


Neighborhood youth is mostly on point with He thinks Other M is one of the best Metroid Its ok to be wrong little kiddo

Pizza in a Tangle

Anyone wanna play HotS with me? I REALLY want that Officer Im skwerlyman#1822


Hopefully by Friday, Ill have a third book published on the Amazon Kindle Maybe this one will sell more than 2 like alien-abduction based erotica, right?

Amna Umen

Alright, these refrances are going a bit too far

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

#TakemiTuesday Oh Takemi - my diagnosis is bleak! When I see your face, my knees get weak~




Im trying my best to keep up with I was more into metal as a teenager, but damn it if it aint still


Not looking forward to my bus ride home this We got this rock and roll thing going on downtown, and streets are going to get closed, and its going to #notvideogamerelatedandalsonotamemejustmesayingwhatsonmymindtoid

Load of Bollocks

Im gonna pick up Persona It looks like some good ass weeb shit and yall convinced Plus she look #Takemituesday


So I just finished Stories Untold and that did NOT go, where I thought it Give it a whirl, s only two hours


Turn A shipped! On that note, say hi to Unicorn and the bowl of weaponry! Its currently in the process of getting all of its Full Armor attachments added


So, Im going through Alfheim in Bayonetta right now in preparation of the bonus But in order to get to him, I need loads of If I understand correctly, I need the Time and/or Climax Should I grind for them, or unlock them legit?


Um, guys? Not every NVGR topic you want to talk about needs to be a Meme of the Day, you know? You can just talk about things you want to talk Weve got like 7 hashtags running today #petpeevetoid


I think Im gonna quit writing (Ill still do the interviews) it feels like spinning words into a void, for zero All the paid spots were taken up online years ago, doors slammed firmly shut behind Im just too drained from the lack of succes


Ok, Ill wait :)

Rad Party God

Normally I dont complain about this, but SWEET BABY JEBUS WITH A POGO STICK IN ROLLER SKATES, these new Disqus ads are annoying as fuck! NO, I dont care to know the Top 5 places of every damn state and country, CUT THAT SHIT OUT!




The QPost section is way better than the front page and much more pleasure-full



Czar Kazem

Question: Ive been wanting to get into the Yakuza series after I finish P5 and Is 0 an okay starting point or should I start elsewhere? Id like to go with a modern one just to get another new game, but not if it makes things





Rico the Penguin

My boxes from the new Heroes change were like custom tailored to make me super I just had the reverse experience I have with Real Hope my luck holds out but kinda dont care now Can just play and enjoy

Pizza in a Tangle

Something about man and misery and -Castlevania Guy #selfietoid


Well I thought the blood and Split lip would top it from my Wisdom Tooth removal but no my body decided 2 black And make one of them swell I look like I should have been a pre patch Mass Effect Andromeda character now lol


Wii ii Vi U V Oh my god its like this was meant to One system that had both stunning first party games (WiiU) and tons of third party support (Vita) but were separated due to Theyre 2 halves that form the mega console The Vi