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Looked up a book called Return of the Bunny Suicides for work today, and found this Amazon review. This is why we can't have nice things.


Disqus seems to be down for the moment. Current status


Randomly remembered Duel Masters existed. This and Ghost Stories are the best official abridged-sounding dubs!


I figured the NX wouldn't be backwards compatible considering they were going to release 2 versions of Zelda, Splatoon, and Smash(I think). And so ends Backwards Compatibility, except on PC of course. I still like the NX, just a little less though.


Welp, finally hit a point in Colour Splash where I need a thing card I've never encountered before. Greeeeeat. Thing cards sure are a great idea and not completely awful.


Just hit the final camp fire in Tomb Raider. Title screen says I'm 91% complete. Do I go back and finish the last of the collectables or push through to the end? This last section has dragged on so much it's become tedious ;/


Hey guys, some people like pancakes but not waffles. Some people like waffles but not pancakes. I am going to use this knowledge to suggest that this somehow means people are hypocrites. Ya'll need to make up your minds!


Hey guys, Back compat is the best, Nintendo actually respect our purchases and us as consumers. (Hears news about Switch's lack of back compat). Actually, back compat isn't that great, a nice feature but just a 'perk'. /Nintendo fans. Never change, guys.


So the Switch bring up an interesting question. What's more important, battery life or performance. Would you like 3 strong hours, or 6 mediocre, or 9+ low performance? I'm usually close enough to to some kind of outlet that I'd take between 3-5


Nier: Automata live stream on the 26th! My body is ready.


I hope this new Nintendo Switch has more than 32GB of memory. I have Micro SD cards with more memory than my Wii U.


Took me a while (and 2 restarts) to realize these guys not attacking me isn't a bug but due to the fact that I'm in the rat king covenant. Beat the Royal Rat authority and now I'm my supreme king's Nr.1 servant.


Gosh, I didn't expect Dragon Quest Builders to be so addictive! Every time I intend to stop, I think of 'just one more thing' to do, and before I know it, I've spent another hour building a big dirt wall to #MakeCantlinGreatAgain. So happy with this game.


I'm sure some of you here must like The Thing. Check out this awesome, creepy teaser trailer.. What's your favourite John Carpenter flick? It's a tough question I think.


Bit disappointing how willing some Nintendo fans are to throw backwards compatibility under the bus after all these years because of the Switch. Especially after parading it around as reason to own a Nintendo console. I can see why they didn't, but damn.


Ingesting rap music. Link me to some music I should listen to. Thank you.




YakuzaKiwamiAdventures: Finally beat that Pocket Racer side Yay!


Googles first result for dumb cat


Donald Glover cast as the young Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo Please gif


Overwatch every day of the #FareehaFriday


With twitter back up, I learned that two of my good dtoid buddies have CIV I dont have it yet and was planning on maybe Current status:




*scrolls through Quickposts, sees Catwoman Is at work, at a nursing home with visitors, doesnt wish to lose job*


Its Beeplyboops birthday! Happy birthdays to you! Please, accept these birthday jojo punches:


Havent really followed Infinite Warfare much, but does anyone know if the multiplayer will have a space combat mode? Seems like a huge waste to have such a cool thing added to the single player and be absent from the


Thank the Goddess Im one of the few people in the East Coast still able to log onto I just want to play Competitive while listening to Undertale on repeat and just try not to think about I like to save that for when Im trying to


It just hit me, its been over 15 years since Nintendo launched a system (home or handheld) with a traditional control scheme not motion or touch based) and a single screen The last one was the




Since were on photoshops on the Switch, I came across this one that made me chuckle:




Shitting dick I tried to update my older post and it didnt The guy who did all the designs did some


Its Friday Dtoid!

Luca Fright

My brother shared this to me and I cant stop




Somebody had some fun in Photoshop with the qblogs need to say what dimension files they and allow line

Rad Dios de las Fiestas

My cousin was pissed off at the Nintendo Switch, he didnt watch the teaser, I explained him everything I know and that seemed to calm him down, but holy shit, why does people still think that Nintendo has to be THE BEST at graphics and specs to succeed?

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Oni Girl Friday! be safe enough to put here, right?)

Electric Reaper

Is there any widely used term for Internet service interruption lasting less than a minute?


Looks like the PSN outage was caused by a DDoS attack on Dyn, a DNS company, App Store, PayPal, SoundCloud and Github have also been But since this is Sony we are talking about it wont come back for a


I wish I could edit videos with my Non-linear editing is a force to be reckoned with, and the human body is a hindrance to creative potential Im trying to sound smarter than I am =P


Oh my god please tell me episode 9 of pokemon generations is just going to be a 3 way Cus with how things are going, thatll end up being one of the best animated legendary battles in

Singapore Sling

Used this lovely DDoS attack as an excuse to finish my Jill run of Take that you pinko commie

Mike Martin

PSA: Wal-Mart has all the Disney Infinity figs for Grabbed me a Hulkbuster because that is damn beautiful, high quality statue for


Anyone else here watching the new Black Mirror season? For some silly reason I thought itd be neutered on account of receiving the big bucks, but then I watched the episode Shut Up and Christ, that was even more intense than S2s White


Three Sid Meiers bundles on Bundle Two of them have Starships in them, so that kinda narrows it


Holy shit episode 8 of Pokemon Generations was

King von Kaiserstein

Wait, how did people expect the Switch to have Wii U disc backwards compatibility when it doesnt even have a disc drive?? Current Status:


I hope all you sexy sons of bitches have a sexy Friday night


Goddammit Disqus!

Gundy the Merciless

It is only fitting that today, the most glorious of days, I was informed that I got the promotion I applied for 2 months #CatgirlFriday


Now that Disqus is down and no one can argue with me it is the best opportunity to air some unpopular opinions: Janeway was the best Captain, Beyond Good & Evils pacing was awful, the Ashton Kutcher seasons of Two and a Half Men have been


Heh, a sequel to that flip phone Source:


This is parked next to me at work, and I guess this means we are now prepared for the


Battlefield 1 Ultimate Edition cost 1117 danish kroner (about $165) in the Xbox store:() Most expensive digital game Ive ever


Some folk likely need cheering up until the DDOS nonsense So heres an Inkling boy pretending to be a catboy! #CatboyFridayNotCatgirlFriday


Was a chaperone at my daughters field trip Was expecting a lot more soccer moms for me to flirt You know, being the only caring strong daddy in a group of Instead there was 5 other guys there trying to steal my WTF?!?

Ein KenStein

Turns out that many sites were DDOSsd I think they finally caught the assholes The leader is some dude named Elliot Alderson?

Hypno Coffin

I cant even think of a caption for


Love this account <3

Mike Martin

Just worked a 12hr Then a All on 2hrs of Still Not WTF?


Bounty versus Which tastes better? Which fills your mouth with its creamy coconut filling? Choose ye this


Hate to keep bringing up the Switch, but I read a quote from Epic I thought was Namely their involvement in Unreal Engine 4 running on So thats pretty much a solid for ps4/x1 games at least playable on the

Electric Reaper

The Republican Party is Once the elections are over, I cant wait to see them at each others


Disquss wont load for me in the articles! Ive been silenced! What if I had something provocative or insightful to add to the conversation? Just I never do is still an inconvenience