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I should be saddened that I can't get a copy of DQ8 on Amazon but I'm actually happy that a Dragon Quest game is sold out in America


Getting Gravity rush 2 because I already own DQ8 for the PS2 and enjoy better graphics on the system that came out in 2000. That said I love my's just that the graphics...they're booty.


As far as clear "tech demo" experiences, what is your favorite one and what is your least favorite? It could be any small game made basically to be a new engine test sold as a game, like Pokemon Snap or Wii Sports. What are your thoughts?


I've shifted away from commenting on FP stuff, and mostly do my shtick on Qtoid/Cblogs. Should I make a triumphant return to shitposting on main articles?


My apologies about the several posts, according to my network settings none of them were going through. I'll hide most of them.


-COMING THIS WEEKEND:- "I thought 'They don't have the guts' then I went and saw that they did, indeed, have the guts.." -- "Man, Two questions in and I'm already getting really fucking pretentious, I'm sorry, haha"


Weird, you'd think people would be more open and excited for the idea of watching something on the TV and then seamlessly continuing to watch it elsewhere in your house on the same device. In bed, toilet, kitchen, laundry room....


Even though I believe it to be a good game, I may actively hate Hearthstone. I refuse to pay ridiculous amounts for a virtual card game, I admit, but literally losing every single fucking game because I'm marginally frugal is fucking dumb.


Nintendo Switch not having Netflix in 2017 is the same as Wii not playing DVDs in 06. Big deal, I have at least 7 other devices that can by accident.


When plugging something in via USB, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. How do I get it wrong seemingly 100% of the time?


Guys, stop being so relatable! I can only handle relating to so many people at once!


While people are spending $500+ to buy a system, just so they can play Breath of the Wild.


I'm very happy I'm not a game reviewer and can play only those kinds of games I want to play, instead of having to play all sorts of titles to gain more perspective.


Trying to tackle the gigantic task of 100%'ing Binding of Isaac. I'm at 24% and have a feeling I'm going to be at it for quite a while!




My thoughts go out to hlarge4 for what hes going through with his It really sucks, and I wish his family the Here is a little pick me up:


Since I preordered the Switch Ive removed the pro controller and Botw, since GAME want too Now Im torn over buying Zelda for the Wii U and leaving me a switch with no game, or getting Zelda for the switch Decisions

able to think

Kat from Gravity Rush 2 is getting a figma thats not a part of a Japan exclusive limited edition! This one has new Preorder here if you want it:


Amazon, I bought a PS4 from you literally just over half a year Stop filling up my inbox with recommendations for the Slim I dont fucking want


I have a feeling taking photos in Gravity Rush 2 is going to be addicting!


funny cat gifs lolz


Ive still yet to do my forfeit from a Look out for that coming Remind me not to make silly bets in the future


Castellans of Imperium: great detachment that let me bring me everything I Warhammer 40k: still a shit ruleset, Bring on the Sigmarization!


The Customer is always right, is not a phrase that applies to technical fact, 75% of the time, the customer is wrong as fuck (thats why they called tech support)


I traded my superflous copy of Driveclub for a pair of giant chocolate Twas a good


Five minutes into gravity rush 2 and I could see what could have been an a really interesting, colorful, and Lovecraftian horror game! Damn, make that


My daughter has a severe eating Weve seen multiple doctors, but its looking like drastic steps are Im really worried for Surgery or hospitalization may become Send some good


nobody else for #Dadrocktoid?


Let me know if you wanna see a nice gif with nice boobs in it


Catgirl Youre #catgirlfriday


Now that politics is out of the way, its time for Cat Girls! #CatGirlFriday


Gravity rush 2 is here, and now I dont have to explain to people on the internet how global warming is a real issue that matters even if youre not a snowflake sjw! yeah!

Nathan D

Another well deserved Catgirl Friday is

James Internet Ego

I watched Sherlock and some of Trumps address and somehow my review of each is the same gif:


Gravity Rush 2 is out and like an idiot I decided to have a job AND show up #poorlifechoices


OK my 100th So much pressure, gotta make it Testicles! damn it


Edit: I figured it Tomorrow, 9 AM Tell me what to draw in ORIG: If I can figure out a setup, thinking about doing a live stream Saturday morning of drawing cat girls or video game stuff or Interested?


These stats arent impressive by any means, but they are what they Im really suprised how low they


Las week my class finished the Mudbox texturing module, and tomorrow we will start UDK module! Yep, Unreal Yes, Unreal 4 is newer and easier to use, but I have to stick to the printed And you cant officially download UDK anymore, yay!

Electric Reaper

Catgirl Friday


Onahole should be the name of a Mexican Yes Id like ten chicken onaholeplease, with extra spicy cock


how could I accrue 60+ physical Wii U titles? (9 titles I regret, 25 I dont, the rest I cant tell yet)


Supposed leak for Overwatch Chinese New Year skins! I hope there are even more!


Todays theme song:


Time to rock and roll

Khalid Eternal Nigh

I know some people arent in a great Here, you earned Get out there and live it Today is just a day, just like tomorrow will


For those worried about our President, remember that we have had some TERRIBLE Presidents in the past and the country is still thriving Look at Van Buren or Or Were times bad? Did we survive?


And Ive got the free dlc for Gundam Breaker 3 working on my NA Ye ye ye!


Friday is finally here once again!


Arbys at it again with their Tweet in the

Kaleido Ruby

#CatgirlFriday What is a search thing?


New video up from one of my favorite This is some of the best level design analysis youll find I recommend watching the entire series and/or


My new hobby is finding old pinups and making them better

Breadtangle of Pizza

Are yall sure 14 is the worse in FFXV? 13 is pretty fucking tedious


A dumb little something I spruced up during my downtime at my good Hope you :)


Well thats it, Trump is now I know most of you dont like him but all I ask is that you give him a chance while reflecting on how to do better in This is what I went through in 08 when Obama won and I hope you do the same with


Happy friday, have a pic of Hoshima


So this is a fun The game that I wrote about as overlooked in my cblog yesterday, just got announced for physical release on the Links to both in the


Hoping to have episode 2 of Tales from the Rimworld completed by the end of the Im having a blast with this game so Prepare for misery, with small amounts of triumph sprinkled in!


Yeah! Season 2 of Voltron is on Netflix! Get you out, leaves door open::

Hypno Coffin

This is the first time that the Disqus ads have actually seemed to target me


Alright, so far so good, got the moon dwellers theme downloaded on my singapore account and working on my NA Now for the big DLC for Im


I think Im just going to ignore every Nintendo article from every website from now on unless its actually