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Community Blogs

I just posted my first proper C-Blog about games and shit. It just went up. This is great. You can see it on the side bar. That's two of my face on one page. Double the face, double the fun! You lucky bitches.


Lady Layton looks totes adorbs. I think it's finally time that I played the series.


If Yakuza 5 was going to be free on Plus in less than a year, why didn't Sony just offer the game for free at launch? Seems weird to me.


I can't get this outta my head. It's too smooth, like butter, like my hands on your hot, wet back, sliding up and down, to the beat, the beat, of our hearts. All day and all night, baby.


While I did wake up hungover today, I woke up hungover in my new place. This Calamari has found a new home, one not ravaged by death stars or evil land lords.


Suikoden V so far: 35 hours in, war/ship battles are cool but not amazing, cutscenes while varied are short and marred by the game's load times, difficulty is overall easy, and recruiting is overall as easy as saying 'pretty pleease?' Also this guy


Well, today's my birthday. 20 years of King Kaiser. I'm celebrating the only way I know how: with Pho and Love Live!


I planned to celebrate today's Zombie Salesman absence by catching up on some Trails of Cold Steel. But then I got an email from the Feral Zombie Salesman asking a confusing question in their arcane zombie language. I don't understand grunts, I'm afraid..


Dear The Talos Principe. Please don't run circles around my (evidently ridiculously fragile) worldview. I worked very hard on it. Love, Shade.


Man, you know how Lego Dimension sets ALWAYS be on sale? Well, it would be that the ONE week I'm willing to buy any add-ons to the game, there's no "50% off" sale for your boy to indulge in. I know, I know, "white people problems", but still... I want it.


The Lizard Person pretending to be the spinster that is supposedly my boss cannot admit when she's wrong about something let alone apologize for being wrong about something. Whatever, at least I have a warm body to sleep next to at night.


I hope everyone has a magnificent day today! Hug the ones you love.


So, remember that Dunkin Donuts that had a fire and had to close in the small PA town where grew up, which I QPosted about? Well, there's a story about it on the radio in Nashville, TN. IT'S NATIONAL NEWS, YOU GUYS.


I'm laughing so hard I'm bawling and my jaw and sides hurt.


300th quickpost! I'll celebrate with the best song and the best monster from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! Also, I probably should start quickposting less.




Steven Universe today bringin in the Darn this show going from heartwarming to really sad in a splitsecond!


Rude people are out in numbers today in Overwatch What is it about a Wednesday that brings such lovely language out of people?

Jed Whitaker

What is everyones Pokemon GO progress? Im level 17, with 74 caught, and 74 seen (though I dont think it counts egg hatched as I also have one gym that is only accessible via boat, so hopefully I can hold it


Random observation: Clinton has announced that some Kaine person will be her Running Shame, Id rather have

Mike Martin

Join Communicord, a sister server to the main Dtoid Run by the community, for the community:


Looky at what my wife Not to bad for being hopped up on pain pills after knee


Its not changing for my


This song brings me back to my gamer Haha RADICAL! XD

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I was looking for gameplay of Gotta Protectors since its coming out tomorrow, and look who just happened to be playing it a year ago!

Double Monocles

Despite the fact it was bugged, I couldnt bring myself to delete my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town to start Instead, I bought another Im sure Izabell will be able to handle things in my first town

Kaleido Ruby

PSA: This themes still in Fairy Fencer F: And you will need it a lot on the hardest


Two starters down, one more to

Sr Churros

Ok, Ill stop being spammy, but this was simply just too good to not

Sr Churros

Looks like Miitomo finally will release in Brazil Game seems interesting, but they sure did took their time when localizing this one, huh?


So, my cousin told me the Dunkin Donuts fire news made it onto a show called free beer and hot wings, which is Anyone listen to it?


Hey cool Meanderbot, what do you do when a guy wont leave a Street Fighter II machine after losing?


Im getting so old, and, for all my past achievements, memories and excitements, Ive barely gotten out of the starting Soooo much time has passed, and I swear its speeding How can my arcade-spent youth be 23 years ago?

Nathan D

Finished the first route of Drakengard Ive never played a game where the only challenge was competing with the horrible framerate, especially the dragon riding Im pretty sure Ive played early 3D PS1 games that ran better than

Sr Churros

Bootywatch, by Nichole Echeverra (Part 2)

Sr Churros

Bootywatch, by Nicole Echeverria (Part 1)

Sir Shenanigans

He has four volumes of Swamp Thing and a Rogue Trooper collection to read, but he still ordered the first two Berserk Doh!

Puss N JuIc3

Wondering where Puss N JuIc3 is? have to push things back again! Well see you at 2pm on Friday! <3


Dragon Quest VII 3DS remake North America AND Europe on September 16th 2016 EXCITEMENT INTENSIFIES

Singapore Sling

Howdy Long time lurker (maybe late 2007 early 2008) first time Recently sucked back into gaming and decided to join a community since all my friends have long since moved Looking forward to bitching about games with everyone :P

Mike Martin

Current status:


I crossed the 800 QP


For my 250th quickpost I am eating aged bellavitano cheese that was soaked in


I almost forgot, its Wes Wednesday! I call this one, Lesbian Aunt Emerging From Wind


Playing Daxter on PSP (as its the only UMD I I absolutely love all the Jak and Daxter games but the controls for Daxter havent aged well in 10 Not going to 100% this one though I will try out the Dream levels as Im a huge Matrix



a spider

Wonderful vintage on this


When even the sexually confusing zombie demographic is being represented it shows diversity is rife in


The lot gods blessed me , but this is not even my final lot


Playing Trails of Cold Steel & on the verge of dozing Wordy games seem to do that to me more and more these days compared to just a few months Maybe its just the long tutorial sections, maybe my brain is craving games w/more


Here it is!

Kaleido Ruby

Reminder to myself to watch the Illya ep that comes out today when I get And I guess heres an Illya pic to everyone


Excellent, I get to dance electric-boogaloo with Magic Johnson and beat up 80s punks as best-man Majima a month before P5 releases in Awwww yeeeeeah!


So I had this idea to re-watch the Hyper Light Drifter Kickstarter Trailer because after beating the game it seemed To my surprise almost NOTHING in the kickstarter trailer is in the I get that there will be changes this much?

Kaleido Ruby

Doduo is ready for your

Jinx 01

So you can buy these on Etsy


I havent gotten to Yakuza 4 cause I havent played the previous games Now the Yakuza 5 is coming to ps+ I think ima have to skip the first


Oblivion looks fantastic with a few graphics mods!


In a shocking turn of events, Americans find out today that governments besides their own try and influence other countries What a twist~!

Kaleido Ruby

10K Yen Monies for

Amna Umen

I just recently discovered that Jeff Mangum/Neutral Milk Hotel recorded a few studio tracks in 2011 and Ive been obsessed with this

Donley Time

Boss 101, Screenshot, Tuning the abilities for a few of the hats in Boss Here is a small sampling of the lid goodness you will find in our game!