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I dreamt I invaded someone in Breath of the Wild, sniped them with my bow and glided down the mountain while they chased me on their shield where we eventually had ourbdecisive sword battle. Next game, please?


Gonna try and apply to a few places. Wish me luck.


I've been watching Xiaolin Showdown recently. Seems like Kimiko might be a fan of a certain video game website...


I went searching for Zelda amiibo the other day and instead found hundreds of Animal Crossing amiibo marked down to clearance prices because there's just too many of them. Nintendo really went overboard after the Smash Bros fiasco!


I want to play NieR but I'm glad I'm still into Zelda cause my wife called out sick and is on a Netflix binge


Oh shit, I've been so caught up in NieR that I totally forgot Persona 5 comes out in 2 weeks...


For as much shit as Nintendo gets for their DLC, I've been enjoying the amiibo stuff in Breath of the Wild, and it's not a bad deal compared to some other games I'm thinking of. I basically get like ... 10 lootboxes every day.


Boss 101 Screenshot - Everyone hanging out in Rob's Room but poor BERL needs and extension cord. Don't worry BERL! We'll get you set up!


I'm not really into anime, but I do consider Death Note to be a masterpiece. I'm not sure what to think about this live action version though, I could only stand a few minutes of the Japanese live action movies. But this has Willem Dafoe as Ryuk atleast


Raven from Gravity Rush is getting a figma! Me being me, of course I preordered it. Here's where, if you want her too:


Review: Blaster Master Zero

Game: Blaster Master Zero Developer: Inti Creates Publisher: Inti Creates Platforms: 3DS, Switch (reviewed) Release Date: March 3rd, 2017 (Jap) March 9th, 2017 (US EU) Price: $9.99 Blaster Master released for the NES back in 1988...


A WWII documentary on D-Day, recovered and restored in HD at 60 FPS. Seeing war reels at 60 FPS is freaky. A must watch, got through it in one sitting! See what happened to the beaches that weren't Utah!


Fuck me, and .ca put up the Fire Emblem LE while I was getting my haircut and it sold out. Now to pray ebgames and best buy dont have the same problem


Welp the graphics card came, but the people of Amazon sent me the wrong card. They sent me a GTX 1060 3GB FTW card instead of the 6GB SC Gaming Card I ordered. Now to send it back and play the waiting game. :/


Grey Matter Art is putting this up today. Prometheus let me down as a movie but this poster is just amazing to me.




Thinking about grabbing Toukiden Dont know much about it except it follows the MH Im a little concerned about the ppl having trouble with multiplayer on steam Anyone played it yet?


Another 2 sub-missions and 1 main mission done in If I can keep this up I should be done in less than 2 Also, I finally changed my armor and weapon that were 60 levels below Thats made a


I would like to make a community shout out to my favorite lurker, @NinjaSpped who is awesome and one of my favorite people here on dtoid! Everyone, give a round of applause for him!


WWII cuisine: Heavy Belgians are the tastiest

Jed Whitaker

I would just like to make it clear that Im way better than @Mike Cosimano because I have more followers on here than him, because apparently that matters to someone reading


Ive been reading Uzumaki It is pretty good so far! But the protagonist isnt exactly Also, havent found a single spider yet, and no sight of any spider

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

My Nintendo has some of the old Kid Icarus Uprising shorts available on the Also they have a coupon for about $10 off of Not bad!


My PS4 never has an issue with error code WS-37397-9 before until I brought Switch back home earlier this Coincidentally this error code is about connection issue AND/OR the account has been ban due to violated PSN term and Oh :D


Made three friends who had never seen pulp fiction before watch Easily distracted, but point is, Im doing Gods

Pixie The Fairy

Also, I found out skeleton horses are not welcome at

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Blaster Master Zero has a poster and soundtrack CD over at fangamer! I think Ill get that poster And the art for the soundtrack looks cool and I summon thee, @Retrofraction!

Pixie The Fairy

Cancelling an MMO subscription always feels tedious and Its like I have the remainder of my subscription period to see my kid and then SE has custody rights until I subscribe again late next To be fair, I had neglected her for


I can watch BotW videos and tell immediately who is playing with gyro enabled when they aim the bow, and who People without stop moving their character and cant do both at once, they have twitchy movements and often overshoot the target repeatedly

The Dyslexic Laywer

Tearaway is charming, beautiful game that uses the vita hardware in creative ways, I just wish it wasnt Boring!


Automata is The alcohol made this harder than needed, as expected, but in all it was a Last boss was great, More endings to go, more game to not exactly a bad


Hey what are some good bullet hell games on ps4? I need something bright and actiony to zen out a bit after a stressful


Im looking forward to playing through Kingdom Hearts One of my favorite series from the

Khalid Eternal Nigh

If you were to do a stream of a single player game then cut it up into lets play How would you handle repeated in game failure? Post all? Cut out some but risk losing continuity of the play through? Thinking about doing Doom 4 on

Khalid Eternal Nigh

I made this video for the song Modeling Theres a cool video for Look At This Face I posted it in my cblog about Handsome Boy Modeling It uses clips of the samples used in the Song had no video so I made 1 bump, promise)



Load of Bollocks

Sorry Ive been so absent from Dtoid is taking all of my Im in I cant stop until I beat this shit!


If younger me could see current me hed cry and Im so greatful for what and who I have in my its not what I was aiming And so, while I respect it The aspirations of young Alpha spark up sometimes and really make feel


Hey guys Im working on my steam memelight I need Let me know if you would vote yes if you saw this on the Also like editing critic would be helpful Thanks


Looking at Mario Run on the Play Store and its tag line is A game that you can play with one Wasnt that also in Bayonettas marketing somewhere?


I did a games journalism I managed to somehow talk about the Philippines in something I Though youll have to read my Cblog to find out how lol


Got round to watching the first two new samurai Jack episodes(After binging the whole So far its pretty damn good, Akus first scene was golden and his new VA is pretty damn Aku just really doesnt give a fuck anymore and I love


My Iphone broke so I finally upgraded to an Android In TOTALLY unrelated news; I have started Mother 3 Finally! After all these years, Im going to finish this dang


I wish Android had more bullet hell Danmaku Unlimited 2 was hella fun and has me convinced that bullet hell games are MADE for I recommend it, especially for 99 Danmaku Death is also a free boss rush That helped me git gud fast


When someone tells me anime is bad


Why hasnt anybody made a game thats like Smash Bros but with all indie characters? They keep doing these crossovers, yet somehow nobodys made a game like that yet and it seems obvious to


Theres only 6 weeks left until this semester is Its so close I can taste


#Anotherconfessiontoid I also sold Nioh to pay for Zelda for the switch

Barry Kelly

The effort the internet will go to just to mess with Shia LaBeouf is pretty


Mario Run seems worth it for Played 1-1 like 7x to get all 5 purple Then a second set of dramatically more difficult coins appeared as an option (and theres a third set too), and they have this for every level? Thats a fair bit of

Spiders For Sale

When someone tells me anime is bad


So in BotW, you can turn rafts into airships, ride bears into town, crush your foes with boulders and crates and cheat the puzzle system and get away with Yeah, I think this sums up my thoughts on the game pretty

Terry 309

FYI Im not giving up on Nier Automata but I am really pissed off that the game requires a GTX 770 to run, thats insane considering the fact that the PS4 version doesnt look half as good as any game which requires a 750TI (my

DeScruff Sypran

Can someone explain to me why Chromebooks still have 16GB of storage in 2017? Are you really not supposed to have *any* local files on these things?


Alcohol and Nier: Automatapeia, or as Im calling it, I never thought Id fall for a Platinum game like this, but I could get used to

Kaleido Ruby


Electric Reaper

What the hell is going on with mangahere? That site is applying some arbitrary filter to censor words that arent vulgar, along with certain number Did they get a meth addled easily triggered idiot to write the filter or something?

Kaleido Ruby

Super Mario Run just went up for


Instead of doing some leftover homework on my free day, I instead played a bunch of BloodBorne and continued collecting screenshots of Eternal Ring for the Time will tell if I made the right

The Dyslexic Laywer

Ive been on a Craiglist binge lately and I should stop, but how could I say no to a box of Amiibos for only $25?


Guess what Im doing immediately after BotW :O (cate in the background)


I know theres some salty bitches because erm ma gerdz guuurl but hot damn! As if I wasnt excited enough for it!


Its been such a long Venus must be in retrograde or some


Every place I tried just told me to go Kinda


Mass Effect Andromeda is some of the most fun Ive ever had with an average scoring Im absolutely in love