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Community Blogs

What is it with this game and drunk wizards misplacing their important shit all the time :p


I'm looking into board games for my 10-year old nephew, but I'm a bit overwhelmed, given the boom in the industry since I was growing up, and the awkward age. Anyone have any recommendations?


Marvel vs. Capcom is missing one all important element. BURST. It's time for them to fix it, all hands, many of them, on deck.


Uhhhh... I went to go work on my cblog for tomorrow and there is no UI. It's ALL html. I mean, I wouldn't mind an option to switch the view between HTML and normal, but UI makes it a lot easier. W/O UI blog will be delayed.


I feel like this is an adequate representation of the human condition.


I'm beginning to wonder if Castform actually exist in Sun and Moon. I've been doing SOS battles for hours now in a rainy route. I've found plenty of Goomy, no Castforms.


I just played 3 hours of Shantae: Half Genie Hero, and I liked it. Music is catchy, game looks gorgeous, and levels are fun. I'm glad I backed it.


It's weird to hear a real world song in a Final Fantasy game... but damn if Stand By Me doesn't elicit some feels after beating FFXV. Story was kind of underdeveloped, but the relationships were fleshed out really well I thought. A worthy entry.


I found an American animated series that has far more puns than RWBY, The Fairly Oddparents, or MLP. Sheesh, the puns.


Abe's narration in Oddworld = The kid's narration in Children of the Corn. Discuss.


Went to the movies with my bro and dad to see fantasstic beasts. It was an alright movie. The beginning was a slog to get through before something interesting happened.


I just finished Tri Force Heroes which means I've now beaten every single game in the Zelda timeline! I'm very happy right now.


Top 5 Most Wanted Christmas Gifts: 1. VA-11 HALL-A soundtrack 2. VA-11 HALL-A soundtrack 3. VA-11 HALL-A soundtrack 4. VA-11 HALL-A soundtrack 5. VA-11 HALL-A soundtrack


Oh hello level 26 Hater on floor one (and a level 27 on floor 2), nice day isn't it, so you want to kill me don't you... yeah that's what I thought..... fuck fuck fuck, run run run. Please Don't Kill Me Again!!!


The new DLC for Shadow Warrior 2 is rather difficult. There's lava that can kill you in a hurry, monsters to knock you off platforms, and Claws that often morph in Talons. I recommend starting with the Infusion Trial, then Purification, then Embedding.


Mentioned this in Iam16bit post. Anyone miss when Magic The Gathering sets would have artists that really were free to do TOTALLY different art styles? They vary them a little now, but in general each set feel more cohesive as a whole, less wild.


You know what, I've been here a while. Written a lot of stuff. Spoken to a lot of you a lot of times. Fuck it, Ask Me Anything. Edit: Now featuring answers!


So it was Killer Instinct (SNES), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters and Super Mario Kart on the multiplayer tonight. I'm having trouble remembering the last time I've enjoyed playing competitive like this. Also, crotch slams ftw.


Gotta go see an Ophthalmologist. Got new glasses and still getting slight astigmatism double vision, though improved. Optom couldn't fix it and thinks maybe due to lack of new glasses after 16 affected development and may be as good as it gets.


I know it's not Marvel or DC, but this series is so freaking good, and this trailer has me amped up for number 3.


I'm finally looking into getting Kirby Planet Robobobobobobot. I really like Kirby. I just didn't enjoy Triple Deluxe all that much, and it looks like Triple Deluxe 2. Yes or no?




For those who didnt see it, Meanderbot did this doodle of Sombra for me:

Electric Reaper

What is the difference between malware and a virus?

Spiders For Sale

Orphan of Kos death count: 21 - Best I did was getting him to a bit less than half Im not sure I have the patience and tolerance for


I have found the mission statement for Vadictas


Four years too late, but Im finally (re)starting Ni no Kuni! So far so Its gorgeous and I will miss speeding up battles, though, from other modern Happy Saturday, Dtoid!


Does anywone know how to remove and transport ladybug eggs without damaging them? for a


Theres not going to be physical edition of Shantae in Europe, right?


How to write well, actually, I dont really know any of you guys enough to accurately make this sort of statement, yeah, this is totally fucking I just wanted to fit in because everyone was fucking doing Is that so fucking wrong?


I dont know these people and I have no association with them but if you are looking to kill some time this seemingly nice couple is streaming That is


How to write a Overlord Zetta 1) Write over 5000 words 2) Look at blog 3) Write 5000 more words 4) Apologise for writing so many words 5) Make next blog twice as long

NukaAddict Frost

Tree is up, presents are wrapped and now we just wait for the magical night when Jesus breaks into our house to leave I love

Rad Party God

What could possibly go wrong?


Destructoid? Sounds good, sign me up! - the words of a sick fool dancing along the precipice of the grave


I forgot if I have posted this already at some point (I try not to repost stuff mostly), but I randomly started listening to it and so Im now randomly posting it!




If theres one thing Ive learned from NES Remix its that Mario is complete and utter And whoever made these challenges is a complete asshole who knew everyway Mario Bros is shit and just exploited Gaaaaaaah >:(


How to write a Robosquid step 1: step 2: blame it on a step 3: continue playing yokai watch 2 far longer than you

Terry 309

How to make a Shadeoflight blog: Preach about Monolithsoft games Preach about Gajknight Preach about Nintendo games Profit Ok Im done

Terry 309

How to make a Hypno Qpost: Talk shit about Talk more shit about Talk shit about Torchmans Profit

Terry 309

How to write A Mike Martin Type the word Cocks into google Copy the address on the weirdest image you can Paste the link of the image into a Profit


How to cause a mass extinction event using oxygen: Evolve the capability to photosynthesize and use water to produce oxygen, then reproduce so rapidly that you turn the planet into an oxygenic one as opposed to an anoxygenic one

Terry 309

How to write a Terry 309 comment:


How to write a Hypno blog: Be a pleasant person with fun


As a general rule it has been my observation that the west, meaning ostensibly the and Europe, was beginning to see a much better rate of distribution for collectors editions for AAA Japanese game releases, then this


HOW TO WRITE A GAJKNIGHT BLOG 1: dont write a blog

Terry 309

HOW TO WRITE A TERRY 309 BLOG: 1: Preach about Painkiller 2: Shit on all things that are not Painkiller (or Valkyrie Profile 2, F-Zero GX, Grandia 2 etc) 3: Ramble for hours on end about Painkiller, Valkyrie Profile 2 and F-Zero Profit!


To those playing Final Fantasy XV, can we just fucking appreciate how fucking hot Aranea fucking Highwind is? Like, god fucking damn, she is gorgeous as The only fucking thing that could make her even more fuckable is if she had fucking red


HOW TO WRITE A MORPHO BLOG 1: fuck shit, something edgy 2: ass bitch, something edgy 3: ??? 4: PROFIT!


Going through my girlfriends familys storage The first thing we find is a trunk with her sisters sex toys


Are you tired from this dumpster fire of a year that was 2016? Cant wait for 2017? Too bad! There wont be Instead, according to specialists, the next year will officially be 2016 - part


I finally got promoted to ultra bronze in sf Im starting to get better with my karin

Gundy The Original Top Nep

I feel like Aranea is basically just Better


I dont know if this happens to you guys but sometimes I feel fucking sick playing certain Not perverse, I mean literally fucking I get nausea and feel like I gotta I can play FFXV for hours, but not Dead Rising 4 for one? Fucking why?


Well, whaddya know? Harada still havent given up on


What? You want to ask questions? About ANYTHING? And demand answers? Well, see if I care,


Two hours into Titanfall 2s campaign: I really DO like Four hours into Titanfall 2s campaign: GotY discussion is


Having a fantastic Birthday so far, Got an NES mini, the whole Twilight Zone Box set, a few more amiibos for the collection, and best of all my family came for a For the first time I held my My how precious life


The new Community Interview is LIVE! Walls of text copied from chat apps are hell to format, Ah did mah Pour a coffee and go read about yer Thanks in advance for all your support, Community x


Paula That is


As I was about to get my first big stamp in Let it Die, something short-circuited and lights go I restart my PS4 and it happens again! God

Dangus Taargus

Yall playin FFXV, while Im just getting to chapter 5 in Dragon Quest IV (halfway point Im Best DQ yet!


chapter Im sure theres some magical story element at the end of it that most players might find redemptive but the sudden gameplay changes they crammed into this chapter Im


A Death Company Marine charges my regular tactical and takes only five turna (8 assault rounds) to kill him! Glory to the sons of Sanguinious, I


I just want to go home, paint my loyalist Death Guard and wargame Cold War brush wars forever


10 minutes into chapter 13 and Im convinced Im playing a different game They didnt seriously ok this did they?

Cory Arnold

I was going to do a front page article on the censored scene in Tales of Berseria, but decided against it for its spoiler-y nature, not wanting to spoil anything for Not sure if anyone else is going to pick it up, but just be warned


Starting chapter 13 if FFXV, seems to overwhelmingly be the most Havent atall heard anything bad about

Electric Reaper

Is this song rock n roll, or is it metal? I have difficulty telling the 2


For those, My tea and is a lot more salty to most other tea, what did you put in to it? Moments