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My new favourite insult.


On Saturday, it was the anniversary of the death of one the best singer songwriters, Elliott Smith. Such a great talent and a big loss. Ive been listening to this album all weekend.


Got the glamour I wanted for my Samurai in FFXIV. For those wondering how I got it, "Nano machines Son".


Traveller In Playtime – Haunting Ground

Haunting Ground (AKA Demento) is a survival horror game made by Capcom. It stars Fiona and her canine companion Hewie as they try to escape a variety of crazies in the grounds of Belli Castle. It was supposed to be the fifth Clock Towe...


Lots of great games out there right now BUT NONE OF THEM ARE SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY!!! HURRY UP AND GET HERE, FRIDAY!!!


A mushroom walks into a bar. The bartender says "I can't serve you here." Mushroom says "Why not? I'm a fungi."


Netflix added some new scripts to their website recently. If you're using NoScript, or similar add-ons, this might explain why certain features are missing or not working.


The joke is on YOU! I don’t want to be in COTW!


Capcom is doing an official character popularity poll. Seems like they want the input of their fans. The results could effect future seasons of SF V. Link is in the comments. The Art is by Yusuke Murata (One Punch Man)


So far the Fall Creators Update has been underwhelming, but besides a few minor changes, I've noticed a few games run... Better? Apparently, they've implemented a native "Borderless Windowed" mode, even if you set the game to fullscreen.


The Switch is switched on

The Nintendo Switch is running amok on the sales front. Here's a recap of some fun facts that have come to light in the past few months: → Two-thirds of September game hardware sales were comprised of Nintendo products (Switch, 3...


I got an email from Play Asia telling me that they miss me. I opened the email and saw an unexpected image that I will place in the comments for being a little risque.


Hey y'all, Perro here letting you know that Comments of the Week is up and ready! Now get over There! Also, I was born on this day some years ago so today is evidently my birthday!


Made a Splatoon Cover: https://soundcloud.com/blake-turner-29/a-splatoon-of-things


Last one before i sleep. Chariots are fucking bad ass!


31 Days - Day 23: Guardians

When I come up with songs for this series I try to vary the songs that I pick. I don’t always pick songs from horror games, or even songs that are conventionally creepy. Some of the songs I pick are on this list for what they rep...


I'm on my way to my first day at Staples. More of an orientation, but I'll try to make a first good impression. Here I go!


Overcoming Fear: Knowledge is Power

And Knowing is Half the Battle   Confession time: Despite how much I like to project strength, when it comes to games invoking a sense of fear, I’m a big wuss. Jumpscares make me seizure and lock up more than any flashing li...


They've finally announced then new companion(s) for the next season of Dr Who!. I'll post my thoughts and the link in the comments so as not to spoil anything for those who don't want to know but I will say it's an exciting changeup.


The Post-album depression I mentioned is pretty much gone. If you're looking for new music, might I recommend my new album Spectrum. You can grab it for free, no strings attached. It means a lot.


Some more bronze age bad asses, those damn sea people...




As a heads up, there are reports of a BestBuy getting Majoras Mask Link amiibo restocks, so if you missed out on the coolest of the three (with the best bonuses), you might have a

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Kevin Striker -> Ken Striker -> Kevin


The Gamecube adapter works on Switch now! Yooooooooooooo this bodes well for Smash and possible virtual console Going to test out the Wii U Pro controller as

Mike Sounders


Khalid Eternal Nigh

I think that we can all agree: Wario Land: Shake It! Is the best looking game Nintendo has ever


Hammer time!


I finished A Hat in If I can, in the future I will never use a keyboard for 3D platforms ever again, because it made a lot of those jumps I want a

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Glad my Wario blog getting good I was a bit worried it was going to be too long and people wouldnt be willing to slog through Its almost 1800

Silver Luso

Mental health is 👻👻👻👻👻

Rad Party Skellington

If DOOM 2016 wasnt fast enough for you, or for some reason, it wasnt arcadey enough, heck, if you were craving for MOAR sick jumping puzzles, I think this mod might scratch that itch for Move over Brutal DOOM, we have a new hot mod in town!


What if its all a lie?

King Kaiser

I recently found out that this exists: Tetris with Card Captor Sakura! Weird for sure, but Im really interested in this 90s




I just noticed NeoGAF is back So yay? Yeah I really have no opinion about it all besides the fact that this whole thing is


Drinking beer on my roof and watching the sun go down while listening to Dinah Its the little things in life my


Sometimes making games is okay I guess :)


Also some metal monday or Definitely my favorite band, and they have been for over a Crazy stuff

Pixie The Fairy

In Kabbalah, Shekinah means divine presence and Daath(or Daat) means Knowledge and all virtues of Kabbalah (known as sephiroits) are linked to Knowledge in the Tree of So theres your religious theme for SMT


Im glad that Twitter can keep me apprised of the latest ways to protect my future children from libtards

Czar Kazem

Every Criterion Blu-ray I own actually makes me physically stronger


I like how I only find out about KSs that interest me when theres almost no time left on the funding


I feel like Ive been mauled by Jesus

Mike Sounders

Dont have to worry about the weapon triangle if you overlevel :P

Eingon Spankgler

Ive been mooching the Perry Bible Fellowship comics because I always feel like their


Does it make me a bad person that Im not excited about Mario? I want to play it but I just started playing Persona 5 and I dont want to stop playing it for I also just bought an iPad Pro, and I want to see what porn looks like on the giant screen


Chapter 5 of my CYOA series is One more chapter to go after You can help decide how it all Thank you so much for all the support so I hope you enjoy bumped again

Electric Reaper

Dust: magic, power, and money all in one substance could just as easily describe the material in Endless Legend or in


Current status:

Kevin Mersereau

Life is so fucking surreal


The remix version of Thunder is a bit lighter, but still retains most of the originals heavier I like #musictoid | Imagine Dragons, - Thunder (remix)

Inquisitive Ravencaw

My Splatoon artbook came in! Its hardcover and EXTRA Ive never had a chance to play either game, but Im sure Ill love going through the art in

NeoTurbo Spook Cat Supreme

Jumping on the Evil Within 2 bandwagon! Me and a friend are about to get spooped!

Dangore Taarguts

TIL People will use a Morse code translator to understand a It was a good

100 Percent Human SrChurros that is Totally Not a Monster

Pokémon Silver: just fished a Corsola using the Super Rod for the first time ever! I always thought it was a neat Pokémon, so I swapped Quagsire for it, even if it is Now half my team is made of pink creatures (Miltank, Flaafy)


Got some stuff going on this week that will hopefully yield some interesting fruit, and then at weeks 2, and a half day on Hopefully this entire weeks a


I got Hulu for my She loves I now have also fallen in love with Hulu


oh boy ! this is good funk


BOTW Champion amiibo are up on BestBuy of anyone still wants to grab


Spooky Gaming Fact of the Day: Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead have an interesting Dead Rising has an achievement for killing 53,594 zombies, L4D has one for killing 53,595 and Dead Rising 2 has one for for killing


Who just yelled at my TV because I finally beat Yomi?! This guy!!! (Farming this guy must be more than half)

Michael Giff

The long bloody tale of Fei Long and me (Story in Comments)

Raiku Skeletonford

I just got on the Got to talk about my dog and how he loves to dress


Ive decided to take a break from gaming since my right hand started hurting on Saturday (probably tendinitis) after playing Luigis Mansion on No Big Im waiting for Thanksgiving to get here so I can get some VG

Gus TT Showbiz

I typically avoid conversations with They just drone


Some dudes made scene recreations of various Initial D car battles on Mount Akina and Irohazaka in the racing sim Assetta with mods) A small taste of a video (Subtitles included), and a touge etiquette guide on the

Rad Party Skellington

So Now that Odyssey is out in the wild in some places, does talking about whats inside the box counts as a spoiler?

Eingon Spankgler

At first I didnt believe evidenced by the pic on the right, she darn well does look like a

Terry 309

This is a PSA for all Console Gamers:

Mike Sounders

According to Gonintendo, mexico has now broken the street date for