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ICE forcibly removed an undocumented woman with a brain tumor from a Texas hospital. ICE is now definitely the fucking Gestapo.


Watching Xenoverse 2 footage has me a little more interested in the game. If the Switch port comes with the first one Bayonetta style, I'll bite on that version.


It turns out that someone has stolen my schtick, and I for one will not rest until this person has been found and brought to justice. I shall assemble the Defense Force.


Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta on Xbone today? Loopholer. Add me fam.


PSP arrived. Seems to have an issue, games will randomly ask if I want to quit them. I'm guessing the laser is loose Also have Jak and Daxter:TLF, Dissidia, Exit and MH Freedom (got the last for free!). Also ordered a few more, in comments.


I would gladly sacrifice you all to the Dark Gods for ten minutes of cuddling with Natalie Dormer #notsorry


Albion Online decided to finally end it's endless beta - launch announced for July 17th! (It's x-platform MMORPG for Windows, Mac, Linux & Android)


Club Penguin is shutting down next month and how does people want to spend their last days on this MMO? Getting banned from it as fast as possible. People are actually speedrunning their bans. Banrunning? The Current world record is 29 seconds.


Seeing all these American gamers get money off critically acclaimed games on PSN and us UK users get... An EA sale.


[Halfway done!] If you're in the US and still looking for a Neon Switch pre-order, please check out my raffle blog for a chance to buy my extra one at normal price:


Natalie Dormer/Mass Effect article reminded me of this photo I found a while back. Don't remember why it exists, so #contextoid


ALRIGHT FINE Sony, I relent. I'll buy Deus Ex and Inside. And here I thought after Nioh I wouldn't be spending money for some months...


For all I hate Sony and find them the most tediously mediocre of the 3 console folks, they've got a bunch of really creative guys who seemingly don't get to do much. Playing Gravity Rush on the Vita and it's just a delight, wish they'd do more like that.


Looks like Gravity Rush 2 is going to be getting DLC in the form of 2B's outfit for Kat. TMW fan art predicts the future.


There's an Ace Attorney sale on the 3DS eshop! $18 for Spirit of Justice, $12 for Dual Destinies, and $15 for the original trilogy. Not bad! I wish the DLC for the most recent games was on sale, too.


Everyone has their headphones on everywhere they walk. I decided to turn that on it's head and I wear a tiny portable speaker and blast my iPod(yes, iPOD old 16gb touch) like it's 1986. Sometimes people just need a little LL Cool J in their life.



Electric Reaper

Ted Nugent and Kid Rock are wholly unqualified to be US Also, Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow are doing a great job in the Senate for

Gus TT Showbiz

I love nachos with extra

Hypno Coffin

I think I might do a blog (like actually do it) about Nioh I think Im the only person on this site that had lukewarm reactions to


Odin Sphere Story Edition came! Its huge! 3DSXl for scale



Rico the Penguin

2 NG+ missions away from having done absolutely everything in Nioh (nearly got all the titles This was the most satisfying game to Platinum in ever Very good, highly Would buy sequel without


Short fighting scene!


Im thinking of putting up a wishlist on Amazon for all of my stolen Would anyone be willing to help?

Double Monocles

Finally, the gravity suit! Fuck you water!


I have literally been like this in every introduction/conversation starter on Discord servers,


Two weeks ago, I went back to Invisible to do the campaign with DLC and Daemon Code (Faust and Brimstone Finished it just now! Feeling exhausted but Just dont ask me to play a turn based game for the rest of the


You ever leave a beer in the freezer for too long, but you dont give a shit, so you drink it anyway and its a beer slushie, but you dont know how to cope with that


Google+ got my hopes up with having an old archived message act as though it was unread, and it looked as though a person Ive been trying to contact messaged me after 7 Turns out this wasnt the I fear the person may be D:


From grapple and finisher kills to headshotting soldier and defeating Never had a game made me exclaim BITCH! this Im having fun, my neighbors have probably guessed the

Electric Reaper

Oh golly, Shadow Warrior 2, I just LOVE to spawn into a mission and get attacked before the HUD even fucking loads!!!!! Whatever, heres a Bunny


Sick Character designs for alternate costumes!


Hey, there! I still plan to do a Lets Play for the Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta soon, but I wanted to upload this video of me playing Resident Evil 6s multiplayer real quick in the Thank you guys for watching, hope you guys enjoy it! <3


Yesterday they revealed the release info and such for the Rougue One blu-ray, dvd, digital, There are 3 different retailer exclusives (Target, Best Buy, Walmart), with Target being the best I Link in

Load of Bollocks

Game Grumps Live was My lady and I had excellent seats to see Danny and Arin take their pants It was a supremely fun and exciting night in the Couve!


Is deus ex mankind decided any good?


Queue times in DotA feel much shorter Maybe I just suck, and there are more people playing at my level

Bukkake Waffles

Sometimes, a game hits too close to home and just connects with you on a personal is one of those


CONFIRMED: Halo 6 is already better than Halo 5


Ive finally finished my 6400 odd christ, gonna see if I can cut it down a bit but I dont think I can do much more then I already have

Kaleido Ruby

Ah, they bring me a relic,

Jed Whitaker

I cant wait to play Urban Champion - No one ever


I have/have gotten so much writing to do/done for multiple sites the last 2 weeks (3 years?) mostly for little reward or I gotta start weighing it I think Im really gonna, its becoming a trap, as theres no goal in sight


Only 935 more hours until Persona 5 releases for us English Just thought you all should

Madoka Malika

Alright who is going to buy me


Whats your favorite candy bar?


Relaxing to a bit of acid jazz from DJ Krush while writing <3


#ThrowbackThursday to the time in my life where I first played this gem of a flash game <3

Electric Reaper

Despite all the kittens my cats (or my late grandmothers cats) have given birth to over the years, none of had a smokey colored kitten that made it to A smokey colored cat is my Holy

Amna Umen

Who the hell smiles for a strike photograph? My God!


Is anybody playing the Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta on PC? Im downloading it now if anybody wants to group up to shoot up some Mexicans or whatever you do in the


My friend is a fuck up and (long story short) needed me to help buy him a car part from The one I ordered was going to get here too late, so I had to find another one to to find out I cant cancel the first Why?


So, the NES Classic is back in stock huh? :p


Guess what Amazon has in stock? Hurry up and get it while you can! Link in



Hypno Coffin

Hey Qtoid! Ive been in the mood to check out some new music, so if you have the time, drop a link to a song by a band you really love in the Ill check out all of them and let you know what I think!


Dammit! I checked the emails a day late to find out that amazon was having a sale, save on any order over I could have bought Zelda for Wii U with free shipping and less Oh well

Chris Bradshaw

Wow, what a fucking twist: just got laid off! I blame my

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

It looks like the package of $10,000 worth of SNES games has been recovered:


Holy crap, The Pillars of Eternity 2 campaign looked like it was losing all momentum as it closed in on $3M and hovered there for days but now, in like a day, it shot up to over


My ex did not leave me with Except for


Nintendos done it The Switch has a built-in meme

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Are there any games you think are good games on their own but bad representations of their franchise? Thats kind of how I feel about The chars are unlikable but if they removed all attachment/comparing to franchise its a solid


Im not generally the best carry in Dota, but ive grew tired of constantly supporting so decided to play Ember Spirit Such a fun hero


I cant tell if Im infinitely amused at this or infinitely