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Gilgamesh from Episode Gladiolus would fit right in with dark souls.


I played KOF 98 on a Switch today. It felt like trying to play a fighting game with a frikkin' Kit-Kat. Cute though. Leona in my pocket :3


Finished the Ringed City. What wonderful experience the franchise has been.


I'm thinking of ways to fix Iron Fist, like making it a Colleen Wing show. Or having Danny prove his name on Episode 1.


We lost guys. Congress voted today. Our data will be up for sale with the highest bidder the second the document hits Trump's office.


I know Nintendo doesn't want to touch religion with a 10 foot pole, but you'd think realistically people would have formed some kind of messiah mythos around Link in the worlds of one of the Zelda games, given how infrequent he tends to arrive.


Listening to some old OCRemix tracks I downloaded back in 2005 and used to listen to a lot back then. Woof, it's like taking a time machine...


There's a lot of Trails of the Sky that gives me a Super Mario RPG-esque vibe. It has a nice classic RPG warmth to it, I find.


Managed to get a Switch. Besides Zelda, I'm thinking about what other games to get. Blaster Master? Some Neo Geo ports?


Ghost Recon Wildlands is on sale right now. It's 21 days old. This is sad.


Why's it so easy to fuck up, huh? It's not really fair, is it. After a few times they should have a mechanic which prevents it from happening again. Like a dog with 5 legs that comes down and says "boy you better not fuck up" so you're aware of the danger


Just had a very monster hunter-esque moment when a lady walked by me in the hallway and dropped a chunk of her hair. This senior citizen and I couldn't stop laughing for a minute after witnessing it.


You know, for all the shit I give Final Fantasy XV (don't get me wrong, it's good, but not perfect), I got to admit, the developers are damn dedicated to improving the game with free updates. BUT I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM FOR PATCHING THE ARANEA GLITCH.


This song itches every scratch I have. The rest of the CD is gold, too. How did I never know about...Chumbawamba? What.


Any impressions of the FF xv dlc? Mostly curious how long the expansion is for when I'm off.


They sure have taken that new Super Meat Boy game in an interesting direction.




Selfietoid contribution? Nah, Id rather you think of me as a cat than the stereotypical skinny, bespectacled, bearded nerd with a widows peak that I am ;)


#selfietoid “Dafuq is my coffee at?“-edition

Khalid Eternal Nigh

New avatar! The battle was fairly close, but splat Spunky won by one vote over sleeping


#selfietoid Sorry Im late with this but my face is tired from all the sanding

Robo Panda Z

After spending days troubleshooting Warhammer: Total War, I asked their official forums for Not only will they not help (theyll help those that havent tried), they actually deleted my comment bumping the post after a week of being

Rad Party God

Still slightly obsessed over Guild Wars 2 and man, Ive been taking quite a few nice I took this one from afar, because baby dinosaurs can hit really This one begs for a Jeff Goldblum


Such a big CARROT he has


Its a little known that fact that Custodes jetbikers use a lance that is based on an archeotech artifact known only as Your Moms Dildo


I love


Binged Parks and Rec recently (saw it for the first This was my favorite line of the whole

Pixie The Fairy

I dont know why Nier Automata is open world save for that its pretty and Yoko Taro has a very short attention span when it comes to


I was writing words about Dream Drop Distance, but they devolved into a string of repeated obscenities so I decided to The Kingdom Hearts franchise is such a roller coaster of quality it makes me physically ill thinking about

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Another Nioh Ive got one story mission left on the 6th Peaked behind the curtain enough to know there is an And, of course, side But Im so Im gonna have a drink to celebrate when Im


I really like NieR, ok?

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Gravity Falls is real and it will never

Pixie The Fairy

Through the looking glass, best Kira is

Nathan D

Itd be neat if more boss battles followed the concept of the Songstress from The first phase, at Each attack is unique and only used Its a little cooler than having a boss that politely telegraphs every attack for


A song that perfectly expresses Around the time of this song, a middle school girl had a big crush on This song now reminds of her and that Sadly, I was the shy #MusicToid | Blue October - Calling You

The Dyslexic Laywer

Bought myself a new blackberry


Ride tachankas all day!

Jed Whitaker

Came across this actual rant and not copy pasta but should be #SegaMega500


I think I never felt as much frustrated in my life as I am Unemployed (kind of like it, but need money), loads of free time, a truckload of creativity and will to create traped in my head but I cant do freaking NOTHING ALL DAY


Bought a drink today that supposedly had a twist off Wouldnt budge so I used my shirt to grip it and it ripped my Then I used a bottle opener and ended up slicing my finger on it trying to yank it Definitely not worth


I pretty often think of how much more modest a hobby video games would be for me without the Japanese Many things Nintendo, ATLUS, Soulsborne, RE4, A lot of the games that have been responsible for continuing my passion are from


I feel like Im ready to write half of my end-of-year list Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Am I even ready for the rest of this year? And I havent even played Zelda


In the chill of the night, at the scene of a At the speed of light he arrives just in tiiiime!


This might be the banner that makes me drop Fire Emblem Well

able to think

Theres now a $415 statue of Mara you can Unfortunately I cant afford it, otherwise Id totally have this in my living


I dont know if anyone has posted this yet but Its a thing thats Its amazing when one of the iconic enemies of your franchise is a giant dick Needless to say I need this epic cock in my game

Ein on Shrooms

either have something called a Spermatocele or testicular Had a hot tech grope my balls today for an ultrasound and will find out My thinks its a Im a bit of a its


Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of No porn of me exists, so therefore neither do Which means I could not have been speeding #flawlesslogic


Best Buy just posted that they will have a limited Switch supply up at noon tomorrow (dunno time zone) for those that can afford to get Good


Finished Mixed feelings about the final boss, especially the second phase of which made me angry (guess who had a major I think Ill write a blog about it, but Ill wait a week so it can sink in and its more level


I took a chance at reading some more of the comments on my recently frontpaged blog and Im surprised to see more and more positive I definitely feel pretty good now! I love this place!


My wife proves time and again that she can beat my Which makes it even hotter when Im putting it to A powerful woman being pleasured is such a turn


One of the problems with getting drunk is playing Usually you can hit a point where your playing is zen-like, but after that your motor skills go to Beat Episode 3 of The Walking Dead, but NieRs gonna be But damnit, Im gonna

Double Monocles

Im genuinely sad Nintendo is ditching Miiverse on the Its one of my favorite parts of the Wii U / 3DS and always brings a smile to my I hope they keep the servers running for a long time, I love browsing through all those crazy drawings


So Salt and Sanctuary came out for vita today-going for 18 dollars-and so far I likes A bit dark to start but other than that so far its pretty


SO you can now vote for my game on So please do Or

Mike Martin

Current Status:


For those interested in checking out the Kingdom Hearts series, definitely do consider the Kingdom Hearts collection that came out on PS4 today! It has all the games except the 3DS Running at 60fps in HD instead of 30fps!


No articles for Planescape: Torment Enhanced


Disqus has been doing more practice on its photoshop Needs more Also,


Betty or Veronica? I think Its not even


Didnt like my last picture so I nuked Hate those Heres a better look at the final




Someone reminded me that those glowing 1000 degree knife videos were being spammed on Youtube not too long I hate the person who reminded