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Community Blogs

Ask me anything! But dont ask me late to dinner! HA HA H A #AMA bumping this because i'm a whore for attention


#retrotunetoid Come for the majestic emotional roller coaster ride that is 'Time's Scar',stay to witness Kid's glowing smile and outstretched hand


I'm glad Reggie came out of retirement to show us a Nintendo 3DS with a space cover on it. Bomb shell unveiling...


Ok, kids are fed and settling in. AMA. Really, some whacky question, random stuff, whatwver. I'm in the mood for whatever your selling. #AMA that go bump in tuesday


We still doing this. #retrotunetoid The Zelda series houses some of the best and most iconic music in gaming's history. The Clock Town Theme has always been a favorite of mine. I love how it gets more tense as the days go by.


So I'm thinking of downloading an SNES emulator on my PS Vita. What games have aged the best and what should I download?


Loving Nuka World so far, after playing the main story as the second coming of Christ it feels great to finally be bad.


Chosen (2014) - Last week, our family cat Gizmo passed away. She was around 11 years old, and her death was sudden and unexpected. She will be missed greatly. We have another cat now (since last night) and I don't know how to feel about it.


Daily soundtrack: Gundam Build Fighters - Allied Force


Friend called me late last night, asking me to take his two kitties to the vet (time for the snip-snip). Woke up way too early, feeling sick, but the radio played this song, which got me feeling a little better. #earlymorningmusictoid


If anyone sees this picture, do not believe the lies. This is must be the work of an impostor! I would never do such a thing!


Oh man, Capcom teaming up those may as well be dead franchises (Breath of Fire 6 and Megaman).


House shopping. Went to see a beautifully updated home, built in 1850. As we were chatting and about to leave, we heard a very distinctive voice and footsteps in another room. The house was empty. Realtor was really spooked. We didn't make an offer.


Stayed up all night playing the Battlefield 1 beta. Thank God I don't have class until 3.


Primus did a whole album of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory covers. Thought I'd share that for those that didn't know. Also Cibo Matto has a great candy man cover.


What's up with Vortex Cubes? They're not cubes, there's no vortex around them. And what about airline peanuts?


I'm about 5 minutes away from this actually being me.


How I'm feeling right now because today is apparently "everybody be an enormous fucking cunt" day.




You guys clearly dont understand the beauty and simple elegance of a Weber charcoal grill, the best grill of them all!


Also all your waifus are shit there is only one true waifus and you are looking at her aka best waifu = lamp


So I keep getting upset at the ranking system in Pokken putting me against A5 and sometimes S5 ranked people in I look up the stats and I am in the top 1500 in the world and 337 in


Remember kids, a fap for goofier is saying that you say rise is best A fap for torch is saying that your girl is better than These are the lines in the


Oh shit Torchman and Goofier are having a Waifu War!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

We ALL know who the true best grill

Kaleido Ruby

Even ramen companies are doing a better job at marketing the Metroid franchise than

King Kaiser

So this is the beginning of Waifu War Its a good day to


George Foreman, pfssss, Blue Rhino is the best grill of all time!


Are we starting another WAIFU war? Oh Alright George foreman is best grill

a spider

Roses are red / violets are blue / shut the fuck up / about your stupid ass waifu


Time to do an AMA on Destructoid!

Hypno Coffin

My face when I leave for a few hours to go to class and while I was gone Torchman and Goofierbrute seem to have been trying to start a new waifu


Had this really great Tinder chat with this lady Seemed very interested to learn more about me Hey, so we had a good talk today, wanna go for coffee sometime? *match Sheesh lady, at least just tell me


My face when goofierbrute and Torchman keep talking about the best persona girl but nobody is mentioning Elizabeth


My face when GoofierBrute thinks Rise, someone beneath even Naoto, is best Persona


In the UPS truck on its way to my front door Just have to run through all 30 songs on Extreme, finish up the Nioh beta, finish up Federation Force, play the last dungeon in I am Setsuna, and start MHG then Im set for October!


My face when Torchman thinks Yukiko is best Persona girl:


Whats with all this #ama stuff? Did I miss a memo or something? I actually didnt plan on participating just wanted to know whats the deal with it but people asked questions and I answered What the fuck is wrong with me? Gif is still


Its my birthday today!! Look at what I received while I was at work this morning: (It should be safe for work in comments)


Im not willing to give up on #retrotunetoid yet!


The latest JonTron has got me in stitches!! He riffs on an Evengelical made flick about the dangers of Dungeons and I fucking lost it at the LARP His best episode in a long time!


Just got confirmation that my copy of Shadow Complex from Limited run games just Say what you will how about how big of an asshole Orson Scott Card is (He is a homophobic asshole) this game is one of the best metroidvanias Ive played


Im going for a walk in order to work out my tubby tummy and mantitting mantits to be sexyfit for While Im away, I I want an AMA Sick your stupid questions on to my body and I will answer them with See ya, cowboiz!


Oh my God this killed So many fallen heroes from this RIP, Please come (But I love everyone here, new and


I want to get in on this AMA gig, but lets save it for the weekend when I have the time to make silly drawings for Savvy?

Sr Churros

Game idea I had while showering a while ago: a Nuzlocke-ish Roguelike Pokémon Limited healing and capture items, no way to revive, if you lose your whole team you go back to the start, randomly generated regions and species


Posted a new blog with a new episode of a new Check


Alright nerds, whats your favorite Power Rangers(Not Sentai) series and why? Mine is Ninja storm because Has a Samoan lead which means so much to The theme song is pretty awesome and is my 2nd favorite overall!


Was out shopping, saw two scene They looked hot, and the best part was they both were AT LEAST a foot taller than I actually felt confident enough to step up to But I didnt because who would take an unemployed 24 year old seriously? :(

Jinx 01

I think my next blog will be about the lack of empathy in the wider gaming community Getting kinda sick of


Ive got some severe health issues to deal with and wont be around for a Enjoy your ZombZ-free Dtoid while it


Phantasmagoria for a buck!!! FMV gorefest supreme! A true gem in

Luca Blight

Im off work and got I got some free time so

Chris Bradshaw

Is Retro City Rampage DX showing up as free on the Playstation Store for anyone else?




Just had my blood pressure measured following that dreadful anchovy episode sodium 115/80 mm Hg and a heart rate of 60 Thank the Lord I didnt succumb to that distasteful meal, and good thing I switched to a more palatable




Alot of good looking games about to go on sale on the Enter The Gungeon, Invisible Inc, Dont Starve, Videoball, Stick It To The Definitely picking up Enter The


While it still happens in the c-blogs I recall a time when a lot of these went up all around the same Now we have the Q-TOID Well Ill give it a shot this time Ask away if you

Jinx 01

I seem to have missed most of the AMA fun, but feel free to ask me Though Im not sure what anyone would actually care to




This sign is posted above the toilet at the Panera by my


Wellll Ive tried to give Tales of the Abyss 3DS a chance again, but it just cant hook Too much confusing exposition and some shaky Cool characters (even Luke) and a good combat system, but the world loses Oh well!


Replacing heart with fart will never stop being

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

In an unprecedented miracle, I finally have some money in and will be getting a new hard drive! The only thing is, there are two I can get that both seem good, but one is I know next to nothing about hardware, so Im not sure which is


I was so hyped up about my new car that I barely slept last Im feeling exhausted and I need a


The best way for a knight to fight a


Dont let me create characters

King Kaiser

Fire Emblem Fates has a dedicated shipping This game is GOTY for sure!