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The doctor couldn't transfer the organs because he didn't have the guts to do it. (TGIF everyone!)


Wooooooo Dark Souls!! Current boss order: Asylum Demon 0 Taurus Demon 0 Bell Gargoyles 1 Moonlight Butterfly 1 ...yeah, the Butterfly killed me once. It kept using magic needles and those are hard for me to dodge.


Anyone need an antique Egg of the King?


Apparently not a single store in my town has Soulcalibur VI. And my copy will arrive only by the end of the month. Really bummed about it.


Have no clue what I'm doing for Halloween this year, and that's probably the scariest part. Think I'm gonna go with a skanky werewolf/vampire thing


I was gonna get Soul Calibur 6 today but then I found out that DMC4SE is on sale for $7.50 on PSN. Looks like my terrible custom fighters will have to wait a bit longer.


An epilepsy warning before the Youtube video. An epilepsy warning before playing the mod. The lead devoleper of GZDoom being an ass on the forums. The forum topic getting locked. I think we've hit peak controversy for a Doom mod. Video in the comments.


I don't want to set the world on fire. I just want to start a flame in your butt.


Finally got a hold of some green paints, and assault on black reach models. For Orktober :P


I know I shouldn't watch these but DOSE WEATHER EFFECTS DOE


Just a reminder to you all.


My pal who has only played Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 its feeling awfully prepared for KH3. "Why should i play all those other handheld games and collections? mainline only baby!" Yeah, he's such an innocent man :)


Got RDR2 paid off and ready to be picked up next week. Usually don't preorder, but I have next weekend off after working 4 weekends in a row. AAAND I picked up some goodies while I was at the store. Great day!


My wife is sick. I guess the constant stress of debt and life in general has finally beaten her down. She very well may in line for another surgery this year or early next year. Can't afford it though. Can't help but cry right now, not ashamed to admit it


gonna have a blast playing battlerite Arena today, anyone still playing the game ?


#Confessiontoid I caved and bought Soul Calibur VI and the Tira DLC. I am part of the problem and you are all given permission to shame me.


It's just over 2 weeks away from Extra Life's game day! So far me and GM are signed up for team destructoid, and I know at least Neronium is streaming for it too. If anyone is interested in joining,streaming or even just curious, feel free to let me know!


Dark Souls is awesome! I think I'm set for the rest of the year, at least until Smash comes out. I don't forsee myself needing or even wanting anything else this yea...


Related languages are sometimes strange. Estonian "maasika" means the strawberry ("mansikka" in Finnish), but in Finnish "maa" means "ground" and "sika" means "pig". Finnish "maasika" is no groundhog, though, but the aardvark.


Holy crap, this week was murder. My body just gave up today and gave me a giant headache to enjoy on the way home. And I still have stuff to do during the weekend. I'm gonna need good a dose of God Hand to recover. #CatGirlFriday






Back on my bullshit. Happy Friday.


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Saturn REVIEWS REPORT: 80 - 71

In their top 100 Saturn games, Retro Sanctuary, like the previous 20 games, is not exactly brimming with quality. Apart from the excellent Rayman, the 10 games from number 80 to number 71 are mostly sports games that are both graphical...

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What I love about Anime NYC and what I don't!

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Hallowe'en Retrospective: Gargoyle's Quest

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Halloween films hidden in the shadows waiting to be seen.

So I wanted to write something about Halloween films. I've wanted to do so for a while and recommend a selection of some films that are a little different for people looking for something lesser known to watch this Halloween. A 2008 ...

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Doctor Who Spoiler Space-"The Ghost Monument"

Last week I wrote my first recap/review/whatever of Doctor Who. It's my great pleasure to bring you another one! Full spoilers are below. Again, the primary purpose of this series of blogs is to creat a space in which we can talk...

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Cblogs of 10/7 to 10/13/2018 + Waluigi Sucks

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Traveller In Playtime - American Mcgee's Alice

American Mcgee's Alice is a horror action-adventure title developed by Rogue Entertainment and published by EA on PC in 2000. It was also bundled with it's sequel on 360 and PS3 in 2011. The game is a sequel to the original Alice stori...

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Commission: Website Creation

Hello everyone,I have been a lurker for nearly 2 years of membership here; I wanted to see what this place was like. So far, I see a lot of wonderful ideas in production so I would love to help.I am creating my commission system and I ...

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Game Start 10

The tenth game development post, can you believe it? Two months shy of a full year. It's been a crazy time for me this year, especially so these past few months. Recently, a house move took most of my time away from doing anything out...

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Halloween CYOA - Chapter 2

This is a Choose your Own Adventure type story. I'm writing it chapter by chapter, and I'm doing it all in a couple of days. As such, these are going to be very rough and not super well written, so please keep that in mind. Also I don'...

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Call to arms! Streaming for Nov. 3rd, Extra Life 2018 Game Day!

Hey guys, NeoTurbo here! Ever hear of Extra Life? It's a charity group where you can stream games and earn money for childrens hospitals. I first found out about it last year, and brought it up to some of the mods. We managed to get s...

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Art Commissions are open!.

Hey everyone, as a lot of you know I've been studying art for quite a while now and I've decided to open myself up for commissions, here's my pricing list if you're interested!. £10 $13 €11 Sketches £25 $33 €28...

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My Thoughts on Venom *Spoilers*

  Now, I didn’t expect Venom to be exactly like the comics and I don’t think it would have been fair of me to do so seeing that comic book characters often have different versions of their origins, but I did expect a w...

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Gaming Guide to buying 4k TVs

Don't Honestly, this is probably the worst time to be investing into 4K. Only the most top of the line processors and Graphic Processing Units can scratch what 4K has to offer and most of them are failing to provide fully 60fps experie...

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My life in the haunted house. Xeo's true ghost story.

I lived a large portion of my life in a haunted house. It's the simple. I grew up trying to be a skeptic, but the house made it difficult on several occasions. We moved into the house around the time I was in second grade, and it was a...

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Little Gem - Zombie Night Terror

Last month Humble Bundle gave me Zombie Night Terror, a game from 2016. The first impression just from the screenshots was not great, black and white, pixelated, though I love the retro looks being from that generation it jus...