On NE: EmuParadise has removed its entire library of retro game ROMs and ISOs

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Diablo 3 for Switch leaked! Link in comments.


Are you dtoiders in BC doing ok? Because the smoke here in Edmonton is bad enough that it looks foggy out. I can't imagine what it's like for you guys there.


I wish Hollow Knight had an easy mode so I could buy it.


Death's mom in Darksiders 2 has jiggle physics. Given her name, I should have expected that.


Ran into this randomly today. Slightly #NSFW so watch at your own discretion.


Just upgraded our internet from 20mb broadband to 200mb fibre. Where has this been all my life? Best part: It's cheaper too. Now I can watch bufferless cat videos all day long.


Shame The Darkness has no PC version. I'd like to replay it.


It all makes sense now! Filip is an Echo Fighter for IGN. This is just a viral marketing campaign for Smash Ultimate!


Deep fried, sugary question of the day: what is your least favorite aspect/feature/thing of your favorite game(s)?


Wow people are still mad at Dunkey over his non-serious "review" of Octopath?


go in the damn robot


The production on this is fantastic - love the subtle things here and there. Chill song, chill vibes and smooth R&B vocals. #musictoid | Anthony Russo - I Jusswon


I've been looking to expand my horizons a bit and get out the house more. Try new things, meet new people (possibly find a ladyfriend). So here's a question for all of ya: what do you guys do besides work and videogames? Bookclub, sports, cosplay; what?


A very popular song translated to Aramaic and then back to English. Guess what it is :) Happy Wednesday!


Someone meshed the K. Rool trailer with the new music on the smash site (better than GameXplain did, with no intro or outro) and I can't stop.


Watched attack on Titan when it first came out and I just now finished the 2nd season. Man that ending has me pumped for the third season.


Random question of the random time interval: Have you ever played a game you feel "eh" or "okay" with mostly because you really enjoyed being able to play as a certain character?


I'm organizing another Destructoid Draws, this time themed around video games white whales! Show us depictions of these struggles. You have a month to show me what you've got! Details in comments. (I can't believe I fucked up sharing settings twice)


Woke up at 5 in the morning because my damn smoke alarm decided its battery was low.


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Footsies: The Game of Fighting Game Fundamentals

In fighting games, there are fundamentals that every player had to use, such as whiff punishment, spacing, and more. Many fighting game players have used fundamentals to their advantage as their key to victory in games such as Street ...

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Game Start 8

Well, well, well. What an exciting turn of events that I had happen to me immediately following my last post. I said I had taken the week off to unwind and de-stress. But in the last few days of that week, I had the worst experience I...

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Review: Some Minigames I Chose at Random

There's lots of video games. There's lots of games within those games. These nebulous items have perplexed gamers for years. "What do we call them?" one gamer asked long ago. "I don't know, they are so mysterious" retorted another game...

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RPGs vs SRPGs - What Are Some Key Differences?

I had a question that came up following my post on Final Fantasy Tactics last week. A reader asked for more clarification on the differences between RPGs and SPRGs. Here goes! (BTW, I’m only going into detail on the aspects of R...

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I'm not "presenting" like a horny panda so please, stop trying to fuck my ass !

Sometimes i do it to myself, i do and thats just why it hurts..i'll ignore all reviews and advice and go buy a game thats been more slagged off than your mum after the works christmas party. This month i threw caution to the wind and went a...

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Saturn REVIEWS: Soviet Strike

The Strike series is a product of its time. An entire game based on a single premise, that of a lone helicopter pilot raining hell on his enemies. Other than predicting the infatuation of Western developers with military settings, the ...

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Traveller In Playtime – Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix is the director's cut version of an action JRPG released shortly after its original 2002 debut. It was later touched up and released on PS3 in 2013 and on PS4 in 2017. The story centers around a boy named Sora,...

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Comments of the Week 62: All Aboard The Smash Hype Train

Hi everybody! It's-a me, GoofierBrute, here with a brand new edition of Comment of the Week. Before we start, I just have some stuff to get off my chest first. I've been holding it in for awhile, but I need to get it out of the way be...

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Phoenix Game On Expo 2018

So my producer friend got me a free ticket to the Game On Expo taking place in the Phoenix Convention Center. It was an event that I was initially interested in going to because of games… But I am also between jobs so getting a ...

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Game art + videos for action, side-scroller, robot, indie game: Occultus Command

Hey everybody, I figured I should indicate that this is art for an indie game on the title, I guess last time people thought it was from other games and were disappointed.  Here are some videos showing the work in progress, no so...

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Console Command - Famicom Disk System

The Nintendo Entertainment System was a landmark console in North America. It revitalized a faltering marketplace following the video game crash of 1983, and it created the console ecosystem that we enjoy today. Without out it, the ind...

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Top 5 Greatest Controllers of All Time

Last month, Youtuber MetalJesusRocks, uploaded a video called “Top 5 Greatest Game Controllers of All-Time”. While I respect his opinion, I couldn’t help but feel that he could have made some better choices. Sure, thi...

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Alright, time to come clean with you guys... I've been working for Square Enix's animation department and had been assigned to work on Kingdom Hearts 3. But then they let me go because I ate Tetsuya Nomura's sandwich left in the commun...

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Battlefield 5: Fans speculate about another alpha phase!

Electronic Arts has updated the alpha page of Battlefield 5 at Origin. Now fans are speculating whether EA and DICE will start another alpha phase soon. The Open Beta has already been confirmed for the beginning of September. A recent...

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Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Review (3DS)

Sigh... What happened Nintendo? When did you turn into EA? A remake with DLC that costs more than the actual game? A ridiculous amount of character classes as DLC? Why does it feel like the game is still incomplete? What the hell happe...

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Why you shouldn't use SAM

   On my Steam journey, from the point when I created my first account to the point I'm now with almost 300 games, decent friends and some badges I used, let's say not so legal methods to "make Steam better" or so I thought b...

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FOV: E3 2018

So no Sopa box this week I wanted to take a look at E3 2018 with a bit more nuance and look at some of the good and bad things in my opinion that I saw from E3 2018. Yes I get E3 has long past but with so much in one go and so much co...

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Bass' tales from the East

If you're reading this on a phone, your data cap has been busted! So, as you probably know, I went on a trip across Asia in the past three weeks. And by trip across Asia, I mean a trip to Japan and Hong Kong and nowhere else. The trip ...

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Cblogs of 7/29 to 8/4/2018 + Octopath Makeover-isms

When Octopath Traveler unveiled its “HD 16bit graphics”, many people thought it would be an excellen style to remake Final Fantasy VI in. It would be glorious, and a much easier (and probably better) endeavor than remaking...

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23 Quick Switch Indie Game Reviews

Like many of you I've been using my Switch quite a lot. Especially for indie games. Between the portability and that glorious dpad on the Pro controller I see no reason not to grab every indie that interests me on Switch if available ...

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Why NBA 2K Needs to Focus on Quality Gameplay Instead of Money

For the last two NBA 2K basketball games, we as a community have seen a serious lack of effort in the game play provided. The excitement of multiple online servers to play online with a custom, well worked for character has taken a ser...

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Penny, oh! Penny!!!

I’m no “Gamer” or geek so watch your tongue. If you mouth off I’ll just have to get my buddy Tom to zap you good. I’ve been playing this Hogwarts Mystery Game. I have a Ravenclaw boy, yes his name is Ian.....

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Toy Factor

One thing from the 90s that we no longer see on the back of video game boxes - something that I can't help but miss because of how endearing it was - is a feature list of moves a character can do. I bet most of you have noticed it at ...

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Octopath is a Deep RPG Mechanically, and so can you

So I have started to get into chapter 3 for everyone, and I realized that there is a lot that I really like about the mechanics of the game.  Some of the story is take it or leave it, some of the voice actors are take (Hannit) or ...

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A warchief handles conflict, a militant creates it

(For sure Warcraft spoilers below. Enter at your own risk!) War of the Thorns. Everyone thinks they could have written it better. I'm no exception to that rule. Although I don't have a talented bone in my body, it doesn't stop me from ...

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My First D&D Experience

Recently, a couple of friends and I had finally decided to sit down and try out some D&D. We’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time, and heading into our 20s seemed like a “better late than never” tim...

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Attempting to craft an emotional experience with Rainswept

For some reason, I haven't been able to add a profile bio after joining Destructoid, so I'll start with a bit of intro here. I'm Armaan, and I love story driven games (as is obvious from my previous post!) In fact, I'm one of those wei...

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Knights of Light: A historical RPG set in the Middle East

Hey guys I saw this new game on YouTube  Does it worth it or has any potential at all ? Tell me your thoughts https://youtu.be/zjZ2cLULoUw astropay astropay astropay

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Band of Bloggers: The Romantic Summer of Dragon's Dogma

Greetings my fellow Dtoiders, gather round the fire and let me spin ya a yarn of this month's Band of Bloggers sponsored by Boxman214, the theme centering on which game we fell in love with over a summer, my choice of game being Dragon...

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Deus Ex is why conspiracy theories like QAnon and Pizzagate are so attractive

In the darkest, murkiest corners of the web (Reddit, 4chan) a network of conspiracies was created which is bubbling to the surface, attaining mainstream media attention.  You may be hearing bits and pieces about QAnon, the most re...

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"Fortnite: Battle Royale Turned my Son into a Cat"

All seemed utterly well and fine, wholesome and good, in the sky-blue bedroom of Timothy Sherbert, aged 9, as he blissfully imbibed hours upon gleeful hours of the latest craze in videographic computergames, Fortnite: Battle Royale, on...

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Band of Bloggers: Dead or Alive 2, and the passion of a summer romance

Howdy! I'm writing this in response to the Band of Bloggers prompt. You can read this, if you want. I promise to be gentle. If it's your first time, we can just snuggle. I am nothing if not a gentleman. If you want to leave, that's coo...

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Band of Bloggers-August Edition

The summer after my Junior Year of High School, one my best friends was headed off to spend the whole summer working as a river guide at a boy scout camp. Right before he left he said, "I hope you find yourself some summer lovin'." I ...

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Shog's July Gaming Journal

July has come and gone which is great because I’ve been sick and tired of summer since around March. There have been a few relatively big releases this past month which I would love to talk about but which I haven’t picked ...

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Book of the Month - The Dark Portal

My arm is back to 100(ish) percent and so THE BOOK OF THE MONTH IS BACK! Yay? This month’s book is this first entry in a trilogy I read a long time ago when I was still in middle school. It’s not a terribly long read, and ...

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Destructoid x Japanator: What anime is the community watching for summer 2018?

Summer's line up is starting to really heat up. On top of the anime bingo card meme that's been spreading fairly popularly, and internal staff chat on anime and the binge log, I thought it'd be a good opportunity to ask the (primarily...

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Band of Bloggers: When Robots Make You Sad

Robots come in a variety of stories. A lot of popular stories will put robots in the antagonist's role, as a supreme threat, like the Terminator or Sigma. Sometimes the antogonist robots are simply following their programming to kill a...

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Reviewing Games I’ve Never Played: StarTropics

StarTropics (NES)Release Date: Dec 01 1990Price: @$50 If The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy had an ugly baby, this would be it.Some goofy looking kid in a denim jacket named Mike finds himself of an Island and probably has to save ...