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I swear I'm the worst at finishing games. I've yet to beat Death of the Outsider, Hollow Knight, Super Mario 64 AND Prey, even though I'm a significant portion through all of them. Ugh.


RNG + Treasure chests in FF12 has me quite angry. I just want techniks, and I don't want to re load a zone 20 times to try and get them


I keep finding excuses to put off playing The Red Strings Club.


Shopaholics never die, they just sale away.


Help a sister out guys. I'm almost set to launch my Etsy shop. I still don't have a name for it. I'm wanting to open March 1st.


Here's a little more Overwatch from me! Just like with RE5, though, I'll probably stop sharing these particular videos from me at this point. Don't wanna inundate you all with everything I post. Anywho, I continue having fun editing these, especially!


Today on this most auspicious of holidays, we must all remember one thing...


To make Bayonetta doable on breaks at work, katanas make her less naked.


Those were the good old days, weren't they?


Finally got around to beating AM2R and I'm seriously impressed. It's better than Samus Returns by a long shot and easily one of the best games in the series. Play it if you haven't!


I still think my idea for Wreck it Ralph 2 is better than what they seem to currently be going for. Having a second Fix it Felix Jr machine where the Ralph in that one enjoys being bad. Just a thought...


Ever wondered how Shadow made Infinite rethink his entire life? Here's your answer.


So guys, I gotta tell you some great news!!! Your girl WON A PLUSHIE COCK!!! I'm so excited. 馃槉


I鈥檓 ready to go home, but my work computer decided to perform a mandatory security update.


Looks like the work weeks going to be a light one this week. I also have Hellblade which I'll try to start and I may try to keep cracking at MHW. Overall I'm not feelin too bad today, and I'm hopeful its a good week. Praise Nixon on this glorious day.


Started playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in honor of Presidents Day. 5 years old and this game is still amazing. It's no wonder Platinum has built up such an awesome reputation.


I searched for "bayonetta switch special edition" on Amazon and found this on the 1st page of results. Is there something I should know about this game?


Gotta love the gym's showers this time of the year, they're either freezing cold or boiling hot.


It might be President Day in the states, but here in Canada it's Family Day! Go celebrate your family! Hug your parents! Chill with your siblings! Or at least give em a phone call!


Ostensibly, today is President's day. (Time and space are both a mystery to me, but my calendar says it is, so whatevs) Related, here is the President of my heart:


... I beat Darkbeast Paarl on the second try? What the fuck? Also the visceral attacks were doing like a third of his health, that was nuts.


21 degrees and snowing. Perfect weather for a run to the gym!


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Comments of the Week 39: Post Hoc, Ergo, Propter Hoc

A Cold Cold Man Winter is almost over here and thank God, for I do not know how much longer I cam bare this cold (I say as those in Scotland, Canada, Greenland, Sweden etc. all laugh heartily).  Though the weather may be stereoty...

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Terrible Tactics: Fortnite

  Alright listen up. I’m ViceProphet, also known as CthulhuGotHisGun on PSN. I’m a bit of a Fortnite expert since I downloaded it three days ago. Over my long tenure as a professional expert, I’ve picked up a fe...

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The Heel Turn: Maniac Mario

Grandparents and public television pastors were right. Slipknot turns any god fearing, good old American boy into a sexed-out, murderous, drug-addled monster. Anyone is suceptable to the powers of the devil's music, and with the birth ...

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Traveller In Playtime - Matterfall

Matterfall is a sidescrolling arcadey platformer released by Housemarque on the PS4 in 2017. It's centered around the destruction (and implied cleanup) of a whole pack of robots gone haywire. Sci-Fi Presentation & Excuse Plot Matt...

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Falling Back Into Things

With every new gimmicky fast food creation, I find myself flocking to the drive thru. I enjoy each new thing they realize they can replace with fried chicken. Though everything from those places tastes like the same thing: Rome before the...

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The Eternal Backlog - Ep 06 - SEASON 1 FINALE - Adeus 2017, and rot in hell

  Goodbye shitty year, and welcome possibly eve more shittier new year! Ok, last year was freaking shitty, current one seems like is going to give 2017 a run for its money. The funny thing is that while the world seem to get prog...

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Thoughts on my Backlog

There are too many games to count on my backlog for me to be considering another one. Right now I have Battleborn sitting in my PSN cart, and I might just pull the trigger despite my better judgement. I know I'm not the only one with ...

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Heel-Turn: Kingdom Hearts

The Kingdom Hearts series has so many heel-turns that it was hard to pick one to focus on for this blog. The series is long and a little confusing with a lot of twists and turns that provide ample opportunity for characters to abruptly...

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More Proof That Poker Is Game of Skill Emerges

The longstanding debate over whether poker is a game of skill or chance has witnessed several twists and turns, with statistical experts, players and casual observers offering a broad array of insights and opinions.   This week, t...

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Game Development: Heading into Early Access on Steam

Welcome to the weekly Zazmo Arcade UpdateBeen a lot of action at the Time Foundation and we have the videos to prove it.First off, Early AccessWe did a bit of thinking about this one. The Zazmo Arcade has been getting some really good ...

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Cblogs of 2/9/17&2/16/18+Warcrack

Warframe sure is good. I know I've already talked about this to some degree before but after playing even more of it I'm pretty hooked. I recently even tossed more money at it for some of the premium currency which brings the grand to...

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Retro review: Can of Worms (Livewire, 1986)

I decided to start reviewing old 1980s games I have in my collection, games most of you really have never heard of. Good or bad, no matter. This is, in a way, a continuation of OkändOnsdag, except now I'm focusing on a single game...

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Rico's thoughts on Mental Health

Alright, so I had started this conversation in the comments section of qposts. But I feel like this requires a bit more time and nuance than that. There are a few things you need to know about me and the goal of this cblog before we ca...

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Top 10 GENESIS Games:

Now that I completed my Genesis Reviews series (playing around 33 Genesis games), it’s time to make a top 10 list of all the Genesis games. In my opinion, any console with 10 must play games is worth owning. That number of great ...

Rabite avatar

Thoughts on Secret of Mana remake (PS4)

Things I enjoy about the game so far: No limit of 4 of each item. Thank god. Can now collect up to 12 of the same item. Music can be switched between classic and rearranged. Running doesn't completely reset your charge bar. Charging you...

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The Silent Wonder of Monster Hunter World's Multiplayer

I've made well over a dozen friends while playing Monster Hunter World. I haven't spoken a single word to any of them.    Maybe "friend" is a bit of a stretch but there's no doubting that I have made so many fun and unique e...

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Secret of Mana (PS4 Remake) First Impressions!

[EDIT: I cannot for the life of me get this thing to format correctly with proper spacing and breaks for my paragraphs, so please bear with me...] _____________________________________________________________________________________________...

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Capturing the Moment Part 1: The Story of the Dazzle DVC 100

I figured I should start blogging at some point and one idea I floated around Quick Posts was a blogging series on video capture devices. My reasoning behind this was that I have been doing video game content on YouTube for almost six ...

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Book of the Month - Not Quite the Classics

Bumping this mid-month to make it easier to find. Time for yet another installment of Destructoid’s Unofficial Book of the Month. It’s been quite the experience for me thus far and I hope for all of you who have supported ...

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Gallerytoid Episode 1: Limbo and Introduction

Hey folks, I'm here with my latest blog about-NOPE, GOT YA ITS A PODCAST YOU FUCKERS!!!! Thats right, after endless hinting and ruminations on doing just a podcast its finally come together. I had been considering doing a podcast for ...

Oculin avatar

Final Fantasy XI: The Lost Town of Sel Phiner

Exploring unused content that doesn't make it into a final game might be my favorite time sink on the internet. Over the years, I've spent many late nights on websites like The Cutting Room Floor and Unseen 64 digging through the disc...

mullon avatar

The Time Resident Evil 0 Helped Me Write a Paper

In the 11th grade I was in some sort of creative writing class. My high school up until the 11th grade had not been stellar, though I did manage to get accepted into college, but this class was different. It was easier for some reason,...

Osc avatar

Game Start v2

Previously on Dragon B my last blog post, I had talked about wanting to develop my own game. Well, can't do that without actually knowing how to use the tools needed to make one. I'm talking about the engine - the platform that will a...

SCAssassin avatar

[Splatoon 2] Off the Hook LIVE at Niconico Tokaigi 2018

Another year, another hologram concert debut. With special guests, Off the Hook performs live in Japan during Niconico Tokaigi 2018 after the Splatoon 2 Koshien Kanto Regional Finals have completed.

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Hello All, I could really use some help finding a list of skate 3 tricks for my 6 year old son.  I am hoping to find a .pdf that i can print and keep in the living room for him to look at so he doesnt have to keep popping in and o...

EnigmaticRanger avatar

Doing Away with Breadcrumbs: In Defense of Tweaking the Quest Arrow

As gamers, we often don't notice the industry standards developers have laid out for us. When features such as regenerating health or check-points become integrated in most contemporary video game design, it can sometimes be hard to by...

Furrybearpanda avatar

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

A game without DLC is like a woman without a pair of breasts, It was supposed to be attached but for some reason, it's not.   Folks Let me take you back in time, A time if you googled 'Kevin Spacey and 14-year-...

Dwavenhobble avatar

[NSFW] The Grumble worst games of 2017 awards

It's that time again to hand out the other awards. The awards for which even if a game wins it just makes it a bigger loser. This is the awards where everyone loses even you reading this because you're likely some-one who loves gaming...

Alphadeus avatar

New Community Music Album Released - Songs for Gamers DLC Pack 03

Hello, everyone. Alphadeus here with another album release in the Songs for Gamers series. For those who do not know, I reach out to many members of the Destructoid community and ask them if they want a song. They give me a song title ...

Jesse Lab avatar

Greetings one and all!

Salutations and good morrow readers! I'm Jesse, one of the new writers over on Flixist, popping over to introduce myself to you studly and sexy readers. I'm the new Features writer over on the site, so it's my job to write about a whol...

Virtua Kazama avatar

Thoughts on the EVO 2018 Lineup

Another year, another EVO 2018 lineup announcement! This year, Mr. Wizard has announced the following eight games that will be at EVO this year. Out of these eight games, there are one 3D fighter, two 2D fighters, two Smash games, and...

EvilCoGames avatar

Behind the scenes of TERRORHYTM (TRRT)

Hi, everybody! We are still working on the #TERRORHYTHM characters' animation. Now the main character has a deadly katana! Shreds enemies quickly, easily and sharp! Check it up! Game Steam page:

D-Volt avatar

The Unknowable Question: A Short Story

If this journal has made its way into your hands then it is too late for me. What is contained within these pages is meant for the mind of no man, yet I could not keep myself from recording the events which led to my demise. Do not rea...

Cryptic Shinobi avatar

How to Play as: Mortal Kombat 3 - Liu Kang

Today guys, I have studied Mortal Kombat 2 and 3 so decided to make Cblogs for the moves and techniques. I chose MK 3 because people seem to play it more. Also, heads up to Jetfandam for inspiring me to get better at these guides!...

Goemar avatar

Favourite Games I played in 2017

Well it's Feburary - so I've probably missed whatever 'hype' there is for these lists but, ah well... So, here are my top 11 (because 11 is a more awesome number than 10) favourite games (not best) I played in 2017. I've attempted to t...