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Current Judgement status:


For a show/movie that is techinaly live action this looks quiet neat visually. I wouldn't expect much out of its story but it looks like a fun watch maybe. Seems like a very good use of a low budget to make something that still looks pretty nice.


I mean, okay, now I kinda understand the whole Little Mermaid controversy deal a bit.


Soul Hackers getting a quality of life update in November. Stuff like sprinting, speed up in battle, easier Skil inheriting, adjusted enemy amounts, and more demons to recruit.


Everyone should watch this for Spooky Season. The final act is one of my favorite things ever. Also google Cathode Cinema TV. Streaming site with all kinds of deep cuts. They do an evening/night block with a theme and there are some absolute gems.


I've been linked a survey regarding the future of legacy of kain, will link it in the comments (it looks legit)


*Grabs popcorn*


My dad was a serial killer and had a great 'stache. :P No joke though, I'd sport these (if only to creep strangers out and they stay away from me ;) ) Have a great day!


I watched LotR 1 & 2 while flying. I had time for 3, but not the willpower. The feeling after the journey is kind of the same of after the vacation. This is what life normally is? Not fantastic restaurants, vistas, and strangers? Just Excel and groceries


Chromatic Fates is one of my favorite tarot decks. The folks behind that collaborated with Wyrmwood Gaming for a more Halloween-themed series called The Corrupted Tarot. It opts to depict reversals rather darkly. This is Strength by Xia Hunt.


How am I just learning about this game? This looks fucking wild.


Feel like there should be certain costumes in Bayonetta 3 and Nier Automata on Switch this month. Just because. Three Platinum releases in one month!


Oh hey Witch is out today, but more importantly happy 50th anniversary to the literally genre defining Mazinger Z.


New Gundam has a Revolutionary Girl Utena sort of Set up. Unexpected, but hey let's do it!


God of War 4 defeated! The game was so good I'm ready to forgive it for not being named that due to marketing cowardice. I have minor misgivings with the loot, but damn if this thing wasn't fully featured and more. Kinda tempted by Ragnarok now.


Current status Update: Game complete!


Playing Prodeus and I have no idea what happening, but I'm telling my kids this is Doom 3. Well, I don't have kids. I'll tell my niblings.


"Qat" should be banned from Scrabble. And how the Hell is "goblin" a word but not "orc"?


Persona 4 discourse happening on Twitter again. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I'm not looking forward to reliving the late 2000s/early 2010s discourse when the ports come out. In other news, new Gundam is gaaaaay. In a good way.


And the super stacked anime season begins. Loss track of dates so was a happy surprise to get a SpyxFamily and Witch from Mercury episode. Loved both. I think I'm in love with Gundam Aerial.


Decided to polish up an old cover of mine I did of Weezer's "Buddy Holly" in the vocal stylings of Zakk Wylde. Commish'd Inquisitive for the thumbnail and I could not be happier with it haha.


Randomly downloaded PUBG mobile and I’m kind of hooked. The combination of touch screen and gyro controls make it pretty fun, and I’ve already won a few matches. Im aware I’m pretty late to the battle royale craze lmao


Allegedly Horizon Zero Dawn is getting a remake...can we all agree THIS one is unnecessary?


I definitely never finished Duke 3D on N64. Pretty sure we just used cheats to beat the final boss. Well a couple decades later and I've finished the PC version + Ep 4. Do I do the 3 add-ons? And should I bother with World Tour for Ep 5? I don't own it.


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