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You all recommend DQ Builders? Need something to while away a lot of hours.


Right, I’ve heard there’s some stupidly expensive hdmi converter for the GameCube BUT as far as I know the Wii plays every NGC game and can use a component cable - so what’s the point?


Oh hey! I've done 3 hours of progress in Majora's Mask! I'm close to getting the Mirror Shield! Let's check the wiki on how to obtain this thing the Gibdo is asking for *reaches for the phone, accidentally presses F12 and closes emulator*


A kid who used to live in our house just had a package delivered to it. I went to find him on social media, and find out from his pictures he’s a Nazi sympathizer and Trump supporter. I don’t even want to give him his stupid fucking package now.


I've used Destructoid for years but I've only really been active in the community for just over a year or so. Thanks for putting up with me and happy birthday to Destructoid. Here's to many more!


Nate Garro and the grind towards victory!


Robot Wars has been axed :(


Decided I can't buy so many damn Limited Run Games anymore. My backlog haunts me.


Just completed DMC1. It was damn good, albeit with a lot of flaws (Annoying camera angles, some really unfair mooks even for my DMC standards, disappointing final boss fights, not enough humor), but I had a ton of fun and would replay it again soon.


Happy 12th birthday you old bastard!


I'll try to write a blog about the project #babytoid this weekend. So far we used part of the money to get a backpack for baby stuff and some cute as heck cloth diapers. Once again, thanks a lot! I can't be thankfull enough :D


Happy birthday 🅱️estructoid, here's to another 12 years of mayhem!


Here is episode 17 of my comic strip GUMFIELD. I think everyone here has been in this predicament at least once in their life.


Does anyone here own the Bloodborne: Complete Edition on their PS4 digitally? Does it show up listed as the complete edition? Or is it just Bloodborne? I want that version if it's different, but it's currently cheaper to get it as standalone plus DLC.


I finally got around to watching Gotham by Gaslight. It's good, especially the animation, but the voice actor playing Bruce needed to emote more. He's as stoic and monotone as modern Lara Croft. And that really drags the movie down.


Trying to get the good ending for Hollow Knight and I'm quickly falling out of love with this game. Someone liked Dark Souls a little too much, and Super Meat Boy a little too much. This has been an exercise in reading guides, backtracking, and buzzsaws.


Tharja's appearance in Warriors was shown off at a Fire Emblem event in Japan this weekend apparently. Supposedly she's a Robin clone, which is very disappointing.


Ruby Rose found the Necronomicon! She is now best RWBY girl. Also, HAHA, suck it, Cinder Fall!


Ya know what I really wished? That SFV had some sort of free trial. I wanted to see if it clicked before wasting any money on it.


Oh fan-fucking-tastic! My PS4 controller decided to crap out on me for no discernible reason. Now I gotta drop money on a new one. Would sure have been nice for it to last longer, considering my PS1 controller still works.


Just bought my tickets for Avengers! Anyone else going opening night?


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Beating Nostalgia: When New is better - Pt 2

I think more so than in any other medium nostalgia is the most powerful in videogames. Sure, you can enjoy old movies from when you were a kid (even if you know they are bad) and listening to old songs will bring back memories (songs, ...

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Saturn REVIEWS: Bug!

Sega obviously rushed the release of the Saturn. Hearing about Sony's upcoming console, they wanted to be first in the scene to try and imitate their early console advantage of the 16bit era. Maybe that is why they didn't have their bi...

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Into the Breach is making me feel like a genius

    My history with strategy games is spotty, I'll often jump in for a few hours, get in the groove of things and then hit a gridded brick wall, hard. So frequently these games will give me too many systems to track and I wo...

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12 years of Destructoid, roughly 7 years of Seymour

Now that I have your undying, unfiltered love and attention, allow us to discuss something far more important than passing flattery: A celebration of not just you and/or I, but all us here at Destructoid. Namely, well, the very site i...

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I'm Still Not Buying Limited Run Games Anymore (but I Still Love the Company!)

I made a video about Limited Run Games a month ago. I’d like to make a better one. That’s what this is (hopefully it’s better).

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Super Smash Bros for Switch! Shoggy Speculation

Super Smash Bros! That is, Super Smash Brothers if you want to talk about the Nintendo 64  original or, Smash Wii U for that specific one or Smash 3DS if you want to talk about the one everybody abruptly stopped playing after afte...

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Cblog recaps from March 1, 8 and 15. Life, lateness and libraries.

Hey guys, and welcome once again to the Thursday recap! In case you were wondering where I've been with these, I just started working through Alberta Job Corps, so I've been pretty tired from that after not working for like, 2 y...

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Is Kingdom Come Racist ...From a man with a tan.

Before I dive into the muck that can sometimes be the Internet , I want to first share some facts with you my dear reader. Most importantly, this is my first blog so hooray for me and boohoo for you as you try to hopefully make sense o...

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Gamefly, why do you hate me?

So I've been a member of Gamefly for exactly 3 years today! But they must really not like me. Why, you ask? Well, I have it to play through as many JRPGs as I can. With a combination of work schedule as well as Narcolepsy, its nice to h...

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Reflections on Rukus

The Obama-era queer kids are a different make and model from the Bush-era ones. That’s the excuse I like to give myself when I try and measure up to the folks a few years younger. They’ve a certain hope and confidence that I can’t hel...

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Square Enix Elite Final Fantasy XV Alternative Time Report (Tekken 7 x Noctis)

Square Enix hosted their live Final Fantasy XV Alternative Time Report today broadcasted on NicoNico. The program’s overview was to commemorate the release of Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. ...

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Which monsters are the community hoping to see again in Monster Hunter World?

So we finally got a look at Deviljho and a date for the first major content update to the little series that could, Monster Hunter World. Even though Deviljho is a brute wyvern, and I suspected they'd slim down on effot by borrowing A...

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Demos, Loading Screens & Why the Yakuza Series Install Screens Are Awesome

Oh come on, just finish already! So here's a silly idea for a blog, it's been something I've been contemplating for some time now but I wasn't sure whether it would be worth writing about. But after having listened and scoured through...

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Gallerytoid Episode 3: A new co-host and fun with recording hiccups

In this episode a new challenger approaches, under the name of Dinosir. He also edited this episode which you'll come to understand the relevance of as you listen to it. I'll apologize as we ran into some audio hiccups and it took some...

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Game Start v3

Welcome to the third installment of my video game making journey! Where I write my progress and thoughts during my trials and tribulations of game development. Oh, nice! I spelt tribulations right. Anyways, last time I had started goi...

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Comments of the Week 42: Don't get me wrong I love you

What does that mean I have to leave a comment? Hello my little heartless, FakePlasticTree back to give you a recap of some of the best content, insights or laughs you guys have contributed the prior week. I've been re-playing Kingdom ...

SaiTatter avatar

"Darwin Project" the game that everyone was waiting for

Last weekend I had so much fun playing Darwin Project. I started “playing” it when it was in open beta, but I didn’t have the time to play a match. Still the devs let us testers keep it for free and I’m proud of...

CheeseVillain avatar

TERA Online in Console?!

Hello everyone!  Last March 09, 2018  TERA Online launched it's Open Beta for Console (PS4 and Xbox One). The server is open for all during the Open Beta period  which is until March 11,2018. A lot of people tested the consol...

darrenhupke avatar

Cross-Platform Play - A Further Look For The Short Sighted

Cross-platform play. Quite the hot topic these days. A lot of gamers want to blame Sony for not allowing them to play with their friends and being greedy. Just look at Epic Games. They are ready to go with Fortnite. It's impending mob...

Kerrik52 avatar

Traveller In Playtime - Nayuta no Kiseki

Nayuta no Kiseki is an action RPG with platforming elements made by Falcom for the PSP in 2012. The story revolves around the adventures of Nayuta and his friends after a portal to another world opens. Nayuta's Bumbling Adventure At t...

TowerHaunt avatar

Super Mario Cereal

The rare Super Mario Cereal, while it might not be rare to you where you are, it is for me. So here I am, slapping my grubby hands into sugary bliss after traveling across the entire kingdom to get my hands on it. The box art looks honestl...

EricWeichhart avatar

High Demand at EGLX: US' Visitors Want Canadian Citizenship

Toronto recently had their biggest gaming event with EGLX, celebrated from March 9th to 11th. After many visitors started to leave their homes, a new demand appeared from nowhere: several wanted to stay in the country. This has proved...

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2018.03.11 Zazmo Weekly Update - Programming and Tunes

Hello and welcome back to the latest Zazmo Arcade Pack update!Game testing and tuning continueWe have a few new things to drop in your lap this week. We are working on the achievements for the game and have an art set for the high scor...

Dwavenhobble avatar

Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate - It's pretty damn good.

So having previously watched Ghost Recon Wildlands: War Within The Cartel I didn't have high hopes for this short film. Coming from Asylum Entertainment, not to be confused with The Asylum (Makers of the Sharknado films), I didn't thi...

occultuscmd avatar

Game Art, gameplay video, and screenshots.

Not sure what happened, I tried blogging this last night and for some reason it didn't show up. Either way, I have a few days off work (regular 9-5) so here is some art.  The picture on the top will be for one of the game over sc...

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PStoid Episode 82: Texan From England

Welcome to another episode of PStoid! This time we talk about graphics cards, console life cycles, and Manny's terrible accent. Archive Podomatic  twitter facebook youtube

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The Melancholy Beauty of Dark Souls

Please note: The following article contains spoilers for the first Dark Souls. Although I’d argue that having the game explained to you by someone who’s played it more than you is part of the core Dark Souls experience, if ...

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Casual & Biased Video Game Movie Review - Tomb Raider (2018) [SPOILER REVIEW]

"Cue the more memorable version of the trailer song" Even though Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) was a mess, it's still a glorious, entertaining mess. With Angelina Jolie being a nuttier Lara Croft (as she was back then in real-life), s...

Flegma avatar

Retro Look: Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Konami, 1985) on MSX

"1-2-Kung-fubar!" I decided to start reviewing old 1980s games I have in my collection, games most of you really have never heard of. Good or bad, no matter. This is, in a way, a continuation of OkändOnsdag, except now I'm focusin...

JBlaze avatar

These are the games that I am playing now, how about you?

These are the games that I am currently playing now, with more emphasis on mobile and handhelds (since I only get a chance to play on my console during the weekends  DATE: March 8 2018  PS4: Dragonball Fighter Z and Persona 5...

Chris Hovermale avatar

Super Mario Retrospective: Welcome new Galaxy

You know that you’re my superstar Mario rocketed himself to fame so quickly, yet he only seems to gain more and more momentum with each year. We’re used to his stellar performances, and he still manages to one-up himself and wo...

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taterChili - A NVGR Recipe Blog

taterChili 5 servings   Veggie base 1 onion (yellow or white) 2 fresh peppers (jalepeno, serrano, habenero.  Go nuts) 4-6 cloves garlic Pad of butter / olive oil   Spice Paste Chicken stock - no salt added 3 tablespoons ...

Slatan Slatanek avatar

Shadow of the Jank - a review

So, I'm just off finishing the Shadow of the Colossus HD, yes the one for PS3. While other folks are bathing in clear waters of 60fps fluidness, covering themselves with a snow white foam of 4K visual goodness, I'm still...

Zordan avatar

Heel Turn: Not So Superman

I might be a little late to the most recent Blogger's Wanted assignment all about the best character heel turns, but I figured I'd post it all the same. So here goes... I never liked Superman. I always felt he was too... good. Superman...