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I'll probably be putting up my updated Commission Prices here soon. Money's not catastrophically-tight, but a lot of upcoming expenses will certainly get me there! My art style's been changing up a bit lately, but I can still do the older style. BUMP!


Thank you, Gustavo, for this masterpiece (the whole score is a masterpiece, really, but this song has earned a place in my heart 馃挌)


Can anyone explain to me why it's so socially acceptable to... Essentially brag about speeding? "Oh remember that time so and so drove and we were gripping the seats the whole time?" "Yeah lol that was wild." It's gross and I dislike it.


Happy 1st of whatever the hell this is!


Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate it!


Virtua Fighter Month is BACK once again! Here's a lineup for the blogs that I'll be putting out on D-Toid!


A few feet in front of you, to your left you spot something that immediately lifts your spirit immensely: right next to a desk that is almost entirely buried under trash there is a big window. The first one you鈥檝e seen in this place. And it is open!


So, @Flanx , here's December again, I promised to check how you doing, after that qpost last year. Tell us, how's life treating you?


I offer you all this! (Don't lose it. I had to fight some pompous guy in a chariot and his pet horse or whatever to get it)


I reviewed Solar Ash and had to pick from like 80 screengrabs I took. So easy to take a lovely picture.


Wait, this PS Plus version of Godfall is basically a demo? I hate to break it to ya Gearbox, but anyone who was going to pay money for that game has already done so


Piles of torn books, furniture, boxes, crates and various broken jars with unidentifiable substances pouring out of them, staining the wooden floor. Most prominently perhaps, though: gears, screws; metal and wooden automaton parts - their cradle?




So, finally catching up on Daredevil season 3 for reasons... Heard nothing but good things, which is a relief after how Defenders single handedly killed all my interest in the Netflix Marvel shows.


Secret santa names were auto drawn last night! A PSA if you joined late and a couple other reminders in the comments!


Won by my last bullet on what should have been my last breath.


Sidenote: I started watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure last night and I'm surprised how much I'm actually into it.


Was able to snag an Xbox Series X. I already bought a cooling tower that doubles as a controller charger too. What other accessories should I pick up for it?


You hold the lamp in front of you to be able to see what it is that is piling up everywhere in the big room but, even so it is difficult to clearly make out. Right in front of the door is a huge pile of trash, explaining why it was so difficult to open it


Bro, once again, my crew at work humbled me. Had a falling out with a person i thought was solid and despite his best efforts the crew told him where to stick it and thqt they recognize a real one. Sad about Debo but happy af they know whats up 馃挴


Got to see The French Dispatch in the cinema today and I really enjoyed it. Though it felt like Wes Anderson was trying too hard to be Wes Anderson. Worth watching but The Life Acquatic or Moonrise Kingdom it is not. Great return to the cinema though!


I probably shouldn't have but I figured if I finish HZD relatively soonish I should have something new and exciting in the pipeline so Psychonauts 2 has been GOT! There's always that last minute Steam sale game! Convince me I did the right thing.


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Designed and directed by a previous Capcom visionary, Tomba! was meant to be a unique game that defies description. While ostensibly being an Action-Platformer, it also included several RPG and Adventure game elements that it is closer...

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20+ years of ScummVm loving. Thanks for all the adventures.

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I helped make a SUDA51 t-shirt for charity!

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[UPDATE 11/6/2021]: Big update to the mod pack with numerous improvements! - File size cut in half by removing now-redundant mods. - 7th Heaven mod manager no longer requires running an installer and is standalone. - Ninostyle chibi mo...

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Extra Life 2021 Part 2: Final Fantasy 8

Where: twitch.tv/taterchimp https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participantID=451643 When:  Nov 6th, 10 AM CST (maybe) until I can’t take it no more What:  Final Fantasy 8 HD Remak...

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I finally beat Persona 5 Royal! Here are my thoughts!

I did it. After about a little under a year I finally beat Persona 5 Royal, and wow what a journey it was! With a few nights/sessions leaving the game on all of the time and pretty much every single Memento done, my time clocks in...

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Review: A Boy And His Blob

Being a platformer fan since I gave the Super Mario games a chance, to be in the lookout for good old games within this genre can deliver some surprises. Such is the case with A Boy And His Blob. Now this game doesn't try to reinvent ...