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I really, really, really want these. They're hard af to find in a 14 though, and not to mention $$$ Anyways, my Globe Chet IV's are tore up, and need replacing. #Shoetoid


I'm still convinced most of the games on the Eshop are fake.


Been watching this since I played the flash version on Newgrounds years ago. I'm looking forward to it.


I love shoe. I need more shoes but here is my shoetoid. I really enjoyed @plissken's entry. Been wearing them for about 2 months now


I only wear boots. Have since college with rare exception. Even after I stopped primarily manual labor and became an office man, boots all day.


-Playing boardgames- Me: fucks over gf. Her: ”I don’t like you anymore”. Me: ”but I’m fucking you”. Her: ”yeah, but it’s non-consensual”. I fucking died 😂😂😂


Everything I remembered about Baten Kaitos is still true today. The only thing I remembered was that it was dope.


Do you think the director told Wesley Snipes to pretend this guy is taxes?


I love the crust of pizza (no tomatoes or cheese, so it wins the center part by default), so I want to learn to make a good pizza without any toppings or sauce (beyond maybe some seasoned oil spread over the middle). Does this already have its own name?


I've reworked my qpost from yesterday into a #shoetoid. White Fila shoes. Got them 30% off. Win.


So it has been a couple months since I've wandered over to romhacking.net and Holy Crab Apple's there is an English patch for Metal Max 3!?! Time to break out the 3DS :)


I ate breakfast poutine for lunch today. Today is a good day.


#shoetoid? #socktoid? I rarely ever wear either. I HATE wearing shoes and socks if I can help it. Which is probably why my feet are like leather and my one toes is smashed and gnarled looking. #fuckshoes. I may be a dwarf, but I have halfling feet.


Hey quick question for you guys. Anyone know if Death Road to Canada can be played with a controller that lacks analogs, ie a Hori Fightpad? I want to play it w the Lady. Sounds fun.


New Jordan's arrived yesterday just in time for #shoetoid. Inspired by early 90s designs and I love 'em.


These exist and are on sale for $21 on Amazon.


Heads up that physical copies of Nioh 2 and Dreams are $20 on Amazon and Death Stranding is $18 at Best Buy right now. Good games!


Holy shit. New Felt album (Felt 4 U) is out today. Physical is preorder, but comes with full album download. Fucking hype. Cant wait.


I don't think I was processing what exactly they meant when they said that Xbox Game Pass and xCloud are going to merge and be available on mobile devices. My internet is nowhere near good enough to handle this but I can see some value in it.


I'll take eight!!!


I wish I could find high quality stills of the art from the ink animations in Ghost of Tsushima. Omg, I want them printed and hanging on my wall. Absolutely gorgeous work, but I can't find them anywhere.


Anyone here play Go? I used to play alot about a decade ago, but life and children happened. Board gaming has me craving getting back into Go and Chess. It's on tabletop simulator and there are lots of free browser clients. I'd love someone to play with.


This is kinda weird...why is there a #shoetoid and #socktoid at all if Wes and Chris requires us all to send them feet pics twice a month?


It's kind of shocking of much of Blasphemous' atmosphere is elevated by having actual Spanish voice overs, so much so that this is my new preferred way of playing the game from here on out. Also lots of new environmental details and a USEFUL map system!


Some interesting additions to today's Suicide Squad game news.


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