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That's Blade Runner (Westwood, 1997) finished (again). Maybe 7-8 hours this time, had to resort to a walkthrough twice today. Not sure if a cblog would add anything new to the topic.


The live action of Animorphs looks weird.


Y'all rock so hard. Seriously. Love you all more than this gif.


Linktober 10-11. Not a fan of how Medli & Makar came out, Medli's face looks kinda creepy and it's hard to draw Makar's face without him looking like he's in the middle of having a vietnam flashback.


That logo screams ex Kojima Productions. I like it.


t-shirts in China are kinda edgy


Me: "Romance paths in video games are always so shallow and pointless. I'm not even going to bother." *Plays one in game day of Stardew Valley* Me: "I must dedicate my life to this angelic being"


So 2 different USPS locations/facilities ate my Gamefly mail game returns (the first one still hasnt been recieved yet) and now I dont know what to do aside from call and listen to them not give a shit about my problem. yay....


Enjoy a nice COTW during your lunch break.


Hahaha, you cannot match my schtoyle


Video games, we need to talk. I'm really tired today, so I'm going to Anime's house in order to ferment my brain a tad and relax. I still like the thing we have going on, so I hope you understand. XOXO P.S. Send nudes.


Seems like you play Granddad Baker in the End of Zoe DLC in RE 7 to save her. (There's a trailer too but it's a little bit spoilery)


In case any of you good people missed this on the front page, this trailer is just incredible to me


Played Fortnite for a bit with the buddies over the weekend. That game is clunky as heck, and needs a whole lot of polishing, but loads of fun when you got your friends with you.


This color. Sorry I'm just in love over here.


DOOM on Switch November 10th!


You know, I never understood the appeal of sim racers. I played the beta for Gran Turismo Sport over 2 days and never quite got into it. However, the soundtrack was stellar as always. The songs by Daiki Kasho were some of the standouts.


Storm knocked out my power at home for like 20 hours. Luckily it came on in time for me to have a shower before work.


Monday’s suck. If you find yourself struggling for motivation at the start of the week, just know that I love you and believe in you. I’m also watching you. Right now. Don’t turn around! Just embrace that feeling...


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Cblogs of 10/15/17, 10/14/17 & 10/08/17 - Videogames - Great Political Machine

Recently controversy brewed. Okay, I am going to have to be more precise, sorry for that jab. Controversy brewed when the Wolfenstein Twitter account posted a Tweet that read:   The insinuation is that this is a very blunt polit...

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Game & Drink Pairings for the Discerning to Degenerate Gamer

A couple weeks ago, I posted a blog for the first time since taking a hiatus. I'm not going to rehash this, but if you want to know why I was out, you may read about here. As with most of blogs, my wife likes to read the...

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Comments of the Week 21: Drunken Robot

Beep-Burp Hello again! It's time for your mandatory Comments of the Week session where everyone is required to spend time with me, Gmana. Yes, it's really me this time. I had to redo my office a little bit after someone trashed it and...

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Tone Deaf: Crypt of the Necrodancer

Hello, and welcome to Tone Deaf! Today, I've got a real "treat" for you. Ya know, like "trick or treat?" Being that we are in the month of October, I wanted to keep the Halloween (Day of the Dead) theme. Which brings me to the game of...

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31 Days - Day 16: Welcome to camp

Hello everyone and welcome to day 16 of 31 Days. Today’s Song is: Slayaway Camp: Dampe’s Diary (If you can’t hear it or the name slips past you this song is actually reminiscent of the underground caves in the N64 Ze...

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I Am Not Good At Writing Consistently Anymore (A Vent Post)

I have a lot to say and I need to get it out of my head.  I have a lot of plans for what I want to do with my account on this website. I want to post blogs and have awesome talks with the community and have this be where it was mo...

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RE: "Who is Kate Reis"?

Kate Reis is me.     I'm a new writer, brought on as an intern for Destructoid.My interest in gaming started when I was probably 3 or so, watching my older brother, and I continue to do that today - the same answer everyone...

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Danganronpa V3's entertainment industry commentary.

Warning: Do not read this blog if you are interested in playing a Danganronpa game down the line. This blog has spoilers for the entire series up to V3's ending. True Bass fans will remember a Cblog Recap I wrote last year about the dy...

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Game Development: Boss 101 Promo Price, Release Trailer, Fun Times for all!

Hello all and welcome back to the Boss 101 update and COUNTDOWN to our November 2nd 2017 ship date!Can you believe we are talking about shipping Boss 101? It’s been nearly three and a half FREAKING YEARS! WIZOW! So much to talk a...

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Let's write a book pt.2

Yo dtoid it's your boi, Xx1337sn1p3r420Xx bringing you a gameplay commentary. Today we're on Highrise and I'm rockin' an intervention with slight of hand, stopping power and last stand... Lame jokes aside; Here are the names of those ...

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Destructoid CYOA Chapter 4

Quick Notes: This is a Choose Your Own Adventure type story. To full understand this story you will need to read the previous chapters. You can find them here: Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 2.5   Chapter 3   ...

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TOME RPG: Making the Risk of Failure Engaging In Narratives

Welcome, Brave Warrior From Another Dimension   Disclaimer: I’ve been a fan of Christopher Niosi, AKA Kirbopher, ever since his days of Flash animations on Newgrounds. I enjoy listening to his Kirblogs. I get excited every t...

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From Software First Person Retrospective [Part 10: Shadow Tower Abyss 2/2]

When we left off last time, I was betrayed. Severly. Amends must be payed. In blood. And Cune. As you can probably guess, killing this guy on first meeting is the profitable option. You don't pay any Cune and Rurufon gets you a Soul P...

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Look Behind You

T'was a macabre night and all manner of villainy was afoot. Bah, feck writing like a spaz. Imma talk with my own words. Another cold Friday on my way to work and it was pretty chilly outside. It was a clear morning otherwise. I didn't rea...

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What are some of your favorite horror settings?

I'd recently, finally gotten started on Bloodborne. I remember people describing it as a suffeciently creepy despite being focused around RPG elements and combat. But creeping slowly around Cathedral Ward, wary of things going bump in...

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Our last father-son project: Benchmarking my first gaming PC

It's not often that I share personal stories about my life. But as some of you already know, the past month-and-a-half has been very tough. Yet despite how awful these past weeks have been, there were also times when we could create so...

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Gorescript - Stairs, Floors and The Great Outdoors

In this video we go over a few more advanced topics: Stairs are adjacent sectors with increasing or decreasing floor heights. The floor height difference between stairs should be no more than 4, to allow the player to climb them ...

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Later, comrades

It's been almost seven years that you have been stuck with me and it will be no more than that. I'm no longer Features Editor of Destructoid and am heading off towards something new. I leave you with 3,560 articles, an almost 100-epis...

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Cuphead v. the Incapable Gamer: Should All Games Host an "Easy Mode?"

Cuphead! It’s been nearly two weeks since Microsoft’s “little exclusive that could” was released to the world, and if rampant media buzz is any indication of success, then the Xbox One has finally received the h...

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Overcoming Fear: Live. Die. Respawn.

It's pitch dark, with only the sound of my own teeth grinding together to keep me lucid. I toil away with some tools in a quiet corner of the room held aloft with the knowledge that this game must end at some point. With no especially ...

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Old Games That Would Totally Rock on Switch

          After reading through comments about Dreamcast it got me thinking about which games I would play if Nintendo/3rd parties re-released them on Switch. Switch has become my favorite gaming device this ge...

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The perfect game to celebrate Orctober

So, second blog on here. There’s something you should know about me. First, I am a gay dude. Second, I am the exact kind of gay dude who the idea of Orctober appeals to. My biggest regret about getting fired at Blizzard, is that I lost ou...

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Enjoying games after turning them off

If you've seen The Sixth Sense, the final twist could've left you thinking over it long after the credits had run out. Like Brothers: Tale of Two Sons (Starbreeze Studios/505 Games, 2013) didn't leave me be after I had finished the gam...

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Just Another Castle #115 - I Want That Smash Game, Morty!

  This week, Matt and Unoclay (and briefly Eli) talk about the possibility of getting Smash 5 in 2018, the life of ARMS, and of course, the 1990's McDonald's menu.   0:00 - Gift from Unoclay's Japan Trip 7:24 - Matt - ...

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a FREE reward from Nvidia: Shadow of Mordor

It's been a long time since Nvidia has created the GeForce Experience app where one can manage if the drivers are up to date or as a makeshift game launcher where one can tweak selected games to perform better on the PC, but now it has...

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Overcoming Fear: Or How I Stopped Being a Jill Sandwich

My movement was jerky. I felt slow, and could not get the hang of holding up my gun and turning. The door in front of me opened slowly, beckoning me towards the darkness. I found myself walking through the hallway of an abandoned mansi...

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8 horror games you must play before you die (of fright!)

People celebrate Halloween in... different ways. Some people dress up as slutty-potted plants and go to parties. Others get together and watch horror movies til their eyes bleed.  I play video games.  So with the spirit of Sp...

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Man Up And Admit Goku's New Transformation Was Cool

   I have been a fan of Dragon Ball for as long as I can rememeber. Litteraly. One of my earliest memories of a television is me standing up on my bed as a small child (4 years old maybe) to reach my Sony two-in-one VHS/TV an...

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Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana (Vita, Spoilers) Review

I've played a few of the previous Ys games, but this is the first one I've played that I really liked. Despite having a Vita for like 2 years, I still don't know how to take a screenshot with it... Story: The game follows Adol, who is ...

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ECHO Review | Voices of Eternity

“Ugh, Jc, aren't you supposed to review some single-A games that we have never heard of?” Shut up, I finished Echo yesterday, I have to capitalize on that! Especially when it tricked me into playing a stealth-puzzle game. T...