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I was playing Lethal League Blaze, and what started off as a normal match became a game of Catch. We just bunted the ball back and forth. It was a nice change of pace :)! I really wish the Switch had longer video recording time for moments like this.


Third time trying to post the image... but now, not an AMA. If this goes up, then Dtoid really looks after me.


Anyone going to be starting up classic wow in a month? I'd like to get on the same server as some of you so Mrs. Travolta and I can have some people to play with!


You can't trust people who walk when playing Mario


Repentia redesign slaps


Missed Part 2 of my .hack//GU stream? I UPLOAD STUFF TO YOUTUBE NOW DAWG!!! So if you like hearing me fumble through games here's the vid!


I played a bit of coop RE6 with a non-gamer friend yesterday,and she was amazed by how incredible it looked, she could hardly believe it was a 7-year old game. For the jaded gamer, obviously,it looks meh at this point. Expectations can be a bitch.


BEHOLD : Your Storm Area 51 Commander in Chief. It's gonna be a MASSACRE.


I got a question for any Gundam Fans on D-Toid. What did you all think of 00 as a series? I see it passed as "average to bad" in most circles, but Gundam Enthusiast Mike Sounders once told me it's a money printer. So I'm curious, quality wise, thoughts?


Dino Draws Day 9: Here is a swoll bunny. I wish I knew anatomy better. What do you mean use reference pictures?! Reference pictures are for the weak!


I almost forgot to say that the HBO Watchmen looks absolutely fucking incredible


GotY. Don't even try to top it. Not possible!


My dream console would be a Vita 2 with a sensible storage medium and actual games/support. There's nothing you can do to change my mind.


I just saw a leak that claimed there are 5 possible lesbian relationships in Fire Emblem, and only one with two men. Hopefully not true, but makes sense given the fetishization of lesbian women and the grosser elements of the previous games.


Dilemma: I'm really enjoying The End is Nigh and I'm nearing the end, but playing just 15~30min a day is feels like it is taking forever.Not sure if I actually finish it or if I call it the day, watch the ending on YouTube and play something else instead.


"Politics is when people who don't look like me appear in media and that makes me sad. Women are tyranids, btw"


My next video is up! This time I'm talking about Bastion! Give it a watch and tell me what you think! One last bump for the morning.


Hey guys! I figured I'd give y'all a status update about the past few couple weeks. No bad news, thankfully! Details in the comments. AMA if you want to! Edit: BUMP


Now that Splatfests are over, now seems like a good time to draw attention to that Pearl's VA is actually in a rock band called Lighter190E, and they're pretty good.


We don't ask each other this simple question enough and we got a few new faces round here lately. What's your top 3 games, films, books, butts, and music albums? Feel free to add a top 3 of whatever else too! Bump to let the other timezones in on the fun!


I swear that everytime I go into EB games, another meter of wall is filled with merchandise instead of games


I've been awake since 3am becuase work...and was scheduled off last night at 830pm. Retail is fun and not at all nightmarish.


Nintendo released a Thank You video for Splatoon 2, showing a lot of art from the Splatfests themselves, as well as the fans. It's kinda sad, but kinda nice. I'm glad I made it to this party, even though I was late!~ BUMP!


Update on me smashing my TV: I bought another one from Best Buy and it turns out all TVs now have done away with the center stand. So I had to buy a board of wood to fit its wide feet from Lowes and primer and paint so it won't look like shit in my setup.


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    Thoughts on Quantum Break: The Shortcomings of Combat By: Kevin Foley     Quantum Break is a story based around the marvelous concept of time travel and time-alteration. It is often described as an interactive ...

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The Senua Gambit

I had a discussion with my friends a while back about the game Papa y Yo.  It’s an indie game where you play as a child who has to convince a monster around to solve puzzles, and he loves a certain kind of fruit.  It i...

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Destructoid Chooses It's Own Adventure Volume 3 - Chapter 3

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