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The spam email saga continues!


Hey guys. Some guy long-played my game on that youtubes and I can't face watching it. Fuck creating anything.


Improved enemy AI in a Doom mod is pretty cool, though I doubt the weapons are going to have any crazy non-realistic options.


My girlfriend decided to look up 'Hannibal' fan-fiction. She regretted the decision naturally.


What's your favorite final boss theme? For me, it's a toss up between Breath of Fire 3's and Shadow Hearts: Covenant's. Though I give a slight edge to Covenant.


Put in basically one hour in Death Stranding and wasn鈥檛 able to play almost at all this weekend. Premature opinion - I really like it so far.


I am definitely in favor of powerful anti-SLAPP laws being enacted in more States and at the federal level. SLAPP suits are just a form of censorship abused by rich and powerful shitheads. That was one kickass ending.


Some punk kid told me that I can't get 50 follows on Twitch before December. I'm 21 follows away from my goal. Can you help me prove this kid wrong? I would greatly appreciate your help. Link will be in the comments.


My first thought playing Detroit: Become Human: how come nobody has jobs because Androids are replacing everybody yet seemingly everyone can afford fancy personal droids? Maybe I'm getting too old for videogames!


Completed Catherine Full Body. Got the 'true real ending' (spoiler in comments).


This weekend I discovered a quake level editor called trenchbroom. It's pretty powerful, but also surprisingly accessible - kind of like mario maker but 3d. I watched a tutorial and had a working level in 20 mins. Worth a look for aspiring game devs.


NeoTurbo is streaming now on Twitch for Extra Life. Maybe go check it out and throw in a few bucks if you can afford to. Good luck to everyone taking part in the streams this week. https://www.twitch.tv/neoturbo


So as a follow-up, all I needed was a good night's sleep to come back and clean up Three Houses. I really liked it! Despite the burnout and everything. I dunno how it'll rank, but as a fan of the series I'm really happy with it.


So as much as I am enjoying death stranding I cannot say the same thing about the timefall album. There are a few good songs on there but most of it is not my bag...馃檭


Post came today! Finally got 'em! And I have a couple free hours to actually play!


Ignoring the voices, this seems like it has potential?


Today marks the 101st anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War I. This sound restoration is an idea of how that moment sounded when the guns that had been firing for years finally ceased.


GOING LIVE SOON!!! As part of Extra Life this month, I will be doing a 12 hour stream of The Surge 2 today from 6am MT to 6pm! I will also be donating 1 dollar for every time I die! These will also contribute to some milestones I've made that CONT. BELOW


Fuck it, I'm deleting Twitter. It makes me mad every time I use it. I didn't have it this weekend for fear of Death Stranding spoilers and didn't miss it. The app is gone and my account is deactivated. Nothing of value was lost.


45 mins left to till I'm live, and I'm all dressed for the occasion!


Good morning! Hope you all had a great weekend and have a terrific week!


I'm still whittling away at my first route in Three Houses. I'm on the last chapter and I'm just so burnt out on it. I just want to finish it but I can't find the energy to put in the work on the last map. Anyone else get like that in a game?


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Band of Bloggers November 2019 Theme

Hopefully you all had a chance to clear up some unfinished business last month. We've moved on from the spooky month, and it's time for a new theme from the Band of Bloggers. Video games are, among other things, a great form of escapis...

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Shog's Halloween 2019 Gaming Journal

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, try not to spend all my money on Steam. This is Halloween, The Outer Worlds isn’t on Steam, so I guess my money is mostly safe in that regard, besides, I have a massive backlog of unplayed ga...

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Halloween Hates Me (NVGR)

(note: all spooky gifs are unrelated to the actual content of my post) I do not enjoy Halloween as a holiday. I like certain things. I like candy, obviously. I like silly, spooky stuff. I also think it’s cool for kids to be able ...

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The Gamecube Controller, NOT a Jack of All Trades, But a Master of One

It all started with those damn shoulder buttons My Gamecube controller is my favourite controller. It’s comfortable, it’s aesthetically pleasing and the triggers click in an oh-so satisfying way. I know I’m not sayin...

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Luigi Mansion 3 Easter Eggs I found!

Sorry guys didn't write it down but made an awesome video for you all to see!  

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Hello Darkness: A Flood of Emotions

  Halloween is almost upon us again and the haunted houses are open to dish out thrills and terror. Blood, death, and experiments-gone-wrong all probably come to mind when thinking of dark, evil things, and for whatever twisted r...

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Metroid Prime Hunters isn't one of the most well regarded metroid games. As a matter of fact, some people prefer Other M over this game. Let's see why, and how nintendo could have not screwed this one up.(Fyi I haven't actually beaten ...

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The Romance and Leadership In Outer Worlds Deserves An Award

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Brazil Of Games: Local Legend Spooks The World

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of folklore. A mix and match of ideas, stories, legends, and myths, that get passed from generation to generation, deeply rooted in tradition. It is a fundamental part of human cultur...

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Borderlands 3-Time Suck

I recently completed the main campaign, and decided to start a New Game+ The problem is, I can't find a way to get back to the end of the first playthrough. This is a bigger problem because the Halloween Event that just dropped require...

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Nintendo Tokyo launches site & Twitter account for upcoming store

In the run up to its official opening on 22 November 2019, Nintendo has launched Nintendo Tokyo's store's very own official website and Twitter account, with its initial product listing now visible for the world to see. Let's take a l...