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Anyone here play Overwatch (PS4) still? I’d like to try something besides a random party for once. Or is Overwatch on the naughty list nowadays?


At first I thought Resident Evil 7 was a less scary Outlast knockoff, then I got into it when I realized it was a first person Resident Evil 1, then by the end I was disappointed when I realized there were only two enemies and how cliche the plot was.


The only thing I really want to hear about at E3 is about an N64 Mini. I know this won't happen, but a man can wet dream


PSA, Snake Pass is exceptional. Had so much fun playing it.


The original Unreal is free on Steam and GOG now


Dear uncle who works at Nintendo: Can we get Devil May Cry 5, Shadows Die Twice, a Bluepoint Demon's Soul's remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, Sucker Punch's samurai game and Death Stranding (with gameplay!) at E3?


Rabbids is like "You wouldn't buy a gold edition of a game you already own...would you?" And I look at them with a sneer, pulling my wallet out. "Of course not, that's a stupid idea. I can't imagine you thought this would ever work."


Tales of Maj'Eyal is really good you guys. Classical Roguelike with an overworld/dungeon/town structure, interesting classes, and well-balanced combat. Very worth playing.


I mean, this DLC looks great and all, but the fact that we're getting a Rabbid version of Cranky Kong is something I never knew I wanted.


I'm looking forward to Detroit: Become Human coming out on Friday. I really enjoyed the demo. My wife's knee surgery is in two days. We are ready to get it done and over with!


Mega Man fans (Mega Fans?) of Destructoid, I seek your guidance. I just bought Mega Man Legacy 1 for Switch. Is Legacy 2 also worth it? It's the same price; two games fewer, but they are also less old. I've only ever played Mega Man 2 before.


Know what's weird? E3 speculation is always about sequels to existing IPs rather than new ones. I know it's impossible to get excited for ideas that don't exist yet, I just find it weird to think about. Hoping E3 2018 gives us something new & awesome too!


I am sorry, I found the worst and the best of the internet dubs again.


Finished Tesla vs Lovecraft on three difficulties. I'm not a fan: there's no real feeling of growth in power/abilities in a single game, the menagerie is too limited, the powerups are unimaginative. The aether crystals + missions only prolong the misery.


Tonight me sons, some friends, and I start a campaign of this game: Charterstone. I'm super excited to dig into this. Anyone had any experience with it?


A Gundam amusement park is not a bad idea but including a colony drop land? That only works in the far future where people will stop getting offended by every little BS :D


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What do you think about the features of games for VR-centers?

I'm interested in immersive games for VR-centers. Let me share my thoughts. Features of this market dictate the conditions for such games: 1. The center will be commercially viable if the game will be a duration of 20-30 minutes. 2. "...

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Game Compilations that Disappointed Me

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As promised in my God of War review posted earlier this week, I wanted to write an in-depth treatise regarding the subject matter, the philosophy behind the narrative and the message it portrays, as well as my simple admiration for th...

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WARNING! Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is NOT ARCADE PERFECT!

Original Arcade ROM: 30th Anniversary Collection: I am EXTREMELY disappointed...

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I Get Bored Reviewing Azure Striker Gunvolt and Talk 'Bout RPG Mechanics Instead

Man, I was so hyped to play Azure Striker GUNVOLT : STRIKER PACK(I'm writing that correctly exactly one time). I drove myself all the way down to the Best Buy, made myself tackle my long in the making fear of engaging a Best Buy ...

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How Childishness Ensured Victory During the Zombie Apocalypse

Back in 2008, Valve released it's Zombie esque cooperative first person shooter Left 4 Dead. A game where each party member played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of surviving each of the four campaigns. This is a story about h...

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Saturn REVIEWS REPORT: 100 - 91

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Let's come up with some Mortal Kombat spin-offs

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I Have A Problem

The other day, I was playing Civilization 6 (which is a great game, btw), and around turn 150, I realized I have a problem.  It's the same problem I have in NBA 2k (go Celtics), Fallout, Madden, and countless other games. Hell, I ...

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The Worst Games I've Played: Ghostbusters (NES)

Out of the small handful of non-gaming franchises that I can claim to be a fan of, Ghostbusters is easily the one that I’m most enamored with. I built my own replica proton pack in high school, I’ve donned a flightsuit for ...

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  With the release of the Infinity War movie, there has been a major upswing on theories and confusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have a few things to share, both from the comic universe and the movie universe and I hope...

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Siddartha’s E3 Wish List: 2018

Okay, this time I’m listing dream games and specific fantasy ideas.  The big-picture wishes haven’t changed from last year.  I’ll try to avoid stuff that’s been leaked or announced, because it’s ...

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Avoiding fast travel brings out the true beauty of Breath of the Wild

Travelling along the vast countryside of Hyrule I stop to take a break.  I feed my horse a few carrots, scout out my surroundings from the top of a hill and look for some landmarks. It's an area I've been through a few times, Hyru...

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L.F.O. -Lost Future Omega- -- what am I missing?

I apologize: despite saying that I won't write more blogs for now, I felt the need to let out my opinion on L.F.O. -Lost Future Omega- (mebius., 2017 or 2018) on Switch. Maybe on Steam as well, but it possibly never got past Greenlight...

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Netflix Review: Violet Evergarden

Words are a really interesting medium and even in this day and age it can be easy to overlook what it takes to write things down and express one self online. Violet Evergrarden is a show that is not afraid to take its own pace and ta...

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