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Thaaaat's not a good sign. If you or anyone's around that pink area today, I'd be in shelter or ready to move at a moment's notice.


Finally managed to get HDR enabled on my TV, and oh my god the picture quality change is dramatic. It ested several games and films, watching Your Name right now, it looks amazing.


10 hours into FF12, thoughts? This game's pretty damn boring.


Did Game of Thrones end with Scotland Yard showing up and arresting the entire cast?


Couple of updates from yours truly. Firstly, Happy Victoria Day to those calling the Great White North their humble abode. Secondly, my Thief: Deadly Shadows retrospective article will be finally out sometime before the 25th.


I was driving to work this morning and there was this peculiar truck in front of me. I think I spotted Agent 47's side business when he is not busy putting out hits.


For I beheld Satan as he FELL FROM HEAVEN!


Took the day off to take the little guy to see Detective Pikachu


We're about two years away from Ubisoft having to apologize for running a game development sweatshop in Cambodia.


Hot damn.....I turned 40 on Saturday. Wasn't online all weekend. Happy C0-Birthday to Rad Party God,Parismio, and grumpyaussiewario.


Why does the switch turn on when you undock it, that's so annoying! Battery dead because it has been in sleep mode when it should have never turned on in the first place. Console feels like sparkly junk sometimes.


I've been offered a job in Monaco and I got surprised with my very own, original Bayonetta after I helped a friend out. A good start to the week. Now to watch the GoT finale... I hope your week is great too. x


I was let down so hard with the last episode of Game of Thrones. Im very:


It's a-me, Raiden!


The finale wasn't a dumpster fire but it also wasn't great.


I think at the end of the day, the thing I love most about Rage 2 is definitely it's realism.


even in a hat in time the cursed game follows me


I'm still annoyed with Jurassic Park popularizing the image of velociraptors as being so big. They were small compared to humans. If a dinosaur series needs a big raptor, the Utahraptor will do just fine. Feathers are optional.


I've seen this now you have to as well.


Finally replaced the couch after bed bugs. It has a chaise and a sleeper and I can not wait to be off and laze about on it all day.


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Game In Progress: April 2019

This update won't be like the others. It won't be focusing on what I have done on my game. Or in this case, didn't. I just wanted to share my life experience of how I got here. Maybe some of you can relate. Maybe you won't. Perhaps, y...

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[NSFW] The Grumble Awards 2018

Welcome to the other awards. The awards no developer wants to win. The awards for the bad, the incompetent, the scummy or the just plan brain dead. Welcome to the awards I give based on my own petty whims. Welcome to the Grumble Award...

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Unsolicited Ramblings on How Kingdoms of Amalur Has Aged

In the past few months I've been periodically popping back in to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning between other games. I originally played it when it first came out and enjoyed it a lot at the time, but as time went on I started looking b...

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Phils Game Music Similarities #30 - Contra Blessings

For the 30th entry of the primary blog, I have decided to return to the Contra series. This series has a special little jingle that you may occasionally get to hear if you start playing it at age 3 and go Super Saiyan no later than age...

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Experience point v2.0 revitalization , but i need help for the time being.

i think every old D-toid member remembered EXP points by Ben Davis. I talked with Ben before month or two and he give me his permision to revive it. I had problems with my acc here - i did not remembered my password and PASS recovery d...

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Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack now available for Nintendo Switch

Arc System Works and PQube are releasing Guilty Gear and UILTY GEAR XX Λ CORE PLUS R in one pack for the Nintendo Switch: both are now available separate and bundled up as the Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pac...

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Lava Bomb Studios posts major announcements #3

As you know, lava bomb studios is ONE PERSON, a kid at that(who also happens to be me but that's besides the point), who doesn't have that good of a history. Their RPG series time travel in lenkas(the most playable one) uses the assets...

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Hot Dogs and Celery

I've spent the last two years of my life balancing major life decisions that may impact how I "game" and putting my future into question regarding how much time I will have to dedicate to gaming.  The reality is that my days of pl...

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Introducing - Lucia | Travels - Episode 1 - Monastery Beginnings - A WoW Blog!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SAMAY4Wk-w&t=4s https://moco.net/2019/05/16/lucia-travels-post-1-monastery-beginnings/ --------------------------------------- Lucia | TRAVELS – POST #1 -MONASTERY BEGINNINGSOn May 16, 20...

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(Smash White Mage Blueprints)

White Mage will be shorter than Black Mage his blueprints have been done here: https://www.destructoid.com/--552675.phtml#post or check my profile it has more information on what I'm trying to do here anyways lets start. (2nd)-(Final F...

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Rolled Out! Looks Great, and Sega Can Frig Off

I take that line back immediately. I love Sega. I mean, I just dropped like 250 bucks on a Mega SG. Ecco the Dolphin is my favorite game. But Sega, right up until Sonic Mania, was fucking the dog with their mistreatement of many key fr...

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Saturn REVIEWS: Deep Fear

With the major critical and commercial success of the first Resident Evil game, it was only a matter of time before other imitators started crowding the market. Among that crowd, Sega's Deep Fear was meant not only as a rival of Reside...

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How have you been liking Mortal Kombat 11?

I've played both Injustice games and knew right away that everyone would like MK11 on release despite my feelings. NetherRealm games has a tendency to really reward keepaway mechanics, plus the animations have always been a little off...

Dr Mel avatar

Comic Book Ads: "Lobo" issue 2 (1994)

Oh hey, good morning! We're back with some more old comic book ads to take a lookie-loo at, so I sure hope you enjoy this trip down advertisement lane. This one is from the second issue of Lobo, a DC character of very 1990's repute tha...

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The Pikachu Detective Movie was slightly disappointing

There was a lot of expectations coming into what could have the first decent live action video game movie… Maybe that was a flaw in my perception of the first trailer where the plot was very clear on what the film would be about...

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Console game remasters I'd like to see.

Now this should probably be a bit of a controversial entry. As many people know game remasters have become a big thing fairly recently mostly in part to the PS4 not having backwards compatability for PS3 games (unless you're willing to...

iacobus magnus avatar

Recent game pickups, May edition

Another bunch of games I'll probably never play! These are my most recent pickups: Dead Space 3: I own the rest of the series, including the on-rails spin-off as an extra with DS2, so my collection didn't feel complete without this on...

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Little Update (HD REMASTER)

Hey, ya penises!  Might seem like a wee bit absence to you, but a lot has happened in the past several days. Emotionally, it's been hellish. Soulfully, I feel it's less than absolute. Physically, that's a whooooole 'nother (and p...

Steve Schell avatar

The Last of Us is a game that still hooks me, six years later

A STORY OF LOVE AND LOSS At the point in time while I’m writing this, I’ve played through The Last of Us about six or seven times, which seems like a lot. I’m currently on another playthrough, trying to clear Grounded...

Aurachad avatar

The Order of the Kraken Revealed!

The mysterious Order of the Kraken has been revealed as agents of the Beck family of Vra'Tra.  Though now, our heroes have almost completely and systematically dismantled the criminal organization saving five elves and a mysteriou...

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My Unrealistic Sony Wish List

As PlayStation moves into the future, some uncertainty still remains. Will the next PlayStation console live up to the success of the PlayStation 4? Will Sony slowly evolve toward app-based gaming, allowing you to play PlayStation game...

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My Favorite Game Developers

Because who doesn't love lists? Here's my top five game developers. Because I'm lazy I'm being quite loose with the term. Some are publishers who house a variety of in house studios but whatever. It's that company's name I see when I ...

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Jump Scare Game: DOOM III

This one will be short. It's been sometime since I made a CBLOG and I still have plans of continuing my Run n Gun series(next one will feature Blaster MasterZero 2 and of course, more Contra). I have been very busy studying for exams a...

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BoB - Numbskull Emptybrook moves to the countryside

Time for another off-kilter pick for a game: a licensed game based on a Finnish movie from the 1980s. Numbskull Emptybrook is apparently an English name for Uuno Turhapuro, and the name I'll use in this blog. He featured in 19 Finnish ...

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God Hand, the Clear Choice for Greatest Game of All-Time

A tumbleweed rolls across the plain, a man and woman walk into a dusty western town. The man falls to his knees, “Water!” The woman chimes in, “Gene… this place reeks.” “I know… Wait, you don...

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Shog's April Gaming Journal

Well, I’m about a week late but I’m not giving up on my monthly gaming journal. The month of April was a strange one for me: I’ve been anticipating a tax refund that would enable me to build a PC which led me to focus...

PStoid avatar

PStoid Episode 97: Deserts, Guns and Willie Nelson

New episode! Yay! Get excite...I guess. We talked about a whole bunch this time. Bloodstained, Persona 5, the PS5, PS+ games for May, and more. Check it out! I also humble-bragged just a little bit about my recent birthday,MAGwest and...

Gamemaniac3434 avatar

Gaming on the Go Part 1: Gameboy Rising

In the interest of trying to cover up the fact that I’m a cynical and bitter husk of a human being be more positive here or there, I figured I’d talk about something that I love. Portable consoles-since my first handheld th...

Holy Shadows avatar

I'm Back.

I disappeared from Destructoid a few years back, (roughly two) because I had accepted a new position. This new position could ultimately terminate me if I were to say the wrong thing on social media and the like. I enjoy writing and r...

ConvoyJon avatar

You Had Me at Hello — God of War (2018)

Warning: Early Game Spoilers for God of War (2018) follow. The introductory sequence is a critical part of any form of media that exists. It should be able to introduce the audience to important characters & settings, reveal the ba...

SpielerDad avatar

Gaming is my Remedy  

For anyone who has been reading my posts during the past few years, it is easy to say that I am not a well man. Yes, there’s something off about me, and I have embraced it personally. I feel that this community has...

Rounobi avatar

...What am I doing here?

Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Accept Change We're getting to the half way point of 2019 and boy has there been a lot of change hitting me these past 3 years. So much so, that writing this out feels like all I can do to make se...

Fivefinger Delta avatar

Band of Bloggers – 2005: A Bare-Boned Oddity

Some crossovers are so bad, they’re good. I haven’t watched Resident Evil in over a decade, but I still consider it a guilty pleasure. Yet, like Resident Evil, not every good adaptation is wholly reliant on its source mate...

Snaileb  avatar

Remembering Destructoid 12 years later

Just remembering Destructoid, this was a post 12 years ago , back when Dtoid graced us with the almighty c blogs. Changed us into something else. Something... MOAR. Now I haven't blogged in a while and tried to make a qblog. So sorry f...

Riley1sCool avatar

Why I love Stellaris

So, I absolutely love Stellaris, Paradox Interactive's strategy game in which you run a space-faring empire of any sort. You have all sorts of selectable ethics and civics, and, in something I rarely experience, the ability to ac...

CblogRecaps avatar

Cblogs of April, 2019: A Discussion on Difficulty

As a testament to how far removed I am from the contemporary gaming news hype trends, I had no idea about how Sekiro inspired an intense discussion on the nature of difficulty in video games and questions of accessibility and inclusio...

Haklen57 avatar

Platformers Across the Ages - Structure, Focus, Levels and more!

Hi! I hope you're having a good day! Today's little big blog is a different topic altogether. I'm gonna be talking about the many ways in which games of the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 chose to define their structures, how...