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Platinum's Granblue Fantasy game is supposed to be getting some new info this weekend at some event in Japan. Not invested in the mobile game, but that gameplay trailer a while back makes it seem like it has huge potential.


I just found out that my Aunt passed away earlier today. I never expected it'd be so soon. Thankfully I'm off from work tomorrow. A day off and some Secret Santa games are just what I needed right now.


Been taking my time unlocking fighters in Smash. Currently sitting at around 25ish. I know I expected this, but geeeeeez there's a lot of World of Light to punch. I dig it.


Hey there all you Switch owners oh, I know you're all jamming out to the new Smash Brothers but tomorrow Everspace: Stellar Edition releases and you should all do yourselves a favor and get it if you like open roguelike space action!


I don't have time to write a blog, but here is my top 5 GOTY: 1. Spider-Man 2. Hollow Knight 3. God of War 4. Red Dead Redemption 2 5. Ni No Kuni 2... I just adored Spider-Man folks. Loved it so much


Anybody want a free month of Rooster Teeth First? You can watch new episodes a week early and get discounts in the store. Its for new memberships only. You can redeem the coupon through March 31st: h30-mozsdjtsgc


I've been thinking lately that a lot of gamers get hysterically/hyperbolically angry about things they don't like because they're young, like in their teens. Do you agree/disagree?


OK, fine Netflix. I'm interested in your version of this. You better don't fuck up this one.


I never thought Panzer Dragoon would get a remake. Like, having it be ported seemed unlikely. But this, man, this is some good news.


I will carry this thought with me always.


I will carry this thought with me always.


My early take on the mechanics changes in Smash Ultimate. They raised the skill floor more than they raised the skill ceiling, in a sort of uncharacteristically cruel move against low skill players. For straight casual play, this won't be noticed.


My Santa has been naughty this year. This is actually a good gift tho, thank you!


SSBU is everything I wanted and more.


I started playing Forza Horizon 4. So far I am having a lot fun, though I still wish they would do something to discourage using the same car for almost everything. Also drifting still sucks.


I'm really not sure about having Animal Crossing characters in Smash. Except maybe Resetti, he was great as a trophy. But Isabelle? Too pure. I don't like seeing her beaten up (this pic is great though.)


Might be a bit too addicted to D-Toid. Better half was trying to tell me a story and she screamed "stop looking at Destructoid!" To which I quickly replied "hang on! DePhoenix is roasting me! I can't let this stand!"


For those who are upset over Fallout 76 and really do want to get a refund or start to try and get one


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Welcome To Gaming News LUIGI WAS A GHOST! This is NOT a lie. Nintendo themselves told us. Try searching smash brothers ultimate luigi death 👻 on your web browser.

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DanGotY 2018

Before I begin, I'd just like to point fingers and laugh at everyone here with a username that can't naturally fit into a GotY pun. What a grotesque lack of foresight on your part. It's embarrasing really. Furthermore, I would just li...

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All I want for Christmas is digital violence

'Tis the season for blogs that start with "'Tis the season for ..." and drench our screens with savory nostalgia butter until they are dripping onto our keyboards, leaving us to sop it up with our tongues like dyhdrated hamsters. ...

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Traveller In Playtime - Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is a top-down 2D action game with slight Metroidvania elements developed by Heart Machine and published by Playism in 2016 for PC, PS4 and XONE. It also recieved a Switch port in 2018. As the titular drifter, the pl...

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½ Review: Santa Claus Jr. (Game Boy Color)

It’s nearly Christmas! Oh god, what a bundle of stress: dealing with family, getting presents ready, cooking, travelling; and finally, worst of all, struggling to find a worthwhile Christmas themed videogame to comment on! Oh dea...

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Fallout 76 is a flawed masterpiece that needs to embrace the sandbox!

It is no secret that a lot of people are pretty pissed off about Fallout 76, in fact, people were angry at the very concept of the game long before the bad launch. The game would have benefited from being pushed back a few months as t...

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Keeping VF Alive for 25 Years (Virtua Fighter Month)

Can you believe that it has been 25 years since Virtua Fighter came out? SEGA made a huge risk when it came to 3D gaming back in the early 1990s. The Model 1 Hardware was out, and Virtua Racing was a success. Then came Virtua Fighter,...

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Come Join Me

TONIGHT! Join me at 8:30 EST for Chad's Five Dollar Friday/Felon Radio. Tonight's we'll be featuring either 2002's Darkfall: The Journal, 2009's Dragon Age Origins, or 1997's Fallout. Which one? It'll be a surprise. It'll be a surprise...

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Cblogs of 11/25 to 12/1/2018 + 76-isms

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Destructoid Draws: Our Ultimate Super Smash Bros characters

Old challengers approaching! Super Smash Bros is one of these special series that means something different to everyone. For some, the appeal comes from the tactical mind-games of high-level play. Single-player people also found s...

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Words of Caution

I have to speak up folks and make sure people don't make a horrible decision.  A life altering decision that you can't take back.  Something that could ruin you.  Obviously I'm talking about Siege.  Don't buy it fol...

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Rankin Bass Holiday Smash Up Brawl

Guys, can you feel it? That excitement in the air? The pretty colors everywhere? Little kids, giddy with glee? People putting up a big pine tree? That's right. It's that time again, and you all know it. It's time for THE NEW SUPER SMAS...

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Completely Reasonable Predictions for Capcom's Mystery Game

It must be pretty awful being Capcom. Back in the NES days, they started off on a pretty spectacular foot, basically having the best games in the business outside of Nintendo’s own; Bionic Commando, Duck Tales, Mega Man, then Meg...

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PC Gaming You Did it Again (that not good thing you do)

I will be brief with my gaming history for a moment. Nintendo fanboy as a child, grew up to buy all the consoles when I had a job, eventually dabbled in PC gaming which I grew to love and ultimately prioritize. Going back a few years I...

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Games I've Never Finished: The Beginning

Over the years there are so many games that I have started, but never finished. Whether it's me having no time or just losing interest I seem to only finish about half of the games I've started. I decided it's time to change that. I am...

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What is "Detective Pikachu" about?

The movie is set in the Pokémon Universe as we know it from the games and animated series. In addition to the humans run Pokémon around, are captured, tamed, trained and finally to the Companions of the people. The main ...

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Shog's November Gaming Journal

November! The month when Americans transition from eating hard candy that they put off eating and move onto gorging on softer foods like turkey and potatoes. More importantly though, November is the month when Americans undergo what is...

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Band of Bloggers - December 2018

Video games often make us ponder important questions. Is it really okay to go into villagers’ houses and raid their chests? Why is the kingdom expecting one person to save the world when they have an entire army that does nothin...

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Band of Bloggers: Final Fantasy 15 Makes Me Hungry

There is a lot that can be said about Final Fantasy 15. It had a long troubled development that continued long after the game came out. The developer recently resigned from Square Enix, leaving the game's final DLC's unfinished. It ha...

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Cultural Differences - New Build!

**IMPORTANT** GameMaker games and Windows 10 seem to be butting heads on certain systems. If your display goes black and then white (showing nothing and no response from Savage) when starting the game in Fullscreen, here's what seems t...

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Band of Bloggers: Ape Escape

I have no words, friends. No words. I mean, I have words, but as a legendary actor, I have given myself to the art of being dramatic, and so I am often taken up in its whorls; it pains me to admit this, but I have won two Academy Award...

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Top 10 Hidden Gems Of The 7th Generation Of Video Game Consoles.

Top 10 HIdden gems of the 7th Console generation   With the 7th console generation almost completely abandoned I thought that it would be best to look back at some of the games that didn’t get anywhere near enough exposure. ...

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Double Dipping: It's Better In Japan

It was nearly a decade ago that I imported my first game. Earthbound had miraculously managed to set a lot of things right in my emotionally rattled mind, and I celebrated my newfound acceptance of my hobby by importing Mother for the ...

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Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone: Tanking in WoW

I've played World of Warcraft on and off for its fourteen year existence. When I logged on for the first time, I envisioned being an orc warrior, clad in armor, protecting my fellow members of The Horde. Something just didn't gel with ...

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What did you wind up buying on Black Friday?

Last week, we asked you guys what you were holding out on buying for Black Friday. This week, we want to know what you actually pulled the trigger on. Most years I go absolutely HAM and gobble up every good deal in sight. I think my hi...

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O.M.G. Xbox Elite Controller on Switch...With Warframe

 I...just played Warframe on Switch using an Xbox Elite controller wirelessly. Gyro controls worked, the back panel buttons worked and it was absolutely glorious. After a week of playing with joycons, making adjustments and adapti...

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Anime NYC 2018: Growing up Fast!

Let me start off by saying I got to go to the show this year courtesy of the Press Pass provided to me. If I didn't get that I may have had to miss out entirely on the amazing crap that happened to me all day! I had very high hopes go...