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We've got ad blockers, but can I also get a face recognition app that blocks youtube thumbnails with bug eyed gawking faces? I will never click your garbo video and I'd like to make room in my reccos for better shit.


I uploaded this back when I wasn't all too great at Dead Cells, so defeating the first boss was hype as shit. Now, 25+ hours in (on just the Switch version, alone), I still can't get enough of this game. The build depth is particularly impressive.


PSA: World of Horror is live on Steam. That is all.


I'm in a Bomberman mood for tonight. Let's play Power Bomberman: A fanmade Bomberman game with Online Play! https://www.twitch.tv/virtuakazama


New items for the collection


I love this. Top tier memeage good hoontah.


Today is a very special day.


First impressions of DMC3 on Switch. Style switching is very cool, Royal Guard is more forgiving than I remember it, the Agni and Rudra fight is still really good, but playing in handheld mode is a bad idea.


Anyone else getting that new Animal Crossing Special Edition Switch? It's so fucking cool!


Been watching the Persona 5 subreddit to see if there's any post-game content/unlockables for Scramble. Hmmmm


So I not only have a strained Achille's tendon as well as general tendonitis, but also I'm flat footed and both of my arches are fucked up. Also, I have pretty bad high blood pressure. Yay!


Had to find a good picture of me in my blue hair from '16 for a comment response, and since election year is really kicking in, here's me and Donald Trump. He had a Pink Floyd makeshift "Wall" surrounding him that Mexico probably built.


Is Nintendo Online required to access any of the features in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? I am SO looking forward to seeing my old friend.


Legit question: Does Animal Crossing excel at anything that wouldn't already be covered by a combination of Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Stardew Valley being in my backlog?


Kingdom Under Fire 2 is on sale. I liked the one that was on XBox, because in the first chapter this unit is supposed to do a grand sacrifice against the last boss, but you can just plink away at the boss with archers then steamroll the whole game


Bonjour you cheese-eating surrender monkeys.


An FYI for the MTG fans around here: The master, i.e. Seb McKinnon is back with another Kickstarter for limited Playmats. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/help-seb-make-movie/seb-mckinnon-magic-the-gathering-playmats-limited-edition-3?ref=c4h4bq


Shoutout to our resident fuckboy, Soulbow.


Re: The Ninja tweet situation. A manchild uses platitudes to explain away terrible behavior. pt 2 in comments


Oh. Oh no.


I thought Alvin in Tales of Xillia was played by Troy Baker, but it turns out it's actually Matt Mercer doing the voice. I'm ashamed of making that mistake, but they really do sound similar! No wonder people have used him as a back-up Troy Baker.


Just watched Rango for the first time. What a great movie. Roger Deakins should definitely lend his talents to more animated features because this is one of the best shot animated films I've ever seen.


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Revisiting Dark Sector (Not because of coronavirus)

Dark Sector, released nearly 12 years ago in March of 2008, is a game I think about a lot. Which is to say, given the minimal thinking I'm able to do in a day, I think about Dark Sector most of the time. For a few reason...

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I Asked Hideo Kojima To Bash His Head Against My Keyboard. Here's What Happened.


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Accepting Growing Out of a Franchise

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