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Cblogs of 10/23 to 10/29/2021: 43th Week of 2021

Cblogs Recap: Week 43 -JRussel is disappointed that their preferred version of the Nintendo Switch wasn't and is unlikely to be developed. -Alivad the Impala continues to play Sable. -Black Red Gaming shares their thoughts on the earl...


Review: A Boy And His Blob

Being a platformer fan since I gave the Super Mario games a chance, to be in the lookout for good old games within this genre can deliver some surprises. Such is the case with A Boy And His Blob. Now this game doesn't try to reinvent ...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! This was my first week as the lead of my department. I've noticed I'm slightly more stressed then I normally would be with the large amount of work we still ...


Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" Review (XSX)

Marvel's Guardeners Guardians of the Galaxy is probably my second favorite modern Marvel game behind Spider-Man and slightly ahead of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on Switch. GOTG gets a lot of things right and shows the value of having a...


First Online Wear OS Game - Combat Wear 2

**"Finally, a real smartwatch game"** Playing arcade games and little puzzle games can be a wonderful experience on smartwatches! It does however lack that content that fills a gamers day with joy and fullness. That's where Combat Wea...


Sable | Part 2 - Coming of Age

Leaving The Camp Table of Contents Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 The Gliding I'm happy to report, that this time around I managed to play a whole hour of the game! What I didn't get into in the last post was the Gliding. Our c...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! Chrono here to once again remind you it's that lovely time of the week. It's Friday! What a long week it has been. So progress has been made on me becoming the new lead of my department. I have now finally be...


Ten After Ten: 10/10/21-10/19/21

News Splinter Cell Game May be on the Horizon According to development sources, Ubisoft has greenlit a proper Splinter Cell title in response to the poor reception of Fisher’s previous revival attempts in various other Ubisoft ...


Tea & Games - Sea of Solitude

Hello, folks! Wow, it's been a while since I last wrote a blog. And, you might be rightfully wondering, "What the heck is 'Tea & Games'?" That's a good question. The thing is I didn't feel like writing a formal review or ...


Quartet on MSX (Ilkke & bitsofbas, 2018)

No relation to Quintet. Quartet is a puzzle game that has made its rounds on multiple platforms before landing on MSX in 2018, courtesy of Ilkke and bitsofbas. The original concept appears to be from a Flash game Quartet (Photon Storm,...


Traveller In Playtime – Forbidden Siren 2

Forbidden Siren 2 is a survival-horror game developed by Sony Japan Studio and published by Sony in 2006 on the PS2. The plot follows a new set of characters who have either been drawn to or decided to investigate the cursed island of ...


Sable | Part 1 - Into the Desert

The Ceremony Table of Contents Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Let me just get this out of the way now. I have only played about 10 or 15 minutes worth of Sable (work and school, what can I say), so this is not a review by any m...




I didnt think Id be watching a Dax Flame and Joel Haver feature length movie today while working, but here I am! Between this and Endwalker, today is one for the history books


Replaying Super Metroid because its the best Nintendo franchise (dont @ me) and dread gave me big metroid And yeah having a good time replaying it now that Im more familiar with it, but I forgot what if metroid could run for a bit


I really love stumbling into qposts after some kind of meme has Like scrolling and thinking what the fuck is with orbs now?


If anyone is feeling I already bought a FFXIV one


Today is a good time to note that if Nintendo had a $10/month sub w/ every 1st party game pre WiiU/3DS emulated + a rotating selection of 3rd parties it would immediately be the best & most successful subscription in gaming, leap frogging Game Pass


Its crazy to me that its already December! Sometimes, I feel like Im still stuck in That said, Im excited for all the delayed 2021 games to release in 2022! This weeks TGIF is up over in the blogs! Come let us know how your week


The flow of this song is soooo well done and makes this already refreshing soulful tune even better - the beginning captivates with the violin and it definitely hooked #musictoid | Gabriels - Stranger

Inquisitive Raven

Im doing a commission for Kerrik of Farah Oersted from Tales of I finally finished the sketch late last I tried to make it dynamic, so I used a bunch of references to get the look I think it came out great!


Hot take for the day: the mobile version of My Friend Pedro is better than the

Mike Sounders

Started SMT V this week, beat the first boss on the first try last Neko Shogun the real MVP of that fight lol


Its the last Bandcamp Friday of the year! Go buy some music! Ill put a few of my favorite records of the year in the comments if youre Let me know what some of your favorite albums this year were and why :) pic unrelated

Chris Moyse

Hello beautiful people, I hope the week has treated you well and that this weekend treats you better The world continues to beat us all down a little, but its a fight were all in, and weve got Be kind to yourself, I love yall x

Silver the 3rd

My very important work doodles continue unabated

Inquisitive Raven

On todays episode of Now Thats What I Call Petty!


Bunnies Boi Begins! Also wow, only a 75 queue That is far less than I expexcted


Blessedmas 3: The Return of #Blessed


*Looks at front-page* Huh, I wonder what got released today? Eh probably nothing


22 days to go!

Robo Panda Z

Truly these ads are getting out of


ponder deez nuts


Who remembers Wizorb? That game was great!


Ive barely kept up with Disneys Star Wars but a Boba Fett show is where I officially check It feels like the kids who grew up playing with Star Wars toys are now telling stories about how much they loved their


Will Smith is an actor I mostly remember thanks to In the pursuit of happyness or Men in However, his latest film: King Richard is yet another film worth remembering him Already an award favorite, this performance alongside the movie are


Happy Hanukkah to all those that are celebrating this year (my partner



Whispering Willow

Pondering orbs is so Orbit ponds


Its been a tough week but its almost over! Have a great Friday all! #Blursedmas


Good morning everybody! - Alisia Dragoon, original japanese mega drive cover #morningcovers


Also, been a little MIA thanks to But, having now just hit the 69 (nice) hour mark, I deserve a Will come back to it once weve both had some alone




Watching this, know how Judd Apatow has lately focused on making movies focused on an unlikely comedian? His next one should be Ken The man is objectively


I didn’t do a lot of listening this Focused heavily on my gaming backlog Almost not worth sharing, but myeh~


I dont really care for most of these simulator games out there but Ill be damned if Lawn Mowing Simulator isnt a real good way to unwind after some Halo Infinite


“I’ll just check out Halo mp” turned into 2 hours of Quick Play and Should earning xp for kills, time holding oddball, be a no brainer? But is the mp fun as hell? Also Loving


I too ponder


I too ponder


Its hot in Honolulu


Just finished Arcane, and yeah it stuck the Aside from some questionable music choices (the orchestral soundtrack was pretty good), its a very well made Some really good lines, a lot of interesting ideas and overall I really liked


I want to be cool


Just 24 hours to go to leave suggestions on games for me to cover as part of my Games That Time Forgot series! Link to original Qpost in the


Peak internet Not my pic tho 😂 #orbsmas


Lots of music Unfortunately, no mention of the best music in Lets correct No fancy Spotify thingy, but here is a gift that keeps on giving, regardless of your opinion on the

Punished Nietzsche

i introduced a friend to that marvelous game called Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and hes having a great time with Especially those last 30 minutes when Senator Armstrong steals the Ill never be bored of that game,i

Czar Kazem

I DO listen to a lot of Japanese Jazz

Jetter Mars

I made 3 (meatless) sandwiches for dinner!


Heres my Spotify Id say its completely


Amazon finally doing Reacher Hell Super stoked to watch this and the dude is absolutely massive, as it should

Whispering Willow

I was wondering if theyd go there with the moon Now I have the Bayonetta version stuck in my head,