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TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! Just woke up. Got pretty good sleep as the gf and I finally did the thing we've been wanting to do for awhile now. We went bed shopping a week ago or so and ...


(Guardian Tales)-(Supports Balancing)

<(Guardian Tales Supports)> There are 2 types of supports Healers and Buff/Debuffers. Healers are very touchy when they get their EX they become insane I’m not sure who the best healer is anymore. Loraine is very underrated...


Belle Boomerang Development Screenshots

It's been a long time since I've posted to this Destructoid blog - too long! Here are a couple of screenshots from Belle Boomerang's development. Belle Boomerang is a deeply retro-inspired indie platoformer with a strong focus on...


PlayStation 1 REVIEWS: The List

It came, it saw, and it sure as hell bloody conquered. With its entry into the console race, the electronic giant, Sony, was a pro athlete competing against high school kids. Not only did Sony convincingly "win" the 5th generation cons...


Game In Progress: January, February, March 2021

Well, it's been three months, but I still have no new updates on this game. I was slowly chipping away at it, but work and life get in the way. You know it be like that sometimes. Funny thing though, I did sort of start a new project ...


Animal Crossing: New Horizons review

Trying to review Animal Crossing is like reviewing a local diner that's reworked part of its menu: There are some new flavours and features, but you're no stranger to the rest. If you're familiar with Animal Crossing, then you know tha...



The PlayStation 1 had such a massive library of games that it is impossible to do it justice with a simple top 100 games list. As such, I decided to supplement my usual review of a top 100 games list (this time, I used the top 100 PS1 ...


Narita Boy Review: A Bygone Journey

There was a time when retro-inspired indie games were a novel concept.  Now, the market is flooded with computer games seeking to emulate both the presentation and gameplay of 80s and 90s gaming.  Narita Boy looks and feels ...


Ghost of Tsushima (PS4) Review

Over the past ten years, few genres have taken grip of the games industry quite like open-world games. A big contributor to this boom is Ubisoft and their popularization of the checkbox open-world formula, which is a style of open-wor...


A Rant on Sony and “The Future” of Gaming

Things have obviously not been looking too good on the industry side of gaming lately. I’ll save myself from repeating the obvious reasons so if you’ve read some of my previous posts you’ll know what I’m referri...


Rouge Company Review

When Hi-Rez studios (Creators of Paladins and Realm Royale) announced that they were cresting a new title for PC and Console, there was a lot of hype surrounding this game, by the name Rouge company, and this name explains the game per...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! Chrono's back to remind you it's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! Slept in today! It was nice. I haven't been able to sleep in even when I tried for some time now. I feel all rested and good. Got...


Mole Mania: The Great Lost Nintendo Game

Here's a question: why in Super Smash Bros. Brawl does Captain Olimar get to commit Pikmin genocide in his fight against Solid Snake while Chibi-Robo (seen below) can't free himself from his coin-shaped prison?     Let the d...


Exber's 2021 First Quarter Games

Last year these blog series suddenly died after some personal things I had to go through, and when I remember about it, it was time for some other blogs. This year, however, that is something I don't want to see happening. 2021 is goin...


PS1 REVIEWS: SaGa Frontier 2

Seeing the recent remaster of SaGa Frontier anyone might think that it's obviously both a better game and a more regarded title. That can also seem the case if you consider the vast amount of love for the first game compared to a relat...


How to fix Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time

Evangelion 3.0+1.0 was a mixed bag for most people. While it was nowhere near as bad as Eva 3.0, it still suffered from a lack of a clear vision. Most of what was shown, such as Hikari and Toji being married and Misato and Kaji's offsp...


Netflix and Squeal: Disenchantment

Mora is a mermaid. When she is first introduced working at a Freak Show, she is nothing more than a sassy background character. But as our heroine (not to be confused with the drug) Princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie de la Rochambeau...


Bass Awards [Epilogue]

Reconnect. KINGDOM HEARTS The apartment door flies open. That, by itself, is enough for Alba to know who's visiting without turning to look. MARIE: Yoooo! Guess who’s done with her finals? ALBA: Heyy, look at you! Congrats! MARIE...


Apex Legends: 2021 Review

When Apex Legends was unexpectedly announced back in 2019, this created a large amount of excitement. This created a new perspective on Battle Royale games, which a new and unique pinging system, so voice chat is not necessary to play,...


The BRG Collection Entries #13-16

Half-Life: Alyx Release Year: 2020 / Developers: Valve The Half-Life series has built a reputation of pushing the industry forward in some capacity, so trying to fill those shoes with a new game could’ve proved daunting. fortun...




Trails to Azures fan translation coming May They put together a trailer to hype it Respect to

Inquisitive Raven

My long-running commission of Rean Schwarzer and Alisa Reinford from Trails of Cold Steel is finally done! I started this for Tohsaka ages I spent an insane amount of time on this one, and Im really happy with how it came out in the end! BUMP!


After working for 3 years in customer care for two big Internet Service Providers in Germany I can only say this: I feel like the crazy guy in the Dark Souls games who sits at the fire, babbles some nonsense, laughs maniacally, and eventually attacks


Working at a school, awkward situations are a Today, a teacher checking social media during a break saw something prompting a school When our principal called the help line, she was told, Youre The threat was eliminated


Turns out I can actually do


Do I really need to start studying music to create my own dial-up tone based pieces since the music pieces I found on YT arent to my


Shipped the PC via Now to wait until my friend gets it in Hopefully customs isnt


Seems they actually put some genuine effort into this one after the last Mario Tennis failed to the impress many Also, you can play as a Chargin Chuck!

Electric Reaper

The USA really needs to get rid of these insane laws that get more people killed or The bill that was passed in Florida to protect dirtbags who run over protestors should be declared


Been getting through Route B lately in Nier Replicant and wow it makes route B look good in Nir Automata so far so little is different in Route B,some new cutscenes after you go through identical content without even one or two diffe gameplay bits at all


I may have mentioned it before but Mandy is so fuckin Favorite movie of 2018


Starting work in the pathology department of a hospital after a week of playing RE2 Remake is an unfortunate


Getting SS rank in every Mercenaries level in RE8 Might not be able


Was really proud of the gaming community for doing something good last week, but it looks like several of the sites that made aid donations posts have since backtracked and shut them Shit sucks, man


Ive been playing the GoW PSP Looks great, but the first one is mostly nothing save for one good The second one is better and a real show-piece for a PSP They both reminded me how fun, yet repetetive the series is

Forsaken Knight

I think overall, I liked Some seasons were weaker than others, but as a whole, it was pretty I hope the rumor that it’s gonna pick up a new storyline, is




I may have went into med records, and possibly borrowed some supplies for some print and play heroes, a villian and card dividers for Marvel My fucking boy shall see mad play today, after


Found Ass Creed Vikings for €35 so I grabbed Time to get my map marker comfort food bulimia on! I loved Odyssey to bit and if this is just more of the same, Im gonna be happy! Whats your favorite Ass Creed game?


Im playing the first Silent I didnt expect it to scare It


A Sonic game with a stamina bar, where it drains faster when running top speed or Once it depletes you have your walking speed reduced to a crawl for the next 10 seconds


What even IS round anyway?


And thats Resident Evil 4 I went through the first chapter of Separate Ways, but I dont know if Ill stick with it to the That Chicago Typewriter is a nice incentive


Those feelings when you have your single best run in Returnal so far (seriously, it was going unbelievably well by my low standards!) but then it ends prematurely because a cutscene doesnt trigger, causing the game to


Could go for some flamin hot Cheetos and Arizona tea Also I made some more progress with Havent been tryin to finish Nier or RE8 Been playing only multiplayer games like Tried out total war: Warhammer 2 a bit


Monday is nothing In fact, I hear some hate Mondays! So, to that, I hope this particular Monday finds you well because we have plenty more to


Have a great week everyone!


Oh seems they are making a new Purge movie called Forever As you can guess from the title the main twists is that people still keep killing after the Not a fan of the Purge movies but that sounds so dumb to away the one main thing


Trying to get the Legendary Cowboy achievement in RE8 has made me firmly realize one I LOVE ball-crushingly difficult games, but I HATE strict time Beat me up, flay me, break my bones and bury me again and But no time limit plz!




Me after seeing the new Genshin trailer for


Trent Reznor just has that unique voice that is instantly And this track definitely has that old 90s Nine Inch Nails #musictoid | Nine Inch Nails, Health - Isn’t Everyone

Inquisitive Raven

Today was a bit rough but tonight, I finished a long-awaited See it first on my Patreon!


I wanna say Miss Larx made me want to say something important but Also You both always felt like one of the girls <3 AMA? Yes its actual trippytip if anyone cares or remembers Vidyagames are fun but I mostly watch


This is my type of


Subscribed to Jump just for Chainsaw Man and good lord do I not regret


I started playing Grandia last night and most of the day Its been a pretty fun ride so I think I can see myself enjoying this just as much as I did Grandia

Whispering Willow

Ready to go to the moon!


So long, Lamia, my faithful Im off to Brynhildr, where my friends Endwalker Digital SE has been pre-ordered! Time to dive back in heavily to catch up!


I’m supposed to believe Angelina Jolie is a veteran firefighter with the strength and stamina to be on that patrol AND fight off villains? Come on Hollywood, y’all can do better than Also I’m Team


What a lazy I just spent a majority of the day playing Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow on Pretty good game! Love the Makes me think that games like Blazing Chrome could’ve definitely been ported to Don’t care for the magic seals t


Started RE8 (Law was very kind and got it for me) and yeah, so far I like Fun designs, characters, and the gameplay is


So, I was researching how to sell my shiz on eBay (Pokemon cards, old limited edition stuff, and you, apparently, have to fork over (roughly) 15% of the sold price once its been sold!? My good fucking Maybe Amazon instead?


Time to race to finish my Nocturne LP before the remaster in 9 days! I dont know if Im close, but this will likely be my most arduous vidja garme task in Vid

Boxed Swine

Anyone who says white people food is bland obviously has never tried Corned Beef with boiled cabbage, potatoes and This shit is spicier than milk!


I dont really know how to upgrade my How do I figure out what I need to upgrade or replace? The most Ive done is changing the graphic card and adding ram but that was almost 10 years What do I even check to see what I need nowadays?


I wish Slime Rancher would get more


Building a jury rigged PC for a friend in Shes on a tight budget and I figured Id help out by throwing my less than a year old parts together for a rig for GPU is a 1060 6GB, and the ram is only 8 GB DDR4, but hey its a


Teddy 6 years He had his bowl on a shoebox bc otherwise he would lie flat on his belly while he