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Most games are pretty straightforward. If it's single-player, you turn it on, and get on with the main adventure. If it's multiplayer, you have the main mode and a few side modes for variety. But occasionally some game developers will...


Cblogs of 7/2 to 7/8/2022: 26th Week of 2022

Cblogs Recap: Week 26 -Lord Spencer reviews Tomb Raider II on the PS1 as part of his Top 100 PS1 game reviews blogging series. -JRusell asks if the Polium One is one of the worst console ideas ever. -TroyFulbuster discusses the Grand ...


Mega Man Lordspective: Mega Man 8

Producer: Keiji Inafune Director: Hayato Kaji Release: 1996, 1997 Console: PlayStation, Sega Saturn   As the first Mega Man produced by Keiji Inafune after the legendary Tokuro Fujiwara left Capcom, it is fitting that this game...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday and I actually remembered this time! I have the day off because the gf and I were planning on taking a trip up north this weekend buuut plans changed and I fo...


Super Mario 64 Grand Star ROM Hack Review

  Best Super Mario 64 ROM hacks you should start with (a previous VIDEO blog to help those trying to get into it) Super Mario 64 Grand Star is a huge 116 star ROM hack encompassing fourteen worlds, hidden stars, and a super diffic...


Is Polium One The Worst Console Idea Ever?

Answering The Question No One Asked Have you ever found yourself craving a play-to-earn cryptocurrency video game but that pesky lack of PC hardware to do so got in your way? New startup Polium is hoping to solve this dilemma via the ...


PS1 REVIEWS: Tomb Raider II

If you notice in the game's cover art, it's titled Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara Croft. At this stage, it was clear that the character and game became iconic in the gaming landscape, and that was enforced by an extensive and extremely ...


Cblogs of 6/25 to 7/1/2022: 25th Week of 2022

Cblogs Recap: Week 25 -Agent 9 goes on the record praising Final Fantasy Record Keeper and mourning the fact that is going to be shut down in the West. -Black Red Gaming continues their ranking of the Far Cry series, with this blog ra...


TGIF Open Thread!

Another late post for TGIF! Not because my internet was out all day but this time, I just forgot it was Friday...So yay! Back at it, it's that wonderful time of the week! The gf and I celebrated our 4th year together just yesterday! W...


Pokemon Legends Arceus Review: A New Beginning

The Pokemon formula is one of the most proven successes in the video games industry.  After all, it is the highest grossing media franchise in the world.  With such established success, it isn’t surprising that the ser...


Mega Man Lordspective: Mega Man 7

Producer: Tokuro Fujiwara Director: Yoshihisa Tsuda Release: 1995 Console: SNES   Mega Man 7 occupies the awkward spot of being the first game officially confirming that the Classic Mega Man series that started on the NES is di...


Ranking of Far Cry Part 3: Far Cry 6

Like every other major Ubisoft IP, Far Cry continues to trudge along. As a (former) big fan of Far Cry, I used to believe that the more, the merrier. Maybe not anymore. As always, you can find the rank itself here or at the bottom of ...


Cblogs of 6/18 to 6/24/2022: 24th Week of 2022

Cblogs Recap: Week 24 -SlimeyBearXXL979990 sheds light on lesser-known indie games you should take a look at. -Lord Spencer reviews Tomb Raider on the PS1 as part of his PS1 REVIEWS blogging series. -RiffRaff writes a 2D Fighting Game...


For The Record

Sometimes it takes you a while to come around on something.   When FFRK was first announced I was very skeptical of it as an actual game. At the time I was very much against micro transactions in any game. This also came after the...


TGIF Open Thread!

Hello, Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! It's St. John's day here, which... I don't really know what it means, just that he's the excuse for us to have our "quermese" and all the delicious food that comes...


Kerrik52's LoK Retrospective #6 - Homecoming

With the Mentalist dead, his head claimed and a Hamlet reference dropped ("Alas, poor Nupraptor - I knew him well. Well, not really."), Kain has only to make a swift exit. And as fate would have it, there is a convenient teleporter at ...


PS1 REVIEWS: Tomb Raider

There is no doubt that the first Tomb Raider is an absolutely iconic game. Not only was it a pioneering title at the start of the 3D era, but it also introduced the iconic character of Lara Croft, one of gaming's most famous leading la...




I would say maybe check Ganestop and the like now for PS5s if you have a intrest in getting I reckon I wont get this not a huge amount of PS5 games and for the quality and state of most AAA games noe €70 is a big Plus no intest in game come


Oh just noticed the preorder price for Soul Hackers 2 which is out in like a few days is a bit cheaper on Amazon UK for some I would be kinda curious of this game but day one story DLC nah yiu can fuck


Finished Zelda - BotW on a Switch a friend rudely lent to me (he didnt even ask if I want to borrow it) What a great game but the sequel needs one thing: actual I can believe a lot but not that Hyrules trees make owl sounds at


As someone who enjoyed 13 Sentinels style of combat more than most, seeing a real positive impression is Demo out


Im 0 for 5 on teaching positions for next It sucks because I enjoy teaching and I like getting payed for But its also a good time to learn that its part of the business and not always about Have a great day XBC2 meme


Almost done with Decided to 100% it since I am close already to doing Just have 3 minds Well two, D:


Have a great day!


Meow 2: Meower


Yeah, wasnt feeling it with this Didnt even bust out my Ive got a hoard of empire minis though so Ive got plenty to practice on On to the next one tomorrow!


Aww Bridgets ending was pretty

Anonymous 20

I finally did Today was the day I told my longtime crush how I feel, and asked her out to Ironically, today is ALSO the day I found out that Im gonna die unloved and alone, never having experienced the joy of having Rejected again


I can finally play “What’s in the box?” XD

Dr Mel

Just finished a major upgrade to my PC and wanted to finish up Control, since its the fanciest looking game I own, and going back into that game is Theres no way to on ramp into what you were Doesnt even tell you your abilities

Boxed Swine

Gandalf the White knocks on your door with his crack pipe and asks to borrow $20 because his Horse ran out of gas and he needs to get to a City that is 58 miles What do you do?


Okay and a sequel to a NeoGeo shmup in Andro Dunos 2 has been out in Europe for a couple Not sure why the NTSC version took so long to ship? I guess I have to take a short break from

Dangus Taargus

I dont know why I decided to try This is either gonna be like the time I bought Sonic 06 or I just got my hands on a misunderstood Whos to say? All I know is I love Factor 5 and Ive never got around to this


Getting older I have started making more noise when I stretch (in the privacy of my own Last one could have been a DBZ power up Feels Pic


Folky, metalish , An oldie but


Fibre FINALLY being installed this From stone age to superfast, I cant wait to be able to play games the same day I buy I might even upload random shit to youtube just because I can Catch me streaming my ceiling just to flex


So its my birthday, and I managed to get myself quite the


I think I got what I could out of the Tony Hawk remake as someone who never touched the series for more than 20 minutes growing Beyond the killer vibe, I really enjoyed the stat growth being in tune with my own skill as I learned to suck less

Punished Nietzsche

Rest in Peace, Olivia :(


Yeah, sure, citrus


I’ve had a hankering to own the Berserk musou game on Any of y’all have a copy you’re willing to sell or trade for something else? I have some Switch games I don’t need and a substantial collection of erotic poetry

Anonymous 20

Hot take: everything about Kimberlys reveal, from the gameplay to the design, is way cooler than Juri 🤷‍♂️

CaimDark Reloaded

Friendly reminder to play CoD before suing


Happy celebration day to all the cats and their

Sweaty Dungus

It’s Caturday Have a chaotic poopa unglamour shot courtesy of sweat


Today will be chill sidequest day in Xenoblade 3, after yesterdays Still thinking about chapter


cat day


Current International Cat Day


Its International Cat Day by the

Mike Sounders

Its so clooose


How do you eat your sandwich? Im all 3 LN>CN>TN But hella kraut and spicy brown beats all!


There should be a Yakuza-esque Street Fighter spin Maybe starring Chun Li/Juri as the Kiryu/Majima Also a Viper game in the vein of Really I just want Capcom to use the cast of Street Fighter in games I wouldnt suck


So next season of anime is Mob Psycho s3, Spy x Family part 2, Chainsaw Man, Eminence in Shadow, new Gundam, and who knows what Im October cant come soon enough (plus Bayonetta It counts cause it got an anime


I think I genuinely saw red when MTG went from sounding refreshingly normal to explicitly telling people to mock those in my community


Im gonna count Treasure of the Rudras as done, because the final scenario of the game didnt unlock which is apparently not :/ I wrote a tiny review and will put the link

Chris Moyse

This week/wkend took a hammer to my Im ill and its the worst bout in some Normal service will be resumed at some point, but its a real brainfight So many reasons, big and small, thats the worst But I hope yall are holding


Lessons that apply to Smash and also mandolins (culinary): Always edge My poor thumb is missing a lil But I do have agurksalat, so its kind of worth it?

Inquisitive Raven

Splatoon 3 Direct coming in 2 days! WOOMY!! : Added the Link

Dangus Taargus

Just finished the Triple Trouble remake with all What an amazing Up there with Mania and proof that Sega hasnt really known what its doing with the franchise for quite a Its so good I consider it an official game


I am trying to play Triangle Stragety first time on hard I enjoy the challenge but I have hit a road block because man holy shit the for characters on your side that you protect is so fucking the battle 4 times now in a row from