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A humble introduction

Hi there! My name is Sue and I'm a 25 year old trans woman who is obsessed with video games. I always liked to write about video games but haven't done that in a while. However, I figured that since I have an actual journalistic educat...



#Alive is a movie based around Oh Jun-u who is alone and stuck at his home during a pandemic that turns people into zombies must do what he can to survive with very little food and no running water. Long Summary We open to Jun waking...


A Brief Hello

It feels sort of weird coming back here...I have a complicated history with Destructoid. Mostly good. But I wasn't always well behaved, that's for sure. I left around two years ago I guess. I was on staff, never consistently contributi...


BOB - A Delayed Game is eventually Shogged

Shigeru Miyamoto once said, “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever”. You may have noticed a delay in this month’s Band of Bloggers prompt, and that was totally to drive this point home. We&rsquo...


Borderlands 3 (PC) Review

Borderlands has been one of the most beloved video game franchises over the past decade. The post-apocalyptic loot-shooter really captured the hearts of many with Borderlands 2, but it hasn’t really been topped since. In 2019, G...


3 Great Pixel Indie Games.

I will be talking about Minit, The Messanger, and Carrion. The Messenger The Messenger is an old school Ninja Gaiden like game with witty characters, 4th wall breaks, compelling story, and great gameplay. You play as a Ninja who's vil...


Traveller In Playtime – Ape Escape

Ape Escape is a 3D platformer developed by SCE Japan Studio and published by Sony for the PS1 in 1999. It was also remade for PSP in 2005. The game begins with an amusement park monkey named Specter getting his hands on a Peak Point He...


Marvel's Avengers Isn't great...

Decent Graphics and ACDC won't save this game. I was upset when I found out that PS4 gets Spider-Man and extra content for the same price, while Xbox and PC get completely shafted by Square Enix. They didn't need to add Spider-Man to t...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! I woke up laaaaate. I hit snooze annnnd definitely didn't hear that 2nd alarm going off. Guess I've been pretty tired all week. The week went by pretty quick...


"Early" thoughts on Warframe

Warframe is one of the most consistently monetized free to play games I have seen.  Want a new gun?  Five bucks.  Oh wait, you don’t have enough slots for a new gun.  We’ll sell you those slots for five ...


Shog's August 2020 Gaming Journal

This month has been...meh. I’m getting tired of blaming seasonal depression for my feelings of ennui, especially during Summer, so I’m going to start blaming people who eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Anyway, I chos...


Band of Bloggers: Not Much Mystery

In this month's (yes it's still August, no I'm not running right up against a month long deadline... shut up) Band of Bloggers theme, we were asked to discuss a sequel that seems to be missing something that it's predecessor had. In th...


Review Special - Persona 5

Looking back at my gaming posts on social media, today marks three years since I beat Persona 5. Such an occasion prompted me to share here my review of this game that has aged well since its inception. In an era where turn-based RPGs...


Of conflict and frustration...

Sorry, I'm really digging Wonder Boy and the Dragon's Trap 2020 has been a very long, challenging year. I'm dead beat exhausted. Well, I think it's safe to say we all are...but this is my blog damn it, so I'm going to rant! You can re...


Catherine: Full Body Review

It’s hard to believe that nearly a decade has passed since the initial release of Catherine. Atlus’s quirky puzzle platformer and visual novel/dating simulator quickly became a cult-classic when it debuted in 2013, and it r...



Chris Bradshaw

them discounts

Chris Bradshaw

Crystar looks weeb as hell, but can anyone let me know if this game is a hidden gen?

Cloudman Sam

So how many of those confused xbox sales do you think ended with a scalper flooded with Xbox Ones that they might have a hard time reselling?


New feature for folks that hate waiting for games to


Happy birthday Inquisitive Ravenclaw! I hope you enjoy that big in Japan sale!


Ayy my copy of Mario All-stars came in earlier than I expected, but Im not going to play it until my next videos script is So I guess thatll just sit on my desk and taunt me until I stop


Hey you sexy bastards, Ill be doing a little Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy on the Destructoid Twitch stream Come and join me re living the days where my biggest concern was I hope my older brother isnt over with his friends on the 64!!


WTF, BRO? XBOCK NAMING AINT CONFUSING! Pretty interesting that soooo many people bought an XBOX One X on the day preorders went live for the Series Link in


Happy birthday Ravenclaw, you the real Picture related:

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

If you have Switch Online, Disgaea 5 Complete has a free trial for the next 6 days! Its also on sale there for $20:


Happy birthday Ravenclaw my Hope you have a swell day and get spoiled like your beautiful soul deserves


Some will fall in love with life and drink it like a fountain that is pouring like an avalanche coming down the mountain


Happy birthday Inquisitive This is the only way I know how to honor


Happy birthday to one of the sweetest folks around here who consistently makes me Inquisitive Ravenclaw, I hope you have a wonderful birthday


I have no money, but that Big in Japan sale is making me drool a Do I sell my organs to buy Ys 8, Final Fantasy 12 or Resident Evil 3


Just a heads up: If you have a Switch and you have NSO, you get this for For a Probably enough time to beat it but maybe if you know what youre doing and speedrun

Yue chan

Got told that I had to go to the elementary school today to help with recess for an Get to the elementary school and was told I have to be there for 3 So now I am standing out in the sun, without my water watching tiny humans play for


That Dragon’s Dogma anime sure sucks, that is No, Also


Sales! Ill share my personal recommendations from the PlayStation Store Sale down in the


Pro-Tip: Dont watch cooking/baking videos when youre stuck at school hungry and unable to easily get food due to time constraints and campus On a completely unrelated note I think Imma try making garlic knots

Electric Reaper

Yahtzee reviewed Bullets Per Minute on the Escapist website and he really seemed to like Also, theres a lot of rogue-lite/like games in Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality; both some obscure titles and some well-known


I want a Devil May Cry game soundtracked by The Admit it, thatd be

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Sony heard it was my Birthday today, so they scheduled another Big in Japan sale to celebrate! The full list is live at:


Got to say goodbye to her at least but doesnt make it feel any less She was just a cat, but this year I didnt get to see her as often and it made it all the more jarring to have to say If 2020 could chill thatd be


As if Hades wasnt already completely satisfying me for rougelites, Dead Cells has a new console update out today complete with a new biome and chiptune soundtrack!


Literally laughed out loud


Aaaaand it


Found out the Ys Origin soundtrack is on Spotify and my day just got a single ray of


Holy No Mans Sky Origins looks impressive as Tornadoes, volcanoes, sand worms, hundreds of new biomes, planets, fauna; meteorite showers and impacts, a new UI, an overhauled colour pallette, roaming And thats only half of the

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Its Nintendos Birthday today!!


A moment ago I was eating Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli for breakfast, because Im an After 3 or 4 bites, I chewed on something I tried 3 or 4 time to chew it, but it couldnt be Tossed it Now Im eating


Minimum/Recommended is a silly metric for PC games and I wish video game companies would add more detail than just


Happy Birthday to Inquisitive Ravenclaw today!


HeroQuest Remaster, now with 30% more


Id play


Nintendo is literally drip-feeding us with Think of the children!


Posted part III of my new series about my games of the Read it or else! In related news Ill just end up making four parts instead of five, dont want to burn myself Links in the comments (bump!)


Ive got some time away this week to relax, only to wake up today and find out that my other cat might have to be put down because of how frail she 2020 enjoys spitting on my face it


100 more 100 more excruciating days left for the abysmal year of


There are two games that I keep reading about that I feel like I need to play recently due to the sheer amount of posts: Hades and Among All through memes or posts praising them

A Luigi Fanatic

Its a sad day when Pornhub has less intrusive ads than YouTube


Blows your mind drastically, fantastically


Did anybody else think Zagreus in Hades was a made up videogame OC, like I did until two seconds ago googling


Crusader Kings 3 is a hell of a


Prime 2 is one of those games never to be played again for Granted, its a Metroid game all in all but its pacing, learning curve and requirement to use a guide as getting stuck happens a lot kills the 3 out of


Hades has become my new game to play while watching wrestling and Its so fucking

Electric Reaper

Well, the Dew Garita is a cringey name and seems like a bad Mixing the caffeine in a regular Mountain Dew with alcohol could be a bad mix of The face that Reb Lobster is selling this just makes it

Anthony Marzano

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross put out music that is ambient candy to my Ive yet to hear a soundtrack from them that doesnt give me comfort in quiet of the As someone who never got into NIN, their soundtrack work was a revelation to


I think things from TGS will start to trickle out May all your weird weeb dreams come