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My First Review: V Rally 4

I wanted to start with this game because it's a perfect example of why I want to start this blog. V Rally 4 is free for the month of May with Xbox Live Gold, making it incredibly accessible for even the most casual gamer. I'm writing t...


The Games I Played During Quarantine

For the past few months, everyone around the world has been on lockdown. For many, this has meant staying at home and either finishing school online, working from home, or doing neither. Even with work or school at home, however, many...


Saturn REVIEWS: Panzer Dragoon Saga

Few games in the Sega Saturn library have the almost mythical reputation of Panzer Dragoon Saga, an ambitious RPG game that arrived in the latter stages of the console's life and consequently didn't get as much attention as it deserved...


Deaths Gambit Review

I like to keep an eye on both souls-likes and metroidvanias, so when a mix of the two comes along, especialy after the brilliant Hollow Knight, I'm inevitably going to put some time into checking it out. While most of these have failed...


Final Fantasy VIII: My Ultimate Test of Masochism

As I continue playing lots of games during this social distancing, I have come across games I once said I wouldn't play for reasons, some dull reasons, even. It began with really difficult games and then this one showed up. I have bea...


A Decade in Review; Shoggy-14 (Part 2)

Welcome back to A Decade in Review; Shoggy-14! This is the second half of my look at 2014, and it's all positive. If you're interested in reading up on the games I didn't like, and felt ambivelent about, check out my previous entry. It...


F-Zero GX is my favorite Star Wars game

People like Star Wars, I guess. I don’t know. It seems like people like Star Wars. I’m really getting a strong feeling that people are really into Star Wars. And I’m sure we all know that when something gets popular i...


A Decade in Review; Shoggy-14 (Part 1)

2014 happened, and while it’s true that the Playstation 4 and Xbone have been out for a while it really doesn’t feel like the new console generation has kicked off yet. There were some pretty high-profile games launched on ...


Mini Game Review: Rage 2/Forager/Flinthook

Rage 2 Rage 2 is the first-person, open-world sequel to Rage that follows the last Ranger of Vineland as he or she takes revenge on General Cross and the Authority after they raided Vineland and killed the Ranger’s Aunt. A basic...


Fade to Silence Review

I'll might admit right away that I've had a strange time with Fade to Silence. A lot of ups and downs. Its the sort of game I feel I should really enjoy, and did for the first while at least. It's your usual post-apocalyse survival cra...


Level 25 Review: On to a New Gen

As always, waiting to level up by default took me a whole year, and despite I had to share it with mother's day, it was a blast nonetheless. Gaming with my player two demo, eating a lot, and reading my friends and students' congratula...


Traveller In Playtime - Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is an action-adventure game developed by Team Ico and published by Sony for the PS2 in 2005-2006. It was also remastered by Bluepoint Games in 2011 for the PS3, with a full remake helmed by them being released fo...


Genesis Alpha One Review

So I imagine a lot of you have probaly heard the jokes about how, in Star Trek, apparently the various captians cant deligate a single fucking job and have to do everything they're bloody self. Thats sort of how it feels playing Genesi...


Legends Never Die: A Mega Man Legends Review

Foreword: As always there is a video version of the review below that this script was transformed into. Overall I love Mega Man Legends a lot and hope some day we’ll get a Legends Collection, a remaster, or a 3rd entry. Until the...


We're Living in the Age of the Remake

It's become a running gag that there are no new ideas in Hollywood: comic book adaptions, franchise sequels, live action remakes of animated classics, a seemingly endless line of horror movie reboots. As I played the Shadow of the Colo...



I haven’t played many visual novels. Having only played a few to the end, my experience is rather limited. They were the more exploratory sort like the Ace Attorney games, 999, and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. Having ...


The Games That Broke Me

There is a corner in all of our minds where the most unpleasant memories are preserved, waiting to rear their ugly heads at seemingly random times to make us cringe. For example, I can never forget the embarrassment I felt when, in a p...



Matt I Guess

Spent Memorial Day weekend making a tiered herb planter for my moms She found some she liked online but they were all handmade and very expensive, so I told her Id make one for Ended up being only Not bad for being out of

Anthony Marzano

Quantic Dream says that their games will be coming to Steam in June, Steam promptly goes Coincidence or seppuku?


Happy Towel Day!!!!


Holy cow the second Jurassic World movie is a pile of dino

Rico the Penguin

Im still surprised that Bass loved Owlboy so much he is reviewing it twice! Talk about This is sticker star all over


FF Tactics just put me in a 1v1 which I cant win, so I need to grind Fortunately I wont, cause Im dropping this Seriously, this game made my blood boil in all the wrong ways, and I beat Fire Emblem Loved the story

Rad Party God

I have no doubt that both consoles will be great, but Im just not buying Sonys claims of I/O optimization when comparable or better tech already exists on Id root for Microsoft, but their gameplay reveal was a fucking Sweet lil


Watching my brother play the story mode of Super Smash Bros Brawl all over again because he forgot about playing it, is He still gets stuck very easily but I enjoy helping him all over


#monstergirlmonday #mermaidmonday and #mermay Been a blessed mermay, tons of good art o best


Im thinking Ill take a short break from the Souls-likes, much as I enjoy them, I dont want to get stuck on doing only one sort of Im open to recommendations again, preferably indies and lesser known Thanks for any and all


Well my New 2DSXL just stopped reading DS No idea why And this is why I keep my old Glad I got a DS and my original 3DS to fall back


Im impressed at the level of detail anatomical correctness of the RE3make


Eight of my favourite films from last


Hell Another one bites the


*snort* Weed Lmao


At 33 mins exact, Boon says 36 friendships dropping in With Shao Kahn, Fujin, Sheeva and RoboCop, the game only has 34 Did he just tip hat at two more unlockable characters in Aftermath?

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I got a package today with anime/manga merch in it! Pics


Xenoblade Definitive Edition dropping to less than 480p undocked I expected the team to be more aware of the Switchs limitations and to work better around them with their second


I am a desk, apparently

Uncle Arena Fighter

Touhou Luna Nights in fugging incredible and Im sorry it took me till now to get to The title screen remix alone punched me in the face, and it just got cooler and cooler from Case in point, minute TEN:


I bought my first gaming PC two days ago and last night I got Xbox Game Pass for This is blowing my This console generation I chose PlayStation, so now I get to catch up with Microsoft’s library + enjoy mouse and keyboard


Hey, it only took 6 months, but the Tetris Effect OST I ordered from Limited Run is finally


Well that’s Steamworld Dig 2 (Switch) down as of last A good little 7 hour romp that was pure fun Highly recommended - but I also loved Dig Quest is the only one I haven’t played I also started Deadly Prem Origins 😂


Somehow, Im not interested in Animal Crossing but MySims is my I suppose I should be happy the series died ten years ago with MySims SkyHeroes, rather than live to become riddled with in-game


My wife gave me a really great gift today! Love me some I can think of one other Dtoider who would appreciate this :)

Just Aaron

I found an interesting video documenting how people communicate on the Steam Could be very informative if you`ve never used them and are curious as to what the Steam forums are


Happy (?) 11th birthday Zeebo , you weird, confusing, and forgotten piece of You taught us why digital only consoles will always fail, and for that, I salute


Firemaking was my first What was yours?


Played a bit of kid icarus uprising just This game is The camera control takes a bit of getting used to and Im using the switch stand to put my 3ds Hand still gets a little cramped Music its tight


I dont feel super comfortable playing the hostess club side quest in Yakuza 0, which is a shame because I enjoy the actual


Own Odin Sphere Lefitsaur was just looking at it today and saw Vanillaware actualy already released a new Called 13 Sentientles Aegis Looks pretty intresting to me I dont really follow Vanilla Ware just the game popped up for


Just had a cool The much faster data streaming on the new consoles should mean that doing things like inventory and maps in games should be a much faster and smoother So thats


Been trying to find interesting and engaging content on YouTube as of late (makes it easier to write to) and Folding Ideas has a brilliant discussion on the film


Just started to play Days Gone last I’ve embraced Survival mode and enjoying the shit out of Coasting downhill to save gas, scavenging everything, and taking my So far it’s a GOOD game!


I think Ive almost finished Heck, CRPGs are very fun, but somewhat I think Ill have a mindless Halo 2 break before moving on to the revered Fallout


Good morning all! Heres to a great week! I think you all know which film contains my favorite Tim Curry role :) Dont dream Be it!

Steel Squirrel

Been playing Agents of Mayhem on PC lately and this is a criminally underrated Just the right kind of mindless and fun I needed right


If you were on the fence about Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive, it is suddenly $10 off on (At least in the US, mileage may vary elsewhere)


Pretty excited to play the original Tony Hawk games again after so Also curious, but did anyone play Mat Hoffmans Pro BMX? That game was awesome as Would love to see that remade one


Welp, finally saw The Godfather And to make what is likely the most obvious statement I will ever write, its great and I liked it a Fantastic

Voltaic Owl

Alright, gonna give this free month of FFXIV a Is there a particular server that Dtoiders tend to use?


I havent been around for a I started playing lots of my stats: Also starting videos sub!


I have started remastering my Owlboy Barely over 500 words so Still I already have a layout all written down and Im jotting down future ideas ASAP before I forget Hopefully Ill be able to finish it this time around!


Nero had to help a friend move today, and as such had to drive a 15-ft U-Haul for the first And on the highway Fun Now for


Witcher III and Subnautica were a bust so I tried Hellblade and this is a deeply fucking disturbing introduction Im glad (???) I bought a new headset before I started Whatever the opposite of ASMR is, this is it 😐


Heres an old video I made last year for Hope it gets a chuckle out of Spoilers for


Slowly going through Xbox Game Pass games, and this time I finished two Metroidvanias! Timespinner and Steamworld Dig Thoughts on


Anybody else get one of these on Friday? It just showed up at my house without any Last I heard Amazon said it would be delivered in


Divinity 2 is a game that you never have to play multiplayer, but single player is improved by them designing for it in Cant think of many that work that way

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Ketchup! KETCHUP!!!!