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Crisis of Goals: Elite Dangerous

I am having a crisis of goals in Elite Dangerous.  The unknown calls to me.  Seeing things nobody has ever seen is begging me to grab an Asp Explorer and head out of the bubble.  Then the allure of the shit ton of money ...


Ranking the MCU Films Part 2-Top 10

Welcome back to my blog ranking the MCU films from my least to most favorite! This is where the list gets hard. The gaps between the remaining films are narrow. I saved the best for last. Perhaps you'll agree, but perhaps not. Please s...


Game In Progress: March 2019

Who has two thumbs and STILL didn't make progress on his game? THIS freakin' guy, again!! No, but seriously life just enjoys thowing curveballs my way. Except instead of curveballs, they're meteors hurtling towards my no-no spot. ...


Demon of Hatred: A Short Sekiro Guide

Somehow you've managed to get this far. You run in, you die. You run in, you die. You haven't taken off a health bar yet and there are three of them. Whether you're a Souls vet or a newcomer, your stubbornness to power through the gam...


Ranking the MCU Films

My friends, we are fast approaching the day when Avengers: Endgame is unleashed upon the world. This film will encapsulate more than a decade of film-making and universe-building. Even if the movie ends up sucking (and I don't think it...


Shog's Smarch Gaming Journal

Spring is here and with it comes all of the usual things I’ve come to expect: out-of-nowhere cold snap, tree pollen making my face melt, seasonal depression making a 31-day Month go by as quickly as a 3-day-weekend and, me finall...


The real winner of PAX East 2019 was my mom

I saw a lot of fun games and spoke to a bunch of great people this weekend, but the real winner of PAX East 2019 was my mother. Now a retired nurse, my 65-year-old mother decided she would come to PAX for a day to see what all the fus...


Band of Bloggers - April 2019

  This month’s theme may make you uncomfortable. Not in like a gross way or anything. Just sort of slightly uncomfortable. Like stepping into a small bit of water and now your sock is slightly damp kind of uncomfortable. Lik...


Band of Bloggers: Team Battle

When I heard the theme for this month's BoB, cooperative games I was a little concerned. I don't usually play games with anyone else, and even if they have co-op in them, I usually can't find anyone who would want to play with me. ...


BoB - Shog and Jolly Cooperation

This month’s BOB is actually going to be difficult for me because of this awful habit I have of playing games almost exclusively in single player. Looking at the games that I did play this month, all I really see are single playe...


Saturn REVIEWS REPORT: 50 - 41

Unfortunately for my review, the top 50-41 games on Retro Sanctuary are mostly multiplayer focused games. With a regular fighting game, a tank fighting game (that's more like Worms than anything else), and two puzzlers. Other than that...


NVGR- I Really Dig the New Devin Townsend Album

Today the new album, Empath, from crazy Canadian musician Devin Townsend landed on store shelves (or digital or Spotify or whatever you use for music). As a longtime fan of his art you could definitely say I was looking forward to it....


Designs in Bringing Up New Players

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Design decisions that promote cooperation in games. Division 2 is just over a couple weeks old at the time of writing and their scaling for cooperative play really seems to push away rather t...


Comments of the Week 69: ........Nice

Hello, you cool guys and gals! It's your boy GoofierBrute, giving you a new Comments of the Week for the week of March 11th. On time posts, what's that?! Anyway, it's Comment of the Week number 69, and you know what that means.......n...


PStoid Episode 95: WE'RE BACK!

Soooooooooooo yeah... We're REALLY bad at the whole "scheduling a time to record a podcast" thing. We last recorded in December, before MAGfest and a whole bunch of other news. Join us now, as we prove we're still alive and talk about...


There Is Reason To Be Excited For Google Stadia

At GDC last week, Google ran a keynote where they released details of their gaming platform Stadia. Immediately the gaming community was divided, with many showing concern that Google would abandon this project as they have with many o...


BoB-Halo 5: Accomplishing Nothing

This month we were all challenged by a rather dashing fellow to write about a co-op game for Band of Bloggers. Check that prompt out here.  Last night I finished my first playthrough of Halo 5: Guardians. I played through it with...




Had to babysit my 4 month old niece Youll be surprised, Im sure, to hear that children, and all talk of them, are not my


No, you will never receive


And just like that I will be on vacation for a week! The Ontario/Vermont sights should do me wonders, I have been pretty stressed My challenge to anyone and everyone is to complete the homework in my last blog before I come back!


I know 4/20 is 2 days away, but I’ve had a shitty month, so I’m starting

Keiichi Morisato

Wednesday my father took me to a gem mine where we could mine our own We found nothing, but it is friendship and adventure that

Rad Party God

Im not sure if this has been talked about or covered on Dtoid before, but this is the first time I hear about Sonic 3 its a full-on remaster of S3&K, with native Widescreen support and other niceties taken and/or inspired by Sonic


This is so haunting and so

Keiichi Morisato

Tuesday I took my father and step mom to carowinds, we had a lot of Copperhead Strike was my favorite ride

Riff Raff

gonna leave this #Alsococks


Im still not completely sold, but this is a good (Im not sold because Ive never played a Genesis and have no nostalgia)


Watching the first two episodes of Fruits Basket reminded me that Tohru’s the textbook definition of an emotional Contrasts heavily with the self-reliant Garrett from Thief, which I’m also Two different brands of


Thats a title I havent seen in a long


Okay so remember when those millions of FB passwords were leaked? Well, now you can change your Instagram password


3rd edgelord finished! This one is a Crimson Fist, my second favorite chapter :P two more to go and ill have a full kill


Apparently my Disqus account I made before the merging stuff has some email its attached too that I do not know Trying to see if I can access it so I dont lose this account and so I can change my Disqus


The one problem with my weight loss and getting in better shape is the salad They are not pleasant


Yoko Taro is the best


♫ Black Hoooole-chan, wooont ya and waaash awaaaay the raaaain? ♫

Riff Raff

The Nintendo app finally got #Alsococks


I am the best My sister is mad because I introduced my niece to Pokémon a few years ago

Riff Raff

Hopefully this awesome looking game doesnt get buried under all the Smash and Cuphead Update: After an hour of playing Im loving the fuck out of this game! Great music, graphics, and Intriguing story so




Eric got his vaccines, so he is autistic Nah, just sad and annoyed at the They are going to hang with my family in Md for 10 days or so while I keep working out I know they will have fun, but I will miss Jealous, to be


No doubt, probably the best trailer Ive seen in recent Everything that makes this IP special is Please, please dont mess this up WB with always online The artists, writers, creators behind MK and their fans deserve better that


I wound up completing Dragon Warrior IV, and now theres a review of it up on my Hopefully, that satisfies my Dragon Quest


Wanna hear something weird? I backed Bloodstained enough to get a copy sent to me on release but Ive actually never played a Castlevania


Friendship ended with A-10, now Su-34 is my best friend


Woo I forgot I ordered it to be honest

The Actual Charlton Heston

I just heard through the grapevine last night that Robert Duvall is talking shit about me, and specifically, my epic film, So, yknow, if the US Coast Guard picks up a body riddled with bullets within the next few weeks, it was a tragic


Nintendo should sell custom Mii Fighter Build it on a Pay like 30 bucks for


PSA, avatar uploading seems to work if you use a filename you have never used before


Having played Gradius so far only on MSX and NES, the arcade original on Konamis Anniversary Collection Arcade Classics feels very As in, I couldnt even get to the end of the first level with one


Im stuck in a bull from Pamplona in one side and a crazy old lady in the The game is been easy so far, until NOW


Smash online sharing page is a glorious meme I was lucky to get in early enough to download the stage climax which is literally two people having sex, complete with, uh, moving Also found this gem and almost choked from laughing so

Chris Moyse

So, any of you get any extra days off for this Easter weekend? Besides that, hope all is good with all Check out this super-accurate looking

Electric Reaper

Do mutant human clones bred as bio-weapons have souls? Context: Playing Killing Floor 2

Dennis Carden

Spent some of my eShop rewards coins so that I could finally perfect my most brilliant of Smash Mii Behold!


As Im progressing further into Sekiro, I have to say that Im REALLY enjoying Gameplay wise this is hands down the best From game to The combat is so There have been some amazing encounters and set pieces as

Electric Reaper

Even a succubus would wear factory damaged jeans? *sigh*


It took 4 hours, but I finally got the Joker boy downloaded and played him a Short answer: he seems pretty good so

Dennis Carden

I try not to get caught up in It doesnt always This is one of those Because holy fuck Rivers in the Desert! In Smash Bros! <3!


Scratch my last post!


Finally! Joker is almo- god dammit!

Dennis Carden

@Wes Tacos once offered to steal Occams guro collection for This was years ago, and he now just evades the topic whenever I bring it I never received any of the ill-gotten artwork and


@Wes does not really like Its a A pointless front that accomplishes nothing, but a His taco farts are crisis


Close enough, Id


@Wes Tacos values his morning If you want to troll him, troll his morning


@Wes Tacos eats Like a lot