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About 9to5one of us since 6:54 AM on 10.18.2007

I'm a male 30yr old UK gamer. Usually to be found on my 360, though quite often showing my PC some love, or my PC showing me some love if I'm 'surfing'.

At the moment I'm playing(and being significantly underwhelmed by) Mass Effect on my 360, whilst I wait for Assassins Creed and Pro Evo. 2008 to arrive on rental.

PC wise it's usually either Football Manager or Civ., though on a retro tip recently I've gone out and bought The Fallout Collection and Deus Ex, neither of which I've played yet.

For me gaming is simply a distraction from real life, in the same way that music and films are to me as well. Games as art? To me that depends on who your favourite artist is.