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I was made to hit in America

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10 Things You Don't Know about DMV

Because, why the hell not? 10. I started running Japanator by accident. Niero wanted to do an anime site, and so I started talking about it. He realized that I had a fairly deep knowledge of anime and manga, and tossed the reigns to me. An...


Reviews of sh*tty games

I get a good amount of shitty games in the mail. I also occasionally seek out shitty games (i.e. Escape from Bug Island), just because I enjoy seeing why a game is so incredibly bad. That being said, do you guys enjoy seeing posts about why...


Is it time for a change?

A while ago, there was a discussion amongst the editors about what to do with our names. Despite what some people think, my name is not actually Dick McVengeance. Although it would be plenty cool if it was. It's also slightly less professio...


Twitter: a stalker's paradise

Just to mention it, you can stalk me on Twitter if you're so inclined. A good chunk of the Japanator staff has followed suit and pokes around on there. There's dtoid staff as well, but I'll let you discover everyone for yourselves. So, if ...



FRIDAY. ARE YOU READY? I DON'T THINK SO, NOT YET. I'm in the future, and since Topher's off enjoying himself in Cancun, Fridaying it so hard he doesn't have ready Internet, I'm preparing you for some Friday action. Now that you've be...


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