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Thought's on the Battlefield Bad Company (singleplayer) demo or how EA killed the difficulty


I never was a real fan of the Battlefield franchise. Mainly because when I had a PC, it was
way to crap to play any of the games. And the average player is a 12 year old bastard who
calls you (and your mother) a nigger every 2 seconds. But now we have BF Bad Company.
Single player, hooray. So I gave the demo a try.

Fired it up, nice menu music. So this one is not going to take itself serious. I can digg that.
Ok, let's try the Single Player Mode. Nice, graphics are good too. That doesn't hurt. But
then came the first little doubt.

The auto injector.

Interesting concept. So I can heal myself anytime. It's nothing like the "Halo-Shield",
'cause I have to do it myself everytime. Hmm. That could get tedious. And take away a lot
of the difficulty. But hey, at least it's something new.

On to the first encounter. I can blow up any wall with explosives? Great! But why do the
enemies survive a direct hit from my grenade launcher? Hellooooo, where's my goddamn
splash damage? Oh, whatever.

Moving on. Ok, first death. Almost no loading time for the last save. Nice.

...Wait a minute, I didn't have this weapon when I arrived here. So the game does not
reload, it just respawns me.

Let that sink in.

You respawn in the single player campain. WTF?! That's like the Vita Chambers in
Bioshock, except it makes no fucking sense!

And it turns the game into a joke. It kills any difficulty whatsoever. Why do I choose a
difficulty at the beginning, when it doesn't even matter? Tactics? Who needs that, when you
got infinite lives? Just storm the enemy lines untill they are all dead. Whoopdifuckingdoo.

I hope that you can turn that of in the final game. Sure, it takes a lot of the stress away,
read: It's good for casual gamers (I HATE that word with a passion), but it also kills
the gratification. At least for me.
There's no "YES I DID IT! I'M THE GREATEST!" feeling, like in say Devil May Cry 4, after
beating that last Boss.

It's more like a training session for the multiplayer. Damn. Why does it have to be that
way? Only focusing on multiplayer. Not that I don't like online multiplayer, but it's not
everything. But maybe I'm one of the last few who think so.

Thank's EA, for killing the difficulty.
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