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ESMN reminder + DL link

Okay, boys and girls who talk with funny accents. Be ready for tonight, as we are gonna start the European Shitty Movie Night. For anybody who missed my post yesterday, we are going to watch Die Hard Dracula in Vent at 10 o'clock CET. Ju...



So yeah, Redspotgames. Awesome people. Made of pure awesome. If they whould be any more awesome they'd get banned in Germany. They are so awesome, they invented awesome... Well you get the point. Someone in the forums (Busterslash, if I re...


Viral Marketing FTW!

I took the liberty to make some custom Dtoid stickers for Leipzig, to hand out and stick them in funny places. Sadly, I had only 40, so the whole thing wasn't very effective. But at least I made some funny captions. Observe:


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My first steps to world domination!

If you are interested to work in my global organisation of evil (or like to wear bright yellow jumpsuits), e-mail me. We are still looking for mad scientist and simple minded goons. People with thick german accent prefered.

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