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Finally Beat That Guitar Homo

No, I'm not talking about Lou of Guitar Hero 3 or any of the Wiggles. I'm talking about Demyx in Kingdom Hearts 2. This battle has been pissing me off for quite awhile with his stupid water chords of melodic gayness. I'd rather fight Ansem ...


Poor Gamers Hate October On

Poor gamers, like myself, hate the months leading up until the holidays. It's all these damn awesome games that come out all at once. It's like the gaming industry blows their massive loads all over a underage Asian prostitute's face all at...


You'll give me $10 for THAT GAME!

Gamestop is running one of their 'bring-in-your-used-newgen-games-so we-can-oversell-it-at-high-ass-prices' deals. This deal ain't too bad, get an extra $10 credit for two games traded in. Sounds like I might be getting Phantom Hourglass be...


Books on your DS?

Codemasters is going to release a series of books for DS owners to snuggle up to on a cold winter night. Sadly, the books aren't like Hotel Dusk. I'm also impressed with the books they are picking up. This may spark my wife's interest more ...


Wii Zapper to come with a Game

God bless Nintnedo! They always like to throw us a bone when we buy a console or now accessory. The Wii Zapper which will be out in time for my wife's birthday...ha! (Hey its better than the gift I gave her last year on her day of birth...a...


What to buy next? (Wii)

So I got $40 and change hidden in my wallet from the wife. What to spend it on. I have plenty of cigars and beer to last to the next paycheck. I was thinking of getting something for my new Wii. I was going to throwdown the money on Wii Pla...


A Perfect Hot Game for the Wii

Listen up Sega. After watching the Japanese commercial for Ghost Squad and the Wii Zapper. It made me think of all the games I want to see on the Wii. Games like Lethal Enforcer, Silent Scope, Mad Dog Mcree, etc. and of course House of the ...


Wii On Hand

Finally got my hands on a Wii. I ended up going through Craigslist to get one which was weird. I never bought from there and only sold items. It was weird going to some strangers house with a pocket full of twenties. It was a good deal so I...


Preowneds @ Circuit City?

I just noticed something this morning while perusing through the DS games at circuitycity.com. Since when did they start selling Preowned titles? I'm sure its not just DS games either. I'm guessing this is only online since they don't have ...


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