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321GoCast Episode 52: Adorable Voiceovers

[Ok so those editing issues are on their way to being resolved, but we are getting them edited out of order so please try to be patient with us as we get this rolling again.]

Pic Unrelated

This episode consists of unbridled amounts of rage. Recorded during the week after the Mega Man Legends 3 cancellation, this episode of 321GoCast includes the source of the rage, JohnnyViral. The one pushing all the buttons, Ryu89. Flake incarnate in a styling fedora, Tactix. Standing in for Analoge is the king of weaboos, Pangloss. And the guys are joined by community member and cute voice over extraordinaire Rubyfair.

321GoCast Theme - Alphadeus
Brewing Rage - Alphadeus

[Unfortunately the DTOID video/audio embed feature is down so we only have the download link for you in this post.]

Download this episode here.

Also... All of Johnny's hate
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