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321GoCast Episode 40: We Are AMAZING (Featuring Chad Concelmo!!!!!)


321GoCast. Episode 40. Another 10 episodes in the bag, and here on 321GoCast we like to do a little something special to commemorate these achievements. So this episode, we got one of the most amazing people on Destructoid, the planet, possibly even the universe to come in and be a guest. As usual we have show owner, drunk, and okay Jon Bloodpsray impersonator JohnnyViral, fedora wearing, community managing, phd bro Tactix, yo-yo rocking, beard wearing, soon to be moving to Portland Analoge, and floridian, dog having, camera less Ryu89. And our special guest is none other than the most amazing man on DTOID, dolphin enthusiast, memory card loving, golden haired Chad Concelmo. Thats right CHAD CONCELMO, let that sink in.

Oh also we debut on the DTOID live stream over on Justin.tv as part of its official Sunday afternoon line up.


Star Tropics Dungeon Theme

Glee Trouty Mouth

Ninja Gaiden Master Ninja

Final Fantasy IX Steiner's Theme

Tim And Eric Awesome Soundtrack SPORTS!

Download this episode here.

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